Homosexual Indoctrination: the Possessor Possesses Liberty Boy

by theobedientboy

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Gay, Science Fiction, Robot, Superhero, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: The Possessor, fed up with his minion Control, reprograms him for obedience. Satisfied with Control's submission, he sets his sights on Liberty Boy.


The fight between Control, The Possessor's minion, and Liberty Boy, the daring sidekick of Liberty Man had gotten pretty out of hand. Control and Liberty Boy, both spandex clad, Control in purple and Liberty Boy in patriotic red, white, and blue, swung at each other, but Liberty Boy was more swift and, with an uppercut, knocked out the young villainous minion. Liberty Man's sidekick tossed Control against a wall and posed, hands on hips, spandex hugging his increasingly toned body, to taunt him.

"Ha, Control, you will not steal the diamonds today! You are nothing against the might of Liberty Man and his trusted sidekick Liberty Boy!" He could hear Liberty Man behind them defeating The Possessor. He ran over to the minion and kicked him again. "If you were on the side of good, you would see this! But you suck!"

He jumped suddenly at an explosion, which even pushed back Liberty Man. In the confusion, Control woke up and got away as The Possessor also left the premises, leaving Liberty Man and Liberty Boy with the attempted stolen diamonds and a proud sense of fulfilling their patriotic duty to the country.

Liberty Man flew over to his sidekick. Putting a firm hand on the boy's shoulder, he leaned in with a proud smile. "Good work with Control, my little angel. I will reward you later."

Liberty Boy gave a flirty smile and waited for instruction from its Master. The current incarnation of Liberty Boy had been a boy named Jeffrey who was a freshman at the local academy. Unsure of what would happen with life, Jeffrey had been droned, turned into a mindless devoted object existing to please men. drone, as it now knew itself, was used as a servant in the counseling center until sold to the military for use as a nameless, empty, crewman.

However, as it began its first mission, the Captain of that ship was brainwashed by the evil villain Lady Mindtaker, who reprogrammed the crew away from their homosexual orientation and to a fetish for her will. drone continued to serve as a crewman until captured by Liberty Man, who reprogrammed it back to the default drone setting, which is a mindless need to please the nearest man, which was the super hero.

Liberty Man, with the help of drone, defeated the evil woman. The handsome super hero took a liking to the drone and after spend a weekend fucking its holes out, had it sent out. The drone personality and the original Jeffrey life were merged and a new Liberty Boy was born. Liberty Boy was then programmed to be his Master's perfect thrall, fighting for justice to please Liberty Man. They were in love and Jeffrey keep his identity as the super hero sidekick secret, hiding as the man's personal assistant.

While our heroes had a celebratory fuck, back at the villainous liar of The Possessor and his minion Control, another scene was beginning. Control was having a temper tantrum, having been bested for the second time by Liberty Boy in recent months. The Possessor had become fed up with his minion, whose pretty blue eyes and long cock were much more pleasing than his work as a minion.

Finally, The Possessor grabbed the boy and began spanking him. "Oh do stop. There is always another chance. That Liberty Boy is a little dork who got lucky." He swatted Control again, but the boy swing his arms wildly in anger over their defeat.

"NO!" He cried out. "I want to beat him! We need to make another plan so they show up and I—" He paused at The Possessor's sneer. "Um, we can defeat them once and for all.

The Possessor continued to sneer. "Yes, I think I see the problem here. The priority should be on MY interests. There is no we, boy."

Control laughed. "Well, then I quit as your minion! I'm another villain would love to have me as—"

Before he could keep taunting The Possessor, one of the villain's drones came up behind Control and grabbed him tightly. The muscular drone held him as commanded by its Master.

The Possessor came to stand before his minion. "It's time you had at attitude adjustment, boy. I am fed up with your disobedience." He pulled a small chip out of his pocket. "This will change that." As the drone held Control, The Possessor snapped the chip against the boy's forehead.

Control struggled in agony for a moment before suddenly stopping. The drone let him go and Control stood staring, empty eyed, at The Possessor before kneeling and bowing to his Master. "Master, Control is your obedient slave. Control awaits your command." He looked up at Master with absolute love in his eyes.

The Possessor stood before the boy. "Yes, you are my slave. The chip has broken your interfacing and installed a virus that turned you into my loving pet." The evil villain motioned to the drone to slide forward as well as he unbuttoned his pants. "Now, show me how much you love me, slave."


The League of Heroic Endeavors were stationed on a floating city in a major metropolis. Heroes like Liberty Man, The Gentleman, and the newly reformed Lady Mindtaker planned their battles and deeds from this city. It also housed each hero's staff, which were mostly brainwashed drones that scored high marks in one of the local academies.

One particular drone was leaving on an assignment for The Gentleman to speak with an informant who had information about a recent robbery of government data. This drone, a blond haired recent graduate of the Academy in the city below The League of Heroic Endeavors, enthusiastically flew to the meeting point in one of the League's many flying cars. The drone had graduated near the top of its class, moving quickly from slave track to absolute mindless droning after a month of coursework. It existed to obey The Gentleman and serve the League in general. Dressed in blue booty shorts and a matching tank top, the colors of its Master/Mistress, the drone served proudly and with utter devotion.

The drone parked in the sky lot and made its way, butt swaying in the noon time sun, towards the destination programmed into its tiny little mind that morning. Eager to help vanquish the monstrous robbers, it padded along to an elevator and smiled at the other occupant and anticipated waiting the three minute ride up to the 200th floor.

When the doors opened again, the drone followed the other occupant, The Possessor, in disguise as Leonard Romney, billionaire politician, to a large van. After The Possessor closed the door behind them, the drone, a chip snug on its forehead, knelt and bowed before its Master. "Master, drone exists to obey. How will it serve you?"

The Possessor smiled and began interviewing his newest possession to discover the information he needed.


Liberty Boy, in his disguise as mild mannered Jeffrey, personal assistant of Liberty Man, hurried home from a long day's work before his usual nightly shift as Liberty Boy, fighter for justice, to see his roommate William. William had called him earlier asking him to come home because of some problems in the apartment they shared. Jeffrey figured it was their clothes cleaner, again, and was going to speak to the night manager in their complex after assessing the situation. "Maybe I will send him to the former Lady Mindtaker if it doesn't get fixed" the boy giggled to himself as he drove into their complex.

At the door he waved his hand over the fingerprint identification scanner and it let him in. Jeffrey entered the large apartment, put his things down, and called out to his roommate. He walked over to the oven to examine it, but found his roommate was sitting at the kitchen table with his face towards the wall.

"Um, hey? What's wrong" Jeffrey asked. Before he could turn towards him, someone shoved him from behind. He turned quickly to find the villain he had helped defeat only a few days before. "Hello, Liberty Boy."

"The Possessor!" Jeffrey cried out. "How did you find this apartment?" Distracted from his roommate, he did not notice the boy stand up, chip firm against his forehead, empty eyed, and turn towards him and grab the boy tightly from behind. The Possessor came forward with another chip and jammed it against the skin of Jeffrey, making it interface with his drone programming, rewriting it instantly for his own needs.

Jeffrey struggled for a moment before stopping in his place. After a minute, he blinked, knelt, and bowed before his Master. "Master, how will your slave serve you?" The Possessor snapped a collar on Liberty Boy and his roommate, both his new brainwashed slaves. He pushed a button on his watch piece and all three of them vanished into a portal back to his underground liar.

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