Black Mongrel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Lolita,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A posh yet lonely teen; Her affection for her pet mongrel, slips into an unhealthy sexual attachment for the dog. As her mating preference develops she finds that life at the farm near Capetown is never simple.

I'm looking quietly through a few old photos that have long lain undisturbed. They were taken in the misty days well before the crash of western Capitalism.

This one is a blurred snap of me; romping with Max.

I'd got Max as a puppy on my birthday; soon he'd be a handsome black mongrel; running like the wind.

I loved Max.

I stare into the image and its ambiguous allure radiates back.

It's not a snap worth more than half a glance really; the sort of dud shot you'd normally discard. But I've kept it ... because it's a glimp's back into a certain affair...

It had been during the summer of 2010 that Gerald had come to live with us. I'd found him quite fun around the house after all the gloom of father's death. Gerald had served alongside father in the war.

Gerald regarded me as an adult; I saw him as a playful uncle. A man similar to father.

I wasn't sure what he meant to mother.

Gerald said he'd taken too photography as a hobby with a clever little camera he'd got in Singapore.

Of course that had been a long time ago. Cameras now were clever and gave great results.

That summer he'd told me I was photogenic and had got me posing for him in the study. It had been fun until mother unexpectedly appeared.

She'd stopped in her tracks and with steely cold eyes she'd said softly,

"Margot, if I find Gerald getting fresh with you, I'll see to it that you never finish boarding school."

She'd paused looking disparagingly at Gerald, then added, "So do be careful not to lead him on dear; for all our sakes. Now, would you leave us Margot."...

I'd left in a mist of humiliation; running into the garden to be alone.

And with my adoring Dad no longer with me, I did feel alone; except for Max; he would always be mine.

That summer had warmly ripened and the three of us were in the garden.

Both mother and I are sunbathing in our new swimsuits.

Before long though, Gerald is getting us to pose for his photographs.

He spends time arranging our individual pose before snapping the shutter.

Then Gerald has another shot of mother and I in a close embrace; I felt uncomfortable doing it.

Feeling my mothers breast against my own had a clammy unsettling effect on me.

I suddenly pulled away saying that the sun was too hot and I needed to cool off.

Leaving their laughter behind me, I'd gone indoors to be alone.

I'd gone to my cool bedroom and seeing Max lying at the foot of my bed, guessed he had felt hot too. Max sniffed and wagged his tail at me in welcome. I cooed to him and he came to my side.

Shucking my bathers off onto the floor, I was ready to shower. Then Max had jumped up and lain out luxuriously on my bed, his doleful eyes glued to mine.

The invitation to stroke him was irresistible and I sat beside him.

Absorbed in his long silky form, my fingers were running across his warm belly.

Suddenly his penis protruded rudely in my palm. My hand sprang back surprised. Yet, I peered in wonder at the beautiful swollen sheath.

Its pink tip was emerging, glistening invitingly. It entranced me.

I felt a strange, shameful sensation; that my caresses were arousing Max. With beating heart my hands gingerly stroked his loins.

I gazed into his eyes. Did he sense what I felt? He raised his moist nose for me to kiss, as my fingers further coaxed his sheath. Then I gasped as Max fully exposed himself. Max was panting softly now ... as was I.

Bewilderingly then, Max was astride me.

My limbs moved to encompass him with a sense of joy.

Then catching sight of Gerald at my door, my heart had lurched with shame. With camera in hand, Gerald had stood mesmerized.


Once spotted, Gerald had just as promptly disappeared. But I'd realised the randy sod had contrived to snap me unawares in my bedroom. If only I hadn't been naked it could have been innocent enough ... but catching me with Max on my bed like that had me disconcerted. I felt guilty; yet defensive.

How much had that rat Gerald seen of my imprudence?The following Sunday morning, Mother was at church.

I was sunbathing in the garden when Gerald had come to sit on the grass beside me. In my swimsuit I felt apprehensive.

We hadn't spoken since the bedroom lewdness so I was unsure of my ground.

But Gerald spoke with acquiescence. He wanted to apologise over the incident. But my feeling of relief was instantly quelled as he told me he had inadvertently taken a snap. I was aghast.

"Gerald ... You rat! ... How dare you! " I fumed.

He was quickly placating my anger.

"Oh Margot I only intended a bit of fun ... I took the shot blind. But I realised it had backfired. I felt so foolish ... I'm really sorry Margot."

Then he handed me the snap.

Through a resentful haze of embarrassment, I abruptly snatched the photo from his hand.

"Well thank you Gerald, you're a real sport!" I sang sarcastically; pocketing the snap without even glancing at it.

Then turning my back, added curtly, "Perhaps now your satisfied!"

Gerald's fingers brushed at the back strap of my swimsuit. He softly cooed, " I've been a cad Margot ... forgive me? Lets be friends again."

Somehow this was not such a bad outcome. He accepted his guilt and I had the snap. I relented and turning, put my hand to his arm.

Softly I stated, "If you truly respect my feelings for that moment with Max Gerald ... then we can be friends."

Almost bashfully he murmured, "I not only respect them Margot, I also..."

I had looked into his eyes expectantly and then we had kissed with passion.

His lips were then busy on my neck, his hands all over my swimsuit.

Blissfully I cooed for him to finish his sentence,

"So ... you respect my feelings over Max ... and ... also what Gerald?"

" ... and I also dream about them Margot." He'd said breathlessly.

"Why Gerald..." I said softly holding his gaze, you're a man of unusual sensitivity. I rather like that." It was more than Gerald had hope for.

His countenance altered. "Do you?" he said eagerly.

I pulled away from his arms and turning my gaze to the daisies in the grass before I asked casually, "So why will you treasure that particular moment Gerald?" But Gerald was tongue-tied.

I picked a daisy and nonchalantly held it under his chin. "Why Gerald?"

Gerald had then lent forward and begun whispering his obscene fantasies that sprung from my liaison with Max; describing my intimacy with Max as an idyllic and classic example of beauty with the beast; yet full of lurid details of the carnal union between dog and girl. Just as Gerald had intended, his words deeply aroused me; but somehow I pulled away from his groping hands and ran with a beating heart.

The fantasies that Gerald had planted, played on my mind for days. I felt excitement and disgust.

It had been the following Sunday morning while Mother was at church before I was alone with Max.

It was a cold day and Mother had a good fire going in the parlour. I called Max over onto the deep hearthrug and took off my clothes before lying back to let the heat of the fire onto my skin.

I'd followed what had worked the first time, our quiet togetherness with him against my skin.

Then the thrill of stroking and fondling his silky sheath and feeling him begin to throb in my hand. Feeling his wet nose sniffing over my body before it pushes into my purse causes me to pant and loose control.

Seeing his shaft fully extended between his loins, I'd let out a passionate cry and I knelt ready for him. Oh, then came that intense joy of him mounting me. His firm hairy chest coming onto my back, his front legs tightly griping my waist, his panting head rubbing alongside mine.

My eyes were closed tightly as I panted urgently back to him; the bliss of him entering me; the furious copulation; the blinding climax. It was my first. You don't forget that.

As I return the snap to its archive I'm aware of my quickened pulse over the memories.

I muse at that old saying; 'anything is possible when you're young'.

But would that mean it's not possible now I'm an adult?

I place the snap back into its resting place; and feel an awakening for a long suppressed desire.

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