Office Party
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Revenge, Incest, Sister, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Discovering Polaroid pictures of her husband involved in a gangbang convinces Merrie Brezovec to sue for divorce. Becoming office manager at an advertising firm with four partners leads Merrie into an unusual relationship with the four men which ends up fulfilling one of Merrie's wildest fantasies

The party was almost too much for Merrie to believe. Since her divorce she had fantasized such a gathering many times but never actually expected to be involved in something so outrageously perverse. In the sex starved life that had gone on during her marriage and the last year since her divorce the party was just one of the many fantasies her mind had conceived. That it actually happened was something she would never have done differently. Though it changed her life the memory would never stop thrilling her. None the less she would often remember it with a touch of saucy guilt.

Prior to their marriage Phil had been an ardent lover. Their relationship was part of the fairy tale which Merrie had bought into, one that would lead to a long and happy life. Part of it included her expectations that Phil would provide her with one sexually exciting discovery after another. Weeks after their wedding though sex between them drew to a near standstill. What she expected to be continuous joy turned into increasing disappointment. Her friskiness seemed to have turned her husband off and the man of her dreams became a reluctant lover. Sex began happening less frequently.

A year into their marriage Phil began staying out late on Wednesday nights, often not coming home until the wee hours. At first he said he was working late with fellow employees. When Merrie accused him of having an affair he was completely taken aback. She was equally surprised by his reaction when he said, “I think it’s time to for us to see a marriage counselor.”

After a joint meeting the counselor suggested separate meetings to assess each partner individually. In the final session with both of them in the room the he said, “It’s called the Madonna/Whore Complex.” He explained that before their marriage sex was exciting to Phil. At the time Merrie was sexually exciting, like a whore. After their wedding though, he viewed his wife as a Madonna, the Mother of Jesus. To him sex in their marriage had become so inappropriate that he had to find it elsewhere.

Merrie was relieved, she thought the answer was at hand and could be resolved. The idea of her husband relating to her as a whore before their marriage appealed to her wild side. With visions of attending to his every sexual need she thought of dressing in lurid lingerie and doing wild things to excite and attract him enough to take her. The counselor’s assessment made her believe that a solution was near at hand. He recommended a psychiatrist for Phil to address the psychological aspect of his Madonna/Whore Complex. Phil expressed appreciation to the counselor for his help and they left. As soon as they got into the car he exploded telling Merrie, “I REFUSE to be treated as some kind of NUT CASE.”

For a couple more months nothing changed with the exception that sex remained totally nonexistent. One day when she was sorting clothes for the laundry she found a Polaroid picture in the pocket of one of her husband’s shirts. The picture had been taken in what appeared to be a large hotel room. On the bed was an attractive naked woman with long brown hair. Merrie couldn’t see her face; it was turned away from the camera. But the figure on the bed struck her as someone she was familiar but couldn’t put her finger on who the woman was. On top of the woman was a man fucking her, his body enwrapped by the woman’s shapely legs. At the foot of the bed among four more men holding their erect cocks in their hands she recognized Phil’s best friend. On the opposite side of the bed where the woman’s head was facing Phil stood with a look of ecstasy glowing on his face, his erect penis plugged into the woman’s mouth. Merrie was aghast, shocked and angry. To her further distress she was, at the same time, highly aroused. And the belief that the woman was someone she knew bedeviled her. She couldn’t see her face in the picture but there was something there made her sure she knew her.

The proof of Phil’s cheating distressed her and made her distraught. While her husband was cavorting in such a lascivious manner with his friends he was denying her sex. Angry and depressed she called a lawyer that day, showed him the Polaroid and filed for divorce.

Soon after her divorce Merrie started a new job as receptionist at a small advertising agency. There were four partners and a small office staff. Quickly proving to be the most effective woman in the office she was promoted to office manager, a job that she enjoyed. She loved working with such creative and attractive men—three single and one married. They were between the ages of 33 and 42. The chemistry between her and the partners was good and the repartee between she and these four men made her job even more enjoyable.

One night after a late session at work Merrie ended up alone in the office with Tony Rizzo, one of the partners. He asked her if she would like to have a drink with him at their favorite watering hole, a lounge with a piano bar. To the sounds of soft jazz they nursed gin and tonics as they chatted. As they talked at the piano bar they leaned closer until their shoulders touched. Tony asked, “Is there anybody special in your life Merrie?”

In the year and a half since starting divorce proceedings Merrie never dated. She was starved for sex and fixated on the Polaroid picture, masturbating frequently while looking at it. She would think of the woman in the Polaroid and tried to imagine what being ravished by a group of men would be like. It also haunted her that there was something about the woman on the bed that kept nagging at her. After joining Affiliated Advertising her fantasies began including three of her four male bosses: Tony, Nick and Sean, all single. Because of Phil’s cheating she didn’t fantasize about Kevin who was married. When Tony asked the question she closed her eyes to squeeze back tears, let out a long breath, shook her head and murmured, “No.”

Wishing that Tony would put his arm around her she lifted her glass to her lips and sipped. As if he was reading her mind he put the palm of his hand on her back and massaged it gently. It had been so long since she had been touched by a male’s hand. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. When she felt his fingers bump her bra strap, she wondered if he might be thinking about touching her breasts. She wished he would.

“You’re much too young Merrie,” Tony said,” much too attractive and too much fun to be with to go through life without someone in it.” His palm was massaging the muscles in her back. Stretching his arm over her shoulders he eased her against him.

In a desperate plea she said, “I don’t want to be alone tonight Tony.” Feeling his arm relax she leaned into him and he pulled her closer.

“Well, Merrie,” he said setting up his approach, “You don’t know how often I’ve been thinking of asking you to spend the night with me. I’ve wanted to let you know.” He paused. “But it has always felt to me like there has been some kind of barrier between you and me.”

She’d wanted him to take an interest in her from the beginning but was afraid that she might lose control and be considered a “loose woman.” Was that what made Phil lose interest in me, She thought? Has Tony been thinking that I am a Madonna? GOD, I want him to think that I am a WHORE. She had been alone for so long that she didn’t realize how much being this close to a man would excite her. When Tony told her that he was interested in her Merrie’s heart began to throb and she felt moisture wicking into the panel of her panties.

Seeing the desire in Merrie’s eyes Tony said, “It might be better for us to go to your place. That way you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in the morning when you found yourself in a strange bed.”

“I- I,” said, unable to believe that he actually said what he did. Is he really asking me to spend the NIGHT with him?

“You could go with me to my place Merrie.” He paused to let her digest what he was saying. “But do you really want to be getting dressed in the middle of the night?”

Having never been involved in the adult dating scene she was needy and eager but was a fish out of water. She had hoped that Tony might ask her to spend the entire night at his place. Realistically though, nobody had brought a change of clothes—even underwear—and somebody would definitely be leaving, probably in the middle of the night. Besides, she thought, a whore wouldn’t spend the night. She realized that Tony was being kind to not suggest his place. Her place would make more sense. She wondered, does a whore usually make house calls? That the man she had been hoping for was propositioning her was like the relief of setting down a heavy load.

“No Tony,” she said, “I’m just so excited that you are asking.” Jesus, if you wanted to you could do it here, right on top of the BAR. “I guess we should go to my place.”

Before she married Phil she thought how she would never have sex with anybody but her husband. But as he denying her sex she became more disillusioned and started looking at other men and wondering what it would be like. At first she felt guilty. She wondered if she could please ANY man—or if any man could please HER. She wondered if she was one of those frigid women she had heard so often about. Deep down she had been hoping that she could try an affair ... with someone.

As she drove to her apartment she looked into her rearview mirror to make sure that Tony was actually following her. As she confirmed that his car was behind her, her heart drummed like a tom-tom. When she turned corners in her car she felt like she was sliding in her own juice on the vinyl car seat. Searching her memory she couldn’t remember when she had ever gotten as wet as she was now. When she masturbated, as she so often did now, she got moist enough for the dildo to easily slide inside her pussy but as she drove she could feel moisture from her vagina creeping down her legs. I wonder what Tony will think of me being so wet? Will he think of me as a whore? She pulled her car into her carport. Tony parked across the street. Walking up the stairs with him she thought her knees would buckle.

Taking her hand Tony said, “You’re trembling Merrie, are you alright?”

Embarrassed by her inexperience she said, “You must think me awfully naïve.”

“The truth is Merrie, I’ve been thinking about doing this with you since the first day you came into the office. I’m pretty excited myself.” His laugh was nervous. “As a matter of fact I kinda feel like I’m a kid on my first date.” When she fumbled with her keys Tony took them out of her hand and opened the door, letting her go first. When he closed the door behind them he put his fingers under Merrie’s chin and raised her face. Tenderly he kissed her lips and open mouths accepted eager tongues. As their breathing accelerated Tony’s hand slid down her back to her bottom then to the back of her leg. Like a little girl that needed to pee Merrie bobbed up and down.

Lifting the hem of her skirt Tony smoothed his hand up the inside of her thigh. Even before he reached her panties his fingertips began skating through the sexual juice that had already sagged three inches down the inside of her leg. “JESUS Merrie,” he said, “you’re like a damned FOUNTAIN.” In a quick but skilled motion he grasped the top of her pantyhose and jerked them down.

Merrie was in as much of a rush but less skilled, struggling and working her right foot out of the bunched nylon. Unable to control her curious fingers she fumbled and jerked on Tony’s zipper. I’m such a WHORE she thought, laboring with his substantial erection. Finally his significant bulk flopped out of his fly.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a condom and broke its seal. Taking it out of the foil he rolled the latex ring over turgid shaft. Cupping Merrie’s ass and in his large hands he lifted her. As he bent his knees she rose up on tiptoes. Shyly grasping his cock she guided it to her hole. As his tapered head wedged and stretched it they both clutched. Merrie said, “Jesus Christ, TONY Ooh, ooh, OOH.” Too excited to maintain her cool she was embarrassed at how quickly she came. But she refused to let it interfere with the joy of the first male generated orgasm she had ever experienced.

Feeling her body shudder against Tony thought Jesus Christ is right, you’re one hot fucking woman. Holding her quivering body which was impaled on his cock he embraced until her shivers and gasps subsided. When she began to settle he pressed her body against the door. Thrusting his cock to the limit of channel he drew back to its head then thrust again, this time inside her pussy to his balls. Repeatedly he slammed her body against the door. Grunting with each thrust his engorged cock slid inside her sodden cunt. The penetration forced bubbling air past his shaft, feeling more warmth through the membrane of the condom than he ever had before. I’ve never been with a woman that is so GOD DAMMED WET.

She had all but forgotten how thrilling a rigid cock thrusting forcefully inside her body could feel. Her dildo provided her with satisfaction but it was cold and hard—artificial. Tony’s penis was warm and pulsing. With each thrust her head waggled like bobble head doll, intermittently bumping against the door. After being slammed hard about ten times she let out another, “JESUS CHRIST,” and shuddered even more violently.

Once again Tony held her ‘til she settled then resumed fucking. As he slammed her a dozen more times against the door the thumping sound mixed with “God’s,” “O’migods,” and a number of “Jesuses,” magnified the force of their passion.

Her husband Phil, having never lasted more than a couple minutes, had never given her even one orgasm. To her astonishment Tony had been fucking for at least ten minutes and had already triggered four. Not wanting him to stop she wondered when it would happen.

Fatigued, Tony gulped and wheezed. Though his abs ached he still increased the tempo of his strokes. With one more slam his body stiffened as he shouted, “Oh baby, FU-U-U-C-C-CK.” Fearing his legs would collapse he slumped and pinned Merrie’s body to the door.

She felt the warmth of his semen. Some of it leaking over the top of the rubber sheath, laying a slick gloss on the inside of her leg. With his manhood deflating in her pussy Tony bent his head back slightly. He looked into her violet eyes and said, “Phew you are one HOT woman Merrie.”

After having showered together they were sitting on the couch sipping wine. Merrie was in her silk kimono. Tony was draped in a toga-like sheet. She told him about her marriage and how it had broken up. She told about the Polaroid picture and how angry it made her. After the divorce she kept the picture, looking at it from time to time, trying to imagine what it would be like to have a group of men ravishing her like that.

“Do you still have it,” Tony asked.

His question shocked her. “I- I don’t know why I kept it. You must think I’m a pervert.”

“I was just curious Merrie,” he said. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Looking into her eyes he continued, “I have pictures like that myself. So how could I even think you are perv?”

“Why do you keep pictures like that Tony?”

Sensing she was uncomfortable he said, “I’m sorry Merrie, we shouldn’t even be talking about this. It’s really our own business.”

“Did I upset you by asking,” she said.

“No, I just thought I might have stepped over the line. The fact is Merrie, I LOVE looking at them.”

Merrie blushed with relief. “You must think it strange of me to keep a picture like that, the reason for my divorce.”

“Not at all,” he answered, “There’s a whole industry in porn pictures. It fascinates everybody whether they say so or not.”

She sounded like a little girl when she said, “Looking at it excites ME too.”

They were silent for a bit when Tony said, “Did you ever play house when you were a little girl Merrie?”

She remembered the little boy she played with and how he said, ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.’ she laughed. “You mean you would really like to see my husband and his friends doing ... doing ... that woman?”


When Tony said that he would like to look at the picture with her she was wickedly excited. Taking him by the hand she led him into the bedroom. She opened a black enameled box on the dresser and took out the dog-eared picture. She handed it to him. As he looked at the picture she scanned his body, trying to see evidence of him getting hard. But the sheet that was covering his body was too blousy.

“Wow,” he said, “she’s a hot looking woman.”

“Yeah,” Merrie said, “I’ve always wondered who she was ... wondered if Phil and his friends did her again.” With a nervous giggled she said, “Maybe they still do.” Looking sideways at Tony she could see his nostrils flaring. “The picture really turns you on Tony, doesn’t it?”

“It’s hot. What’s hotter though is looking at it with you. How do you feel?”

“At first I was shocked,” she said. “The more I looked at it though the madder I got with Phil for neglecting while doing ... doing THAT (she blushed). I was really jealous of her.” She took the picture out of his hand. “Each time I looked at it I got pissed. I got nothing from my husband and she was getting five guys. Until tonight Tony I haven’t had sex with ANYBODY in two years.”

Tony hugged her and said, “You’re a hot woman Merrie Comstock. I can’t imagine how you’ve managed to keep away from guys who would want a woman like you.”

“It hasn’t been easy Tony,” she said, “Guys have asked me out. But because of my inexperience I was afraid. I was kind of scared that I wouldn’t be any good at it. But when you made love to me I went wild. You must have thought I was a psycho.”

“I have to admit Merrie, you were really excited. But you’re no psycho. You must know that you really turn me on, don’t you?” He meant it but he was saying it to boost Merrie’s confidence.

Relieved, Merrie said, “I was afraid that I couldn’t please ANY man Tony.”

Reaching for Merrie’s wine glass he set his and hers on the coffee table and looked into her eyes. He touched the side of her face with his fingers then pulled her close. “I can’t imagine ANY man that you wouldn’t please.”

As he kissed her sex-softened lips his left hand found its way inside Merrie’s loosely tied kimono. As if he were opening a beautifully wrapped gift he peeled back the layer of silk and cradled her soft breast on the platform of his hand. It was a nearly perfectly formed 36C. The flowing contour of creamy flesh was punctuated by the salmon colored, eraser sized nipple, which was bordered by an areola shaped like a faultless oval. Leaning down he pecked her nipple and flicked it with his tongue. Licking around her areola he sucked the protruding flesh between his lips. Having never had her breasts assessed in this way she cooed, “I’ve wished for something like this for so-o-o long.”

The shower had washed her juices away but her sex was oozing again. As Tony’s lips and tongue sent electric currents throughout her body she opened her legs at the gentle easing of his hand against her knee. His touch was so tender that she could almost distinguish his fingerprints in their smooth slide up the inside of her silky thigh. “I can’t get over what a sexual woman you are,” he said, the marvel in his voice apparent. With a chuckle he went on, “You’re so wet again.” Sitting on the edge of the bed he took her hand and pulled her body down to him.

She felt his fingers pressing on her large, puffy lips. As they sluiced into her juicy pudding her lungs released pent-up air through ovalled lips. It was like she was trying to cool off a burnt fingertip. His finger found the oiled slipperiness of her clitoris. She clamped her jaw and sucked sibilance through her teeth. His was an educated finger which found spots that Merrie’s own hand had not yet discovered. Perhaps it was the patience in his quest. Maybe it was just the excitement of someone’s finger other than her own touching those spots. Another touch sent orgasmic shocks that traveled completely through her body. Her anus clenched. Tony’s middle finger slid deep inside her pussy. He hooked it against her g-spot, touching off another series of shivers.

Merrie tightened the muscles of her pussy as Tony’s finger fucked her. When his thumb touched her clit she exploded. “Oh GOD, Tony!” Writhing she waggled her head as his fingers slurped loudly in the cauldron of her pussy. As she squealed with joy to the futch, futch, futching sound of his digging fingers, her cum bubbled and oozed past her tightened ring. Pressing her head against his chest Merrie slid her hand under the sheet that served as Tony’s toga. Expectantly she edged her fingers down his belly. The tingly touch of his springing pubic hairs on her fingertips was like a shock. It had been so long since she had experienced the thrill of fondling a man’s private parts.

Tip-toeing through his hirsute thicket her fingers finally wrapped his muscled, pulsing shaft. To the sound of air being drawn into his nostrils and the wincing clasps of his belly muscles Merrie slid her middle finger up what seemed an incredible length, finally bumping over the flange of his silky helmet. As she stroked the feeling of his warm, hard and pulsing rod in her grasp she shivered, overtaken by another wracking orgasm. As it subsided her finger touched the clefted tip of his cock and skated through the slippery seep of his precum. Pressing her head more closely to his chest she hugged him tighter with her right arm. As she moved the outer skin of his penis up and down she heard the deep resonance of Tony’s voice murmuring, “Yes Merrie, yes-s-s-s.”

Having so often grasped her dildo in just such a way Tony’s phallus was filled almost to the point of bursting, pulsing with the same blood that kept him alive. With her clasping fingers she felt the beat of his heart. It was the most wonderful thing that had been in her hand since before she had married Phil. She wanted to feel its entire surface but couldn’t keep her hand from pumping the thin, loose skin of his hard, marvelous lingam. Up and down she stroked as her lover murmured his pleasure, rocking his ass from side to side.

Her husband had never allowed fellatio, even before they were married. But she had always wanted to. She remembered the Polaroid picture and the jealousy she felt toward the woman sucking Phil’s cock. As much as the gangbang scene had shocked her she felt betrayed that Phil was getting enjoyment from another woman’s mouth ... enjoyment she was forbidden.

Opening the sheet around Tony’s body she exposed his gorgeous manhood. To her it was a work of art. Her eyes proved that it wasn’t as big as it felt, perhaps only five to six inches. But the CONTRAST of his pinkish shaft with its purple vein that led upward to his plum colored head was to Merrie an object of beauty. She wasn’t going to be denied the pleasure of feeling that wonderful, hard thing in her mouth. Nor was she going to be denied the pleasure of pleasing him the way the woman in the Polaroid had been pleasing her husband. As she thought when she first saw it, I know he came in her mouth. I want you to cum in mine. Holding Tony’s rigid cock in her hand she eased her face to rest on his stomach (he raised his hips upward). The feeling of his shiny head inside her mouth reminded her of the first time she had eaten candy. Her tongue tasted his sweet precum and explored his contours: the sweep of his helmet, the cleft on his tip, the velvet feel of his circumcision scar and the lobes on the bottom of his head with its sculpted groove.

“Yes, baby, yes,” Tony whispered. “Suck it Merrie,”

She could only take it so far into her mouth without gagging so, with her hand she worked the skin of his shaft up and down while her mouth moved in the opposite direction on top. Breathing loudly through her mouth she gulped, allowing muted moans to escape. As her man writhed he beseeched her to keep sucking. When his excitement made him try to pry her head off his cock she resisted. “It’s my turn baby,” he said.

Struggling to ease her head up he saw her eyes pleading to let her do it all the way. He wanted to cum in her mouth but he also wanted to taste her pussy. Her eyes told him that she wanted his cum ... that she wanted to please him. But there was something almost virginal about her that made him want to keep bringing her to orgasm. Only once had he been with a girl who had cum so often in such a short period of time. Surely, he thought, she has had her pussy eaten. At the same time he wondered if she possibly never had. “No, Merrie,” he said when she went for his cock again, “we’ll have time for that later. It’s time for ME to please YOU now.”

Opening her kimono he reassured her again, “Your body is exquisite Merrie.” As he kissed her he was once again amazed at how much softer all women’s’ lips become after having sucked his cock. Breaking the kiss he scooted downward taking time to cover her breasts with kisses, suckling her nipples then kissing down her stomach to her mound. Dropping to his knees he eased her legs open.

Having only dreamed of such a thing Merrie watched him bend his head forward. She felt warm air blasts from his nostrils washing her inner thighs. Her heart raced. She felt the gentle touch of his thumbs on her puffy lips, the pressing and the wet click of her opening labia. Waiting for the touch of his lips Merrie bit hers. When she felt his tongue gliding through her trough another orgasm sent her into one more series of shudders.

“OH MY GOD,” she gasped then whispered, “Ooh, ooh, ooh. Yes, yes, yes-s-s.”

Covering Merrie’s pussy with is mouth Tony was again taken at how incredibly wet she was. He had eaten numerous pussies but had never before felt like he was washing his face in one. He’d always fantasized a woman washing his entire body with her wet pussy. But he never met one that could get that wet. With his face dripping with her excitement he thought after Merrie and I get to know each other better, she’ll be the one.

Raising her legs high he licked at the tip of her clitoris, slid through her sopping cunt, crossed her perineum and circled her puckering rosebud. Being a virgin at this as well, when Tony’s tongue touched her anus she shuddered and exploded yet another time.

Starved for affection Merrie needed to experience a man in every possible way. Tony, who wasn’t married, accommodated her by spending every night of the next week at her apartment. Anything he wanted to do she happily let him. He told her that a lot of women didn’t like to swallow. She loved the taste of his cum and felt like swallowing it was just the way it should be. Once when he spurted it all over her face, neck and breasts she went into the bathroom to admire what she considered the nasty beauty of it. After assessing it she eagerly licked off as much as she could. Then she wiped the rest with her hand and licked it dry.

Having denied herself true sexual satisfaction through her previous devotion and intense loyalty to her husband Merrie was ready to make up for lost time. She had heard the expression, “fucking one’s brains out,” and that was exactly what she intended to do. She had been experiencing it with Tony but still felt that she needed more. She wanted to experience more than one man, perhaps many. She felt depraved. But it gave her wicked sense of enjoyment.

For Tony, Merrie was becoming more than he could handle. He had always thought that there could never be too much sex. But Merrie’s voracious appetite finally began to wear on him and he began telling his partners, Nick, Sean and Kevin, what a sexpot she was and that she wanted to have sex with more than just him. When he told them of that they laughed it off. But Nick, who had been secretly lusting for Merrie and was hoping Tony was right, asked her out to lunch.

She knew that Tony must have told them about her. Most women would have resented that but each time she thought about it she reasoned I’m tired of being a Madonna. I want to be a whore. In the car on the way to the restaurant with Nick she let her intentions known by placing her hand on his knee then caressing up to his groin and kneaded him into an erection. At the restaurant they sat at the corner table in back, just like she had done with Tony, and went down on him just after lunch had been served. For dessert, on the way back to the office in the car, she gobbled Nick’s swollen, reddened cock until she drained it of the vitality that made it hard.

Soon she was going to lunch with each of the guys. It didn’t take long for her to be taking turns spending nights with Nick, Sean and Tony. Kevin, who was married, used the excuse of his Saturday morning runs to make his way to her apartment that was just over a mile from his house. To Merrie, because of the time constraints, his was the least satisfying sex of the four friends, it was always a quickie. But she loved adding his cum to the variety of protein that was supplementing her diet. Besides that his cock was the largest of the four. She loved how it stretched her vaginal ring tighter than the other guys’ did. It was another new and wonderful experience for her.

The relationship she developed with her four friends had grown quite cozy. One night when they all went to the bar for a drink Tony told them about the Polaroid and how Merrie was envious of the woman in the picture. It was here where the seed of the gangbang was planted. And it was Kevin who put forth the idea of how they would pull it off. His wife would be leaving in just two weeks to visit family in Florida. “It’ll be perfect,” he said, “We just have to be sure that we leave no evidence around the house to queer the deal.”

When the designated Saturday evening rolled around they all went to dinner. What was to transpire was new to each of them. Like kids before their first preteen birthday they were nervous and giggly, anticipating their version of playing spin the bottle. To protect Kevin they set ground rules. Kevin would have to party proof the house, sheets on couches and extra sheets on the bed to guard against careless stains. Pictures on the walls and identifying objects on shelves and dressers would be hidden. Polaroid pictures would be taken but only Merrie could keep them. Kevin would be the official photographer. If he were in the picture he would only be photographed naked and wearing a mask.

When they got to Kevin’s house they went down to the rec room. Kevin helped Merrie off with her coat then poured drinks. Holding up his glass he said, “To our first.” Within twenty minutes they were all laughing, though nervously. By the time they were on their second drink the ice had been broken. When the men, like teenage boys at a dance, were awkwardly ogling Merrie she took control by looking at the bowl of fruit on the coffee and saying, “I don’t know about you guys but I’m so god dammed horny that I could FUCK myself with one of those bananas.”

Just as it had been Merrie that got the sex going with the three others she had flipped the switch that turned on the party. Her comment triggered another round of laughter that had them howling. It was a nervous release that had the men in tears. But when they finally got control of themselves Tony took the lead by unzipping Merrie’s dress. He peeled it off her shoulders then unhooked her bra and fondled her breasts. Ogling her classy tits Nick leaned down and tickled her left breast with his beard then kissed it.

Tony pulled her to her feet and pecked her lips which quickly became a wrestling, French kiss. While still engaged in the kiss he reached out to Nick and coaxed him to Merrie’s back, completing a sandwich. Tony kissed and hugged her while Nick pressed her from behind, his hand cupping and kneading her breasts. Kevin got down on his knees behind Tony and pushed his head between Tony’s legs. There he worked the hem of Merrie’s dress up and pulled her panties down.

When Nick began playing with her pussy Merrie, always quick on the trigger, quivered with an orgasm that caused her entire body to shudder. For her the entire experience was so deliciously wicked that she laughed and blurted out to her absent ex-husband, “Fuck you Phil, and your piss poor sexual attitude.” Everybody laughed. “I just wish you and that FUCKING woman, could see me now!”

After another bout of uproarious laughter Tony, Nick and Sean stripped Merrie completely. Spreading her legs they lifted her into the air. Feeling weightless she smiled at Nick, who was spreading her pussy and tickling her excited clitoris. Kevin took a number of Polaroids of the scene. He made sure to get a close-up of her pussy showing it in its bubbling pink and glistening glory.

While Tony and Sean looked on Merrie came once more, gushing wetness on Nick’s fingers. Pulling his fingers out of her pussy with a noise that sounded like “schluck,” he held them to Merrie’s mouth and let her suck them clean like a little baby. Everything they did was captured with a click of the Polaroid and its whining motor that rolled out the developing picture.

Each of the four men took an arm or leg and carried Merrie up the stairs to the bedroom, trying not to bump her bottom on too many of them. When they laid her naked body on the bed Tony leaned down and kissed her as his hand went to her pussy and fingered it. The three other men quickly shed their clothes.

Merrie was in heaven. While Tony kissed her passionately and rubbed her clit to another orgasm she watched the three others who were acting like teenagers in a circle jerk. She watched them strip, laughing about who was going to fuck her first and who was going to eat her pussy. She didn’t care who was first, she just wanted it happen. Still completely dressed Tony attended to her excited breasts, circling them, pressing them and pinching her nipples ‘til they became swollen and red.

Being ravished by a group of men had been a fantasy since she first saw her husband in that picture. She never thought it would really come true. But here she was, drifting on an ecstatic cloud, one man kissing her while stroking himself, one man licking her clitoris, his beard tickling her puffy labia and one man licking her throbbing rosebud. As she twitched and bucked into another orgasm she wanted a cock in her pussy. Looking at Kevin’s huge member she yelled, “For Christ’s sake Kevin put that camera down and FUCK me.”

Handing the camera to Sean Kevin reached for the ski mask and pulled it over his head. With his dick in his hand he said, “I’ll lie on my back Merrie and you can straddle me.”

Since she was a young girl Merrie had wanted men to do her bidding. Here were four of them ready to please her. Rolling over and kneeling on the mattress she spread her legs over Kevin’s body and settled her dripping pussy against his tapered head. Feeling it stretch the entrance to her pussy she bit her lip and eased more of him inside. When she had become accustomed to his size she let gravity take over and dropped, impaling herself on Kevin’s huge male organ which thumped her cervix as it came to a stop deep inside her. Like Mr. Bill on Saturday Night live her eyes became huge and she sucked air through the oval hole in her lips and sighed a long, “ooooh”

Standing beside the bed Tony helped balance Merrie’s body by placing one hand on her shoulder. As he caressed her left breast she took his cock in her hand. With Kevin’s hands on her hips she wrapped her arm around Tony’s leg and while beginning the delicious carousel-ride on Kevin’s massive cock, she stroked Tony’s.

In ecstatic curiosity she watched herself in the mirror on the dresser at the end of the bed. Adding to her bliss she watched as Nick, kneeling on the mattress, offered his uncircumcised cock for her to feast upon. She remembered the first time she had it in her mouth (in the car on the way back from lunch), and how wild it was to slide her tongue between his foreskin and his glans. She remembered how, when he came, she had an orgasm that was caused merely by the new and exciting feeling of licking cum out from underneath his covering prepuce. Jesus, she remembered thinking it’s like a cream-filled donut.

God, she thought, here I am with three guys: a cock in my pussy, a cock in my mouth and a cock in my hand. The feeling was so overwhelming that, while humping Kevin’s humongous organ she came again. Her ejaculate sagged past his shaft and over his balls.

“Fuck me HARDER,” she shouted. Using his shoulders as levers against her legs, Kevin fucked her as fast and as he could. As his ass slapped her belly, mound and the top of her thighs she came again.

During her bronc-ride on Kevin she took Nick’s cock into her mouth. As she remembered doing in the car she closed her lips around his foreskin and moved it off his glans, rolling it back. Tony’s cock was still hard in her hand. She wanted it close to her mouth so she could bob on Nick’s a few times then alternate between Tony and Nick.

Pulling herself off Kevin’s cock she yelled, “Fuck me DOGGIE Kevin.” His huge member exited Merrie’s cunt with a sucking “pop”, a hollow sound like a hand pump being primed.

The three others laughed when Nick said, “JESUS, did you hear that?”

Rolling over on her stomach Merrie got up on her knees. She crossed her arms and laid her face on her elbows then thrust her ass high in the air. “Arf Kevin, Do me DOGGIE,” she commanded.

As Kevin repositioned himself she took Nick’s cock in one hand and Tony’s in the other. Closing her eyes she felt Kevin’s giant rod sliding home and thumping her cervix again. This time it filled her to capacity but didn’t seem to be stretching her at all. But the bump, bump, bumping of his glans on her cervix was creating a dull but acceptable ache. Turning her mouth to Tony’s cock she vacuumed it in. Then, as Kevin pumped her from behind she sucked Tony’s in her sloppy, saliva filled oral cavity—at the same time wanking Nick and Sean. The filling was total. The feelings multi-orgasmic. From time to time she took her mouth off Tony’s cock and admired his saliva-coated prominence. Then she jerked her mouth from Tony’s and took in Nick’s uncut phallus.

Merrie loved the way her friends were making it last. She wanted Kevin to cum in her pussy but wanted to taste his cock with her love-juice all over it more. She commanded Kevin to lay flat on the bed then reversed her position and took his bulky meat into her mouth. At the same time she lowered her cunt to Kevin’s outstretched tongue.

With a cock in each hand and one in her mouth she lived the ecstasy of going 69 with Kevin. As his mouth covered her pussy his tongue fluttered wildly over her clit. With his cock in her mouth it felt like the hot skin of their bodies was melting them all together. Close to another orgasm she sucked and slobbering in a humming, muffled scream. From behind she heard Kevin say, “GO FOR IT NICK.”

As she lavished in the feeling of unbridled and illicit sex she felt Kevin pushing on her ass, moving her pussy from his mouth. With her ass higher in the air she felt Sean’s cock opening her. Though it was smaller than Kevin’s it seemed to excite and inflame her even more—the nerve endings in her pussy were on fire. Pushing back hard she took all of him inside her and clamped with the muscles of her pussy as hard as she could.

Almost magically Kevin had slithered out from under her. Nick’s erection replaced Tony’s in her mouth. Kevin’s was being jacked by Merrie’s hand.

Prior to her first night with Tony the only orgasms she had before were caused by her own fingers. Her husband would always put his cock in long before she was ready and would cum within a few strokes. Leading up to this night each of her associates had brought her to orgasm every time they had sex with her—usually more than one. Earlier she had squirted a little. But now she felt a gushing that leaked past the seal of Sean’s cock and out of her pussy. Not realizing his face was just below Sean’s swinging balls she heard Tony say, “Yum.”

As she sucked Nick faster and more sloppily she heard a “slap, slap, slap.” Bucking on Sean’s cock she wondered what Tony was doing. Just before screaming her next orgasm she thought he was jacking off and had come on her back.

Filled with the joyful feelings of Sean’s penetrating phallus she heard the corresponding noise that was becoming familiar to her, “futch, futch, futch”—the noise of a cock whipping up the juices inside her flooding pussy. Realizing that she had been so consumed by orgasms that she was on the verge of exhaustion she wondered if she could squeeze out one final climax.

She felt like stopping but thought I don’t want to stop. Like a glutton at a wedding feast she needed more. While Sean kept drilling her from behind she wildly gobbled two, going from one to the other. And with wicked pleasure she thought No more Madonna. I’m such a fucking WHORE.

“GAWD,” She heard Sean yell as she felt the fluttering clutches of his cock inside her pussy. Warmth coated the walls of her vagina and, as he pumped six more times the movement of his softening erection became slipperier. With a labored gasp he pulled out and Merrie’s cunt collapsed into itself blasting a wet and slobbery pussy-fart. She loved the feeling and the sound but was disappointed that her pussy was now empty and thought she wanted another cock in her pussy. Tony was there.

Sliding again in her well-oiled and sperm-filled pocket he filled her with his straining erection, moving easily through Sean’s slippery cum. The load that Sean left caused the wet, fucking sounds to become sloppier, even sloshy, like feet in big rubber boots that had been filled with water.

Having gloriously experienced each of these cocks over the past few weeks she couldn’t believe how wonderful her pussy felt to have them all, one after the other. Having them all in her pussy in the same night gave her a tremendous rush. The question of her cumming again became moot as another gushing orgasm made her cry out, “Oh fuck.” Fuck, FUCK.”

“Jesus,” Tony said, “I’m gonna CUM. But I want to see your face.” He pulled out, turned her over, raised her legs and intently gazed at her her face as he jerked himself off, shooting his sperm over her pussy and ass.

She felt like crying, “Uncle,” and didn’t even have the strength to enjoy what happened next. Tony rolled away and Kevin took his place. Bending down he moved his face nearer to her pussy.

With sleepy but questioning eyes she saw the top of his head and felt his tongue licking her cum-coated rosebud. She felt him lapping up the semen in the groove of her pussy ... then his lips pressing against her labia and blowing air inside the pocket of her pussy. Unable to believe what was happening her eyes felt like they were going to pop out of her head. As he blew into her pussy her insides began filling with air. Her body was becoming a BALLOON.

Just as she felt that she would burst Kevin sucked out, collapsing the expanded walls of her pussy. As it decompressed the sexual olio in her pussy filled Kevin’s mouth. His face appeared before hers. His lips were glazed with the creamy fusion jism and sexual juice—SURREAL. He kissed her lips and emptied his mouth into hers.

She didn’t have the energy for one more orgasm. It was more like a flutter, her body slumping into a tranquil pile.

It was as if she was in a floating. Static-filled haze when the man who was first to comfort her: the first man who’s cum she had tasted, the first man who had ever eaten her pussy and the first man to bring her to orgasm. He appeared with his erect, reddened penis immediately in front of her face. Her thoughts were muddled and the two men that stood before her appeared like ghosts: Phil (her ex-husband) and Tony Rizzo. Phil’s hands were crossed over his crotch, denying her his cock. Tony was offering his and she took it. Like a struggling new born chick she opened her mouth and took in the worm that was being presented. Looking thankfully at him with sleepy his eyes as she suckled it like a baby girl.

Between sleep and dreamy wakefulness Merrie Comstock wanted her lover to shoot in her mouth. She wanted to swallow the teeming warmth of his sustaining seed. Thoughts of Madonna’s and whores danced through her mind. She was able to realize that she wanted what had gone on this night to be a once in a lifetime experience. She was neither a Madonna NOR a whore. She was Merrie Comstock, a happy woman with a world class libido that, for the first time in her life and been completely sated. She wanted to swallow her lover’s offering but she wanted more to wear it as a badge of honor. Taking her mouth off his swollen meat she cooed, “Cum on my face Tony, please?”

With tears welling in her eyes she looked up into Tony’s face, his white sperm decorating hers like a Mardi Gras mask. Devoid of energy her body slumped on the bed. Tony kneeled on the bed and with his fingertips gently massaged the white aloe of his sex until it disappeared into her pores. Kissing her eyelids, the tip of her nose, her chin and her incredibly cock-softened lips, he was gratified at how wonderful the evening had turned out for her. He knew also that he was deeply in love with her.

As Nick, Sean and Kevin looked on he crawled next to the sleeping woman, put his arm under her neck, kissed and nuzzled her then said, “Goodnight fellas.”

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