Strange Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction, Bestiality, Transformation, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, science fiction bestiality story

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Family with Body switching abilities. Son and Daughter get into weird situations.

My family is different. To say the least of it. Sure we look and seem like other people. We even go to school and have jobs like everyone. What makes us different is that a male and female that are close to age or is it that they have to be close to one another emotionally or something, not sure of that fact because that point hasn't yet been made clear to either my sister nor myself, well those two relatives can switch bodies. So you can imagine how strange, shocking, and terrifying that was to my sister and I when one night around the time we were about 8 years old, we went to bed in our own rooms and then one day we woke up in the others room and body. People in our family don't usually switch bodies that young so our parents thought they had more time on their hands to prepare us before they had to tell us.

In the beginning for us to change into the other it could be under any circumstances, and without warning sometimes. Let me tell you it's no fun switching bodies with your sister when she's in the middle of a make out session with one of the biggest geeks in school. No fun at all. Okay maybe I'm just seeing the guys that way because I'm her brother. I know she wouldn't go out with some guy if at least in some level he wasn't a nice person. At least we can't change while the females are in their "Special time of the month" thank goodness for that. But to change back into our own bodies we had to be relatively calm. Yeah sometimes it takes a while to change back.

There have been many stories and adventures that we have had because of the mind switch (only one of many names my sis and I have for the switch) but the one I'm going to tell is one that happened when my sister and I were 17 nearly 18. Well I was closer to 18 than her but only by a bit. See our parents couldn't keep their hands off of each other after I was born so just a little over 10 months after I made my grand entrance into the world, my sister Clara was born. Sorry I know that's a bit off topic. Sometimes when I'm talking I tend to ramble on or talk about different or seemingly unrelated topics. My ex-girlfriend used to say it sometimes could be cute.

When we change bodies we get glimpses and pieces of memories from our family member's bodies, just enough to pass off as them if we were to run into a friend or someone who doesn't know what we are. And we also tend to get their habits too. One day when I woke up I tried to stay asleep as long as I could. I was probably just in denial that it was a new day (that is one of my habits). But then my body didn't want to stay asleep. I felt as if it wanted to get up then and there and run and bounce all over the place. That was one of my sister's habits or whatever you want to call it; and should have been my first clue. Suddenly I heard someone knocking on my sister's door.

"It's time to get up young lady. You're the one that wanted to go out today to do some running with your father this morning remember. And he's about ready now."

I just waited without saying anything for a bit. Then the knocking came louder. So loud that I just groaned I lifted the covers without opening my eyes. Then I swallowed and touched my chest and then looked down at a nice set of naked breast. I was now looking at my sister's beautiful breast, and they were on me.

"Oh man why did we have to change bodies today?" I thought to myself.

Then out loud I called out, "Sorry! Over slept I'll be out in a moment."

With my sister's memories flashing through my mind it didn't take me long to find the clothes she had in mind to use while out on the run today. Before I put on the clothes I took a look in the mirror at the body I was using, and against my will I might add, just in case you didn't get that. It's a bit slimmer than I was. Don't get me wrong I work out and I'm in good shape, but my sister does exercising more to stay trim than to have muscles like me. I do some stretches and I see the small crescent moon birthmark on her left breast just under her areola. I know it's wrong to look at your sister's body naked, and even be a little turned on by it, but I figured since I share this body a good amount of the time what's the difference it's almost like it's kind of like my body too.

When we first discovered our ability to switch bodies and our parents told us the details of the family history they had also told us that we should also try to get familiar enough with one another so that we could pass as the other when out in public with friends and other people. And that we were to never tell anyone outside the family unless it was the person we marry. Then when we marry instead of switching bodies with our sibling we could switch with our spouse and if we want still switch with our sibling. Clara and I decided a long time ago that to practice the deception that we should even pretend to be one another around our parents. Took awhile to be able to trick even them but I think we pulled it off very nicely if you ask me. Now back to the story.

I started to slip into the clothes, first the top then I started to slip the shorts on. For some reason it didn't register with me until that moment that something was missing until I got the jogging pants to that spot, "Goodness gracious she sleeps with no panties? In the NUDE???" I said softly. It had been a long time since I woke up in her body in the morning.

I took the shorts off then by accident I swear, I noticed something else, "What in the heck?" I said not so softly, at finding that she had also shaved herself bald down there too.

"What was that darling?" asked our Mom.

"Oh nothing. I thought I misplaced my lucky socks. Found them." I replied.

After getting dressed I opened the door and hugged my mom and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks mom you're a life saver. So did Calder change his mind about joining the run?" I asked as if I really wished Big Brother would.

"Not sure about that, he's doing what you did. He's still in bed sleeping in. But he was very busy yesterday. Then also late last night something happened that got him really upset. So you better be nice to him when you see him." replied mom.

I had been busy with school and then I had been at my part time job and I had to stay a little later than usual so I had let my girlfriend know I would be late for our date. She had acted just fine with it, she even seemed pleased, but then half way through our date my girlfriend had felt the need to dump me. She didn't think I had been taking her or our relationship seriously enough or something. That's what she had said but I felt that there was something she wasn't telling me. When I got home I wanted to talk to my sister but she was fast asleep so I had no choice but to talk to my mom.

With that running through my mind I must have had a funny look on my face because my mom asked, "What's wrong? Did something happen to you last night too? Is that why you were sleeping in?"

My mind raced not wanting to tell her my sister and I had switched hodies. I suddenly thought of noticing how she had shaved between her legs and I said the first thing that entered my mind to say, "Uh, I wasn't exactly sleeping in because of something bad," mom raised an eyebrow. I explained, "Well last night I had an itch that just wouldnt go away. So I was busy scratching it."

Mom frowned and said, "Clara you know if you have an itch it's not healthy to scratch it like crazy like that we have ointments you know."

I blushed and said, "It wasnt that kind of itch. It was the fun kind."

Mother mouthed the words fun kind? Then her eyes went wide and she said, "Oh! In that case we have a special kind of ointment and cream for that too. Do your special toys need batteries? I'm going into town to get some for mine."

When my mom said to be nice I had to fight back a mischievous smile, but remembering that my sister hadn't known about the breakup I just frowned then said, "Mmmom. Ew. I think it's time to change topics. I'll be nice to brother dearest if you say so. I'll see you later. On second thought maybe I should stay and talk with Cal to see if there is anything I could do to help him."

"No I don't think so. I think the best thing to do is to let him sleep. And if he's awake when you get back then you can talk with him then." said Mom.

I went past my room and was getting ready to pound on my door but then I heard my mom lightly say my sister's name so then I just went downstairs and found my dad.

"Well how's my little Princess? I thought you were going to sleep all day. That or you had gotten lost." chuckled dad.

My first impulse was to laugh but then I remembered I was actually my sister at that moment. "That only happened ONCE, in my life!!! Back when I was, what 5? We had just moved here. Besides I would never miss our little runs together. And more importantly you know what I've said about that little nickname. I outgrew that a long time ago, Old Man." I retorted.

"Old? Me? I'll be young forever. You'll never be too old to be my princess. But I'll keep that in mind." said Dad.

About 10 minutes into the run there had been mostly silence between us, but then Dad spoke, "So have you picked out a costume for that Halloween party yet? That one you and what's his name are going to?"

Luckily my sister had shown me her costume a couple days ago so I answered, "It's not a Halloween party. It's May so it's just a pre graduation costume party. I don't know why it's called a Halloween Party. But yes I have, I think it's awesome. You will like it too. And his name is Dan. And you don't have to worry about him anymore. He uh ... we went our separate ways three days ago." I didn't say what the costume was because I knew Clara wouldn't say unless dad asked, or at least until the end of the run. I knew Dan and my sister weren't together anymore because my sister came to me the day she broke up with him. And she needed a shoulder to lean on. A moment later I added, "Dad. I'm sorry about the old man joke." She always apologized for something like that.

"No need to apologize or to forgive. And here I thought you called me that because you had found my costume? I worked hard to put together that old mad scientist costume."

"Why would you have a costume? The party is for the Graduates." I asked. I must have had a horrified look on my face because I got a response.

"Only joking sweetness." replied Dad.

We ran one way for a total of three miles. We would stop now and then to take a look at the scenery and some of the animals around. And I would start running away whenever we would see animals going at it. Seeing that was kind of weird to me, because I felt that was kind of an invasion of privacy for the animals. It made me feel like a peeping tom or a pervert or something. I thought that was the emotions and feelings I picked up while in Clara's body. I don't think I would have been so embarrassed if I had been in my own mind and body. But when dad started asking or talking about Clara and boys I just ran even faster than when we saw the animals breeding.

On the way back we ran into a couple of Clara's and my friends. They were sisters but couldn't be more different. Their names were Clara and Victoria (Vicky for short) Brewster. The one, who's name was also Clara was tall with long blonde hair that ran down past her ass all the way to the back of her knees. She was just two inches taller than my sister and just about half an inch shorter than me, but she had a smaller chest than my sister at just a C cup. I know because she and I, at the times when I was actually me in my own body, had fooled around and almost went all the way a few times but stopped at the last second, usually when she was down to just her panties and no bra. The other girl Victoria. She is shorter with dark brown hair that was almost black which was just shoulder length and a b cup bust, Clara my sister would know because they had experimented a little, and no they're not lesbians. Victoria or Vicky is known for having a few boyfriends. Sometimes she had a couple boyfriends at the same time. But she's not a slut. She would only tease the boys, and throw in a blow job or hand job but never sex. Although not everyone believed that she hasn't gone all the way with a lot of boys. She's calmed down a lot in the past year and has become a nice girl. She no longer teases and only dates one boy at a time. At the moment though she is currently in between boyfriends. I know because she and my sister are best of friends and share everything together (except for the mind switching thing). My sister has a special gift to be able to tell when people are lying and when they are telling the truth. So do I but I'm not as gifted as my sister is at that.

"Hi Clara. You're late on your run this morning. But it is nice to see you and your Dad out and about.?" Vicky went up to me without waiting for a response and hugged me, "I'm so sorry about you and Dan. But you're better off without him. I'm sorry to say. Maybe we could go with you to the party and keep you company." Her friend didn't take very many breaths while saying that. "And maybe you could put on the costume we picked out for you instead of that one you have. After all it is a little too..." Vicky turned to my dad and blushed a little and then continued, "Well it's not scary enough."

Clara B. looked to both Me and my dad, "So where's Calder? I thought he would be with you today? How's he doing?"

I told Clara that Calder was at home sleeping and then I told them that I was just fine with the costume I had and then we went our separate ways and my dad and I talked about little things. And things like my two friends. I tried to get away from any topic when it started to feel a little awkward. And for some reason when he talked about Vicky it did feel more than a little awkward. Maybe it had to do with visions of her and my sister fooling around especially with some of the things they've been doing during those times recently.

When we got home I realized if I had run that distance in the amount of time we did in my own body I would have felt more exhausted or at least I would have been breathing a little harder but as my sister I still felt energized. So I took that moment to promise myself to start going with my sister on more of these runs. I would never hear the end of it from her if she beat me on our annual race against each other. I looked around and I couldn't see myself anyplace. So I headed towards my room.

I went to my room to look for myself but when I got there I found that I wasn't there either. But when I walked out of my room my voice came out of nowhere and said, "What're you doing in my room sis?"

After my heart settled down in my chest I ran up to my body who had apparently just come from the shower for it was in a robe with wet skin and hair. I knew our parents were close by and I didn't want my sister to feel left out or angry about me not letting her know about the breakup so I just ran over and hugged my sister in my body and said, "I overheard you talking to mom last night. I'm so sorry about you and Mindy. The way she broke up with you was just brutal."

Seeing the shocked look on my face I knew she hadn't actually heard. Then I was overwhelmed with this powerful urge and before I knew it I kissed myself/sister full on the lips with me slipping in a little tongue, okay it was a lot of tongue. I ran off towards the bathroom and stuck my head out and said, "Dad and I ran into the Brewster sisters and Clara was asking about you." I locked the door behind me and turned on the music loud enough so anyone outside of the bathroom couldn't hear and I couldn't hear them. Well it wasn't super loud, we could still be heard if we spoke loud enough. It would just block out the softer indoor voices and noises.

"Why in the world did I just do that? I've never done that kind of thing in my life. Not in this body and never with myself. Except for those few times when I switched with my sister and she was making out with her boyfriend." I only said the first part out loud and the rest was to myself.

I just relaxed and I laid down in the shower for a few minutes then I put the plug in and turned my shower into a bath. I was feeling strange and funny inside and couldn't shake the feeling that I got after the kiss I shared with my sibling. After a bit the feelings just got stronger. And before I knew it my hands had wondered to my breast. I had no idea how long I had been playing with her boobs but when I noticed it I freaked out thinking if I were to stay here much longer these hands would wander down to other places on this body. And my sister might consider that some kind of violation. I know I would. So I stopped, got up, and drained the water. Then I put on my sister's robe on and a towel around her beautiful hair and went to the proper room. I tried to change back to my own body but I was unable to for a few hours. To pass the time I sat on a chair in front of the mirror and took off the towel around her head. I did the things with it my sister normally would do. After it was nice and strait I took my time to admire the beautiful hair. It was just a few inches longer than Clara B's hair. But for some reason my sister's seemed much prettier. I realized then that I must be a boobs and long hair kind of guy.

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