Turned Out
Chapter 1: The Awakening

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Awakening - a middle class white girl needs financial help badly, she finds it but unfortunately she ends up in the hood...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Size  

"Dam, I cant believe Im doing this..." Christy thought with her ass up on her elbows and knees. As she felt his black cockhead push against her pussy, she closed her eyes and thought back...

Christy had been the activities director for a nursing home for a few years now and made a decent salary. Unfortunately, after her divorce she had to pay the house payment since she was awarded the home, which after several months she fell behind on her payments. The stress from being far behind on her payments and the frequent phone calls were really bringing her down.

Christy had befriended an older black man at her job named Felton. She had told Felton her problems about being far behind on her house payments and how worried she was about losing her house. Felton asked her how much was she behind on her payments. Christy embarrassingly admitted she was close to being five thousand dollars behind. "Wow!" exclaimed Felton. "Thats a lot of money." "I know, Christy said, "and I dont want to lose my house."

Felton began telling Christy about some friends of his that could help.

"You mean they would pay my house payments?" she asked.


"Why would they do that? they loan money?"

"No, its not a loan."

"Why would they help me then?" she stupidly asked.

Felton said nothing, just stared at Christy.

"FELTON! Im Not A Prostitute!"

"I didnt say you wuz, nevamind then."

"Im sorry Felton, I didnt mean to yell at you."

"No prob suga." Felton grinned.

That evening when Christy arrived home, she found a note on her door advising her this would be her last notice, and that she had thirty days to get her house payments caught up to date.

Christy became very upset, crying, falling in her bed and curled up in a ball.

The next morning Christy called in sick, deciding to stay home.

Down, depressed, wearing only a tshirt, she began drinking coke and rum.

Christy, a brunette, small titties, small waist, and tear drop shaped ass. She was always known for her perfect shaped ass. Here she stood, puffy eyes staring in her bathroom mirror at her ass. Still sipping her third glass of coke and rum, she removed her tshirt, gazing at her nude body in the mirror. Christy began thinking she has a nice body, why not use it. She continued drinking. Her inhibitions drifting away with each sip. She called Felton...

"Hi Felton, this is Christy, will you do me a favor?"

"Sure suga, what you need?"

"Will you call your friends? I need their help."

"I sho will suga, but you know what you gotta do for the money, right?"

"Yea, yes I know, but I have no, no choice."

"Okay suga, ill call you back."

Felton called her back and told her to get ready he was coming to pick her up.

When Felton arrived Christy had a good buzz going from her rum and coke. She let Felton in her house wearing nothing, only holding a glass of coke and rum.

"DAM SUGA! Your ass looks amazing!" "SHIT!"

Christy laughed saying she forgot she was even naked. Christy noticed Felton gazing at her white ass holding his old man crotch. "You like my ass Felton?"

"OH yes suga, oh yes."

"You know Felton, I have never been with a black man before."

"That right suga? Well you bout to suck this black dick now. You done got me wanting to bust a black nut."

Christy watched Felton undress down to his old boxer shorts and sit on the couch.

"FELTON! Look at you..."

"Thats right suga, git over here and kneel down between my legs and suck my black cock."

Christy approached Felton on the couch, knelt between his legs. She reached through the opening of his boxers and pulled out his big dick. "Felton, I have never seen a penis this big!"

"Suck it suga."

Christy grabbed the black cock holding the growing head to her face. She noticed the odor from Felton's crotch and grimaced. "ooo, you smell Felton..."

"You'll be alright, suck it suga."

Christy put the head of his dick in her mouth. The taste was terrible and she grimaced again. But then as she worked his dick with her mouth, the smell and taste of Felton turned into nasty lust for Christy and she began sucking him harder, and moaning.

"Aww fuck yea suga, suck it" "Suck it." "Fuck!"

Christy continued getting high on lust and ecstacy of the scent and taste of black cock. She loved how the swoll head of his black penis completely filled and stretched her mouth. She was into it now. She wanted him to feel good. Feel her white mouth suck.

Felton could feel his swell building inside.

"Aw suck my dick!" Suck my fuckin dick suga!"

Spittle now streamed down his hard cock covering his massive balls.

Felton's urge to cum became too strong to hold back. He straightened his legs out, pointed his toes down, tightened his old ass and shot his load as hard as he could.


So much sperm came in her mouth that she couldnt swallow it all and a large spurt poured from her nose, making her eyes tear up. Christy grimaced from the terrible taste of Felton's cum. But she quickly got over that and swallowed as much as she could.

Felton, eyes closed, jerked and spasmed more spurts of cum. Felton opened his eyes to see the mess he had made of this pretty white girl's face. Sperm leaking from her mouth and nose. Her face wet with tears.

"That was the best blowjob Ive ever had suga."

Christy went to the bathroom and got cleaned up. She put on some jeans and a shirt. Felton grinned and asked if she was ready for some more black dick.

"I guess."

Felton drove Christy to a predominantly black neighborhood. Christy had never been in this part of town. She felt a little nervous and uneasy.

Felton parked in front of an old wood house that had an old mobile home beside it. Felton led Christy to the door of the mobile home and they went in.

Once inside, a voice from down the hall yelled out, "That you Felton?"

"Yea, its me man."

"You got that white girl with you?"


"Send her down here so I can look at her."

Felton motioned to Christy to go down the hallway.

Christy nervously scampered down the hallway peaking in the doorway of the bathroom to find a very large monster of a black man seating on the toilet nude reading a newspaper.

Her first impulse was to scurry out the door and get out of there, but quickly reminded herself why she was here, she needed financial help.

"Dam Felton, this white girl is fuckin fine!"

"he he, yea I told you she was man and she can suc a nigga dick too..."

"oh really?"

Christy watched the huge black man spread his massive legs on the toilet and lift his black cock out.

"Suck dis."

Christy really did not want to suck this huge black bull's dick but reluctantly she approached and knelt down on her knees and grabbed his cock. She noticed his big dick was wet from being in the toilet and asked him if he could clean it first.

"Girl, you can get to workin this dick now or you can get the fuck out!" "I dont give a shit."

Reluctantly, she put as much of his wet dick in her mouth as she could. She then noticed the stench of his crotch and that made her eyes water. But she continued. She sucked his dick as best she could even though her jaws ached from being stretched wide.

Her disgust and her gagging from his stinky crotch subsided to lust and she really began working his cock. The big man moaned. He loved white women's mouths sucking his dick.

He gripped the back of Christy's head holding her mouth in place. Christy moaned from the pain in her jaws and not being able to breath. But the big man did not let up. He could feel his swell of sperm and was getting the urge to release in her mouth.


He exploded.

Cum was shot down her throat, poured from her stretched mouth, streamed out her nose! Christy gagged hard as she lifted her open mouth over his dick, her mouth dripping with sperm and saliva. Her spittle and his cum dangled from her messy mouth and face all over his black cock and balls.

He gave her a stinky towel and told her to wipe her wet messed up white face. Christy ignored the smell from the dirty towel and wiped tears, saliva, and cum off her face.

He then led her to the back room where two mattresses were stacked on top of each other.

"Now take them clothes off."

Christy with a look of dread not knowing what was next undressed.

"Dam, you got a nice white ass girl!"

He slapped her ass hard hard.


"That hurt!" Christy said has she grabbed her ass.

"Let me tell you somethin, you need sum money, and we gon give you sum money, but first yo pussy is gon get turned out. I got sum horny ass niggas comin and they gon get in that white pussy, you know what Im sayin?"

Christy nodded her head in agreement knowing now she was going to get fucked by many black men, and it was too late now to turn back.

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