Showoff for Dance

by jackieoh

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, boy, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Eric needs dancing lessons for the big dance at school. Ellen enjoys leading the way.

"I think I'll open another bottle of wine; this was delicious, don't you think?"

The candlelight was warm and romantic, casting shadows around the room as David got up to for more wine.

"Oh ... I should mention that Eric is coming over shortly. His mother wants me to give him some dancing lessons. So, don't make amorous plans with giving me more wine!" Ellen laughed as she said it.

"Really? Well you are good at it. Why doesn't she teach him, though?"

"Oh ... I don't know. Maybe just a little uncomfortable dancing slow dances with your son? Don't you think? Probably Eric would be embarrassed, too."

The cork popped and David leered at her across the table.

"And he has a crush on you ... heh, heh, heh!!"

"Oh stop, David ... Don't start." She smiled in spite of trying to be solemn.

"Can't say it with a straight face ... you know it's true!" he smiled. "I love it. Poor kid must go crazy masturbating thinking about you!"

"Oh! You are awful!" She laughed in spite of herself.

"You should at least give him a hand job once in awhile for all the work he does around here between drooling around behind you."

"Stop, David, it's not true. He is a wonderful boy!"

"Wonderful boys need a hand job too. I was a wonderful boy once, you remember?" They laughed at memories of their courtship.

"Yes, you couldn't do without ... could you?"

"No, you kept me hard constantly. It was your fault, for not letting me between your beautiful legs. So I know how the poor kid feels! Lover's nuts all the way home."

"Stop it, now!" she laughed.

They sipped the wine and smiled across the table at each other.

"I give my permission, you know."

"Shame on you." She paused and savored the wine and candlelight. " ... Better be careful what you wish for, big boy ... I might take you up on that."

"You think?"

She looked down at her plate and clicked her fork against it. "Well ... he is awfully cute ... awfully sweet ... really very nice ... and a bit of a hunk. So I would think you would be careful what you suggest to your aging wife."

"You've surely considered it." He said after a time.

She didn't answer. But looked into his eyes and emptied the glass.

"I'm just saying, you might say that once too often."

He nodded and smiled quietly. "Well ... I dare you..."

"Oh, you are rotten."

"Big dance coming up, eh Eric?" David held the door open and then led Eric into the dining room. "Sit down, my boy. Do you want a little wine? Is it OK with your parents?"

"Yeah, sort of a big dance. Formal, you know. I'm kinda clumsy so mom's been trying to teach me graceful moves" he laughed nervously. She says Mrs. Barton is the real dancer in the neighborhood, though." He gawked at Ellen and smiled.

"Oh, your mother is too much. She's a very good dancer. We may have trouble tonight I have been drinking wine all through dinner, and now he has you drinking too!"

"Well, you aren't going to dance in those clothes, are you, Ellen? Can't dance without the right clothes. Put on that gown I like so much, you know the one that shows your panty line so clearly you have to go without panties." He slurred his words just slightly, and had a big smile on his face.

"Don't pay any attention to my husband, Eric, he is being a little funny tonight."

"Really, I think you should. You dance better when you are wearing it too. Come on Eric help me out here."

Eric just smiled shyly, and looked adoringly at Ellen.

David continued to insist and finally Ellen laughed and agreed.

"OK, OK, I will put on the gown ... if you insist. OK with you, Eric?"

"Of course it is OK with old Eric. He will love it! It is r early hot!" He slapped Eric on the back and offered him more wine.

Ellen slipped out of her slacks and blouse and pulled the famous red dress from her closet. She held it up to her body, and stared at the mirror. "Hope I can still get into this..." she said quietly.

The dress was ankle length and zipped up the back with a long slit up the back. She put it on the bed went to her dresser. Finding some black hold-up stockings, she put her arm into one, inspecting it for runs, then rolled it down her arm and rolled it up her leg, first the right and then the other. In her closet she found very high heel shoes with several straps to show lots of flesh.

She looked at herself in the mirror for a moment then unsnapped her brassiere and dropped it on the bed. She stepped into the silk dress. It fit like a second skin and emphasized her slim waist and curvy hips. She zipped it as far as she could reach. She turned in front of the mirror, checking how she looked. "Damned David is right about the panty line. There is no hiding it! Oh well, there won't be an audience."

She dabbed perfume behind her ears and behind her knees, flipping the skirt up momentarily.

She quickly cupped her breasts and turned sideways. "Can I get by without a brassiere?" She thought so. Still firm enough, but definitely a mature bust line.

When she entered the dining room, David whistled and she couldn't help smiling.

"You like?"

"I like."

"I'll bet your date at the dance won't be this good looking, Eric!"

"You're right. Mrs. Barton is beautiful."

"Will you zip me up, dear?"

"Let Eric, you are his date!"

"Oh, OK, I would love to have Eric zip me up."

Eric stood up and with wide eyes, zipped the dress the rest of the way.

"Yep, pretty pantyline, eh, Eric?"

"David ... darn it, stop saying that."

David ran his finger along the outline of her panties hem.

"Well, you don't need an audience, so I will say good night. Nice seeing you Eric. Study hard! (No pun intended.) She's a hell of a teacher. I may take a lesson too a little later."

Ellen mock smacked him on the chest, and he slipped away up the stairs.

"Come on dear, we have to have a hardwood floor, so it is downstairs."

She started some old-fashioned dance music and lighted candles and turned out the lights.

"So take my hand, and put your other hand at my waist. We have to start with just a simple box step first, to see where you are."

It was only twenty minutes or so when David reappeared.

"Nice music. I forgot my briefcase; excuse me. Hey it looks romantic down here." He watched for moment. "Closer, Eric Closer, you will never get any that far apart." He laughed and put one hand on Eric's back and the other on Ellen's bottom and pushed them closer.

"And here's a secret,,, Ellen likes to be touched very lightly across her buns, here ... gets her very excited," David coached.

"We can figure this out ourselves, darling, and we don't need an audience. It makes us self-conscious. Ellen didn't back away from Eric and they began dancing to the old song, "All The Way" with Sinatra singing.

"There you go... "all the way," perfect!" he said as he went up the stairs.

"Pay no attention, Eric, pay no attention. You are doing very well."

Another record started and they continued with a slightly different step that Ellen demonstrated.

Another tune came on and Eric's erection was obvious now.

"Sorry." He said. He tried to back away a little.

"Eric, honeys ... it is natural ... don't worry about it. Now don't try to bend in a way that it won't touch the girl." They stopped dancing a moment while Ellen thought. She giggled a little and looked into his eyes. "Now, here is the thing, sweetheart. Put it up ... up against your tummy. Go ahead, just adjust it ... a little ... yes ... that way you and your partner can both enjoy it." She was blushing at being so bold.

They moved back together and a very romantic tune was playing, very slow beat.

"That's so pretty, isn't it?" she whispered.

"Yes..." he gasped. His cock felt warm to both of them pressed now so firmly between them.

"And it does feel nice to me now. Don't you think?" the wine was still warming Ellen's blood. And your date will feel the same ... unless she is a prude. That could happen, I guess, but this is nice. I like feeling you against me." (Why am I whispering" she wondered.) Ellen forgot herself and kissed his ear, standing on tiptoes to reach him.

"Oh, wow..." Eric said.

She giggled and pulled him close, letting his cock slide across her mound under the silky dress.

"Well ... my husband gave you permission, sweetheart..."

"Yes ... very nice of him." He said, nuzzling her ear.

"And so do I. If you want to find my panty line..." she whispered into his ear. She felt him tremble with excitement.

Slowly, his hand slipped down from her waist and then lower until he cupped her bottom. He slipped his hand across her bottom.

"He is right, that does get me ... hot." Ellen gasped.

They were standing still now just pressing against each other as Eric concentrated on exploring her bottom looking for the hem of her panties. At last he found it and she shivered as he ran one finger along the hem ... and then across her crack on the seam of the crotch panel, arched beautifully taut across her ass.

"Found it." She whispered. She giggled and leaned back to look into his serious eyes. "This wasn't part of the lesson, hon, this is extra credit!"

Their thighs were pressed tight together and Ellen moved so that she was slightly straddling his muscular thigh and her mound could hump against the bulging muscle.

His kisses were soft and sweet against her neck as he brushed past her hair. Eric had both hands on her bottom now, almost reverently slipping them over the round soft firmness of her bottom.

"That's it, Eric, baby, that's it. Mmmmmm!"

Eric became more aggressive and Ellen felt him tugging her skirt higher. She started them moving to the music again, and his hands were soon touching her silky panties. She rubbed her mound firmly against his groin and let him explore.

"You folded them and put them in my drawer the other day."

"Yes ... mmm hmmm, I did. They feel even nice with you inside."

She thought that he was gaining so much confidence to be able to say that. It pleased her.

"You make me feel good, too, Eric."

He slipped his hand inside her panties and smoothed it across both buns of her ass. Ellen gasped, startled. She let him touch her ass, knowing how it must thrill him.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, god, yesssss." He moaned.

She smiled and snuggled her cheek against him.

"Maybe we should save it, though. Would you mind staying on the outside of my panties? Just for one more minute, though."

In a minute or so, he slowly and reluctantly slipped his hand out of her panties and back to stroking and squeezing on the silky outside.

"I'm loving this dancing lesson, Eric."

"Me too, Mrs. Barton, god, me too. Thank you."

She took one of his hands and brought it up to her breast. He cupped it tenderly.

"Squeeze, baby." She murmured close to his ear. "Squeeze it."

They continued dancing as Eric fondled her breast for the first time.

She put her hand down to Eric's cock and slowly fondled him through his pants.

"Ohhh, god..." He moaned.

"Yes, baby, yes..." Ellen fondled his cock and balls and thrust her hips against him as if they were fucking.

He found her nipple.

"Ohhhh, darling ... ohhhhh!" she moaned.

They kissed and let their tongues play together, like lovers striving to touch as many parts as possible.

"Shall I take my panties off? Then I'll be mice and smooth with no panty line? That will fix my husband, right?"

"Would you?"

They stopped and she reached under her skirt, and then stopped. "You can do it for me, honey." She watched as he knelt and his hands drifted up her stockings, gently, teasing, fondling, feeling. He pressed his cheek against her mound, his hands full of panty. His hands caressed along the sides of the panties and then slowly drew them down her legs. He kissed her mound through the silk of the dress as she stepped out of the garment, steadying herself with one hand on his head.

She noticed him putting the panties in his pocket and smiled at the thought of him in bed with them later.

They continued the dance.

"Oh my god, Ellen, you are so beautiful," he whispered as his hands roamed her ass. "It feels so different, even better this way." He shuddered with pleasure as his hands roamed over the silk dress with nothing but Ellen under it.

"That's it Eric, I love the way your hands feel."

A candle burned out and the room darkened noticeably.

"Getting late. Your mother will be wondering..."

"Yeah ... just a little longer."

Ellen rubbed her mound against him some more and put her hands on his ass, pressing their bodies together. Without panties, the tops of her thighs were soon moist and she could feel them sliding wetly together as she moved.

"You have me very hot, young man!" she said, mocking an instructor's tone. They laughed together quietly.

"I should be going upstairs, Eric."

"A little longer?"


"Do you need me to unzip your dress?"


He moved the zipper down her back. The music stopped. They stood in the darkness.

She let the dress fall from her shoulders so he could see her breasts.

"Oh, god, they are so beautiful!" he said.

"Do you think so?" she teased.

He bent to kiss first one and then the other. Ellen shivered with pleasure and he noticed it. He sucked one nipple into his mouth and cupped the other breast gently.

"Ohhhh, Eric ... you are so gentle ... so nice ... suck, baby, suck me, suck them..."

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