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Desc: Sex Story: Foreword - By the Author - Being born with synesthesia makes you different, but not in a way anyone can see. For Tina Smith it means she can see everything she hears, and she hears everything she sees. Applying her unique talents to music at a very young age, Tina has propelled the rock band Chaos into international superstardom, but it's the disappearance of a dear friend that will put those abilities to the ultimate test.

"You know Ezzy, you really didn't tell Tina's story," was the comment from one of my editors after we completed State of Chaos.

"I know, it's just too hard," I replied. (This is a paraphrased e-mail exchange). "I put as much in for her as I could, but how do you understand her? How do you go into the mind of an adolescent girl who happens to be a musical genius? You would ... you'd need BarBar for that," was my reply.

I was frustrated. It's certainly not unusual for a story to twist and turn and not quite resemble the original idea. State of Chaos was what it was supposed to be. It was about the band taking things to the next level and beyond, but Tina's importance in that just never got out the way I meant it to. The story was good, but let's face it, Rebecca Danced was Rebecca's story. Anita's Rescue was Tony's story, though I understand that many don't take it that way. The original working title for State of Chaos was Tina's Song. I wanted to complete what I saw as a three-part character-study. I wasn't up to the task. State of Chaos is a great story, but it's hardly a character study about Tina.

"So ask her," the editor replied.

Ask indeed. BarBar did read my stories, and took the time to send me a note after each was completed, but we weren't really friends, more like mutual admirers I guess. So I sent her an e-mail. I asked.

What I received back was not just a description, or even some encouragement, but a five-hundred word example of just how it could be done (an edited version of that scene is incorporated into chapter 3). My first attempts at the idea were posted as Rhythm of Her Soul which is also included in this book at the end of chapter 1. It will be removed from SOL when this goes live.

The fact is I'm not sure I'd have had the wherewithal to try this book without that short example. It encouraged me to dive in and write it. How to you get into the mind of an adolescent teenage musical prodigy? Just go there, BarBar told me, and so I have. Tina, is fascinating, when you have the courage to look at her.


A Sky to Reach is Copyright© 2011 by Catherine Kneevi and is used with permission. Cat is a poet and some of her material can be read on . A Sky to Reach has been lightly edited to make it more suitable for song lyrics. In my imagination Anita does it great justice.

The cover art is Prelude to Afternoon With a Fawn by DeBussy. Wait, what? The inspiration for Tina's synesthesic abilities comes from The Music Animation Machine . MAM is a decades-long project to visualize music on computers. The artwork is a screen capture from a video of that song, made with MAM. The visualization principles in MAM are used frequently in the book as images from Tina's mind. So, while I wax all poetic about chartreuse diamonds and violet ovals it will help you to be familiar with the better examples of music shown through MAM.

Author's Notes

This is Tina as she has never been described before. If you have read the previous books you will have to take a bit of a leap here. Asking, "Why wasn't she described this way before?" really isn't going to help. The answer is simply the author's inability to do her justice at the time. I think I have found a way for us to truly understand and experience who she is.

Synesthesia is real, as far as we can know (it is also sometimes spelled synaesthesia in academia, the former spelling seems more common). I researched it extensively, including several articles from MIT. I don't think we can really understand it, as all evidence is anecdotal and, quite literally, in the mind of those affected. There is no doubt that I used a healthy dose of poetic license here. I heavily researched Rebecca's disease in the original story, it's a true, real condition involving the way a child is incorrectly positioned as it develops, but, like that story, I think it's best not to get too technical with Tina's medical wonders. She's Tina, and that's just fine with us.

Finally, as usual, feel free to nit-pick. I am very much concerned with errors, no matter how small, and if you will be so kind as to point them out when you find them, I'll work to correct them as soon as possible. Readers should not have to suffer my inadequacies and some errors just seem to take a thousand eyes to spot.

Ezzy Black

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