Chapter 1

Al Baron was nervous as he entered the classroom on the first day of the school year. The 65 year-old had done many things in his life, but nearing retirement he chose to embark on a teaching career and therefore had only recently graduated with a B.ED. with six months experience as a TA, but this was his first posting as a full-time teacher and he was unsure of himself. Not that he was less than learned in his field of study, Early American History, but not confident in his command of a class. Especially not this one at Teason Private School for Girls. Mr. Baron faced twenty 11th grade 16 and 17 year-old girls each wearing school uniforms of a style he'd only glimpsed on porn sites

As it was a warm September day, the girls had taken the liberty of loosening their school ties and unbuttoning their blouses in such a way that their lace bras ( those who bothered wearing one ) peeked provocatively. Not the heat of the air, but the heat of the chase made more than a few of the girls hike their plaid, pleated skirts up so the hems were mid-thigh rather than below the knee as per school regulations. A few of the girls in the front row had not bothered wearing regulation panties either; in fact, two of the sexiest wore no panties at all but kept their knees discretely together ... for the time being.

Mr. Baron was suitably attired in loose fitting dress slacks, starched white shirt, jacket and tie, argyles and comfortable, light leather shoes. Teachers, always called 'Sir' in the British tradition, were symbols of authority and propriety and had to dress the part. But as they were expected to stand most of the day, they were allowed to wear flexible footwear with a firm arch but soft leather sole. More like a leather topped slipper, really.

The first five minutes were critical for a new teacher. Students are like wild animals in that they can smell fear. Any outward signs of uncertainty or trepidation would arouse the pack instinct of these impish, young hellions.

Beads of sweat formed on Al Baron, forehead. His fingers twitched as he grabbed the chalk to write his name on the blackboard. When Wanda Disarmia, the panty-free girl in the front row, slowly spread her legs and shifted in her seat, Al Baron gasped and began breathing shallowly as his nether regions took note and 'Sir' came to attention. Baron's balls were sweating and his manly scent could be detected to those in the front row.

There were smug smiles more than girlish giggles as Sir, in an attempt to hide his tenting trousers, had turned his back on the group and began outlining the semester course of study with a trembling hand holding the chalk. When he turned around, the class could see Sir had chalk dust all over his pants' front which only accented his bulging package. Baron was one of those rare and lucky men his age who did not suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and had no need of medicinal aids to reach either erection or orgasm.

Wanda, clearly the clique leader of the group, feigned concern and embarrassment for her teacher. She rose from her desk and approached her clearly embarrassed teacher who had heard the soft giggling behind his back. Wanda gave her sincerest fake-innocence look as she tilted her head slightly and lowered her lids.

"Sir," the buxom 17 year-old said, " You seem to have soiled your pants..." Baron blushed deeply, well aware of how moist his tight jockey shorts had become in the past two minutes and how his erect penis was only getting stiffer.

Wanda smiled as she knelt right in front of her teacher and continued, " soiled your pants with chalk dust, Sir." The young tart deliberately brushed her boobs against Baron's bulge as she patted his pant legs and front with light touches to remove the chalk dust. But the teacher's trousers were soiled anew, this time from within as a wet spot appeared where the bulge did not recede.

"Oh dear," Wanda softly exclaimed through smiling, pouty lips, " I seem to have made things worse, Sir. I can't imagine how that happened." She continued to stroke her teacher's hard cock over his pants fabric which, as all in the first and second rows could see, was sporting an ever expanding wet spot.

Mr. Baron's face was beet-red; he stood stiff ( in more ways than one ) and seemed unable ( or unwilling ) to extricate himself from this incredibly embarrassing predicament. Wanda, clearly in command, gave a gentle parting pat to his swollen member and rose from the floor, turned her back on him, winked at the rest of the class and said in an authoritative tone, " You may continue with the lesson now, Sir." That final word, 'Sir', was delivered with a snigger.

Baron snapped out of the reverie of shame in which he'd been entranced for the past few minutes. He fixed his gaze on the back of the room, above the students heads, and began the lesson on early settlement in New England. He had almost regained his composure fifteen minutes into his lecture when a girl in the second row raised her hand to ask a question.

"Yes, ummm ... Ms. Havergal; Gail is it??" Baron said after quickly consulting his seating chart, " Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes, Sir," responded the girl politely, " In grade ten American Lit we read The Scarlet Letter and I went on line and Googled "Puritan punishments' to see what Puritans really did to naughty girls and it seems they had stocks and a pillory in the center of town and used them to punish and humiliate any sluts found to do bad stuff."

"Yes, that's right," said Baron, "Whipping and shaming were all part of the early American experience."

"That's what I thought ... but you see," continued Gail Havergal, " In Civics class last year we were urged to emulate our patriotic forbearers whenever possible..."

"What's your point, Ms. Havergal?" interrupted a confused but wary Mr. Baron.

"Well, it's just that we are studying real history in your class ... Puritan society and all and we've been told the full range of the curriculum is supposed to be integrated and cross-experienced."

"I see what you're saying!" chimed in Wanda. " Sir is teaching us about 17 th century Salem and how naughty behavior is punished ... But he really should show us, right."

"Yes, exactly," replied Gail completely ignoring the teacher who looked stunned at this point. " I was thinking maybe Sir should wear a red letter 'H' around his neck or pinned to his pants zipper, maybe."

"An 'H'?" asked Baron who now looked more worried than confused. " Why would I warrant a Puritan punishment? And why the letter 'H'?"

Six of the girls near the front of the classroom, ones who had the best view of the teacher's embarrassment, chanted in unison, " 'H' for 'Hard-on', of course." Giggles greeted their answer and six of the girls, including Wanda and Gail rose from their seats and surrounded their teacher.

Wanda: " You know 'H' could also be for 'horny'...

Gail: " or for ' humiliation'...

Wanda: "Sir is already a lettered man ... He went to university and got a B-E-D. " Gales of laughter and not just from Gail.

Wanda continued: " I think we can pin something on Sir ... more than just a letter."

Gail: " Why! Whatever do you mean, Wanda?"

By this time each of the six girls surrounding poor Baron had taken the opportunity to caress and rub their teacher's legs, arms, buttocks and crotch leading him to greater and greater sexual arousal. The entire class noted that not once did he object, exert his authority, or take control of the situation. He just got more and more flushed and flustered.

Wanda: " Sir, we've learned in class that women who behaved like sluts in Salem were humiliated, even stripped and whipped in public, but no one told us what fate lay in store for naughty men. That's not fair and not the American way, is it, Sir?"

Sir, in a faint whisper: " No, I guess not."

Wanda, lying through her teeth: " So I went on line and found that Peeping Toms were given a taste of their own medicine and were stripped naked before the young girls in the town or village ... and those Dirty Old Men were pilloried and punished in whatever fashion the girls chose. That was fair, wasn't it, Sir? Seeing the girls were the DOM's victims."

Sir: "Umm I guess you could say that he'd deserved it."

Gail: " But what if the Puritan girls were more than just spied upon, Sir? What if they had had to endure the trauma of being exposed to a flasher ... you know, some dirty old man who delighted in letting them see his cock grow stiff ... even if it was hidden underneath his garments ... What would be the appropriate punishment for him ... historically suitable, I mean?"

Sir: " I ... uhh suppose he would get what a Peeping Tom got and perhaps something ... er some punishment related to his offending member."

Wanda: " But what if the village couldn't afford stocks or a pillory? How would they keep such a hard-on flashing offender in place while he got his just punishment?"

Sir was blushing now at these questions but also at the fact that he was sexually turned on by the whole situation: his public arousal, his utter submission to a room full of 16 and 17 year-old girls, the gentle but firm manipulation of both his mind and his body by his students, especially Gail and Wanda. He was shocked and further aroused by the very fact that he was getting off on his humiliation and anxious in both a good and bad way as he awaited the outcome.

Sir: " By binding, I guess. Either literally and physically with ropes or leather belts. Or... " He continued in a whisper, " or with an oath of obedience."

Wanda smirked: " Sir, we girls have been offended at seeing your member so outstanding but clearly inappropriate. ( giggles and laughter ) Speak up, Sir. Do you not confess to this offence to our dignity?"

Sir: "Yes, I am guilty and deserve punishment."

Wanda: " You are in want of punishment, Sir. And I believe, what's more, you want punishment. Is that not so?"

Sir, in a whisper that spoke of both lust and shame: 'Yes."

Gail: " But we have no Puritan Punishment tools or means of restraint. What shall we do, Wanda?"

Wanda: "The oath it must be then. Sir, we have been offended and demand justice. Your oath, Sir. pledge upon your honour to accept this punishment:

(1) When any girls in this class demand it of you, you will remove all your clothes and stay naked for as long as we please

(2) You will in no way try to cover your naughty bits, not with your hands or anything else

(3) You will endure spanking, strapping, whipping and switching upon your bare buttocks until we deem your butt to be red and sore enough

(4) You will refrain from touching yourself when alone ... no private masturbation! BUT

(5) You will stroke your cock IN PUBLIC PLACES if and when any of us demand it

The classroom was silent, the atmosphere tense and excited. Slow smiles formed on each girl's lips as their teacher licked his lips and swallowed hard before replying...

Sir, in lustful whisper: " I so pledge upon my honour."

The hushed silence that had filled the classroom was broken by a single word shouted by all the girls who pumped their fists upward, " YES!!!"

Wanda spoke for them all that morning in September as she began what was t o become a morning ritual.

Wanda: " Strip, Sir. Starting with you shoes ... then socks ... then tie ... then shirt ... then your belt for which we will find some use... ( giggles ) then your trousers ... and finally your underpants. Fold them neatly and place them on your desk."

Sir did as he was told.

Naked now and standing erect more than ever, Al Baron faced his class of appreciative grade 11 students and a drop of pre-cum began to form on the tip of his cock.

Gail: "Arms up, Sir and clasp your hands behind your head!"

Sir did as he was told.

Wanda: "Turn to the side so we all have a good look at your offending member as well as your buttocks which, as I am sure you will agree, must bear the brunt of your punishment and must turn as red as your blushing cheeks."

Sir did as he was told.

For the rest of the 90 minute period, the 20 girls in Mr. Baron's Early American History class took turns using their teacher's belt or his soft leather shoes to spank his buttocks. They all agreed Sir was an outstanding teacher and they would soon find out that he was true to his word. For Wanda and Gail had plans for Sir who showed himself to be must submissive and eager to fulfill CFNM ( Clothed Female, Naked Male ) fantasies. A fantasy he had in common with his students but from a totally different perspective.

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