Next to Glory ... Kelli

by Sinde Waters Clinton

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, BDSM, Rough, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Double Penetration, Body Modification, Needles, .

Desc: True Sex Story: After the Glory, what comes next? This is Kelli's adventure but Suz, Jenn, and Terese all do their parts. Kelli had her throat stretched immensely in the Glory Hole, along with her other two holes. But that was just the beginning of the expansion of her sexual depravity.

Suz woke to smells of cum, piss, vomit, and pussy! All things she was familiar with but didn't really like ... except maybe the pussy - that always smelled good! The other three girls were in various stages of arousal and Suz chose to devour Kelli's cunt because she hadn't been there before. Kelli always seemed stuck up and above Suz and now that she was deep into a Colton's experience she was fair game. Suz wasn't lesbian but she didn't mind eating a nice taco now and then. This one had cum and piss to go along with pussy and it didn't slow Suz down one little bit. Soon Kelli was moaning and writhing as Suz used her tongue and teeth to get a reaction from the little cunt. All the action woke Teresa and Jenn, both of whom knew exactly what to do ... Jenn lined her hand up with Kelli's ass and drove all four fingers in to her thumb in one stroke, then she lined the thumb up with those fingers and drove her entire hand into her ass up to her wrist. She wasn't done but Teresa was pushing her fingers into Kelli's mouth trying to do the same thing all the while knowing her hand wouldn't fit inside Kelli's mouth. Didn't stop her from trying while Kelli writhed below all three of their onslaughts. Most of the writhing was from Suz's mouth and teeth doing pleasurable and painful things to her clit and labia. None of them was safe from Suz.

Kelli was barely awake and had a huge hangover but this action was driving her into a heat she hadn't experienced before. Combined with the thorough fucking of the night before and the deviancy she experienced in the Men's room she was having trouble believing any of it was real. The problem with that was Jenn! She wasn't complacent after penetrating Kelli's ass, she doubled up the hand and it became a fist and she made every effort to pound Kelli from the inside. Not slowly but like a prize fighter trying to end the fight. The fist drove hard and only stopped when it could make no more progress, slowly, punch by punch, it moved farther inside this recently virgin asshole until it was in clear to Jenn's elbow. Jenn continued to punch in and out but the elbow was all the depth she could get. Teresa had managed to get most of her hand into Kelli's mouth and was working it around to further open her jaw. None of the three girls cared much if it hurt. Only that they could open the little bitch further and admit her further into a world of sex and depravity that even they hadn't experienced before last night. But misery loves company and these three intended to make Kelli the most miserable of them all. Kelli came so often she didn't mind as Teresa pushed her fingers into her throat - gasping and cumming together as Teresa's hand pushed her jaw almost to breaking and gagging as the fingers pushed into her throat. Teresa was not to be denied at this unexpected opportunity and pushed ever harder, flexing her fingers to open Kelli's throat for a little bit of gain. Suz had been concentrating on eating that cunt and making sure it was painful when it became obvious she wasn't keeping up. She lubed her hand and made a fist. Then started pounding at Kelli's cunt with intent to penetrate but with a desire to just beat the hell out it. Not making any progress and with Teresa's hand in Kelli's mouth she didn't get feedback for the pain she was inflicting, Suz opened her fist and stabbed Kelli's cunt with her straightened fingers and was rewarded with a nice tight cunt wrapped around her hand, a couple more thrusts and she was in to her wrist. She doubled up the fist again and started pushing! Opening that cunt with her fist and able to feel Jenn pounding inside Kelli's ass. It was a satisfying feeling that flowed through Suz each time she fucked her fist into Kelli! And from the juices flowing out of Kelli's cunt it must be a satisfying feeling for her too.

Not much sound came from Kelli since Teresa had now managed to plug her fingers into her throat only releasing the pressure to allow the cunt to breath. Teresa smelled blood in the water, so to speak, maybe she really could get her hand into Kelli's throat. And with that goal deeply entrenched in her mind she redoubled her efforts. She was making progress but lamented that she had to let the bitch breath so often. Over and over she pushed and pushed. Making slow but steady progress, then when it seemed almost there she had to pull back and let Kelli suck in a deep breath. Barely waiting for it to complete before she once again shoved her hand fully into Kelli's mouth, her fingers pushing into her throat as most of her wrist cleared the cunt's lips. She could hear both Suz and Jenn fisting Kelli's cunt and ass, the thought that if she could do this the bitch would be fully qualified for fisting! She smiled and pushed harder, all the while trying to make her fingers and hand smaller as they made progress into that throat.

"Terese, you need to line her up!"

Teresa was a bit intent on Kelli ... but Jenn's words got through... "Line what up?"

"Her throat and jaws ... straight shot to full insertion..." Jenn was almost laughing as she drove her fist into Kelli's diaphragm one more time.

Teresa got it and moved herself into a better position. Letting Kelli catch one last breath before she intended to get her hand deep inside her throat. She drove hard and straight and then again and again ... she made progress but it was small and she readjusted with each thrust. Then came her reward! Her hand went in and in and ... SHIT! It had to be right there under her tits! Well not quite but her hand was past her throat, below her shoulders. She rotated her hand and couldn't see it bulge Kelli's throat. She pushed again and gained an inch. Kelli was trying to breath but Teresa liked where she was and wanted it in farther. Over and over and over ... each time she gained ground. Both Suz and Jenn were speechless and very happy they both had there phones recording it all. Teresa finally pulled out to let the bitch breath, passed out she wouldn't be near this fun.

There was a loud pounding on the outside door and when it didn't stop Suz decided she had to answer but watched Teresa insert her hand once more, with full intent to go all the way! Neither Teresa nor Jenn stopped pounding their respective holes, but Jenn did fill the gap ... and inserted her other fist into the cunt that Suz had just vacated.

Jenn was alternating penetration ... in the cunt as she pulled out of Kelli's ass. Then switch ... Teresa was pushing harder and harder ... staying in longer and longer ... Kelli was actually cumming as her throat was brutally punished and Jenn pounded inside her.

The door...

"Enough! I'm coming just fucking hang on!"

When Suz opened the door there were four black guys - two had their hands up to hit the door again.

"What???" she yelled

"What the fuck? Cunt! We been knocking for ten minutes you slut!" and they all walked in shoving Suz back and to her knees.

"Open that fucking mouth, Cunt! I gotta go right fucking now!" he was pulling his snake out as he spoke. Suz knew what was coming ... after all the piss she swallowed last night. She opened her mouth and took his big black cock inside just as he started pissing. None of that down her throat this time. She tasted it all and swallowed to save her sinuses - piss burns in your nose. The fucker must have been saving for weeks to piss that long ... and when he finished another took its place. The other two guys had investigated the bedroom and came back with very high resolution pictures of Kelli getting fisted. Suz notice that there was another camera on her drinking piss. The first guy went to watch the fisting while the last two guys pissed in Suzie's throat. Shoving their cocks as far in as possible and pissing, seemingly, forever.

When they were done and the 'leader' returned he gave her a box of DVD's and a page with an internet address.

"If you don't want that all over the 'net you need to be at Colton's right away. The longer you wait the more gets out. Some is there already. But, if you don't show soon and everything goes. Tell your slut friends the same goes for them!" and they were leaving.

Suz heard one say "We need to get a bat for that blonde bitch! I bet we can get it down her throat and into her stomach!" laughs all around.

Suz went in to watch the show but after a short time she said "We gotta go! Bitches! Otherwise everything from last night is web bound. They left DVD's but I think we all know what we did and that we don't want it out there."

Suz watched as Teresa pushed one last time into Kelli and grunted until she was sure that was it. Waited, watching Kelli's chest contort in an attempt to draw breath and then pulled clear out.

"God that was awesome! That bitch has great potential..."

"The fuckwads that were here are going to get a baseball bat to use when we get to Colton's ... maybe they'll let you watch!"

Teresa reluctantly pulled her hand from Kelli's mouth. All the time thinking she should put it back.

Jenn was still fucking in and out of both Kelli's cunt and ass. Suz just watched...

"Hey Jenn, want me to give you a hand?"

This caught Jenn by surprise and she stopped with most of her left hand extracted from Kelli's ass. The look on her face showed confusion.

"Flip her over..." said Suz and all three rotated Kelli until she was ass up on the bed.

Suz reached down and wrapped her fingers around Jenn's left wrist, the other was still fully inserted Kelli's cunt.

As she moved her fingers to align with Jenn's and pushed in enough for the fingertips to push open Kelli's ass the light dawned on Jenn and Teresa. Teresa jumped for the camera and moved to get a good angle. Jenn and Suz waited until she was ready and started to push their joined hands into Kelli's already stretched ass. It took a while but no pounding just continuous pressure opened Kelli wider and wider until both arms were in to Suz's wrists. They released their hands and you could see their forearms tighten as each made a fist. Then the fucking got started as they traded off on full penetration. Suz almost came when she felt her entire forearm embedded in Kelli's ass. Their fists hit as they moved in and out and expanded Kelli from the inside out. Kelli was moaning and Jenn was still fisting her cunt. It wasn't very long until they heard her begging them to fuck her. "God this is fucking great! Oh Oh fuck I'm cumming..." and she writhed for a long long time and then collapsed - completely exhausted from this morning encounter. Although it was late afternoon and she was all fucked out.

Suz and Jenn decided to take their arms out with their hands clasped together as if in prayer and Teresa got it all on video.

The three of them helped Kelli into the shower and they all got cleaned up. All of them wondering if being clean at the beginning mattered but they felt better when they started getting dressed. Order of the day was minimal clothes and even Suz wore a skirt that was quite short. Jenn broke out a halloween getup where she was a hooker and Teresa just put on a mini and a t-shirt that had strategic hole in it.

For Kelli they dug out a bunch of old stuff and made her up to be the sluttiest of them all.

Kelli was amazed at how horny she was, her nipples were rock hard and her cunt was dripping wet. She had just been fucked beyond her wildest dreams by these three girls and was still in need! This must be what insatiable feels like. And before yesterday evening she had been what she always thought of as normal. Yeah, she liked sex and blew her boyfriends/husbands. But the wild ass sex she had last night and the fisting today were the best ever. The Glory Hole had started her off into an entire new world of pleasure and depravity. She would be forever grateful.

All four girls were experiencing a sexual high beyond their wildest dreams. None could imagine going back - in fact they all looked forward to the sex that would happen at Colton's even if some of it was disgusting. Because even the disgusting acts were more enjoyable than what they had before the Glory Hole.

They were unaware that some of their heightened senses were chemically induced and that it was altering their bodies at the same time. A little cocaine, some animal hormones, and some pharmaceuticals yet to be declared safe for human use (except in drug trials) were working wonders inside their bodies. Soon their breasts would be producing milk and the aroused and hard nipples would be mostly permanent. That dripping wet cunt would be normal. And their need to be fucked, to suck, and to perform sexually will be an all day, all week, all the time constant in their lives.

Off they went to Colton's for the second time in two days.

Colton's - a reunion

It was a tired foursome that entered into the darkness that was Colton's! They weren't exactly enthusiastic about being here. Although they had enjoyed a lot of the sex, there was some that was horrible. The bouncer wasn't smiling when he pointed to the bartender "ID's and phones, and give him your purses. Make sure the phones are unlocked and he has the password to download apps!"

None of them did much but look at him - no doubts in their minds that he expected them to do exactly what he said. They complied and watched as he scanned their ID's and had them sign and fingerprint ID a few documents on an iPad. Then they were escorted to 'the' table where Toni Darden was seated. No introductions were made as he looked Suz in the eye and glanced down at his pants. She knelt and pulled out his big black cock and wrapped her lips around the head just in time to start swallowing his piss. "Good ... we want this talent! Our little urinal for the night!" then he looked at Kelli "And our little fist bitch! We watched the video, and I had never envisioned a fist down some white cunts throat!" he glance at Teresa "And I thank you for that!"

He was still pissing and Suz was still swallowing.

"The boys had a great idea and brought along a bat to throat fuck you ... but first we want a demonstration with your BFF and her fist."

Kelli was stripped to the waist and laid on her back on the table with her head over the side. Teresa was there in a heartbeat - she had loved having her fist down Kelli's throat. But first she was stripped too and held in place while this black chick inserted a needle into her left breast and shot something into it. Then did the same for her right one. She felt around for her clit and looked very pleased for some reason, then pulled another syringe out with a yellowish liquid in it and inserted it into her clit. This hurt much worse than the other two and made Terese very happy she hadn't ever pierced her clit. The liquid was like fire in her clit, burning and spreading all thru her nether regions. Pulsing with each heartbeat and when her right hand was free she stroked her cunt to get it to stop. All that happened was she got wetter and wetter.

"Get to it Cunt! We want to see that fist in her throat!" and Terese lubed her hand with her own juices and moved into position. There were cameras ready to roll as Terese moved Kelli's head a little and then teased her to open wide. Even though it had only been an hour or so since that last time, Terese had to work hard to open her mouth to take her hand. Fingers extended her hand tslid inside after some effort and once inside Terese brutally shoved her fingers into Kelli's waiting throat. It took several thrusts with slight alignment changes before Terese (and Kelli) felt those fingers slide down her throat. The watchers and the cameras saw Terese's wrist slide inside Kelli's lips but Terese knew and pushed harder. Her reward was an inch or two of movement and she pushed on and on as her hand moved and visibly expanded Kelli's throat.

"Fist! You Cunt! Not open handed make a fist!"

and Terese doubled up her fist and it was seen by all as Kelli's throat expanded again. It was slow going after that and the quiet that had begun when Terese first pushed her hand into Kelli's mouth started to dissipate and normal noises returned. Terese was sweating in her efforts to drive her fist all the way it. Making the fist had slowed down the progress and she pulled her arm out for Kelli to breath with great reluctance. During the earlier activities Kelli got better at holding her breath. Terese was less than happy with that progress, but it was way better than when she started. Terese would leave her fist in longer and longer.

On this extraction Terese felt someone behind her just before a big black cock pushed its way into her ass. Dry and tight but it went in quickly after all the stretching she'd gotten the night before. The cock was a welcome distraction for Terese and decidedly needed. She loved being fucked by big black cock! Nothing could be better because she was now shoving her arm back into Kelli's throat. As soon as her hand slipped into her throat Terese clenched her fist and drove with all her might! She was rewarded with progress almost to where she had reached before the stupid cunt had to breathe. She didn't care much but it would be bad form to let her pass out. Especially since she could hold her breath for 2-3 minutes after their extended fucking this afternoon. Terese extended it each time, hoping to stay deeper for longer with each thrust of her fist. Soon everyone would be amazed at Kelli's breathing or lack there of, but right now they just wanted to watch Terese force her fist into the bitch.

Suz had been busy draining cocks - all six at Toni's table. When she was done with those she was whisked off to become a urinal/cum/sewage dump in a special room. She was bound on her knees with her mouth held open with a dental device made to keep the lips away from her teeth. She was nude and had her head pulled back with hooks in her nose so she presented an inviting target for the guys to piss in and around and on her face and mouth. None of the guys tried very hard to hit her mouth but lots of piss was there for her to swallow. It seemed to go on forever and she wished it would stop ... right up until she began cumming from the abuse. Suz was completely drenched by the time it was over.

Kelli was now getting fist fucked in her ass by one of the guys that had delivered the DVD's to Suz this morning. He was going great and her ass was stretching as he worked a large forearm into her ass. He was using his left hand to play with her cunt and clit. This effort was rewarded by a gigantic orgasm from Kelli which happened at the same time Terese came from her anal ravaging and her obvious arousal at fisting Kelli's throat. She didn't miss a beat! As she came she shoved her fist into Kelli and moved it another two inches ... a significant two inches as the bulge of her fist pushed below her throat and below her collarbone. Terese was ecstatic "Lookout stomach here I come!" she thought and shoved even harder, cheating now by opening her hand so her fingers led the way. No one could tell since most of her forearm was inside Kelli. When she reached her elbow she knew Kelli needed to breath and doubled her fist and pulled. It was a tough pull both because her fist was tight in there and because she didn't want to pull out.

Terese could hear someone say "Five minutes and 28 seconds on that insertion! That bitch has serious breath control!" it made Terese smile and gave her hope she could stay longer next time. That next penetration was tricky as she needed her fingers extended until into her throat and ten a fist for the next several inches and then an open hand again to get as far as possible. This time Terese had her arm straight which meant she couldn't see Kelli's throat expanding but now she was going all in, hopefully way past her elbow. Kelli was about 5'5" and Terese was 5'3" - how far could she go?

Terese was really working at going all the way in ... she didn't see or hear all the comments as she concentrated on the task at hand. The first she noticed was her fingers burning as they met some resistance and pushed through what felt like the sphincter in her ass. She pulled back and pushed again and again. She must have been distracted because one of the guys pulled her back to let Kelli breathe and then helped push her arm back in afterwards. This time she heard "Fuck! 7 minutes and 14 seconds that time! Like those oyster divers in Japan! Imagine fucking her throat - you could stay in forever!"

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