The Soda Jerk and the Secretary

by wheelchairman85

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, Historical,

Desc: Romantic Story: Story set in the years 1951-1953 about a soda jerk and a beautiful secretary

September 16, 1951

Robert Smith a soda Jerk at his home town pharmacy is on his way to work, when he is stopped by a red light. Once the red light turned green Robert resumed his drive to work. When he got to the pharmacy he parked his car a 1938 ford he bought when he turned 16, shut down the engine, removed his keys from the car's ignition then he got out of the vehicle and went into the pharmacy.

Once he was in the pharmacy building he clocked in and put on his apron once his apron was on he finished getting ready for the work day. When he got back from his lunch break business picked up and Robert was very busy four hours before his shift was going to end Robert's dear Friend Marie an office secretary with long brunette hair and beautiful brown eyes came into the pharmacy and sat down at her usual stool.

Robert went over to where she was sitting and he said to her "Marie how can I help you?" Marie looked at Robert and she said "Robert I will have my usual "A Coke with lots of ice". Robert quickly and efficiently prepared Maries soda for her. Once the soda and the ice was in the glass Robert put a straw in the soda glass and he presented it to Marie then he said "Here you go Marie A coke with lots of ice enjoy". Marie thanked Robert then she enjoyed a few sips of her soda and quietly read through her bible, while Robert served some other customers that came into the pharmacy.

When the other customers had been served Robert returned to Marie and he began to speak. "Marie you and I have been friends kindergarten we have been through a lot of things together some good, some bad, some ugly, and some just plain awful and I was wondering would you like to go to the movies on Friday night"?

For several tense minutes Marie thought about what Robert had asked her. Then she replies "Robert I would love to go to the movies with you Friday night". When Friday night rolled around Robert drove home from work quickly but carefully when he got home he got out of his car ran into his home removed his work clothes, then he got into the shower and he showered thoroughly he also shaved as well.

After showering and shaving Robert put on a small amount of pleasant smelling after shave. After cleaning up the bathroom Robert put his dirty work clothes in the laundry room making sure to remove his keys from his uniform shirt. Then he put on his date clothes, locked up his house, got into his car, and he drove to Marie's house.

When Robert got to Marie's house he got out of his car and he walked confidently to her from door. When he got to her from door he knocked politely and waited for Marie to come out of her house. 10 minutes later Marie walked out of her front door wearing a bright orange dress with matching orange shoes. Her brunette hair tied behind her head in a neat and lovely manner.

When Robert saw how beautiful Marie looked he nervously blurted out l "MARIE YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!" When Robert realized how loudly he had complimented his date he quickly apologized for talking to so loudly. Marie smiled sweetly and accepted his apology. Then they young couple walked off of Marie's porch and to Robert's car. When they got to his car they got into it put on their seatbelts and Robert drove to the movie theatre. When they got to the theatre Robert found a place to park and he parked the car. Once the car was parked they got out of it walked into the theatre. Robert bought the movie tickets and then they walked into the theatre where there movie was going to play and they watched it. Two hours later they got out of their movie seats and walked into the Movie theatre lobby.

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