The Humiliation Tapes
Episode 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Episode 1 - A man videos his wife as he ties her up and sexually humiliates her for his and his workmates enjoyment. Does she enjoy it,too?


(An empty chair appears on the screen. It is a solidly built wooden chair with arms. A woman is led by a man into the picture and is pushed onto the chair. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a knee length sleeveless floral summer dress and white high heeled shoes. Her arms are bound at the wrist and she is blindfolded and gagged with a red ball gag. The man pulls her bound hands over her head and ties them to the top of the back of the chair. From what can be seen of her face, the woman appears pretty. She has a full figure.

The position of her arms makes the woman's breasts jut out. The man rubs them through her dress, one at a time with his right hand. He gets down on his knees and ties her ankles to the legs of the chair, then disappears from the picture.

The picture shakes a bit as the camera is repositioned and the picture zooms in a bit. The woman now takes up the entire shot, the picture showing from the top of her elbows to her knees. The camera is refocused.

The man's face reappears close-up on the screen. He is in his early thirties, has dark brown hair and a moustache.)

MAN: This is my wife, Mary. We're going to have some fun tonight.

(The man walks behind the chair and, reaching over her shoulders, begins mauling both of Mary's breasts with his hands. He puts his hands down the front of her dress and squeezes her breasts some more. He leaves the picture.

The camera is raised and adjusted to show Mary from just below her chin to her lap, zoomed in and refocused. The man's hands reappear in shot, pushing Mary's dress up to her crotch, exposing her thighs. She is wearing a white garter belt and sheer stockings, the tops of which are clearly visible. A glimpse of white panties was seen when the man pushed the dress up, but is not seen now.

The man leaves the picture. Nothing happens for the next minute except Mary moving around, trying to get comfortable. Soon the camera is again repositioned so it is about level with Mary's stomach. The picture is zoomed out so most of the woman can now be seen, from just below her up-thrust elbows to mid-shin. The crotch of sheer white panties can now be seen between the woman's legs.

Thirty seconds elapse. The man reappears with a pair of scissors and cuts a large hole in the bust of the dress. A bra of a thin white material covering Mary's breasts is exposed. He again mauls her breasts and squeezes the nipples. Mary moans through the gag. When he takes his hands away her nipples are hard.)

MAN: You like that, slut, don't you?

(Mary moans again. With thumb and forefinger of his left hand the man pinches the woman's left nipple and then pulls the material out and away from her breast. With the scissors he cuts a hole in the bra. He repeats the procedure with her right breast. Two coral colored nipples are now exposed. They are hard and stick out about half an inch. The man flicks the nipples with his fingers and pinches them. Mary continues to moan and her head is thrown back.

The man leaves the shot and suddenly the camera is moved closer to the woman. The camera is zoomed in to a tight shot of her left nipple, focused, panned to the right nipple and then back again. A zoom out shows a shot of only Mary's breasts enclosed in the white bra with the pink nipples sticking out through the holes. The shot is left this way for about a minute until Mary's nipples lose their hardness.

The camera is readjusted to a close-up of the woman's crotch and thighs with the stocking tops just in view. The damp material between her legs is clearly visible, along with pubic hair sticking out at the edges. The dress is pulled up to Mary's waist, exposing all of the panties and the darkness of the hair under it. The camera is zoomed in to a tight shot of the covered crotch. The man's hand comes into the shot from above and grabs the panties above the crotch. The panties are pulled up, forcing the material in between the lips of her cunt. He continues to pull and relax the material, Mary moaning the entire time, until the thin material is completely hidden between the woman's hairy cunt lips.

The hand is removed but soon reappears with the scissors. The woman's panties are cut off. With his fingers the man spreads the woman's cunt lips apart. exposing her pink hole. He sticks a finger into the hole and then rubs her clitoris. Mary moans louder as he does this. He continues until she has an orgasm.

The man removes his hand. The camera is repositioned back so that most of the woman is in the shot. The camera is refocused. The man removes the gag from the woman's mouth.)

MAN: What'd you think about that, baby?

MARY: Oh, Frank, this is so dirty.

FRANK: You think so? Well, have a sniff of this.

(Frank puts the finger he just had in Mary's cunt under her nose. She grunts and tries to move her head away but he holds it in place. Frank bends down and puts his fingers into her cunt. When he removes them they glisten.)

FRANK: Open your mouth.

MARY: No, Frank, no. Its dirty.

FRANK: Open it!

(Mary opens her mouth and Frank inserts the wet fingers into her mouth.)

FRANK: Suck them clean!

(Mary licks and sucks on the fingers.)

FRANK: Oh, look, the gag has removed most of your lipstick. I'll have to put some more on.

(Frank leave the shot. Mary sits quietly, anticipating his return. In a few moments he is back again with a tube of lipstick. He removes the cover and screws the lipstick up. Inexpertly, he applied the red lipstick to Mary's lips, getting as much on her face as he does on her mouth. He then applies lipstick to each of her exposed nipples.)

FRANK: There, that looks better.

(Frank screws the lipstick down and replaces the top. He hesitates a moment and then pushes the lipstick into Mary's cunt. Mary squirms a bit as she feels the tube enter her. Frank leaves the shot.

The camera is readjusted and refocused to a close shot of Mary from just below her breasts with their bright red nipples to the top of her head. There is movement behind her and her arms, still bound at the wrists, are freed and drop to her lap. She moves her arms around a bit to try to revitalize the aching, stretched muscles. Frank moves into the shot and unties the woman's wrists but promptly reties her wrists to the arms of the chair. Frank leaves the picture.

There is the sound of a zipper and clothes dropping to the floor. Frank reenters the shot but all that can be seen of him is from mid torso to mid thigh. He is wearing nothing but a t-shirt. His penis is erect. He turns the woman's head and, pulling it forward, pushes his hard-on between her bright red lips.)

FRANK: Here, suck on this a while.

(Mary obliges and all that happens for the next few minutes is a shot of Frank moving Mary's head back and forth as she sucks on his penis. Suddenly in mid stroke Frank removes his penis leaving Mary's mouth slightly open with her tongue hanging out.

Frank walks around to the back of the chair and turns it ninety degrees so that Mary is facing to the left of the screen. He tilts the chair back and it disappears from the shot until only a blank wall can be seen. The camera shot is lowered to show Mary, still tied to the chair, lying on her back. The camera is lowered and readjusted to get a close-up of Mary's face. A few moments later the picture jiggles a bit and then moves quite a lot as the camera is taken off the tripod and placed on the floor. The side of Mary's head is brought into view and the camera refocused. This shot remains static for about thirty seconds until the picture wildly moves around the room, showing not much more than part of the chair with Mary still tied to it, a brief glimpse of a tv monitor and a closed door, and then settles at a slightly higher angle, pointing at Mary's face. The shot is tightened so the woman's face occupies the lower half of the screen.

From above, Frank's cock and balls enter the shot. Frank holds his semi-flaccid penis up and allows his balls to rub over Mary's lips and nose.)

FRANK: Lick my balls.

(Mary sticks out her tongue and flicks it on the bottom of Frank's scrotum which is hanging about an inch above her mouth. This goes on for a few moments. By this time Frank's penis is hard again. He shuffles back slightly and starts masturbating just above Mary's face. It does not take long.)

FRANK: Open your mouth.

MARY: No, Frank, it's dirty.

FRANK: Open!

(Mary opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Frank shoots his cum, the first two spurts hitting her tongue and going into her mouth. The rest splashes on her chin, cheeks and nose. Frank milks the last drops of his sperm onto the side of her face facing the camera. He leaves the shot.

The picture is tightened so Mary's face takes up the entire screen. The cum is seen oozing down her face. Some of it forms a puddle in her left ear. The shot is left for about a minute before the camera is turned off.)


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