Just a Little Lie

by Cantbuymy

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lolita, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: This is an incest story about a father and daughter. There is a lot of sex and a lot of love too.

The year was 2006, June 2006 to be precise, which is pretty damn important. I was sitting in my Colorado home having a drink and looking at the view and it is a magnificent view. It should have looked better to me but it didn't; but it was still ok.

It was a nice time of day and the sun would be setting soon. I did not spend enough time here I thought. Actually I hardly spent any time here at all since the divorce.

My name is Franklin Collins and I am a twenty eight year old rich kid. I just had a birthday but no one came to the party. There was no party. I am alone most of the time. I am alone by choice. I was and am a trust fund baby. It was the great grand parents that made the money but everyone was dead now. I was the only one left. You know what they say about money. Money can't buy you love, but it sure as hell can buy you some hot hookers. But I never have anyone here; this is my home, my real home.

I live in a nice house with three bedrooms, split level. I have all the toys. I take lots of trips and I don't actually work. I am well educated. I know a lot of people and they pretend to like me, maybe they do, I don't really know. I am not good at reading people. I have been fooled before.

A knock disturbs my solicitude. I have far too much solicitude as far as I am concerned. As long as it is not a Jehovah's Witness, I will not mind the company, if only briefly.

Standing in front of me was a very severely dressed older woman and a girl of maybe fourteen.

"Mr. Collins?" The woman asked.

"Yes, I am he." I replied.

"I have your daughter here with me. You will have to take over now that her mother has died." I was informed.

"Fuck you asshole. I hate your guts you bastard. You killed my mother and made our lives hell." The young girl said.

Then the girl walked up and took a swing at me. Other than the language she was sort of cute. She had this long flowing golden blond hair and long coltish legs that went on forever under her short skirt, and was flat as a board. I had not seen her in over six years. No she was not cute I decided, she was now quite beautiful.

"Nice to see you again, Julie." I said as I let her swing through and as she lost her footing and her balance I grabbed her around the waist and folded her arms around her front, like a mummy, and held her from the back.

As a result of the beginning of this touching little reunion the woman said:

"May we come in?"

And then she just walked into the house and into the front room. I was still holding a struggling and yelling Julie.

"I just love this part of my job." She said. "A loving reunion after a prolonged absence; it does my heart good."

"You do realize that Julie is not my daughter and her mother and I divorced because of her adultery, don't you? The court said Julie is not my daughter." I told her.

Still smiling she said:

"The birth certificate shows you as the father and the department does not care what the court said about parentage for the purposes of child support or divorce. They did not change the birth certificate, so you are legally still her father. Your lovely daughter still bears you name too. You can see that the emotion of the moment appears to have clouded her judgment. Just give her time. Don't like it, litigate. In four or five years you might win, or you might not."

All this time a struggling Julie was calling to me:

"You bastard! You fucking prick! I hate you."

"This is a lovely home you have here Mr. Collins and I presume that you have sufficient room for your daughter."

She continued, ignoring the apparent lack of warmth and love flowing from Julie to me, and acting like everything was normal.

"Now let's see that bedroom so that I can leave you two alone to catch up. I can see you have a lot to talk about." She said.

For reasons unknown to me I simply carried a yelling Julie to the guest bedroom and the woman looked around. It was not actually a carry thing; I held her like a mummy and sort of walked and dragged her with the woman. Julie would struggle, or kick, or just go limp, as the mood struck her. Apparently this did not effect her ability to cuss at me.

"Yes, it is lovely. Well I will get her clothes from the car and you can start to play catch up. I see that there is a lot you have to talk about." She repeated and then finished.

As I am still holding a struggling Julie, but now in the living room, the woman returned with three large green plastic trash bags with clothes in them and drops them on the floor.

"They will need a wash, they stink. You daughter could use a good soak and a bath too. She stinks." The woman said.

"OK I played nice so what the hell do you think you are doing?" I said.

By now Julie had calmed down and was just looking at both of us. Actually she kicked me as she looked at us, but as she was wearing tennis shoes nothing much happened. I grabbed her again and she struggled some but gave up when she could not kick me in the balls by lifting her leg backwards. I had myself protected from that.

"Listen asshole. The department is overburdened. We are under a federal injunction to reduce overcrowding. We are also a federal order to place as many kids as possible. I have almost one hundred children under my alleged care. My time is spent making sure they get fed and a place to sleep and I do it eighteen hours a fucking day and only get paid for eight. I have not seen my own kids in so long I expect my own damn agency to take them away from me for neglect. There are not enough beds and places to put the children. You are the father on the birth certificate and you are therefore the father. She obviously has some strong feeling about you and after what she just did and said you have not raised a hand to her. She is safe here. And there is the fact that the department does not have to pay you for looking after your own child. Here is a document from the department making you her guardian for all purposes, just in case that divorce court order is believed. Now don't piss me off and ruin my good fucking mood that this tearful reunion created!" The woman said.

I was in a state of shock.

"And you have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow, you both have to be there." And with those words she handed me the appointment slip and stormed out without looking back, got into her car and was gone.

I turned and walked into a right hand slap from Julie.

"You killed my mother." Julie screamed.

"Julie I have no idea what you are talking about. I never killed anyone." I said. "If you are hungry I can get you something to eat." I added trying to change the topic.

"Fine I want a heart and liver sandwich. I want it fresh. Yours will do."

Julie said and stormed up to what would be her room and began slamming the door over and over. The extremely loud music she was playing could hardly be head over the noise of the slamming door. Evidently she found the "on" button to a lot of electronic devices in her room.

I shook my head. She needed to learn a lesson and I would teach her. Even if she was only fourteen she was going to have to learn some rules.

I went into her room.

"What the hell do you want asshole?" Julie demanded by screaming only inches from my face.

I said nothing as I just undid the pins and took the door off. I carried it to the garage.

She decided to turn the music louder and turned on the TV at the same time. It was a well appointed room.

I came in and unplugged the TV and it went next to the door in the garage. The source of the music was next, followed closely by the computer.

Next the furniture was taken out. It had been a very, very, well appointed room. It was perfect for Julie and if she got herself together it would be again. These pieces I moved into another room so I would not have to carry them up and down stairs.

Soon the only thing left was the closet and the bed.

"Now you will learn some rules. I don't care how you lived before, you will stop the cussing and making the noise. I am sure you are hurting but it is not like we are strangers, is it? Now go into the bathroom across the hall." I told her.

I had obviously hit a nerve and she did what I said. Old habits die hard. It was a lovely bathroom, suitable, as the room had been, for a young lady.

"Who has been using this place? It is sick that you keep someone here that uses this when we lived hand to mouth." Julie said.

"Julie, now pay attention. No one has used anything here. No one has ever stayed here or used this bathroom. I change the soaps and everything every month. I have rose bubble bath, because I remember that you liked it at one time and I always keep it here. No one has stayed in the bedroom you occupy. No one has ever slept here in this house, except me and I don't use these rooms. Now get undressed and toss your things into the hall. I will have something for you to wear and there will be some sleep wear, but not your size, but it will work until tomorrow." I said as I left.

That evening I checked and all of her clothes was outside the door. I hung a terry cloth robe on the door knob; it would be large for her.

"I don't understand what he is doing?" Julie thought to herself. "The bedroom, this bathroom. I understand his getting angry and taking things away but why a bathroom with my favorites soaps, but from years ago. Oh well, I might as well enjoy a good soak. And I really need to wash my hair. He even has my hair products from so long ago. Asshole!"

When Julie was done she put on the robe and walked into her room. There was a tray with some food on it; along with a note.

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