The Preachers Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including boy, Romantic, Petting,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young man coming of age with older womans guidance

I guess some background is in order before I start. I was living with my mom in a small apartment in a city in Virginia. She and my dad had divorced about 2 yrs before. She dated some after the divorce, maybe for about a year. (my mom is really pretty I think, deep auburn hair, sexy butt and of course a set of 38's that still sit nicely on her chest) (yes, I peeped when I could get away with it, you know, down her blouse when she leaned over while cleaning the apartment or looking at her when she is changing with her door not closed completely). But the men she dated seemed to take advantage of her, and even more important, the ones I met, I told her I didn't like them. So, she quit dating and but then she went on this religious kick dragging me to church every Sunday and sometimes on Wednesday evenings too. I really hated going, but then I started noticing the preachers wife ... now she was beautiful, no doubt about it. 5'7 or so I think, quite a bit taller that I was then, deep dark hair, sort of a chestnut I guess, in her early 40's. Very large breast (bigger than mom's I thought) and long shapely legs. Always dressed like a preachers wife, even when we would see her in the grocery store or up at the Colonial Heights mall. Her husband was a large guy and very much overweight, 350 to 400 hundred pounds I bet. I would often wonder how they even did the sex thing. He seemed to more interested in food and of course the religion thing. I would fantasize about her often at church often. Shameful I know.

I never saw much of my dad, he moved to Florida after the divorce and he was not very good at the child support thing and sometimes it came a little late. I didn't get an allowance, even though mom had offered. I knew that paying the bills was tough as it was. (she was a accounts clerk for a small gas company) I started asking around about jobs to earn some money. With child labor laws, nothing regular was possible, so I asked the super (our maintenance guy) at the apartment complex did he have any odd jobs I could help with. He gave me some things to do, helping him do some yard work, raking leaves or the trimmings from the hedges and stuff like that. I picked up a few dollars that way. When people moved in or out, he would let me know and I would offer to help them load or unload the small boxes, and they usually would offer me a couple of bucks, too. One Wednesday evening after church Mom was telling a couple of the ladies at church I was looking for more ways to earn money and how proud she was of me. The preachers wife was standing close by, stepped over and said she could use someone to help her go through some things in her attic. Mostly moving boxes around and repacking stuff. Would I be interested? I said sure, when did she want to start? She said this Saturday would be fine. I told her Mom had said she was working this coming Saturday and I was not sure how I would get to her house. No problem she said, then asked me where we lived. I told her, the name of the apartment complex and which building we were in. She said she would pick me up about 8 am Saturday.

Saturday morning came. I was in the parking lot at the apartment complex by 7:45 eager to see her. Very prompt, she was there about 8 and seeing me, she pulled over, and I jumped in. She was dressed in a pull over type sweater with a v neck and a skirt that came just above the knees. Still no cleavage, but at least it was a start I thought, her breast looked full under the sweater. She mentioned that she needed to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things while she was out, so we did. Pulling into the parking lot at Krogers, I told her I would get her door. Opening her door, she stepped out, one leg at the time, I tried not to stare, but they sure were lovely looking legs. I looked up and she was looking at me stare at her legs, and I think we both blushed at the same time!! She said what a gentleman I was,, that made me blush even more. Following her around the grocery store, I would get quick glances down her sweater and could tell she had on a white bra, and could get brief flashes of cleavage.

Back at the car, I opened her door and tried to check out her legs again. I couldn't see as high as I wanted too, but tried anyway. Driving to her house, I tried not to stare at her legs. She talked about all the stuff in her attic and she didn't know what was up there, it had been so long since it had been gone through. Getting to her house I jumped out and ran around to her side, hoping for a better view this time. Of course I didn't get to see panties, but I did get to see more thighs this time I think. I carried the bags in and helped her put stuff away. She took me to the drop down attic entrance and of course she had to reach for the pull string for me, I was too short!

She told me to get the 2 empty boxes and a roll of tape on a table in her garage and bring them up with me. She went up the ladder first, so finally I got to see what I had been trying to see. Soft tender thighs,,,, I laid my head almost next to her shoes as she was walking up the steps. I was surprised to get such a view, such soft looking thighs and her panties were white ... Nice...

Moving around the attic was not easy, so many boxes and the roof was so low even I had to lean over. But I was treated to some nice views of her cleavage when I could get around in front of her. She would direct me where to move each box. By stacking some of them, we started to make some working room. Most were marked, so she knew what was in them. Leaning over all the time was difficult for both of us, but I was getting some good views of her cleavage. Man, they looked so soft and full. Then to my disappointment, she pulled down a stack of quilts behind us and put one of them down, then we were able to work while kneeling on our knees with the blanket under us. (no more cleavage shots I thought) After creating more working space, she would open boxes not marked and transfer them to the empty boxes I had carried up. Squealing with delight occasionally when she would find something she had forgotten she had. I wanted to squeal with delight when I could see the soft flesh of her breast as she leaned over the boxes. After the first box was repacked, she realized she didn't bring a marker with her. Down stairs she went to find one. While she was gone, I started looking at some of the boxes not marked. Sliding them closer so we could unpack them, when I noticed one box, was not labeled and the tape had come lose. I opened it and saw a lot of folders, most of them mark by dates, and in bold letters on each folder something else caught my eye. New Jersey district court, plaintiffs copy, opening one of them up, I started reading. Wow, I was in shock, they had charged her husband as a pedophile. Even I knew what that word meant! Then all of a sudden she was coming back up the stairs. I was closing the box when her head came in view and I knew she had seen me closing it. My face turned beet red, busted.

She had a puzzled look on her face, until she opened the same box. Then she realized what it was, her face turn white and then she buried her face in her hands and started crying. I was embarrassed to have seen something not intended for me to see. As she cried, I put my arm around her shoulders and held her close to me, wondering should I say something? What should I say? I started apologizing about opening the box, telling her I was not trying to snoop or anything. She continued to cry and in between sobs, told me please don't say anything to anyone. It happened a couple of years ago. and she had hoped all of that was behind them. She quickly taped the box with new tape and wrote on the box legal papers, New Jersey. Tears still running down her face she told me where to stack that box and for me to slide the next one over. When I did, I leaned over and kissed her tears, running down her cheek. Telling her everything will be okay, I would keep her secret. I put my arm around her again, kissing her cheek, trying to kiss the tears away. Then she turned suddenly and grabbed me, hugging me hard, almost cutting my breath off! We fell backwards on that stack of blankets. She went to sobbing again, and laying on me like that, if felt good to have her breast pressed against me. I put my arms around her and just held her, letting her cry. I started massaging her back as I held her, telling her things I hope she wanted to hear. Everything would be alright I told her, I would keep her secret, it would be our secret. I leaned over again kissing her cheeks and then gently kissed her lips. She looked up at me in surprise, almost shocked I thought. Then she surprised me again, by saying, she had stood by him through the whole ordeal in New Jersey, but she knew ... deep down, she knew that he was probably guilty. But she held on to her faith and did her wifely duty and turned her head away from what she knew was the truth. While she talked I continued to caress her back, she sighed and said it had been a long time she someone had showed her such tenderness and had kissed her like I had a few minutes ago. I smiled and leaned over and kissed her lips again, kissing as long as I could. When we stopped she raised her head and looked at me, again with surprise It seemed. When she raised up to look at my face, my arm slide more down to her side and my hand rested on the side of her breast. I think we both realized it at the same time and once again, we both blushed at the same time. I didn't move my hand, I could feel the heat of her breast, it's softness, even through the bra. She looked down at my hand and then again up at me and said we need to get started on those boxes. Still I didn't move, wondering could she feel my hard on underneath her. I slowly moved my hand over the side of her breast, and she cleared her throat and moved away from me. Whew,,, man I was hard.

We started back going through more boxes, they sure had a lot of stuff I told her. She laughed and said there was 25 plus years of stuff, she hated to get rid of things. A couple of boxes were from her childhood and teenage years, and of course a lot of boxes were her husbands. I told her I like to hear her laugh and leaning over slowly to kiss her. I watched her face to see if she was going to lean over to meet me for the kiss. She did and we both kissed again, very slow, very tender and it gave me a chance to wrap my arms around her again, pressing her breast against me. When we stopped kissing, her breathing had gotten heavy, but so was mine. Then she confessed again, that it had been long time since anyone kissed her like that, and she had forgotten what it felt like. I ask her what about her husband, don't they kiss? She frowned and said no, not really. Maybe a peck on the cheek when they were around other people, but his interest seem to be only his religion, food and holding her head down she mumbled other things. I knew what she meant I think, when she said other things. Man, he was a sick preacher man.

We continue on moving boxes, lot of Christmas stuff, some boxes marked Mom's, some marked Dad's. These were things from her late parents, she couldn't bring herself to sell or donate. We saw another box marked high school, even though marked, she opened it. She showed me pictures of herself as a teenager, I teased her that she was a hottie ... and teased her about her hair styles ... Then I saw pictures of her at a lake with a guy, she was wearing a full one piece bathing suit. (You could tell she had nice large ones even then) What I asked? No bikini? ... she laughed saying her dad was a preacher ... so he would not let her wear such things. She laughed with me several times while looking at her pictures and pictures of her friends ... it was all good I thought. I asked her about the guy in the picture at the lake, of course he was a boyfriend at the time. He was killed in a car accident shortly after high school. She looked me in the eyes and said that I kiss a lot like he did, soft and tender like him. Then I think we both blushed at the same time again...

It was getting close to lunch, so she said lets break and go downstairs for soup and a sandwich. As she turned to get up off of her knees, I got a good view down her sweater, man the looked soooo soft ... soooo nice. She looked up to say something to me and realized what I was looking at. She hesitated for a few seconds, almost to let me look as long as I wanted too. Complained she was too old to be on her knees for so long, I told her she was not old at all and was still a hottie ... she laughed with me again. When she got to the stairs, she turned around was backing down the stairs, I ask her to wait. I went over sitting on the floor of the attic, my feet on the stairs, that put us almost face to face. I reached up and pulled her face to mine, kissing her. My hands slid down to her shoulders and then her arms ... I could feel her breast against my wrist ... I pulled them closer, trying to make more contact to her breast. She looked deep into my eyes for a few seconds, licking her lips moved down the stairs. Whew ... I was so hard I could drive a nail with it ... well I know, not really.

She got out the bread and cold cuts, I made the sandwiches while she heated the soup. We sat and started some small talk while we ate. She asked me about school and stuff and was there a girlfriend? I said no, trying to laugh, the girls go for the sport jocks and rich boys, and I was neither. Who would want a skinny little guy when they could have a bigger rich guy I asked ... She smiled at me and said she bet there were girls in my class that would love to be my girlfriend, and that I should ask one of them. She had a good point, you won't ever get one if you don't ask she said ... After we ate, I was taking the glasses and plates to the sink, she said she would rinse them before putting them in the dish washer. She pressed her breast against my arm ... Then she surprised me ... leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. Whew,,, here goes that hard on again!! When she closed the washer drawer I stepped closer to her, wrapping my arms around her. We hugged for a bit and I wondered if she could feel my hard on pressed against her thigh. She leaned back and asked me was I ready to go back to the attic and I said sure, but then with my hands on her back I touched her bra strap through her sweater. I am not sure where I got the courage, but I asked her, do you really need to wear this? With at first a puzzled look on her face and then she blushed. She turned me around and said go! Oops ... I thought, I have done it now ... she had a solemn look on her face ... shit I made her mad I thought.

Reaching the stairs I stood aside waiting for her to go first. She said wait, she needed to go freshen up. I waited for her at the bottom of the stairs to come from the bathroom. Coming out, I noticed some slow movement of her breast under her sweater. Then I realized, she had actually taken her bra off ... wow! She came over to the stairs, holding her head down, almost like she was watching them sway as she walked. she went up first and of course, I was checking out those delicious thighs, she looked down, catching me. Damn ... caught ... I had better cool it I thought ... might not even get more kisses. She stopped at the top, then with one foot higher than the other on the stairs she was leaning over like she was moving something, and man I really got a good view then. I even found her beauty mark, a small quarter size cherry mark high on the back of her right thigh just below her panty line. I wanted to kiss it so bad. Following her up, then getting on our knees again we started. She didn't say much at first, but after a box or two, I started teasing her about stuff in the boxes and finally got some giggles and laughter out of her. Couple of times we would laugh, she would lean over and kiss me on the cheek, the third time I was ready for her, turning my head just in time for her lips to meet mine. I placed my hand on her left arm, letting my wrist touch her breast so soft now, felt better with no bra there ... nice!! She didn't seem to notice at first and then we stopped kissing, I didn't move my hand. She looked down at it and then looked me in the eyes. Whispered to me, naughty boy and laughed!!

We worked for about 2 hrs and made room up there, at least now there were some isles between boxes. It was good to tease her some too, and get her giggling and laughing. Bumping into her gently as often as I could. But then it was over! Going down the stairs and closing the door, made me a little sad. Realizing the adventure was over now, nothing to do but go back home to my same ole boring life. She must have noticed my saddness and asked me what was wrong. I said I would probably never get to be alone with her again. She smiled and reached for me, pulling me into her arms, she said don't be so sure about that! We hugged, it felt so good to have her hold me so close, my face just inches from her breast. She looked down at me and kissed me on the lips for the last time.

On the drive back to the apartment, she gave me $50 in cash, I said that was way too much for just a few hours of work. She smiled and said I had earned it. I asked her do come in when we got there, but she looked down almost to realize she had not put her bra back on, said not this time, but since she knew where I lived maybe she could come back for a visit, would I like that? Duh! Yes ... I said ... I am looking forward to her coming over for a visit. MMm,,, mm She asked me for our phone number, in case she had more chores she needed help with, she would call me and see if I had time to help. I said sure, I get home from school about 3:45 and have the apartment to myself until 5:30 or 6 pm ... and school would be out in a few weeks and I could help her all summer long ... she smile and laughed ... a good laugh I thought. I told her how beautiful she was especially when she smiled ... then we both blush again! I got out and she left,,, I watched her go ... getting feeling that sadness again.

Seeing her at church the next day was torture ... I couldn't talk to her or touch her, she glanced at me a couple of times after the service when everyone was standing outside talking. I winked at her once and she blushed and turned away, but she was smiling when she did ... all is well I thought. The following week, I thought of nothing else but her, rushing home each day, hoping she would call. By Wednesday she did. The phone was ringing when I got home from school. We must have talked for close to an hour about different things. She ask me about school, my subjects and my teachers ... a lot of just chit chat stuff. Places I would like to travel too, what I wanted to do after I got out of school, college interest and career interest ... just small talk really. Then it was over and she was gone, again I felt that sadness.I should have ask her more intimate things,,, flirted with her some ... wow, was this my first love? To a woman that was 31 when I was born? I tried to realize she wasn't interested in me that way, not only because of the age difference, but she was married. But then I realized she was lonely ... so lonely ... Hubby had other interest, she couldn't just go out and have a boyfriend openly anyway ... being the preachers wife had it drawbacks I guess.

She called again on Friday, it was ringing when I came in the door ... again we talked for about an hour, it just made my day. I asked her what she was wearing before she hung up. Why she asked? Told her I wanted to picture her in my mind and dream about kissing her again. There I said it this time, no holding back I thought. She laughed ... telling me what she had on ... I asked her about undergarments ... such a naughty boy I was she said ... but she laughed when she said it ... I could see her smile in my mind. Then she was gone ... I was not to hear from her or see her until Sunday services. Finally catching her glance after services Sunday, she winked at me this time ... all is well I thought.

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