Run and Hide
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Water Sports, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Old friends turn out to be not so friendly during a game of hide and seek at night, in the woods...

Back when I was younger, my parents bought a new house on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs where the houses were spread apart by at least an acre. I was the only girl in a mile radius and was forced to play with the neighbor boys, Derek who was my age, and his brother, Adam, who was two years younger. It was actually a lot of fun. We played basketball and hit tennis balls over the house, I learned how to catch salamanders and toads from the pond down the road, we attempted homemade science experiments that I'm certain were not approved by their parents, and we played games. Lots of games. I must admit, I made a pretty good tomboy and hardly missed all of my girlfriends back at the old house. We were the three musketeers: Derek, Adam and Sarah.

My favorite time of year was summer. All of us were allowed to stay up later than normal and that was the time of year when we played Kick The Can. In our version, Kick The Can was a combination of Tag, Hide and Seek, and Ding Dong Ditch, minus the ding dong. It was an outdoor game, and as a rule, it was only held at night. Between our family's two yards, we had about 3 acres that were considered in bounds, plus an additional 20 feet into the tree line at the back of our properties.

Kick The Can became a tradition every summer. Even into high school when we all ended up in different clicks and rarely spoke during the school year, Kick The Can always brought us together. And the more the merrier. Jake and Johnny from the neighborhood over tried to bike over whenever they could, as did the Stevens brothers from down the block. The Stevens brothers were a little older than us and had a wild streak that ran deep in them. They often stressed me out when they were around because they were so unpredictable. I suppose the fact that they had more cop cars parked in front of their house than a coffee shop didn't help my impression of them either. Thankfully we started seeing less and less of them as the years went on.

It was the summer after my second year away at college and I was house sitting for my parents while they were away in Greece for two weeks. Derek called earlier in the day to say he was organizing a Kick The Can reunion - the drinking version. It sounded like fun. There had always been some sexual tension between me and Derek in high school and I couldn't wait to see him.

That night was a surprisingly chilly summer's night so I was wearing my jeans and a long sleeved top. We met up in the cul-de-sac around 9:30pm: me, Derek, Adam, and the Stevens brothers, Chris and Joe. Apparently the others weren't around. While it was really nice to see Derek and Adam again, I'm not gonna lie. I found Chris and Joe to be rather intimidating. They were much taller than I remembered, a little scruffy around the edges, and their smiles felt insincere. My gut immediately told me we shouldn't be playing with these guys, but I didn't listen to my intuition. They'd know something was up if I suddenly decided I wasn't going to play and I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

We each had a shot of tequila before the games commenced and then once we got started, the rule was that the loser (who was then the counter) had to take another shot. Unfortunately for me, I lost a lot. These guys are fast runners! It didn't matter, though, because I was having so much fun. I couldn't remember the last time I laughed so much.

It was my turn again to count to 100. I was so tipsy I began to repeat numbers, which added at least 4 minutes to my count. They were really good hiders, too. It must have been 10 minutes before I noticed a flashlight in the tree line. Aha! As I moved closer, the flashlight turned off. I ran toward the last place I saw it lit. My eyes were opened as wide as I could make them. While they had adjusted to the night out in the yard, the forest was significantly darker and I was having trouble seeing. I could hear a rustling in the bushes close to me. I had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing and decided to run back to the house, when someone slapped me on the butt and said "Tag, you're it." That wasn't Derek or Adam. I know them too well. A) they would never do or say something like that, and B) it wasn't their voice. I tore off toward the house as fast as I could. I was motivated to run by the footsteps and panting behind me. I was only several yards away from my back door when Joe jumped out from behind a pine tree, forcing me to change directions. Now I've got two guys chasing me! I'm losing steam and I can hear them catching up on me. One of them grabbed my arm and yanked me back toward him. My instinct to scream was immediately covered by a rag to muffle the sound. I tried to pull free, but my actions felt sluggish and heavy due to all of the tequila I had consumed over the course of the night.

I attempted to fight them off as Chris and Joe dragged me to the edge of the yard, through the trees, and out into the field beyond. I could smell someone was having a bonfire down the hill, over in the next neighborhood. I knew if I could just scream ... Once we had gotten a little further, Chris threw me to the ground. I finally had a chance to yell, "HEL-", but he pinned me down so fast and his hand was over my mouth. "Listen to me," he said. "We're not going to hurt you and we don't have much further to go. We're going to walk there together and you're not going to fight us. If you do, I'll let Joe over there do what ever he wants." I looked over at Joe who was grinning at me and I could see the gleam of his big hunter's knife in the moonlight. "Do you hear me?" I nodded. Panic set in and tears began to form in the corners of my eyes. I didn't buck the rest of the way as each of them had me by an arm. It was no use. We walked a little further until there was a clearing next to a small grouping of trees. As we got closer, I saw Derek and Adam standing, tied to two young elm trees with their mouths taped shut. They were making 'mmmmm' noises as if trying to warn me, but it was obviously too late. I was already captured. Chris and Joe tossed me to the ground in front of them. Not knowing exactly what they had in mind yet, I tried to plead with them, "Please don't do this, I'm begging you."

Chris pulled out a gun and held it up in front of me. He must have been hiding it somewhere in the forest and picked it up along the way because I never saw it on him when we were running around earlier. "Stand up." I did. "Here's how it's going to work. You're not gonna scream, you're gonna play nice, and you're gonna do what we say, otherwise I'm going to shoot one." Chris then held out the gun and pointed it in the direction of Derek and Adam. "The good news for you is there's two of them so you have two chances. The bad news is they'll be dead and I know how to make it look like a hunting accident."

Joe came up behind me and grabbed my arms back as Chris came in close. His breath smelled like tequila and chewing tobacco. "Got it?" I nodded my head with a whimper. "Good."

Chris took the muzzle of the gun and slowly ran it across my cheek, past my lips, down my neck, and across my breasts, pausing above my left nipple, where he then proceeded to rub the barrel up and down. "What's this? You're getting aroused? Hey, everyone, Sarah is getting aroused!" The truth is, I was freezing because the air was getting colder as the evening went on. "I think it's time we set these babies free. Take off your top." Joe let go of my arms and I was paralyzed. I couldn't move. "Did I stutter?! Take off your fucking top!" Chris started to raise his gun at Adam and I quickly pulled it off over my head. I wished I had worn my running bra. It would have covered more. Instead it was my black lacy bra, which I liked a lot because it held me in snug, but it also gave me more cleavage.

"Shit, Joe, are you seeing these tits?! Little Sarah is all grown up!" They both howled into the night and I could hear dogs barking in response about a half mile away. "What are they? C's? D's?" Derek was attempting to say something, but it was no use. I looked at the ground. "D's," I shamefully replied. They roared and howled again.

"Now your jeans. And don't forget your shoes and socks."

I kicked off my tennis shoes. "Can I please leave on my socks? It's so cold." Joe snickered at my feeble attempt to negotiate. Immediately Chris yelled back. "Bitch, we had an agreement. We tell you what to do and you do it." I took off my jeans and stood there in my bra and black panties with the tiny red bow on the front, feeling utterly vulnerable and embarrassed.

Chris and Joe both stood back and looked me up and down, even circled me a couple times. "Shiiitt, giirrl. You should walk around in your underwear more often. What do you guys think?" Chris looked over at Derek and Adam. "She looks to be a fine fuck, right?" I couldn't make eye contact with them. Just then Joe grabbed me by the wrist, dragged me over to Derek and pushed me right up against him so we were face to face and my breasts were smushed between us. "Go ahead, kiss him." I'll admit I was hoping to maybe kiss Derek tonight, but not like this. I must have hesitated because I heard Chris cock the hammer of his gun. I immediately started kissing his mouth over the tape. "Now keep kissing him. Stick your hand down his pants and fondle his dick." As I did, I could feel he was already hard. I found this whole puppet game completely degrading. I moved my kisses to the side of his face and whispered into his ear, "I'm sorry."

"What did you say, Bitch? You don't get to add to the script. You do what we say! Now get on your knees and pull down his pants!" I did exactly what they said. "Stick it in your mouth and blow him until we tell you to stop!" Tears were streaming down my face. Apparently Joe didn't think I was going deep enough because the next thing I knew, he had me by the hair, and was manually pushing my head into Derek's pelvis. I was forced to take him deeper inside my throat until my chin touched his balls. I choked and gasped for air. "This is how you do it," Joe said as he continued to force my head in and out, over and over again. Derek didn't have many girlfriends in high school and I'm not even sure that he got much action in college either. It wasn't long before he came inside my mouth. Derek let out a loud groan and Chris added, "Drink the whole thing, you little whore. If you let any of it fall, we'll have to make you practice again on Adam here." I swallowed everything and even licked him dry to make sure. Adam just graduated from high school and I had a feeling he was even less experienced than Derek. I didn't want his first time to be here, tonight.

I stood up and looked to Chris for more instructions. I was cold and I wanted this night to end. My entire body was shaking so hard it felt more like convulsions. I wasn't sure which caused me to tremble more: the cold night air or my fear of what they would make me do next. Chris came over and wrapped his arms around me. Even though my stomach was turning, I appreciated the body heat. His hands were all over me as he kissed my shoulder and neck. His 5 o' clock shadow scratched my skin. He moved his tongue to my ear and I felt something cold on my back. That's when I realized Joe was behind me and I was feeling his big knife. In a couple quick swipes of the blade, my bra was loosened. Chris pulled it off of me and nuzzled his face in my chest. His hand sunk into my underwear and forced his finger inside of me. My body automatically self lubricated as this intruder grated against my skin.

"Here's what you're going to do next, Sarah," he said in my ear. "Look at Adam. Doesn't he look like a dweeb? He can't help it. I'm sure he's still a virgin and you're going to help him by fucking him against the tree right now." Joe giggled at the idea. I frantically shook my head no. "No? Well it is your choice." Chris picked up his gun and started walking toward Adam.

"No, wait! I'll do it." I looked at Adam and his eyes were huge; the whites of his eyes looked like they were glowing under the moon. Joe had already prepped him. His pants were down around his knees and he didn't look as though he needed any assistance becoming ... alert. Chris pushed me and I stumbled a little into him.

"Now take off your panties, Bitch! How the hell do you think you're going to ride him if you still have those on?!"

I pulled them off. Joe grabbed my underwear immediately out of my hand and held it to his nose, breathing deeply and taking in its scent. I turned to Adam. He was shaking and I'm pretty sure he hadn't blinked since my bra came off. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked at him apologetically. Tears were still streaming down my cheeks. I'm being forced to rape my childhood friend. As awful as I felt about our circumstances, I knew Adam had to be even more mortified. At least I had done this before. Had sex, that is. I first knelt down and put him in my mouth, just to get it wet so it would slide easier. I then got real close to guide his hard phallus into position. Just as I was about to sink into him, he came everywhere. Poor Adam ejaculated prematurely right between my legs. Personally I was relieved, but I knew this encounter would scar him for a long time.

Chris and Joe promptly laughed at Adam and made fun without missing a beat. "You get to be with a chick this hot and you blew it! Literally!! You'll never have a chance like this again!"

Adam turned his face away. I could see his cheeks turning bright red and tears were falling from his eyes.

I stood there in the cold summer's night. Naked. Cum dribbling down my legs. Chris scanned my body up and down. "Now for the real fun..."

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