Bad Dolls Have More Fun
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Toshima plays with her two dolls. One is very modern and wears French undies beneath her short skirt. The other is a tradition bound female in a Kimono and upswept hair. The furry Panda on her bed knows all her secrets. If only she could figure out how to get rid of this unwanted "cherry" in a way that she could be guiltless in her parent's eyes.

Toshima looked with much curiosity at the two dolls on the window seat. They were pretty little things and their costumes made her smile in appreciation of the fine workmanship. One of them was dressed in the traditional Kimono in perfect detail forcing Toshima to reach out and touch the fabric with a hidden desire to switch places with the smiling doll with the blood red lips. She whispered the name she had given the doll into the little doll's ear.

"Miss Haruko, you are so pretty. Your creator, Mr. Mikado was so skillful in designing your Kimono. I already peeked underneath and I know you are wearing the traditional wraps for concealing your feminine secrets. I am so unworthy to be only wearing my school panties that look like they have never been ironed at all."

She ran her fingers lightly over her panties in the front and the back and started to twitch with that silly need to get something, anything, a little bit deeper. If her parents looked into her room at that moment, they would immediately sense her desire to lose her unwanted cherry. She certainly did not want to be a cherry girl any longer because now that she was eighteen it was more like a curse than a virtue.

The happy girl in the school uniform knew she was far too old to be playing with dolls but she did enjoy the fantasy and found it difficult to resist the dreams of another life entirely. She wondered how hard it would be to make her female parts available to demanding male equipment without disturbing her traditional costume too severely. She tried it with her fingers and found that if she positioned the doll on her knees and elbows, it would be easy for Haruko to accept a hard shaft into her raised bottom and still keep her Kimono in place. The wraps could be pushed aside to allow entrance and she imagined herself in the place of Haruko on her hands and knees being pummeled with resolute force by a handsome young suitor. Her fingers started to fly all over her dampened panties and she kissed the smiling Miss Haruko on her red lips to thank her for giving her such pleasure.

Toshima rolled over onto her belly and hid her hand buried between her legs. She put both hands underneath her quivering body and used the pillow to rub out her ecstasy whimpering softly in the silent room. The two dolls looked down on her quaking body with a mixture of pity and distain. They were creatures far above such weak attempts at satisfaction and had their own views on appropriate behavior.

The other doll was most unusual. It had long red hair that flowed down almost to the ankles and under the hair the doll wore only the briefest of panties and a bra that had holes in the front to allow her nipples to cool air of the ocean breeze coming in the partially opened window. Toshima had pushed the hair aside again and again to touch the pretty nipples that seemed so much nicer than her own little buttons. They felt almost alive to her touch and she imagined how it would feel to have a young man's tongue flicking her own offerings into stiff arousal before she opened her virginal slit. She had assigned a name to this unusual doll and looked over her shoulder to make sure there was no one to overhear her tell the doll,

"Little Miss Oh, you are a bad doll. Your nipples are always so hard. I know you are thinking about boys all the time. Your panties are so naughty. I bet you love to bend over so the teachers can see your pretty bottom and know your panties are wet with your wicked thoughts. If you keep this up, I will have to fan your backside and teach you to be a good little girl."

Suddenly, Toshima thought about her math teacher Mr. Moto and the way he allowed her to sit on his leg when she was trying her best to understand his instructions. She hoped the young married man did not suspect how perverted she was inside to dream about his hard thing pushing up inside her virginal channel. It would be far too humiliating to see her secret thoughts displayed for everyone to laugh at. She could tell her secrets to the naughty Miss Oh because she was a bad doll and know just how to get boys to put their things inside her.

She ran over to the little stand next to her sleeping pallet and took out the magazine of men's fashion and new styles. It didn't make any difference that they were all Western males because she knew the Western men and the Japanese men all had the same long poking sticks between their legs. She liked the way they smiled and stood with their hips and legs ready to fall on top of her defenseless body and make her do the nasty things that Miss Oh told her were so nice to indulge in. Even her Kimono doll Miss Haruko confessed to her that taking the hard cocks from behind was quite normal even for traditional girl dolls.

The schoolgirl lay on top of the bed and held the Panda toy under her legs. She could look down on the open men's fashion magazine on the floor and see the faces of the Western men looking up at her with those open lips and smiles that promised energetic pounding if she would only drop her panties. She set Miss Oh and Miss Haruko on both sides of the magazines so they could see the handsome men and see the look of intense pleasure on her face as she slowly ground her teenage bush into the soft furry Panda.

There was a discreet knock on her bedroom door and an almost imperceptible turning of the door handle. She quickly put the two dolls back on their perch in the window seat and hid the men's magazine. The Panda she completely forgot about but it didn't look too much out of place on top of the bed except it did look a little bedraggled and worn out after her many bouts of riding it like she was on top of a happy cock.

"It is mama, darling. Mr. Sanyo from the bank is here to visit your father and we will all have tea in the dining room. Please continue to wear your uniform because Mr. Sanyo is much overjoyed to see you in your uniform. It reminds him of his own daughter who is now married and living with her husband on Okinawa. Don't ever marry a man who is going to that terrible island. It doesn't have any of our traditional culture and has far too many Westerners for my liking."

Toshima opened her door and bowed to her mother who was looking quite bright and attractive in a trendy outfit and a nice shade of lipstick that matched her earrings and belt. She wondered if her father was aware that his wife was still so attractive and appealing to males like Mr. Sanyo who held the mortgage on their home. She had seen how her mother acted so submissively when the man would fondle her flanks after a couple of drinks of the potent Saki from the countryside.

"Don't worry, mama, I won't be going to Okinawa anytime soon because I am destined to remain a virgin for a long time to come. Boys all want to go out with the girls that give them a happy time and I am too private for their interest."

Her mother giggled because she had been just the opposite when she was a young girl of Toshima's age. In fact, she had met her husband at a bukkake festival when she was disgracefully covered in spunk from the young men of the newly opened company. She had seen the size of his cock and the generosity of his seeds and decided he was the perfect catch.

Of course, after marriage, Toshima's mother was the role model every daughter should have in a mother and she never did anything of a flirtatious nature except when requested by her spouse for his special male friends or for close relatives with immediate needs.

She promised her mother she would be right out and ran back into her room to change her uniform panties because they were drenched with her juices. Toshima knew that Miss Oh was giving her a smile of approval when she put on the new lipstick that she recently purchased hoping that some boy would be tempted to kiss her pretty lips.

Mr. Sanyo was already in a jovial mood and she saw that her father was sagging in his chair after the rarely imbibed Saki and had already lost all interest in his surroundings. The banker was having a "tug-of-war" with her mother over the removal of her wide vinyl belt that kept her skirt and blouse decently in place and preventing him from exposing her soft skin to his view.

Toshima approached the two of them in a respectful manner doing her best not to show her dismay at the treatment of her mother's clothing. She managed to get her mother up and out to the kitchen to bring in new "special treats" for Mr. Sanyo's pleasure. He seemed disappointed at her withdrawal but turned to Toshima and began to investigate her school uniform panties for signs of "naughty activities". She was not quite certain what he was talking about but it sounded disturbing enough that she had to emphatically deny any bad behavior.

"Mr. Sanyo. I am a good girl. I do not tease the boys and I don't let them play with my private places."

He asked her to pour him another cup of Saki and she served him traditionally on her knees and with her eyes downcast in total submission. Inside, she was a bit angry at him because of the way he had treated her mother like she was some tea room girl looking for some fun and a good tip.

The older man calmed down and concentrated on finding her brown eye with his talented finger as she bent forward with her head almost down to the floor. He hooked his finger in her dirt hole and she knew the shame of being just another slab of meat for a rich and successful man. It was hard for her to do but she wanted to service the powerful man instead of her mother feeling she deserved such unnatural treatment to punish her for her depraved thoughts with the pretty dolls.

Her mother peeked in and saw the tableau and wisely stayed outside the door to allow the banker time to resolve the needs of his flesh.

He raised Toshima's school uniform in the back and quickly pulled down her skimpy school panties. Of course, she was impeccably clean back there and her slit was both lubricated and neatly trimmed just like the young girls did these days. She remembered when she had a thick black bush and how she liked to pull on her pubic hair when she was using the Panda for fun in the darkened bedroom. She still had a nice landing strip that pointed to a soft landing in her virginal opening.

She panted like a puppy dog when Mr. Sanyo explored her cave with his greedy fingers. He seemed surprised that she was still a virgin and asked her in a respectful tone of voice,

"My apologies little flower. I did not realize you were still untouched. Please tell me you are over eighteen and ready for becoming a real woman."

The older man was so formal that she almost giggled but she sensed this was an opportunity to lose her unwanted cherry at long last. There was the added advantage that she was performing duty to enhance her father's position in his sphere of influence. It was much better to be used in such a manner and gain respect while she would be able to enjoy the benefit of being opened by a man with a great deal of experience.

It all happened so quickly that poor little Toshima lamented later that she was entered, lost her cherry and accepted Mr. Sanyo's load without a chance to say a single word of protest no matter how feeble or contrived.

Mr. Sanyo thanked her for her obedience, her mother thanked her for taking her place, and her father told her she was a good daughter. Only Miss Oh and Miss Haruko smiled at her with knowing eyes and even wiser silence.

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