Touring Under Pressure
Cast of Characters

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Incest, Brother, Sister, Harem, Slow, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, sci-fi incest story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Cast of Characters - Leaving the familiar and supportive environments of Carbondale and New Orleans after being exposed, Alex takes his mission on the road. But along with the blur of life on a concert tour, there are dark trends as well: Alex is now known nationally, the media is hungry for news, and there are multiple people eager to hurt him. As he, Cate and Gail travel the country, they learn more about his abilities and what drives people to either love or hate him.

With the number of new characters in this newest book in the Catalyst series, I figured a character list is essential. I've broken the characters into Alex's family, his central core of followers. Other than that, everyone is dumped into one large list, without identifying who is from which book. The list shouldn't be much fun to read, but when you can't remember who is who, it should help. Just search for a characters name, and you should see who you're interested in without learning about anyone is a chapter you haven't gotten to yet.

Let me know if you spot any errors and I'll fix them. I'm also open to suggestions on how to improve it.


Alex Jennings: The story's protagonist, an 18-year-old who's just graduated from high school.

Becky Jennings: Alex's eldest sister, a 22-year-old graduate student interning in a Genetics lab.

Cate Jennings: Alex's younger sister, confidant, and lover. A bright 16-year-old overachiever and budding scientist who graduated early to help Alex and to study how Alex's abilities work.

Frank Jennings: Alex's father, a 45-year-old office worker.

Linda Jennings: Alex's mother, a 42-year-old stay at home mom.

Melinda Jennings: Alex's older sister, a 21-year-old college student studying Economics.

Alex's 'Girls':

Shaniqua (Shani) Sharp: Alex's first activation. A 24 year old Jamaican-American Human Resources worker.

Patricia Moore: Alex's 2nd activation. A 28-year-old jazz/blues singer who traditionally tours the south. Currently in New Orleans.

Allison Livermore: A former New Orleans high-class escort. Alex's 3rd activation. 26 years old. Used to use the name "Amber".

Anh Ngo: Alex's 4th activation, a 52-year-old Vietnamese grandmother. Alex's unofficial spiritual guide.

Brooke Knowles: Alex's 5th activation. A 37-year-old emergency medical technician (EMT) in New Orleans.

Natalie Mendoza: The first 'Watcher' Alex adopted. He pulled her into his group to illustrate to his parents what he was dealing with.

Nikki (Nicole) Gordon: A 19-year-old college student. Alex's 'lost girl'.

Rebecca Boles: Another of Alex's adopted 'watchers'. She was a nurse at the New Orleans hospital Alex went to when he revived a man suffering from a heart attack.

Gail Sanders: Female police officer working out of Peoria, Illinois. Meets Alex when driving past hospital he was in at the time.


Abigail Ford: 73-year-old wife of Abraham Ford, who was involved in a traffic accident in Phoenix.

Col. Addams: Amputee suffering from 'phantom limb' syndrome.

Albert Rodriguez: A New Orleans' Times-Picayune Newspaper Reporter. Wrote some snarky articles about Alex which cast him in an unfavorable light and attracted him unwanted media attention.

Alice: Martha Dunbar's 5-year-old Watcher granddaughter.

Dr. Alice Lovett: Owner of St. Louis fertility clinic.

Ally Frey: A lesbian Watcher Alex met at "Maiden Nights" in Oklahoma.

Amanda Becket: Working mother Alex meets outside of St. Louis. Type 2 Watcher.

Amanda Li: A Chinese-American woman working for her father in a New Orleans business looking to get impregnated by Alex.

Angie Hopper: Women's charities speaker and organizer centered in Phoenix.

Anthony Barlow: Grace Barlow's father and the man who hired the PI, Harry Wittmore, to 'dig up dirt' on Alex for him.

Dr. Avers Peterson: Head of Psychological Services at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Bao Luong: Anh Ngo's adult son, a fisherman in Biloxi, Louisiana. Father of Victoria.

Becky Roe: A black hairstylist who is looking to get impregnated by Alex.

Betsy Allen: A somewhat 'butch' lesbian whose girlfriend, Ally, is a Watcher.

Billy D. (no last name given): Native-American gas station owner in northern Arizona.

Brandon Jones: Chalise's older brother, 20-years-old, a college football player going to school in Chicago.

Brandy Stevens: New Orleans Child Services worker who is hoping to bear Alex's child.

Brian: Rose's boyfriend. After he helps Alex with some electronic issues, Alex asks him to take over technical issues for the New Orleans community.

Brittany MacFarlane: A college student Watcher majoring in architecture that Alex met in Dallas.

Caity Stern: A former Miss America contestant who's currently stationed in San Antonia, just back from Iraq.

Catlin Johansen: Jilted girlfriend living with her brother and sister-in-law looking to have Alex's child.

Chalise Jones: One of Alex's potential girlfriends, a 16-year-old sophomore in Alex's high school. Alex first became aware of her when her brother, Darrell, threatened him over another girl.

Caroline Jones: Mother of both Chalise (one of Alex's potential girlfriends) and Darrell.

Carolyn Simons: Blond 23-year-old college grad whose husband died in Afghanistan. Picked to bear Alex a child in Patricia's lottery.

Carrie Meier: Shy red-headed college student. One of three girls subleasing Allison's apartment in New Orleans, each a potential watcher.

Chelsea Kurtz: Patty's wardrobe person. Part of her tour group.

Christie Hollie: Lauran Fraser's lesbian life partner. They both wanted to raise a child of Alex's, even though Christie is neither a seer nor a watcher.

Clara Thomas: Somewhat unstable woman attracted to Alex in St. Louis.

Clara Swift: Kevin and Nick's surrogate. A young watcher herself, she is anxious to help save her new community, but isn't ready to start a family herself yet.

Daniel Vertiz: Grace Barlow's 17-year-old high school boyfriend. Not a fan of Alex's.

Darice Chavira: A Hispanic-American 'watcher'. One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans 'watcher' movement.

Darrell Jones: Chalise's brother and the one who got Alex together with her and Kitty.

David Samuels: One of the three leaders of the New Orleans 'Watcher' movement.

Debbie: Woman Alex met at the "Maiden Nights" restaurant.

Debbie Barrows: Hispanic-American Watcher Alex meets during Patricia's concert at the Alamodome.

Debbie Grant: A 10-year-old Seer that Alex encounters while driving into Memphis, TN.

Diane Kennedy: Big name singing sensation trying to make a come-back with her new album.

Diana Tucker: Potential Seer selected by Patricia.

Dr. Edward Padilla: 56-year-old Chief of the Neurosurgery department at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Erica Mayes: Guitarist for Patty's band and a watcher.

Francine Wilkins: Mattie Adams sister.

Frank Osmon: Male Watcher Alex finds during concert at Houston Astrodome.

Fredrick Washerstein: Kitty's father.

Georgia Cantrell: Receptionist at the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City. A Watcher.

Gini (Genevieve) Connolly: Army vet who first fled Alex in San Antonio, but who he confronts in the desert outside of Las Vegas in Arizona.

Grace Barlow: A high-school senior Alex activates in Beaumont, TX. An uninspired party girl who doesn't want to grow up, until she meets Alex, who fills her with the desire to excel in order to help him.

Haley Hewitt: A Watcher who threw herself in front of Alex when a gunman tried to shoot him in a Dallas concert. She suffered a gunshot wound to her thigh.

Dr. Hannah Lampre: A gynecologist/obstetrician Patricia has made arrangements to look after Alex's followers in New Orleans.

Harry Wittmore: The 42-year-old head of "Wittmore Investigation Services", a private investigator.

Henry Dunn: Patricia Moore's one time boyfriend/manager. 32 years old.

Henry Ott: Husband of Kelly Ott, a woman that Alex activated in a hotel in Memphis.

James Jones: Chalise and Darrell's eldest brother, a pro Chicago Cubs pitcher who threw a game to pay for an attempted assassination on Alex's life.

Jamie Stone: Aggressive Seer who followed Alex into the men's room at the Rose Bowl Stadium. She's a video artist with a strong independent streak.

Jason Gorev: Sasha Gorev's 10-year-old son.

Jennifer Pickford: A 32-year-old cancer patient that Alex cured, who goes on to help Dr. Reinhart in Arizona.

Jennifer Weston: A 13-year-old kidney dialysis patient whose mother dragged her to New Orleans, hoping to get Alex to help her.

Jenny Cox: New Orleans Watcher in charge of who gets access to Alex's sperm.

Jenny Ott: 5-year-old daughter of Henry and Kelly Ott.

Jordan Sterling: Patty's make-up person. Part of her tour group.

Joshua (Josh) Knowles: Brooke's 11-year-old son who idolizes Alex, considering him his father figure.

Julie: Martha Dunbar's 7-year-old Seer granddaughter.

Kayla Odell: Seer who sacrificed herself to protect Alex during an attack. Suffered a wound to her side.

Kelly Ott: A housewife and mother Alex meets in a hotel in Memphis. Mother of 2 young children.

Kerry: A Watcher that Alex encounters in Phoenix.

Kevin Eldridge: A man interested in starting a family. Partnered with Nick Griggs.

Kristi Nicholas: 18-year-old daughter of illegal Mexican immigrants. Picked to bear Alex a child in Patricia's lottery in New Orleans.

Kuubba (prarie dog): Piute Tribal elder who explains about the tribes prophesy about Alex helping to save (indirectly) the tribe from its cancerous pestilence.

Kimberly Morelli: Young female artist suffering from bipolar disorder.

Kitty Washerstein: One of Alex's potential girlfriends, a 17-year-old junior in Alex's high school and one of his two potential girl friends.

Lauren Albright: Seer that Alex activates during concert in Houston's Astrodome.

Lauran Fraser: Lesbian watcher interested in starting a family with her partner.

Leanna Dickson: Owner of the Oklahoma lesbian bar "Maiden Nights". She's a Seer who dragged Alex into her bar.

Lekesia Shapiro: Jewish/Afro-American woman baring Alex's child in New Orleans.

Linda: Woman Alex met at the "Maiden Nights" restaurant.

Linda Evens: Harry Wittmore's girlfriend who realized she was a Seer when he sent her to spy on Alex in New Orleans.

Linny Gabberts: Cowgirl Alex meets driving across the plains of Texas between Houston and San Antonio.

Lisa Beadrow: A San Antonio Watcher who works in the Rivercenter mall's Macy's.

Lisa Grady: Lauren Albright's friend, who insists on following her.

Dr. Lister (Lists) Pendleton: Head Neurological Surgeon at the Brooke Military Medical Center.

Liv (Anadjot) Bisla: Sikh Indian-American surgeon in Memphis.

Lori: "Maiden Nights" patron.

Mac (Mackenzie) Schumacher: Female drummer for Patty's band.

Margaret: A New Orleans seer who has been observing religious protests around the city for Alex.

Martha Dunbar: Older retiree from the Texas coast whose daughter in New Orleans told her to meet Alex in San Antonio.

Martha Washerstein: Kitty's (one of Alex's potential girlfriends) mother.

Martin Ford: 78-year-old man who suffered a heart attack and drove into another car in Phoenix.

Mary Emmerson: Rachel Emmerson's mother.

Mattie Adams: Blind New Orleans Seer. Blind since three years old.

Megan Abrams: Law clerk for Houston prosecutor's office who Alex activates during concert in Houston's Astrodome.

Michael Grant: Debbie Grant's father. He and his wife, Sarah, didn't react well to Alex's offers of assistance and are in deep denial about their daughter's abilities.

Michelle McCallister: Local 38-year-old Eldorado police detective.

Mike Franks: First time Jewelry store robber. Boyfriend of Stacie Powell.

Molly Bishop: A law professor at SIU.

Nancy Atkins: A Phoenix Morning News Reporter.

Noel Shapiro: Lakesia Shapiro's mother.

Peter Hammond: A New Orleans barrista, a male 'Watcher' and one of three leaders of the New Orleans 'Watcher' movement.

Phillip Rose: 24-year-old male nurse at the Brooke Medical Center in San Antonio.

Poongatse (field mouse): Sick Paiute woman Dr. Reinhart and Jennifer have been treating.

Rachel Emmerson: A young kidney dialysis patient Alex encounters in a Memphis children's hospital.

René Mizrachi: Owner of "Mizrachi & Sons" jewlery.

Robin Peters (Morning Bird): Hualapai Medicine Woman (Seer).

Rodger Jones: Chalise's father, the man who hired a Chicago bookie to murder Alex.

Dr. Ryan Moore: The head of the Carbondale Memorial Hospital near Alex.

Ryan Shafer: Megan Abrams' boyfriend – that Alex takes to bed with him.

Sammy Tipton: Male Keyboardist for Patty's band.

Sarah Grant: Debbie Grant's mother. She and her husband Michael didn't react well to Alex's offers of assistance. She's come around, but he's still cautious.

Sarah Hamm: A young girl from Memphis spearheading Alex's sorority at her school. Friends with Emma Burks.

Sarah Mitchell: An effervescent optimist Seer that Alex activated in Phoenix.

Sarah Miller: René Mizrachi's daughter-in-law.

Sasha (Suzy) Gorev: A street-walker Alex encounters on a Phoenix street corner near his hotel.

Shanna (Sanaa) Shenouda: A Coptic Christian of Egyptian heritage. Travel agent who handles his followers travel plans.

Dr. Simon Reinhart: Medical Research examining a remote Piute tribe to find cheaper alternative treatments for their higher than normal incidence of cancer

Stacie Powell: Seer Alex encounters while she was robbing a jewelry store.

Steph (Stephanie) Ott: 2-year-old daughter of Henry and Kelly Ott.

Stephanie Dolson: 37-year-old Seer who followed Alex into the men's room in Dallas.

Stu (Stubborn Bear): Paiute man, 31, who Alex treats for an 'unknown condition'.

Stuart Johnson: Nicole's Mullins long suffered boyfriend.

Susan (Suzy) Knowles: Brooke's youngest daughter, 9 years old. Alex's youngest 'watcher'.

Susan Weston: Mother of young kidney dialysis patient who followed Alex to New Orleans hoping for his help.

Tim Renolds: Previous coma patient.

Tracy: A New Orleans watcher who has been observing religious protests around the city for Alex.

Vanessa Sinclair: Seer that Alex activates during concert in Houston's Astrodome.

Victoria (Vicky) Luong: Anh's granddaughter.

Wendy Branch: A shy but socially involved Watcher who Alex boosted in Phoenix.

Wayne Grady: Vanessa Sinclair's boyfriend.

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