Deal With It
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Harry Carton

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A fantasy. What will a slut-wife do to make hubby a cuckold? What will the husband do to take revenge?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Revenge   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Double Penetration   Size  


I was always fucking around on him, from before we were even married. But he was so submissive that he didn't even care. I called all the shots around the house. You'd think that with a PhD in Geologic Engineering – that's basically finding oil – that he'd have a little spine. That he'd be smart enough to stand up to me. But no.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Rob Metcalf. He was a good provider, always did the chores around the house – or he paid somebody to do 'em – and treated me like a princess. And if he had some spine, he'd be perfect – but if he had some spine, I wouldn't be getting all the dick I was getting.

And I was getting a lot of dick.

When I met Rob, he was finishing up the final leg of his PhD and working for Daddy in the small engineering firm that he founded. He was 25 and I was 21, so that made it about five years ago. I'm a blonde bombshell – that's what the headline said when I won Miss Oklahoma at 18. It wasn't my natural color, but nobody'd ever be able to check the original color of the drapes because I shaved the rug – and kept it shaved. It only took one boy (at age 15) to tell me that he wouldn't go down on me because he didn't like to get pussy hair in his teeth. So I started shaving my mound. I also applied a light coloring to my eyebrows and the hair on my arms, so ... I was a blonde. I'm short at 5'3" and a curvy 36C-23-34. I keep myself in good shape, too, thanks to the local gym. I do Kegel exercises while I'm on the treadmill, so my internals match the fitness of my flat abs.

Rob's not hideous to look at either. He's almost 6' and very well put together. He won't wear contacts, though – he says he's outside so much that between the sun, the wind and the blowing dirt, he has to stick to glasses. He tends to wear these dorky, Clark Kent style glasses. That's the only thing about him. Well, that and the no-spine thing. That's a real turn-off, even though I insist on it.

We've got this nice house outside Tulsa, set off by itself on five acres. It has a pool, a spa and a stable. We keep two horses, both nice easy riding Tennessee Walking horses with a real smooth gait. The whole house thing was a wedding present from Daddy. I'm sure that Rob's current job level was a wedding present, too. He was good at what he did, I'm sure, because he was always flying around the country to find oil. He'd never have had that responsible a job without the special connection to the company's founder – you betcha.

Maybe that's why he was so tolerant of my sexual escapades. His professional life depended on keeping on my good side. Plus I gave him some real good sex once in a while.

I started cheating on him when we got engaged – officially. Before that, I was just screwing around – with him and about five other guys. Never more than one at a time, you understand. I'm not a slut, I'll have you know.

Then one day, he proposed. He wanted a white picket fence, three kids, a dog and a stay at home wife. I fudged an answer, said 'Yes, but I have to think it over.' And that was that. I gave him a nice blow job that night to show him what a good boy he was. The next day I talked it over with Daddy, who asked me if I could settle down with Rob. He said Rob was a good guy, a real prospect and somebody he'd be proud to have for a son-in-law, somebody to be the son he never had, somebody to take over the company one day. But I'd have to stop screwing everybody in sight.

I told Daddy that I had never done that, I just had a few friends – and that list was getting shorter since I'd been seeing Rob. So ... I lied. I said sure, I could settle down, give him grandbabies someday, and be a loyal wife.

I don't know why he was so high and mighty. My mother died when I was 15 from breast cancer, and after about a year, he had a new trophy girl to play with every six months or so. It got so bad that he moved the headquarters of the company to Dallas about two years back; I think it was so he'd have a broader selection.

So I went back to Rob and gave him a firm 'Yes' answer. Two days later I officially moved in to his apartment and the next morning I started officially cheating.

Where was I? Oh, yeah ... When Rob and I got engaged, I picked up the pace on giving him sex. It was kind of a reward for being such an attentive future husband. Also to keep him so happy he wouldn't ask about the other guys. Let's see, what was my rotation back then?

I went to the gym four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'd been going to the gym for about six months before Rob proposed. So that meant I got an enthusiastic pounding by Eric on those days. He was my personal trainer. He was also my personal pussy eater and ass fucker. Eric had a rather small four and a half inch dick – not too thick either. I think it was the steroids. But he had a set of muscles on him that just wouldn't quit. And a nice integrated set of tats – the body art on that man was never gonna quit. He had a fancy Oriental dragon on his shoulders: it's mouth came snarling at you in blue, black, and yellow, breathing big red flames across the left side of his chest. The tail dripped over his right side, and the body of the beast coiled across his back. He had big broad shoulders, bulging biceps, more than a six-pack of abs, and leg muscles that he used to support us when he picked me up to fuck. I always went about 10 a.m.; so we'd have the 'executive weight room' to ourselves ... to 'exercise.' Except on Saturdays, that was the busiest day. On Saturday, we had to fuck in the office he shared with his boss. That meant sometimes I had to fuck the boss too, almost every week. Woe is me; how could I ever endure the hardship of more dick?

I never got off on blowing Eric – too small, ya know? I called him my 'muscle man' and I just loved it when he'd pick me up with my legs over his sexy arms. He'd fold me in half and then pound my pussy or my ass in that position. Best was when he did my pussy and my ass. Afterwards he'd push me against the wall and lift me up 'til my legs draped over his broad shoulders; I'd plant my right leg over the dragon's mouth and my left on the dragon's tail. Of course, this put my tail at face level and he'd lick his own cream out of me. Heaven.

We were sharing an apartment by then and Rob got home from work at about 6:30. He had to study for his PhD and by the time Rob was done and we got ready for sex with him it was always about 10 or later. Between Eric eating his cum out of me and the hours that had passed, I didn't really ever have to give Rob sloppy seconds. So that's why I had sex with him on gym days. Even then, I was nice to him. Sloppy seconds would have been insulting.

Johnny came over to tend the lawn for the apartment complex on Wednesdays. He was a high school senior back then and needed the job for extra money. After he saw me sunning myself near the pool, in my tiniest bikini, of course, he started to hang around the pool. From the looks of the shorts he wore he had something to be proud of. Who's kidding who? I was checking out his package as much as he was drooling over the little patches of cloth I was pretending to wear. There's only so much of getting tiny dick that a girl can be expected to take.

Not that Rob had a small dick. He was on the plus side of average: about six and a half, I guess. But Rob wasn't in the sweepstakes. I had to do him, 'cause he was my number one man, my husband. Johnny, on the other hand, was exceptional and he was in the cockstakes.

One day before we hooked up, I asked him to rub some oil on my back and wouldn't you know it? A few minutes later we were in the guest bedroom doing the nasty. He did have a nice almost nine incher. Not too big around. And he thought that all he had to do was show it to me, stick it in and pound away like a dog. He did like his doggy, too. I never let him have my ass, because I didn't want to think about cramming all that meat in my littlest hole.

I had to slap his dick some, the first few times, to show him that I wasn't some cheerleader bimbo that would be impressed by appearance. That brought him up short, and I'd have to stroke it real nice to 'make it better.' It took him about two months to learn how to please me. Boy was a quick learner. Then I gave him his first blow job. Then he became a real quick learner, with the incentive I offered. He was in love, I swear, bless his little heart. You see, none of his previous girl friends would even touch his dick with their mouths. It was scary big. But with a cock that big, you could just suck on the head, use your tongue on the underside, and use a two handed tennis grip on the shaft. It's all in the knowing how. A smart girl could tame a big dick with a little lick.

I'd do that for him first when he came in – give him a bj. That would give him enough gratitude to eat me and endurance to fuck me afterward. And wow! Could that boy fuck up a storm. He'd usually fuck me for a couple of hours, sending me over the top at least three and sometimes five or six times. I remember once he had me wiped out with a three and a half hour session. My pussy was so swamped with his cum, I didn't dare let Rob at me that day.

Fridays were kink days back then. I started with Stan before I actually moved in with Rob. Back then I was living at home, and just visited Rob's apartment to use the pool. That was when I met Stan, to guy from 4D in the next building over. We always went to his apartment. He was older. Not old mind you, just about 40. The first time he got me flat on my back on his bed and worked me over with his hands and mouth. Then he said, "Trust me. You're gonna love this."

With his cock at the entrance to my pussy he reached around above my head and slipped handcuffs on me. My eyes got real big. He pushed in a little, just spreading my cunt lips and said, "You're doing real well. Just hold still." He pushed in another – I don't know – a half inch, then pulled back. I watched him as he pulled out and got to my ankles – he did the left first. He put a padded leather cuff around each ankle and clipped it to a chain – A CHAIN! – attached to some sliding contraption that went under his bed. Then he went to the top and moved my wrists to the same sort of arrangement – padded leather cuffs and a sliding rig that went under the bed.

I started breathing faster. This was exciting. It was fun. It was dangerous.

He looked at me. "Do you object? Do you have any questions or concerns?"

I thought fast. "Uhm ... No marks on my body. And I have to be home to take care of my boyfriend by 4 p.m." I was ready – I thought. Turns out I wasn't ready for what he brought.

He grinned. It was only noon.

That first day with Stan was a real eye-opener. He never fucked me – well not in the pussy or ass, anyway. He slipped a dildo in my ass and turned it on. It gave me a rippling stretching kind of workout. Then he put one in my pussy that completely filled me up and was just a vibrator. THEN he strapped on a butterfly kind of thing that put an erratic buzzing thing on my clit. OH MY GOD! I orgasmed immediately.

Then he offered me his cock. He man-handled my lips into a pout and then rested his purple cockhead on them. It wasn't anything special, maybe six or seven inches, and average thickness. Kinda like Rob's. But I was vibrating in all kinds of directions down at my pelvis, almost in constant orgasm or near-orgasm. I slurped that cock into my mouth and sucked. He pushed it in and it was just long enough to tickle my gag reflex. I choked and gagged and he pulled out. Then he put it in and said, "No, my dear, you're going to learn."

He put his dick in about half way, held my head in his hands and began to face fuck me. He was moving my head back and forth so fast I had to close my eyes, lest they fall out.

Stan fucked my mouth through two of his orgasms, and countless of mine. Of course, the trio of buzzers on my crotch were still going. Maybe it was just one long cum. I was just laying there when he finished with my mouth, enjoying things. He tapped my cheek and said, "Open up." Without opening my eyes, I opened. He slid some metal and rubber contraption into my mouth. I jerked awake. It slid part way toward the back of my mouth, just tickling the gag point.

He said, "You're going to have to learn to take all of me. Might as well get started."

He got off the bed, turned the vibes up to full speed and slipped a blindfold on me. Then he left. I was gagging, spread eagle on the bed, clit, pussy and ass stuffed with vibrating things and I was all alone. He came in after what seemed like a week – it was probably fifteen minutes – and turned something in my mouth 'appliance.' Then the metal part extended itself down my throat a bit more. He pinched my nipples a little, I think. I really don't remember. I was in overload.

I gagged a lot on that thing in my throat. At first I fought it. I couldn't fight it forever, and with my sex being constantly abuzz, I didn't want to. Finally I forgot about the throat thing and concentrated on getting off. I maxed out with orgasms. I drifted in and out. He came and undid the devices one after another. The mouth thing was last. He jumped up on the bed, one knee by each ear. Then he slipped his cock into my mouth and pushed. I took it easily into my throat. He pulled out at once, patted me on the head and said, "Good girl." He said it the same way you'd say it to a dog that came back with a thrown tennis ball.

He untied me and helped me into his tub, filled with warm water and some lavender scented oil. Then Stan carefully washed me all over, and patted me dry at the end. I was as limp as a dishrag. I looked at the clock, sure it was very late. It was only 2:30.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked me as I was getting dressed.

I was pulling up my loose gym shorts, and I paused. "Once a week. I don't think I could take it any more than once a week," I said with a tired smile. I twitched my ass for him and finished pulling up my pants.

Sunday was my day of rest. And church, of course; we always went to church on Sunday.

So that was a typical week during the six months of our engagement – and before our engagement, truth be told. I didn't slow down or speed up anything. Except for Rob. He got extra sex – usually Sunday evenings – after the engagement. Like I said, my main man deserved it.

Then came the wedding. I had to decide what to do. No way I could give up all that glorious sex and be just with Rob a few boring days a week. I had to convince him to take on the role I wanted him to take. I honestly loved Rob and didn't was to show him any disrespect. So I wouldn't cheat on him any more. I'd just have to be upfront with him about how much sex I needed and how I intended to get it.

He'd have to deal with it, if he wanted to stay married to me. Of course, 'married to me' also meant 'keep your six-figure per year job.' Did he think that he deserved a six-figure salary at 25, with a newly minted PhD? He was smart. He'd knuckle under.

I would make it my business to be sure that sex with him was first rate. He came first. He'd never get sloppy seconds. He'd get a blow job any time he wanted it. An enhanced bj, too, thanks to Stan. Rob would get as much sex as he'd ever want. Just that I would, too, and I wanted a whole lot more than any man could provide. Fair is fair, after all. We'd both get all the sex we wanted.

So, months before the wedding, I began to talk to Rob. About how love was the most important thing. He agreed. But sex wasn't the same as love, right? Okay. So maybe sometimes a little sex on the side could spice up a marriage. That, if you took care of your marriage obligations, it didn't matter if there was some sex on the side.

Well, that didn't sit very well with Rob. At. All.

"I want a one man woman," he said. "I need a one man woman. Not a slut."

"Oh, never a slut," I said, agreeing with him. Thinking back, I never slutted around with more than one at a time. That'd be gross – well maybe not, but I wouldn't go there just now. "Just that, maybe – MAYBE – once in a while you or I would want something outside the formal marriage arrangement.

"I love you, Rob. Only you." I crawled up into his lap, and began to kiss him with little sucky kisses on his neck. "And I want only you." I'd start to rub his crotch. This was especially effective on work days when he was tired. He was a horny goat back then and I knew that he really couldn't think properly when I got him excited. Little dicky had a little brain, you know?

It took a month of Sundays, but I eventually got him to the point where he'd concede that maybe, sometime getting a little extra sex would be ok. That it really would be fair if we each got to experience as much sex as we would like. Most importantly, I got him to tolerate the idea that he might watch me. And then I'd fuck him blind, to show him that he was important to me and was my main man. Number one in my heart and in my pussy. Looking back on it, I'd say his eyes were glazed over when I got to the 'agreeing' part of the discussion. I mean, how much agreeing or disagreeing can a guy handle when his cock is in my pussy, right?

The wedding got closer and I told Rob that we wouldn't have any sex at all for a week before the big day. Of course, I got my regular injections from Eric, Johnny and Stan. You wouldn't expect me to do without, would ya?

At the last minute, there was some confusion about the minister, but Rob got that sorted out. He was so good with details, sometimes. The poor guy was so flustered that he never even straightened out the timing with his family, though. They had to fly in from Pennsylvania, and missed their flight. So his mom, dad and younger sister never did get to the ceremony or reception. We'd see them later. The wedding party was pretty small: three couples who were our friends. Well, the guys were my special friends, you know? I 'auditioned' them a couple of weeks before and let them know about my plans. We auditioned on gym days and I learned how they fucked. I'd rate them as B, B and A. It was a bonus that the best man, Frank, was the A. With the extra fucking and them not being interested in eating creampie, that was the only time I ever offered Rob sloppy seconds. I didn't like to do that, but I had to know that they would be up to the challenge.

The wedding was beautiful. I wore a white dress and the guys wore tuxes. I think that look is so hot! The reception went on late into the night and Rob and I were pretty plastered. Eventually we left, though I think the party went on for some time. We retired to the honeymoon suite in the hotel where the reception was held.

Rob was really sweet in the suite. (Did you notice what I did there? Sweet ... suite? LOL) I did a sexy strip for him, finally getting down to the Vicky's Secret lingerie: a bustier that had my breasts sitting on a shelf, nipples visible, a garter belt, white stockings, and a nearly invisible g-string that was like dental floss everywhere except right over my pussy. That had an 'R' embroidered on it. It was pretty clear whose pussy it was.

Then I turned to Rob. He was still in his tux and I felt that he was way overdressed. I helped him strip. We threw his clothes all over the room, and I wound up kneeling in front of him when I pulled his boxers down. He was ready, let me tell you.

I slurped him into my mouth while he stood over me. I looked up into his eyes and I put his hands on my shaggy hairdo.

"I want to give you all you can handle, lover," I said. When I sucked my way down his shaft and then back up, he closed his eyes. I pulled his cock out of my mouth with a 'pop' and then slurped it back in. His cock stayed in my mouth and I worked like a demon on the head. My tongue slithered around on the underside. You know, where most guys are real sensitive?

I could feel the big vein that led in an irregular path up to the head. It was pulsing. I got excited and when he shot his load into my mouth, I came, too. That was a first for me.

I had never given him a full-on throat job. I was saving it for tonight. His cock softened a little, but I never let it out of my mouth. He was partly glazed over, but his attention came back real strong when I looked into his blue eyes with as much love as I'd ever had. Of course, my tongue on his dick helped focus his attention.

I worked it violently on his cockhead. Then I took a little more and worked on the middle of his dick, sliding back and forth. Keeping my eyes on his, I slid all the way down his shaft. I even wrapped my hands around his hips and grabbed his ass and pulled myself onto him – hard. I stuck out my tongue a little bit and started to wash his balls – as much as I could, anyway.

He only got into my throat a little way, so I could keep on breathing. I stayed on him, kept him real deep and swallowed. And swallowed again and again and again. I could feel the cum start to boil out of his balls. My nose was still buried in his pubic hair, and my eyes were locked on his. I stuck a finger up his ass, which I'd never done before, and he started to cum. Boy! I thought his first injection of sperm in my mouth was a lot, but this time he outdid himself. Spurt after spurt. I just let it slither down my throat, and I hoped that sperm and champagne were compatible. Barfing at a time like this wouldn't be cool.

I made sure his cock was nice and clean before it left my mouth. Then I sat back on my knees and said, "Got any more for me, lover? I need you in my other holes, you know."

He smiled. "After a week without, what do you think?" Rob laughed a little while he pulled off the g-string and hoisted me up on the bed. He planted his face in my pussy and began to give me some of the same as he just got. Well, he couldn't deep throat me, of course, but he licked and licked and nibbled and got fingers in my pussy and ass. I just had a wonderful time. Must have come two or three times.

I pulled his face off me and looked at him. "I need you inside me. Now!"

He flipped me over on the edge of the bed. My toes were barely touching the floor. He walked up between my legs and entered me in one long, slow push. That was magnificent! He almost touched my cervix, but he got one hand under my pelvis and diddled my clit while we fucked. His hips were thrashing me at a fast pace, and he leaned on my back. I felt his other hand come around my face and he stuck a couple of fingers in my mouth.

Rob had some endurance that night, you betcha. He began to push into me, he rubbed my clit while he pushed in and he fucked his fingers into my mouth. He came almost at the same time I did. I think mine was stronger. Of course, he had just come twice in my mouth. That was the whole idea of the double dip blow job. Let him get most of his nut early, so he'd wear out faster.

We lay there, panting, while his pecker slid out of my pussy like a watermelon seed gets spit out.

I flipped over and pulled my legs up to my chest. "One more, baby. Need some help before you fuck me in the ass?" I showed him my asshole, all pink and nasty, underneath my pussy lips. Now they were leaking jism – his jism. My man's jism.

I slipped my hand down and began to spread the leakage down to my asshole.

"Yeah, sweets," he panted, standing at the edge of the bed. "You almost killed it, but I think it might be up for one more."

I didn't move. "Well bring it up here," I said, licking my lips in a very lewd way.

He obliged. I didn't think any man would fail to have his cock sucked in that situation. Hell, in any situation, I chuckled to myself.

He planted one knee on each side of my chest, leaned over me, putting his slimy, shriveled cock on my lips. I slurped it in and started sucking. It didn't take long before it was ready for action again.

I spit his cock out. "Ass, baby. You gotta take my ass." He rolled off me to the side and trotted around to get between my legs. He was so cute when he jogged into position, cock bouncing and everything.

His cock touching my ass sent a little electric charge through me. We'd done this before, so I knew that me clenching and then pushing out was the easiest way to get him in. My knees were up around his arms and up near my ears. He pushed at just the right time and his good sized cockhead found a new, dark home. I exhaled and grabbed his arms.

"Now, baby. Take me now. I want it deep." He began pushing and I could feel his telephone pole filling me again. God, but this was the best. I was so tight that he almost couldn't move. I Kegeled a bit and some more of his jism leaked out of my pussy. Also when I Kegeled, it must have tightened down on him, because I saw the expression on his face. His stopped moving everything when I clenched down on him. I slipped a hand down to my puss and gathered the liquids there. Then I took them down and started to rub them on the part of his cock that I could get to.

"Stroke it, baby. Slowly. I'll loosen up and we'll get this juice on all your cock."

He did and I did and we did. Then he started pounding me faster and harder. He had three cums in a short time and I knew that the fourth would be awhile. I managed to endure it. Endure it? LOL. Hell, I came and, before he managed to bust his final nut in me, I came again. Harder than before. I rolled us both over and pretty soon it was slipping out of me like a watermelon seed again.

I went to the bathroom and got a washcloth. Then I stripped off the rest of the wedding lingerie. I wouldn't want to ruin it if the night turned out like I thought. I cleaned up his cock real well, and then slid into a 69. He was kinda wiped out, but I took his cock in my mouth and worked it. Four times in a row had him pretty much wiped out.

He was a good hubby. Now it was time for him to learn how to be a good cucky.

"C'mon baby. I want it again."

"I think you killed it," said Rob. "At least for now."

"Okay," I pouted a little. "Not even a little hard on for me? ... Then come on a sit in this chair. I've got a surprise that I think you'll like. It's something a little different."

He went to the desk chair while I got the surprise from my luggage.

The first part of the surprise was a pair of wrist cuffs. Guess who I borrowed them from? Rob looked at me while I was putting them on him. He started to object when I fastened them together behind his back and interlaced them with the back of the chair.

The second part of the surprise was a wide padded belt. Rob objected strenuously when I put it around his middle and buckled it around the chair – and his bound wrists. But part of learning to be a cuck-boy was doing what I wanted to do. I buckled the belt, even giving it a little jerk to make it one notch tighter.

"Remember all those discussions we had about each of us getting enough sex? About how it was fair if we EACH got all we wanted?" I said. "Well, you're too wiped out to do any more, and I need some more."

"Christy, if you're gonna do what I think your gonna do, I won't stand for it," he said. He was getting louder.

"Rob, if you're going to shout, I'm going to have to gag you. That won't be pleasant. Don't make me do that," I said in a reasonable tone. "Now you're going to get a little more excitement." I fondled his dick a little, to show him that I was really his. But I needed this. I was his, but he was mine, too.

I went out of his sight for a bit and opened the door to the hall. In walked his three groomsmen. One was his best man. They had changed out of their tuxes.

"Not only no, but hell no! You better gag me, Christy, 'cause I'm not shutting up, and I'm not going to stand for this. If you guys..." he said, before I stuffed a ball gag in his mouth and then buckled it behind his head. He tried to talk a little after that, but he tired of it pretty soon.

The best man – Frank – was setting up a video camera, pointing it over Rob's shoulder at the bed.

One of the grade B fuckers from the audition was naked by this time. In fact both of them were, but the other guy stayed on the couch.

"Now remember," I said to the Three Musketeers. Well, Cocksmen would be more like it. "You're doing this only because Rob allowed it, when we talked about it before the wedding. I want no disrespect of my hubby. You focus on me, 'cause my needs are the only thing that matters, now. If anybody talks to him, it'll be me."

Then I talked to Rob. "Rob, hun. You know you allowed that I could do this." Well, he had agreed when I was balls-deep on his cock and he had said 'Maybe – sometime.' He started to shake his head no and was pretending to be mad.

"Move that camera around so you can catch all of this. You, Tony. You get to fuck me doggy style while I show my hubby how much I love him." So saying, I took hubby's shriveled cock in my mouth and didn't miss a beat sucking him when Tony's cock bottomed out in my pussy.

Tony must have been a Minuteman not a Musketeer. He was done real quick. "Aw come'on guys. You've got to be better. I'm trying to rouse my cucky here..." I gave his balls a loving squeeze " ... and you've got to fuck me better than that. Art," I called to the third man, "I hope you can do better."

Art got behind me as I took Rob's cock in my mouth again. It still wasn't showing any interest in the proceedings. It seems that Art decided on a different approach. He stuck his cock in my still throbbing ass. He was a little skinnier than Rob, and it slipped right in.

I lifted my head. "Oh yeah, fuck my ass. You're not as good as my cucky here..." another little loving squeeze " ... but you'll do. I need more and cucky can't even get it up right now ... You don't mind if I call you cucky do you hun? I mean I can't call you hubby right now, 'cause ... well I'm getting fucked by somebody else. That would be totally disrespectful." I started a little singsong: "Cucky, cucky, cucky. Sucky on cucky." Then I laughed as I went back to sucking on his dick.

I looked up at his face with love in my eyes – okay and with Art in my bowel, stroking away – and noticed that Rob had his eyes closed. Did he faint? Was he able to breathe with the ball gag in his mouth? I knew that he had pretty bad allergies sometimes and maybe he couldn't breathe properly. I looked down at his chest. Yeah it was rising and falling at a slow, steady rate. So he was probably just closing his eyes to be able to concentrate and process all this.

I finally pulled off his still limp cock.

"Isn't widdle cucky's dick gonna pway wif me? C'mon widdle cucky." I gave it another lick from balls to dick. No soap. I turned away.

I kneeled up tall and let Art's hands come up around my tits. Art was still doing his best not to come in my ass – yet. Frank came up naked and looked at me. He was the A student in the auditions. His cock was a little bit longer and significantly broader than anybody's in the room. Second place only to Johnny, who wasn't here right now.

I thought about it and decided 'Why not?'

I spread my pussy lips and smiled at Frank. He kneeled before me and it slid in. It was an uncomfortable position – for Frank and Art. It was heaven for me. I let Art pull me back onto him, which opened things up for Frank. Tony was running the video at the moment and moved it around to get a shot of both cocks pumping in and out.

God, but that put me into overload. The full feeling of someone in my ass. A big pulsing cock pounding my cunt. Frankly, I thought of Stan and his domination of me. I was going to have to re-connect with him after the honeymoon. I felt dirty and slutty with two dicks in me at the same time. Each of them moving at a different speed. It was wonderful.

I looked over at Rob and I wondered if he would think it was so wonderful. I really thought he would go along with it. I mean, was it fair if he got as much sex as he wanted but I didn't?

The three amigos and I fucked and sucked our way into the night. And finally, at about 3 a.m. I had enough. So I gave them all a 'last call' warning, and then sent them on their way. Soon after they left, I went over and looked at Rob, still asleep. I still thought he was faking it, but he never got hard again.

Gently I removed his cuffs and unbuckled the heavy band around his mid-section. There was no reaction from him. I took my nightie into the bathroom and started to clean myself up. When I went back into the room, Rob and his suitcase was gone.

That was so unlike him. It was so uncool. I didn't worry about him, 'cause he probably was somewhere in the hotel, but if he was going AWOL like this he was going to mess up the whole honeymoon.

We were scheduled to go to one of the Indian casinos for the week, and I had already made arrangements for Johnny to be at the same hotel. I didn't want to go alone. That would be a disaster. I'd have to tell Daddy and worse, the reason that I got abandoned would get out. Damn it! Why did Rob have to be so fucking unreasonable?

I went to bed, but couldn't sleep. Rob's disappearance had put my plans for a happy marriage into question.


The phone rang at 2 p.m. the next day, waking me. I looked around the room. It showed Rob's tux still scattered here and there, but no Rob.

I picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Christy, I'm at the casino. I've checked into the room we reserved. I'll see you when you get here," Rob said. Then I heard a click on the line.

"Rob! Honey, you didn't get your early morning blowjob and morning fuck!" I said into the phone. The only thing I heard in reply was the twin tone warble that told me I was talking to myself.

Well, wasn't that a kick in the head. It seemed that cuck-boy had decided to go through with the marriage. I told you he'd figure it out, that he'd knuckle under. He didn't want to lose his cushy job any more than I wanted to do without sex. My pussy gave an involuntary clench at the thought.


The honeymoon was a little strange. When I checked in, I found Rob waiting for me in the room. He hadn't unpacked and his luggage was by the door.

"I assume you've made arrangements with one of your fuck buddies for this week." That's the way he started. No 'Hello' or anything.

But I knew that he knew, now, what the score was. I was calling the shots in our relationship. He didn't have a choice.

"So it's going to be like that, is it?" I said back. "Just raw and straight hostility?"

"I will live with the bullshit you're pulling. But I want to be very clear on some points," he said coldly.

"First, if I ever smell another man on you when you come to offer me sex, I'll walk. And file. And explain to your precious Daddy why. So, no sloppy seconds or even close," he went on. "Never."

"Rob, agreed. I never intended to disrespect you by offering you another man's come to deal with."

"Oh, I guess your intent was to disrespect me in other ways," he said quickly. "Second, if you ever tie me down or force me to watch in any way, I'll go to the police and have you charged with kidnapping. I don't know if it will stick, but it will stink. And then Daddy will know about everything."

I didn't like the tone he had when he said 'Daddy' – like it was a curse word or something. Or a threat to me. Which I guess it was. I didn't want Daddy to discover things anymore than Rob did.

"Okay. Sure. I'm sorry I did that last night. But I just wanted..."

He interrupted my apology with: "Third, I want you ... clean and unfucked and fresh from the shower and douched ... one day per week. We'll have to work out which, since I'm traveling. Probably Saturday or Sunday. On that day, you'll be available only to me."

"Oh yes, honey. That's a given." This was going well. He was asking me for all the things that I was willing to give up.

"Fourth. You'll give me a medical report at least monthly, showing you're free of STD's."

Wow. I hadn't ever thought of STDs. I better start asking my guys for one of those medical things. And considering they were going to fuck around, maybe I better start asking them to wear a raincoat. After all, if they were screwing me, they probably were screwing other bitches, too.

"Okay," I said, "that's a reasonable precaution. I hadn't thought about that. So thanks, babe."

"Fifth. I'm going to handle all the family financial stuff. I'll set you up with a checking account and a credit card. Don't worry. There'll be plenty of money there, but I don't want to take a chance that you'll suddenly go wild with money, like you have with sex."

"Sure, Rob. I'd have let you do that anyway. I'm no good with money, you know that."

"And last. I want the CDs of every time you have a fuck party," he said kind of quietly and somewhat embarrassed. "Every single fuck. I'll look at them when I'm on my trips to the oil fields or wherever. It'll give me ... something to think about." He was looking at his hands now.

Bingo! He was turned on by it all. Just didn't like the humiliation of being tied up and forced to watch while the guy(s) were there. Okay! I had him by the short and curlies as well as by the financial balls.

I went over to my luggage and produced a CD of last night's fun and frolic. I silently handed it over to him.

"One last thing. Could you ... I mean this isn't something I'll insist on. But just for me ... When you're done calling me cucky and cuck-boy and all the rest. Could you pretend that you're just doing it for money? Get each of the guys to pay you, like $10. You can tell them that's just a tip and to be sure to send me the rest? It's just ... well ... that'll make it like you have to do it or something. Not like you want to go against what we promised at the wedding.

"You don't have to do it ... I mean ... but could you?"

I thought about it. Could he be setting me up for something? Not if he's going to be the 'pimp' in this little game he wants to play. "Sure, babe. I'd do anything for you. You know that."

He nodded his head slowly. "Thanks. That'll make it easier, for me, I mean ... Have you been with your honeymoon guy yet?" he asked.

"No. I came straight to you. You're my main man. My hubby. The essential link in my world. By the way, all those guys last night were just like the chocolate sprinkles on by banana split. Just icing. Nobody was as good as you." Well, that was true with those three. With my regulars, not hardly. He was running fourth in a field of four in that company.

"Well, how about a shower then. Just us two. You know, before you see him?"

Yeah. He was still addicted to pussy, just like every male I'd met. But it was time to let him know who's the rooster in this hen house, and who's the cuck-boy.

I looked at the clock over the TV. "I wish I could, Rob. Really. But I'm supposed to meet Johnny downstairs for dinner at 5. Then, well you know. I'll just have time to change."

He looked crushed. Well, what did he expect? Johnny was my big-dicked friend. The poor guy hadn't had any of my prime pussy for almost a week. He was 19. He was young, dumb and full of cum.

And I had him for the whole week!

"Could you," Rob asked, deferentially, "you know, do it in his room so I can get some sleep here?"

Better and better. I wouldn't even have to deal with cucky's whining. "Sure sweetie. If that's what you want." I had myself a good laugh as I picked up my luggage and went back to the lobby, where I contacted Johnny. He was ready, all right. And proceeded to give me the first of many orgasms that week.

I didn't really track what cucky did. Probably he gambled. I hope he didn't lose too much.

That was the start of my five year run. And what a run it was. When I got back, I went and got checked for STD's. I had one. CRAP! It was the clap. That meant I had to contact all my partners and get them treated too. It had come from muscle man Eric. I told him not to bother looking for me anymore. I had to tell all the other guys, too. None of them was really happy to tell their wives. That caused two divorces among the three groomsmen. Sorry guys! If you want to play, you take your chances.

I had to tell Rob, too. That was the worst. He was on a trip to South Dakota, drilling for oil or something. I sent him a text to call me ASAP. In the call, I told him to get to a doctor right away, and he said he already had and it was being taken care of, but thanks for calling. He sounded kind of cold, but I didn't really expect a warm exchange when you call somebody to tell him you've given him the clap.

That cleared up in a couple of weeks, but I still had all my guys wearing raincoats all the time. Rob even thought to have an internet supply sent to me every once in a while. He was a peach!

I asked him if I could get some exercise equipment, since I wasn't going to the club anymore. He said sure. He wasn't going to come home from South Dakota until my clap was cleared up. Bummer. I had to call Johnny. He didn't mind. Grin.

So I was down to just three guys, now, for my extras: Johnny, Stan and Frank. His marriage was in the divorce shit-can. Thank God I wasn't going to have to go through that. Pretty soon, Frank said he had some other friends he was going to send along. Friends from the country club.

They were a bunch of big wigs, I guess, from the Tulsa Cattlemen's Association, and came with a whole range of dicks. Mostly they ranged from small to medium, and ranged in age from 40 on up. But one in particular had a real big cock. He was pushing 70 but he could still do it. They all 'tipped' me $10, but Mr. Big left $20.

I got a regular rotation going again. I'd do Johnny every chance I got, but with him going to college that was becoming more and more irregular.

Stan shifted to Tuesday and Friday. He was a salesman for outdoor lighting and could set his own schedule. He wound up keeping all his equipment at my place, and was the only one I'd let fuck me bareback. That was because he told me that it was bareback or nothing. I couldn't do nothing. He took a whole afternoon, usually, and insisted that I didn't have a 'special guest' on those mornings.

Frank came around about twice per week. The rest of the time I usually saw about three special friends a day. Morning, afternoon and evening. Once in a while, somebody would ask to stay over. Usually I said yes. Frank got to bringing me groceries, so I never had to leave the place. Which was good, 'cause I was tired from all the fucking.

I never thought I'd say that. All the fucking was great. I never got enough, but it was getting to be routine. I recorded every session and sent the disks to Rob, even when he was coming home, he wanted them sent to him in South Dakota.

He was coming home on weekends for a while. Then it was every other weekend. He just had too much work to do, and I saw on ZNN that the oil fields up there were going like gang busters. For most of the time, we had fantastic sex. It must have been because I got fucked into oblivion, and Rob didn't know how to do that. Maybe he learned how, with my expert guidance. I guess it must have been that he was cut off for so long between times.

We'd fuck all weekend and I'd conk out on Sunday night, when he left. I didn't really remember those sessions much, but I knew it was great. A sexual feast.

After I'd taken care of cuck-boy, I could go back to my regulars. I joked about them paying the rent, and they all left a sawbuck on the counter on their way out. This was what I lived for.

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