Old Soldiers Never Die
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Violent, Military,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Karl Steiner always wanted to be a soldier. He was too young for the last war and the country was slow to get ready for the next one. Still, he knew what he wanted and he made sure his skills were advanced and that he would be ready when the time would come. All they had to do was to get rid of the stuffy old government and fill it with the followers of the supreme leader and march forth to the fulfillment of the "New Order" and the promise of the Thousand Year Reich.

When he was a small boy, Steiner loved to play "Soldiers" with the other boys in his neighborhood. He excelled at the game and usually managed to wipe out most of the "enemy" before the game was finished. None of the boys had ever actually touched a real gun because after the War, most households did not have a firearm hidden away for emergency. One of the stipulations of the Treaty was that most of the guns were to be melted down into molten metal for use in industrial production in the new post-war factories.

His two older brothers were both killed in a gas attack that backfired on their own lines. He had seen the cripples who had survived the gassings but he was not impressed with their suffering. It seemed like a case of bad luck to him for them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The oldsters missing limbs didn't affect him at all either. Most of that stuff was from long range artillery and bombs so it was not like they were shot by a sniper or an enemy soldier. He was really enthusiastic about the variety of medals the veterans wore on their Sunday best and was able to identify each and every one even from a distance.

It bothered him that the girls were allowed to participate in the Soldier game because everyone knew they didn't know the first thing about killing the enemy or hand to hand combat. The boys his age tended to go with the girls that were five to ten years older than themselves because those girls didn't have any boys to play with.

When Karl Steiner was eighteen, his girlfriend was Heidi Marie, the baker's daughter. She was a full eight years older than him and had been his older brother Willie's fiancée until the gas got him. Heidi Marie was always a bit overweight but Karl liked the fact that she was able to take his hard testing of her stamina and endurance in the bedroom. He loved watching her big bottom working hard to accept his offerings and her squeals of delight when he gave it to her good.

She was a good German woman ready to give pleasure to her man even if he was eight years younger than her.

Karl was not a very good student and he was ashamed of his lack of interest that caused him to drop out of the school system at an early age. The trade school was exactly what he wanted and soon he was learning how to repair motorcars and motorcycles using the improvised tools and equipment they received from the government agency. It was his friend Mr. Krump that got him the job with the testing factory that purported to fabricate sewing machines and hair dryers. He discovered the first day that their real product was small arms ranging from small pistols to long-barreled rifles produced from new designs drawn up by master craftsmen trained in wartime. His specialty was the placement and testing of the iron sighting systems that improved with each new upgrade to the new firearms consigned to secret armories unknown to the general public.

He was able to even design a peep sight system of his own that was easy to adjust and simple to teach to even the dullest of student shooters. A separate building housed the munitions storage of millions of rounds of ammunition to be used in the case of emergency sometime in the future.

It was mostly females that worked in the munitions building and he became friends with a young girl of eighteen who often begged him for one of his cigarettes. It was expressly forbidden to smoke any cigarettes within a hundred meters of the munitions building so they hunkered down on the old rail platform behind the storage warehouse. He was able to convince the girl whose name was Hilda to drop her work pants and let him have his way with her bottom while she was smoking one of his cigarettes. It was most strange to see the canary yellow skin on her backside and legs and he noticed that she had covered it with cosmetics on her face and hands. When he asked her if she was sick, she just laughed and told him that all the girls in the munitions factory were tinted like that because of the constant handling of explosive materials.

She jokingly told him not to pound her too hard for fear of "setting her off".

The following summer, Karl was informed that he had been accepted into the special organization of soldiers that reported directly to the government and not the Wehrmacht high command. He was given the rank of Corporal and told that he would be training the young recruits to function as snipers to allow their followers to control the many street protests that were slowly reshaping the country into the mold of greater glory. The elite group numbered less than a hundred true believers and his section only contained eight members including him.

The first thing he did was to select the weapons for the team.

Steiner choose the Sniper Gewehr 98 with a modified raised Zeiss scope still legal under the terms of the Versailles Treaty. The ammo came from a factory in Dusseldorf which used a new process to beef up the impact velocity of the rounds when they hit the target. He managed to procure twelve crates of the modified weapons that contained four rifles in each box. The beauty of the Zeiss optics was that it seldom shifted even when the rifle was banged around in a tense situation. There was never a need to calibrate the scopes except in rare situations when the equipment was dropped from a high distance. The re-settings were simple and simply not a challenge for the average marksman.

Karl's biggest problem was to get the men to breath properly. Eventually, after a great deal of practice even he had to admit every one of his team was able to hit the mark consistently with little chance of a miss.

The only other unit with these weapons was the equally elite "Death's Head" contingent of bodyguards for the supreme leader. They were a standoffish bunch with no sense of humor at all.

The first time Karl's special unit was called into service was at a rally in Potsdam. He placed his men in a circle around the wide open plaza and told them to only fire after they saw him remove his cap and run his hand through his hair. Things got out of hand quickly and the new order's thugs were getting the worse of the confrontation when the police arrived on the scene. That was exactly what Karl was waiting for because he knew they would be blamed for the ensuing carnage.

No sooner had he run his hand through his distinctive blond hair, he witnessed several bodies hitting the hard cobblestones with that floppy collapse that signaled a kill. He had trained all of his men to use only one bullet for each target and they appeared to be following his orders to the letter. There was no screaming or warning shouts to alert the others in the surging mob. He smiled in appreciation of his well-trained team's ability to inflict maximum kills in a span of mere moments.

Steiner moved away from the square knowing that the paper the following morning would emphasize the brutality of the regime's police units in dealing with the uprising. In a few more months they would be moving into phase two of the takeover and all of the members were filled with the enthusiasm of a renewed energy and national pride. The ignominy of the earlier defeat at the hands of the encircling enemy had stiffened the spine of Germany's new youth and he knew they were destined for ultimate victory over their traditional enemies.

The rifles had worked with true German precision cutting down thirty of the leaders of the pro-government mob at the demonstration. The police were besmirched with the blame for the debacle and the new order would be swept into office by a disgruntled populace. They already had a convenient fall-guy faction to absorb the brunt of discontent with the stereotyped Jewish intelligentsia that sucked the economic lifeblood from the kitchen tables of the common German man.

A young woman ran past him trying to get away from the scene of the violence. She had bloodstains on her white dress that reminded him of roses on a blanket of snow. He picked up his pace and caught up with her as she paused at the corner not know which way to turn.

"Are you all right, Fraulein? Have you been injured?"

He thought there might be a possibility that she had been nicked by a ricochet from one of the high velocity bullets from the sniper rifles. Her eyes were frantically searching for a place to hide even though there was no danger on this deserted street.

"Did you see it, sir, the horror of that terrible bloodletting? I saw a man firing a gun from one of the roofs. The man next to me just exploded like a fountain of blood and he was no more."

Steiner did his best to calm the distraught female and cradled her soft young body in his arms. She trembled still in fear and then later with something else that he recognized as a need for human contact. He brought her up to the section meeting hall which was totally deserted and empty of any distinguishing characteristics. She fell onto the sofa with a sigh of relief to be off the dangerous streets and in the company of a gentleman.

"Thank you, sir, for your kind intervention. I have never seen a person die in front of my eyes like that. The only time I have seen a dead body was in the funeral parlor and the bodies were old people at the end of their lifespan."

Karl sat next to her and soothed her with comforting gentle words. At the same time, he stroked her arm and her long black hair flowing down onto her shoulders. She told him her name was Greta and that she had only went to the demonstration to watch her brother hold the sign that declared his allegiance to the government. She told him that he was a gentle person and not inclined to violence of any sort.

Karl felt the beginning urges of a more carnal nature and wanted to test the waters of her receptivity but knew deep in his gut that she would more than likely be turned off in her current state of mind. In lieu of that, he just told her that she would be best served to put the entire incident out of her thoughts and that she should return home to check on the condition of her brother. That seemed to straighten out her temporary self-pity and put her into a better frame of mind. He walked her to her home which was enclosed by a wrought iron fence and gate. As they parted ways, she informed him that her name was Lena and that her family name was Hoffman. It sounded suspiciously Jewish to him but at that juncture, it made little difference to him.

It never occurred to him that the campaign against the Jews would ever amount to more than just a distraction from their own plans to assume control. No self-respecting soldier would ever imagine it becoming more than just a ploy to gain leverage in overall popularity with the common folk.

Karl considered all civilians to be an inferior breed without any consideration to race, religion or economic circumstances. The only exception to his thinking was in the case of pretty young girls with long black hair and eyes that invited his lips to taste their honey.

He bent down to kiss Lena's cheek and she surprised him by turning slightly and forcing his lips to press firmly on her slightly parted ones with the tip of her tongue touching him like a live wire of exciting electrical current.

The sight of the strange girl running into the huge house made him determined to find out more about her and to get to know her better as soon as possible. He knew the drums of war were beating louder every day and he wanted to cleave into her before he was caught up in the maelstrom of the thousand year Reich.

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