The Sextel Hotel
Chapter 1: Checking In

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Lactation, Water Sports, Enema, Scatology, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Slow, Workplace, Nudism, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Checking In - "IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL CUM." The Sextel is a special hotel that offers a refuge for various kinky guests to explore their sexuality in public. The protected environment is sex friendly and nudist, and depending on the particular tastes of each guest, almost anything goes. Guests can stay on different floors which group similarly perverted people together.

Mrs. Emily Burdett finally got to the head of her line in the crowded lobby to check in for her week.

The Sextel Hotel was a special inn, a private establishment catering to niche clientele with very different interests, tastes, and requirements. The staff were discrete and unshockable, and were expected to offer assistance in all kinds of activities at a moment's notice, although they did not generally participate or indulge in the guests' activities. They kept their clothes on at all times and were everywhere. They saw everything and commented on nothing. They ignored all the sexual activities going on around them. Privacy was non existent, and they didn't knock when entering guests' rooms to tidy or clean up at any time, even in the middle of the most outrageous activities.

Emily was a middle aged mousey blonde with a pretty face and a somewhat chunky build still reasonably attractive after children and years of work. She passed across the form with her confirmation and her information. "I'm here for the trial week prior to my application for membership in the society."

The clerk tapped on the keyboard for a bit and said "One week, correct? That will be two thousand dollars in cash, payable now, please. She pushed across a bundle of banknotes and he counted it. "That's fine. Now, you are sexually submissive, correct?" he said in a somewhat loud voice.

She turned deep red and said "That's right. It's all written down on the slip, and in my file."

"Forgive us ma'am, we prefer to double check everything with you verbally. It avoids regrettable misunderstandings, as I'm sure you can understand in our special circumstances. Now, take off your clothes and give them to me, along with your luggage."

Taken aback, she sputtered a bit and then looked around in a panic in the crowded lobby for some kind of change facilities. "Uh, um, already? With all these strangers here? Shouldn't I get settled in my room first?"

"That won't be necessary, Mrs. Burdett. I told you to strip completely naked, right here and now, and you failed to carry out my clear instructions. That is once so far. That will be one demerit. Hand over all of your clothes and your bags. We'll take care of everything. We are after all a hotel, you know!"

Blushing furiously she hurried to comply with the clerk's stern orders and quickly peeled off all her clothing including her red panties and bra, and then handed every stitch she possessed over the top of the counter in full view of everyone behind her in line and in the lobby.

"Now let's just finish your check-in, before we start your punishment for disobedience. To start us off, hop up on the counter beside me, take this cock, and fuck yourself with it. Make sure you masturbate to orgasm for everyone's amusement. Yes, right up in full view of all these strangers. Right inside you please. You can pull it all the way out once you've jammed it all the way inside yourself. That's right, there you go. Let's see ... Oh yes, do you suck cocks and cunts, and swallow cum as required?" he enquired in a loud voice.

"ermmm" she said in a small voice. "Yes."

"Louder please Mrs. Burdett! You must speak up clearly so that everyone present can hear your declarations and pass the word to everyone else in the hotel," The clerk said loudly and clearly. "This is all for your benefit you know! Now, do you get fucked in the ass frequently, and do you like it?"

"I don't get fucked back there nearly as much as I would like. I absolutely love it. That's one of my major fantasies I hope to fulfill this week," She said, somewhat louder and clearer, but also with a certain lack of clarity as she began to pump the large plastic cock in and out of her cunt with increasing speed and vigour.

"Do you lick the assholes of men and women when you are ordered to do so?"

"Yes, as often as I can" she said with some resignation.

"While we are at it, we might as well let you know that your name henceforth and for the rest of the week is Cunt. Everyone, this is Cunt. She is a sexual submissive and she is here to be used and abused and mistreated in any way you see fit."

The crowd of new guests responded with much boisterous enthusiasm and approval.

"Now, as to your accommodation, you will be spending the week in this lobby. We prefer you sleep face down over the arm of a chair or sofa with your ass in the air most nights, although tonight will be an exception due to your punishment. Normally you are to proffer your ass to all passersby, even in your sleep as much as you can.

At no time are you to refuse anyone any sexual act requested of you. Your toilet will be that stainless steel prison-style bowl in the corner that has no lid or seat. You are required to wash yourself after each use of the toilet by cleaning yourself using the clean water in the bowl after you have flushed it. Make sure everyone in the lobby has a clear view of you doing so. You may also bathe yourself publicly with water from that toilet; but you must beg for soap and towels from other guests each day, presumably by offering sexual favours. Since you are already on offer to everyone for anything they care to do to you, you may have to think of some of the more extreme activities to offer them. Perhaps you should keep an eye out to see who has particularly nasty fetishes and offer to fulfill their fantasies. You may also offer yourself to the hotel staff in exchange for food, although you will find they have seen everything and will have to be lured with very extreme offers indeed. You will be enjoying a lot of protein in your diet in any case, so you may not have room for any more food along with all the cum you drink every day. You will be allowed to keep your toothbrush from home, and you will brush your teeth out of the toilet bowl as well.

In addition other guests will be administering your daily enemas for their own enjoyment, and after they have finished filling you with whatever imaginative liquids they wish to try, and you have been allowed to release them into your water dish/toilet, you will be using the toothbrush to clean your cunt and asshole out thoroughly. Our staff and other guests will be monitoring to ensure you clean out every speck of dirt. If you survive the week, you will be required to take the toothbrush home with you and use it in similar fashion, on your cunt and asshole and then to clean your teeth every day, as a reminder of your wonderful time spent here."

"One last requirement now to get you all squared away will be to have our resident tattoo artist inscribe your face with some simple invitations. At this time they will be written on your skin merely with henna, which will fade away a few weeks after you return home. Permanent tattooing we will leave for future more drastic lifestyle changes, if you earn that right. For now, you will be given lettering across your forehead and face something like "cocks and cunts and assholes sucked for free on request. No sexual act refused, all abuse welcomed.""

"As you will be here in the lobby completely naked for the rest of the week, the artist is encouraged to improvise and make up some more filthy and humiliating slogans to cover you with, especially around your genitals, with lurid suggestions that turn him on personally, the wilder the better."

"Finally, there is the small matter of your current punishment. Since you are new, this time it shall be fairly mild. It will be in two parts. Firstly you will be flogged. Half of your flogging will consist of you standing on that small raised platform across the lobby, with your hands held still at your sides. You will be flogged ten times on each breast, counting clearly so that everyone may hear. You will not be tied, so that everyone can see that you accept your flogging at your own volition, and your humiliation is on display for everyone."

"Then you must bend over and hold your ass cheeks apart, displaying your asshole to everyone. You must remain in that position while your asshole is flogged ten times, with you counting each and thanking your benefactor for each blow. When your asshole is sufficiently injured and the pain is excruciating, you will remain in position spreading your ass while you are fucked by as many people as care to pound your ass and cause you great pain with their cocks or dildos."

"The second half of your punishment will be to spend the night naked in that small set of stocks across the lobby. You will be bent at 90 degrees for the night, with your ass and cunt and mouth all available for fucking. In addition, that small padded bench in front can be used by men or women who wish to lie down with their crotch in your face while you orally service them. Since we have no public washroom in this lobby, people in need will be welcome to use you for their purposes. Be sure to offer to help anyone who appears to be in need, and also don't forget to clean them thoroughly with your mouth afterwards each time."

"There are stage shows every night in our auditorium and you will be putting on small shows during some of them. For instance, you will be having sex with dogs and other animals, including a pony or something like that. You will be pleasuring them all orally, vaginally, and anally. I think you will find yourself expanding your limits in many ways, especially when you have to swallow all the sperm shot into your mouth by the pony, not to mention the other orifices he will be fucking. As you will no doubt be hungry, you will be allowed to take away any sperm you did not capture during the show. This will be appropriately gathered for you in a "doggie bag", although on some nights perhaps a horsey bag might be more apt."

"Now that we have your money there are no limits on what other guests can do to you, although we discourage any permanent damage, especially if it limits the use that can be made of you in future. Welcome to Sextel, Cunt. Go and get fucked."

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