Three's Company?
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, Oriental Female,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story was inspired by true events. Aimee, Lee and Brian were best friends in high school. Ten years later find Lee and Aimee married and circumstances have led Brian to live with them. Now Lee's extended work overseas has led Aimee and Brian to do things they had never considered. How will Lee react and will three be one too many?

Lee and Brian had been best friends since grade school. Although they had attended the same schools together since kindergarten, they really didn't become friends until the sixth grade. It was then that one day after school Lee missed his bus and had to wait until his father got off from work to pick him up. While he waited he noticed one of his classmates, Brian, being bullied by a group of older students. Lee intervened, but rather than being able to stop it, he ended up getting physically assaulted along with Brian. Luckily Lee's father got there before any further attacks by the older kids could happen. The two had been inseparable ever since.

Their friendship was thought to be extraordinary, especially by their teachers. The reason was their different ethnicities - Lee was Asian and Brian was black. At the time, racial tensions were high at their school. But they were too young to care anything about the difference in their ethnic backgrounds; their only concerns were knowing they shared the same interests. They both watched the same type of cartoons, and enjoyed monster trucks; and they also had an interest in martial arts. Surprisingly Brian excelled in martial arts, attaining higher ranking belts more quickly than Lee.

The friendship carried on through high school. They even joined the same after-school activities. They weren't big on sports, so they joined the math league or Social Society Club - things of that nature. In the 11th grade Lee and Brian were in the running to become officers in their Social Society Club. Another member was also running with them, a girl named Aimee. Of course the three were running for the same Presidency position. Lee fell short and ended up with the treasury position; a landslide win for Brian netted him the presidency, which left the Vice President position to Aimee. Despite their competition for the Presidency, the three became close friends, collaborating on club activities and hosting club events. Most of the time it was a love/hate relationship, but the love/hate was mostly between Brian and Aimee.

Brian began to develop a crush on Aimee. At first he had thought of her to be bitchy - the type of girl that didn't put up with a lot of shit and always got her way. But after spending a lot of time with her, he was starting to see her as pretty cool and down to earth. Although she didn't have the drop-dead gorgeous looks, she was cute and adorable in a nerdy kind of way. Added to that was his attraction for Asian girls.

Brian was frequently at Lee's home after school. He began to develop his fascination for Asian females when he was flipping through some of the Japanese skin mags that Lee had stashed in his room. The women in those magazines were all extremely beautiful, their bodies slim and smooth. The models looked so pure and innocent, like the average everyday girl. Then there was Lee's mother, who he respected a lot. She had played an important role in the person he was to become. She looked past the color of his skin and treated him like a second son. She would often ask him to stay for dinner before he went home. She also helped with his school work, making sure he understood it and completed it correctly; she was very caring and endearing to him. But the thing that stood out the most about her was how attentive she was towards her husband. Dinner was always ready when he got home and she made sure his plate was never empty. It may have seemed subservient, but he saw the joy she received from making her husband happy. Brian had imagined that he would one day meet a woman similar to her.

Aimee, at first glance, did not look to be of Asian descent; her eyes were bigger and rounder and were not "almond-shaped" like a typical Asian's. And her lips were bigger - similar to those of actress Angelina Jolie. She was not completely devoid of her Asian features though. Her most prominent Asian attributes were her long black hair and porcelain-like complexion.

For her part, Aimee felt she was better suited for the club presidency role and thought Brian was too immature to hold such a position. Brian and Lee were constantly goofing around and as a result Aimee often found herself dealing with the club issues on her own. When they had meetings, Brian would often talk over her and disparage her ideas. He often teased her on the nerdy glasses she wore, even though he thought she looked cute with them on. She felt he was deliberately picking at her to get her attention; it was childish, like when a boy pulls on a girl's hair because he likes her. But he wasn't always like that to her and was courteous only when they were alone. It was nice to know that he had an interest in her, but she was too focused on school and trying to maintain her good grades to show an interest in anyone. Plus, she wasn't sure how her parents would take it if she dated someone who wasn't Asian.

Despite what she had to put up with between Brian and Lee, she was glad to have met them. She admired the bond they had; they seemed to not let their ethnic backgrounds get in the way. And after all the teasing and goofing around, she had a change of heart on Brian as the president of the club; he had a lot of good ideas and raised a lot of money for special events.

As for Lee, you could tell he was Asian a mile away. He had the stereotypical slanted eyes and jet black hair. What stood out about him was his height - he was the tallest Asian in school and taller than many of the other non-Asian kids, but he was not as tall as Brian; Lee was about half a head shorter than Brian. Their classmates had nicknamed them the "twin towers" because they were constantly seen together.

Lee didn't share the same feelings for Aimee as Brian did. At the time he had a crush on another girl in the club. He would often tease Brian about his feelings for Aimee, but Brian would put him in a good-natured headlock to try and keep him quiet. Lee later found out Aimee's parents and his parents knew each other. His family owned a Chinese restaurant and her family worked for them. The employer/employee relationship between their parents developed into an awkward situation for them both.

After high school the three went their separate ways. Lee went abroad to study architecture, Aimee stayed in the States to attend college, and Brian moved back to Barbados to resolve some family matters. Lee and Aimee took it pretty hard not knowing if they'd ever see Brian again, with Lee taking it the hardest. The three had agreed to keep in contact whenever possible, but only Lee and Aimee stayed in touch through letters and sometimes chatting over the phone.

During holiday and summer breaks Lee and Aimee would return home to see their families. They often saw each other, helping out in the restaurant that Lee's family owned. Their friendship was slowly developing into more than just friends; many nights he would take her home after working in the restaurant and they would sit in the car and reminisce about the past. They also found out they had more things in common than they realized, even though their similar backgrounds should have suggested it. They went out on several dates and really enjoyed each other's company. After one such date Aimee allowed Lee to take her virginity, something that she had held onto through high school. They knew long distance relationships had a high failure rate, but they were willing to try and make it work. But as time progressed it proved to be too difficult and they decided to take some time apart.

After Lee and Aimee graduated college they eventually reconciled. After another year of dating Lee proposed and they got married. After their Honeymoon, they returned to their normal lives, with Lee working in an architect's office and Aimee starting her residency at the city hospital. They often thought about Brian and wondered about his whereabouts. They had tried to get in contact with him but none of his family seemed to know where he was living. Eventually they stopped searching for him and moved on.

One night, while they were getting ready for bed, Aimee wanted to discuss with Lee the invitation they received to their 10 year high school reunion. Lee was hesitant about going as he really didn't know a lot people in the class. Aimee on the other hand was excited, thinking about seeing old friends that she hadn't seen in a decade. She begged and pouted like a little girl for him to go with her, but he stood his ground and didn't budge. She had cuddled up next to him in bed and was lying with her head on his bare chest. She was determined to make him go with her and knew what she needed to do to get her way. She began to idly trace her hand from his chest down to his boxers. She hooked her fingers onto the waistband and tugged at it just enough to expose his flaccid cock. She began to caress the soft organ, running her fingers back and forth. When he was semi-erect, she wrapped her tiny hand around it and stroked, bringing his hardness more to life. It quickly grew in her hand and she watched the pinkish head peak out from the foreskin of his cock then hid back in as she stroked. It didn't take long to get him fully erect, and she felt the sticky clear fluid on her hand that had oozed out of the slit of his cock. In her view it was only a matter of time before Lee caved.

"Please, baby?" she cooed, and looked up towards his face. Lee had his eyes closed, the feeling of his wife's hand around his cock almost felt foreign; they rarely had any time for intimacy due to their work schedules. She slid her legs across his waist and rose off his chest, straddling him. She looked at him puppy-eyed and begged again for him to be her date. When Lee did not respond, she pulled her nightie over her head revealing her naked body to him. She grabbed his hands and placed them over her small breasts. With her hands over his, she squeezed his hands forcing them against her breasts. She moaned seductively, and wiggle her hips against his crotch, "Pretty please, baby?"

Lee knew what she was up to, but was enjoying her antics at the same time. "Two can play this game," he thought, and he gave her nipples a little tweak. She softly moaned, and he felt her body shiver. He smiled, thinking he may have the upper hand. Her breasts felt soft against his hands. He rose off the bed and leaned into her chest. He gave her breasts another squeeze and took her left nipple into his mouth. He tenderly sucked the pinkish bud and swirled his tongue around it; alternating from left to right. Her nipple became erect and her body jerked when he gently tugged her it with his teeth. He progressively applied a little more pressure to her nipple and she moaned more loudly. Lee no longer cared whether he had the upper hand or not. He desired her, and wanted to be inside her. He couldn't remember the last time they had made love.

Aimee was so lost in her own sensations that she had forgotten what her original intent to seduce Lee was even for. It had been too long since she had his cock inside her. She wanted him to fuck her; the sensations she was feeling were incredible and they rippled throughout her body. She turned to look at his cock and then turned back to him. She reached behind for his cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. She impaled herself onto his hardness and slowly lowered her pelvis until he was fully inside her. She ground into his cock, rocking her hips back and forth. Lee moaned, feeling the warmth of his wife's pussy swallow his manhood. He held onto the sides of her hips and watched her ride his cock. Aimee, moaning, had begun to change to a staccato pant and Lee began to thrust upward, meeting her with his own movements. Her tits swayed up and down in sync with each thrust; the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other echoed throughout the bedroom. Aimee leaned back, placing her hands behind her and onto the bed. She propped her legs up and spread them obscenely open. Aimee knew Lee loved watching his cock disappear and reappear from her pussy in this position.

Lee noticed a sheen on his cock; her pussy had glazed his member with sticky, milky-like fluid. The steady flow of juices had dampened his pubic hair and the slickness of it made it effortless for Aimee to slide up and down on his cock.

She bounced off him faster and harder, making the creaking sound from the springs of the mattress more pronounced. Aimee's panting was now almost cry-like as she was nearing orgasm. Lee thrust into her harder, bucking her higher into the air. She cried out, her back arched, and her body began to spasm uncontrollably. Several thrusts later he began his own massive orgasm.

"YES ... YES ... I will be your date!" he screamed, as he shot his sperm inside her.

Aimee was breathing heavily and collapsed on top of Lee, letting her spasms subside. Lee stared off into the ceiling feeling as if he had just gone to heaven. When his penis began to soften, Aimee slowly slid off him and let him spoon her. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, "You didn't need to make love to me to try to convince me to be your date".

"I know," she smiled. The two kissed and exchanged "I love you's" and slowly drifted to sleep.

The reunion party was as Lee anticipated; he saw a lot of people he didn't know and basically stayed by the bar. Meanwhile Aimee was having a ball catching up with old friends. Most of them told her how cute it was that she married someone from high school. Apparently Lee and Aimee were the only ones at the reunion to have met in high school and gotten married. Lee was downing his fifth beer when suddenly he found himself in a familiar headlock.

"What up, nerd?" Lee heard, as he tried to defend the lock.

"Brian? HOLY SHIT is that you?" Lee yelled.

They both hugged each other tightly and fought back their tears so the others wouldn't notice. They were ecstatic to finally see each other again. From afar Aimee saw the commotion where Lee was sitting. She wasn't quite sure who it was that Lee was having a bro-mance embrace with until Brian turned in her direction. She excused herself from her friends and ran to them. She nearly tackled Brian, almost knocking him off the bar stool. She cried hysterically and hugged him so tightly that he couldn't breathe. The three immersed themselves in deep conversation, catching up on each other's lives. Aimee was digging Brian's new bald-headed look, rubbing at his head. Brian barely recognized Aimee; she had lost her nerdy looks and looked like she was something that you would find in a magazine. Her hair was lighter, instead of the jet black color he remembered. Brian teased Lee as he looked the same to him, with the exception of the facial hair that Lee had been trying to grow out. "And what's up with this Jeremy Lin hair style?" he joked.

Brian was surprised to find out that they were married to each other. There was a slight bit of jealousy, but in the end he was really happy for them. Aimee had never left Brian's arms. She was standing in between Lee and Brian but was half sitting on Brian's lap. Brian's arms were resting around her waist and Aimee's hand was on top of his, strumming it. Lee wasn't bothered by the closeness between them; in fact he barely noticed it. The affection they shared was nothing new. After all, Aimee and Brian had been just as close in high school as he and Aimee had been. Despite the fact that so much time had passed and that he and Aimee were now married, it felt completely natural to him.

Their conversation carried on throughout the night. They left the reunion party and decided to stop in at a diner they frequented back in school. Brian was proud to learn that Lee had become a very successful architect, and was equally proud of Aimee becoming a doctor; although he had always thought she wanted to be a veterinarian. Brian told them that he was single, but was in the dating scene. He wasn't sure about marriage yet and joked about liking women too much to settle for just one. Aimee gave Brian a friendly smack on his arm. Brian took her hand and said, "I just haven't found the right one yet," and winked at her. Lee and Aimee later learned Brian had returned to the States about a year ago and lived with friends on the west coast. They were saddened to find out that Brian was let go from his job and was about to be evicted from his apartment. Brian wasn't sure where he was going to end up and had thought of returning back to Barbados. Lee looked at Aimee and wasn't sure if she would agree to it, but he offered Brian the opportunity to stay with them. Aimee looked to Lee and smiled.

"Yes, come live with us. We don't want you to go back to Barbados!" she insisted.

Brian became emotional and didn't know what to say. He didn't want to become a burden in their lives. Aimee, knowing how important Brian was to her and Lee, wasn't about to lose Brian again and was adamant about him staying with them. Lee was thrilled to find his wife sharing the same enthusiasm. "It'll be like old times," she said. The three laughed.

Several weeks later Brian officially moved in. To Lee and Aimee it was a plus to have an additional hand around the house. Brian helped Lee lay out the new addition to the house, including remodeling the master bedroom to include a walk-in closet for Aimee that Lee had promised. In addition, a new stone patio was finally taking shape. Brian would also help Aimee with the house chores, whether it was cooking or washing the dishes.

One night Aimee received a call from Lee, who was still at work. He had some good news to tell her and asked her to put something nice on and for Brian to do the same. Lee asked them to meet him at the banquet hall where they had their wedding. Brian put on a nice pair of dress pants and a white collared shirt with a sport jacket over it. As he waited by the foyer for Aimee, he looked up and watched her descend from the staircase. He was like a deer caught in headlights. Aimee wore a black haltered dress with straps that tied around the neck. It parted in the front revealing her cleavage. The dress ended mid-thigh which made her legs appear lengthy despite her 5'4" stature. The once cute-adorable-nerdy-girl had now become this exotic looking woman that only dreams could be made of. Despite the fact that he was living with her and had been around her constantly since his return, he never quite realized how beautiful she was until just that moment. "Or perhaps 'hot, ' is the correct word," he thought. He was definitely turned on by the sight of her and found it rather difficult fighting back the bulge that had formed in his pants. He noticed the slight bounce to her breasts in each step she took and the closer she got the tighter his pants felt. Aimee had a concerned look on her face when she reached for Brian's hand.

"Are you ok? You look like you're in pain."

"No, no ... I'm ok, but WOW Amy, you look hot!" he said, slightly embarrassed by the erection he was now sporting.

Brian did his best to conceal it, but when she leaned in to give him a hug and kiss on his cheek he knew it was a lost cause. Aimee felt something poking against her abdomen and without even thinking about it, reached for it to move it aside. Thinking it was his cell phone in his pocket she looked down and realizing what she had just grabbed, she gasped, putting her hand over her mouth.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry, I thought it was your... " Aimee said, her face turning beet red.

"Gosh ... at least let me take you out to dinner first," Brian joked, trying to make light of what just happened.

The car ride felt excruciating long even though the hall was just 20 minutes away. The two rode in the car in complete silence, not sure in what to say to one another. Although they were known to be flirty with each other, they had always kept it clean enough so they both wouldn't feel uncomfortable. It was the first time they felt awkward and didn't know how to handle it. Aimee had heard the myths about black men having bigger cocks and had always thought it to be just that ... a myth. She was having a difficult time concentrating on the road; she couldn't get the thoughts of the possible size of his cock out of her mind. Although she was perfectly fine with Lee's size and enjoyed the sex they had, the incident had piqued her curiosity.

Brian now realized his crush for Aimee was still as strong as it was back in high school. But knowing she was married to his best friend made it difficult to act on any feelings he had for her. From the corner of his eye he couldn't help noticing how her legs were parted when she drove. The combination of her legs pressing the clutch and gas pedal had slid her dress to the point where he could almost tell what color panties she was wearing. It was becoming too difficult to sit so close to her, as he sported yet another hard on.

"Seriously, B", Aimee said, using her nickname for him. "Are we gonna be like this all fucking night?"

"I'm sorry, I'm just a bit embarrassed ... I couldn't help it. You know I love you and I would never want anything to come between us..."

"Oh stop it, you don't have to explain. We're adults here. I'm sure that wasn't your first time you got hard because of me. I guess what I'm trying to say is ... I would rather know that you got hard because you find me attractive than not getting hard at all, if that made any sense to you. When I look in the mirror, I still see that nerdy girl back in high school."

"You couldn't be so wrong Aim. If only you could see what I see," Brian replied.

"You're too sweet," she said, putting her hand to his face. "It's flattering and cute to know I can affect you that way. But let's keep this between us. I wouldn't want Lee to have to kick your ass knowing that you get hard thinking about his wife." Brian turned to her and they both burst out laughing knowing full well that Lee wasn't capable of kicking his ass.

"By the way, can I drive? You're fucking killing me over here," Brian begged.

When Aimee and Brian arrived at the banquet hall they walked around the property briefly as she recounted her wedding for him. Brian expressed to her how he had wished he could have attended the wedding. When Aimee asked about his sudden move to Barbados after high school, he became bothered by the question and didn't want to talk about it. She saw the pain in his eyes and decided not to press him any further. "Come on, let's go," she said, as she snuck her arms around the crook of his arm.

Moments after, Brian asked Aimee if she knew why they were here and it appeared that she didn't have a clue. It wasn't until she saw several of Lee's co-workers by the bar that she realized it was work-related. "They must be making a big announcement. They usually throw big parties when they do," she told him. When they worked their way through the crowd to their table, Lee was nowhere to be found. They looked around and found him from afar shaking hands with Mr. Saito, Lee's boss and the owner of the company. It turned out Lee and two other co-workers were being promoted. Lee was being promoted to Lead Architect for the Abu Dhabi projects and the other two would take lead on the other projects in other countries.

"Abu Dhabi?" Aimee thought to herself, not certain whether to be happy or not.

Lee thoroughly enjoyed the party but when they arrived home, he had a feeling Aimee was not thrilled with the news. In fact, she had not said a word to him during the entire ride home. When they were finally alone in their bedroom, Aimee finally let loose and began to shout at Lee.

"Abu Dhabi? Why didn't you come talk to me about it first?" she demanded.

She began to undress, taking off her dress and then her bra. She was about to slide her panties off but began screaming at Lee again. Lee tried to explain that he only knew about his promotion, but didn't know Mr. Saito was going to promote him to lead the Abu Dhabi projects; it was only revealed to him during the party. Lee also mentioned Mr. Saito doubled his salary and predicted he would only need to travel to Abu Dhabi for maybe a week per month. He thought the offer was too good to pass up and got too excited and acted without thinking. He apologized profusely for not discussing it with her first, but Aimee was too upset to absorb anything Lee had said. She slipped out her panties, turned the shower on and slammed the door behind her.

"Aim... ," Lee pleaded.

"LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!" she yelled through the door.

Lee thought it maybe best that he slept on the couch in the living for the night and let her cool off. When he got downstairs he noticed the kitchen light was on and found Brian sitting by the kitchen counter.

"Congrats on your promotion. I'm really happy for you, and I'm sure Aim is also," Brian said while grabbing a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and handing it to Lee.

"You heard all of that?" Lee replied.

"Just give her a few minutes and she'll come to her senses. You should know how stubborn she can be if things don't go her way," Brian explained, and raised his beer to Lee's.

They sat by the kitchen island and Lee asked Brian how the new addition to the house was coming along. Lee had put Brian in charge of dealing with the contractors since he didn't have the time. Brian went through the schedule and a few other things with Lee and opined that everything should be finished on schedule. Lee was writing a check to Brian for the expenses to the addition when they were interrupted by Aimee joining them in the kitchen. Aimee had on an oversized tee shirt. The material of the shirt was sheer enough for Brian to notice the outlines of her areolas, and her nipples protruding against the tee shirt. Aimee didn't realize Brian was still awake and crossed her arms to cover her indecency.

"Come to bed, baby," she said to Lee. She looked over to Brian with a slight smile and mouthed to him "good night."

After thinking about what Lee had said, the promotion really did sound great and Aimee would have probably done the same thing if she were in a similar situation. She felt slightly embarrassed by her reaction and how she had made Lee feel, but she wasn't thrilled that he was going to be away for significant periods of time, which meant even less quality time with him when they already spent so little time together. "I guess one week per month doesn't sound too bad, and I am sorry for going off to you like that," she said to Lee. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and tip-toed up to kiss him. She stripped off her tee shirt and lay on the bed, pulling Lee on top of her.

Several months later the one week per month at Abu Dhabi became two, then three and even more, to the point that Lee would be away for almost two months at a time. Lee and Aimee's relationship had not really suffered as one would expect because Lee would shower her with gifts from Abu Dhabi each time he came home. She was ecstatic when Lee brought her a Hermes Birkin bag, something that she had always wanted and thought would never have because of the price tag. Although she was appreciative of the gifts though, she missed Lee a lot. Lee and Aimee tried to Facetime each other but the time difference had made it too difficult to do often. She found herself masturbating more than usual as a result. She went to extremes and bought herself a toy, but it still wasn't enough. The dildo didn't provide the warmth like a real penis and lacked the passion she needed. It was back to using her own fingers as it was the closest thing to feeling like the real thing.

One summer day Brian was working in the back laying down the stone to the new patio. The day had gotten extremely hot and he had taken off his shirt to try and cool down. Aimee had just come out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around her head. She looked out of her bedroom window and saw Brian working. The sun had glistened the sweat on his skin, which made his body appeared to be covered in baby oil. She knew he frequented the gym, but never realized how defined his body was underneath all the clothing. He was muscular, his chest barreled out, his abs were washboard-like and he had that v-line that most women referred it as the "sex-lines." The more she watched him, the more turned on she became. Her pussy began to tingle with excitement and ached to be touched. She slowly eased her hand down her body and down to her crotch. She ran her fingers through the strands of her pubic hair until she found the warmth of her pussy. She shuddered when she rubbed her clit in a circular motion. Before she even knew what she was doing she had lubed her index finger with her own saliva and pulled back the fold of skin that covered her clit. She lightly tapped at the nub and flinched each time she hit it. She was so turned on that she had forgotten about the floor to ceiling windows to her bedroom. If Brian or anyone that was working around the house looked up, they would have seen the show she was putting on.

She began to moan as her finger slid through the moist folds of her slit making her entire body shiver. She moaned louder as she added another finger, joining her middle finger. She maintained a steady rhythm. Her secretions flooded her fingers, making it easier to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. She was becoming so wet that she felt it running down between her legs. She lay on her bed, spread her legs wide open and imagined Brian burrowing his cock into and out of her pussy. She added two more fingers to simulate Brian's cock size, and pushed in deeper into her pussy until most of her hand was buried inside.

"Oh yes Brian, fuck me with that big cock of yours," she chanted.

A few minutes later her staccato panting began to sound cry-like as she was nearing the crest of her fantasy with her best friend. She began frigging herself at lightning speed. Her breathing became shallower, her body started to spasm and she cried out with the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Never before did she climax with such magnitude and force. She lay on her bed, letting the spasms of her body gradually subside and then slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next few days, Aimee slowly came to the realization that her feelings for Brian were becoming more than just that of best friends. Now that Brian lived with her and she was constantly around him, she had come to admit to herself how attractive he really was. There was no denying how turned on she was by the sight of him, and she found it difficult fighting the tingling sensation between her legs. Through all the years they had known each other she had never thought of him in a sexual way. Now it seemed it was all she thought about.

Aimee had just gotten home after working three straight shifts at the hospital. She walked to the back of the house, thinking Brian would be there working on the patio, so she could let him know that she had picked up dinner. He wasn't there; she assumed he was out getting materials for the home. She set the pizza and the six pack of beer on the kitchen counter and worked her way upstairs to her bedroom for a much deserved hot bath. She began to take off the hospital scrubs she had on for the past two days and headed towards her bathroom. When she got near, she heard the sound of running water and realized someone was inside taking a shower. It couldn't be Lee; he wasn't due to be back for another week. It could only be Brian since he was forced to use her shower because the guest bath had been gutted. The door was slightly ajar and she was able to see him from the reflection of the vanity mirror. Her excitement began to build. She felt the butterflies in her stomach and could hear her heart thumping against her chest. She became mesmerized at the sight of his naked body, and felt her pussy begin to tingle. She watched the water cascade down his body which had made his dark chocolate complexion lustrous. When she spotted the first glimpse of his cock she became entranced; it looked massive even its flaccid state. She could only imagine how much bigger it would get when it became hard. It dangled loosely between his legs and swayed freely when he moved. She was so enthralled with his cock that she didn't realize that she already had her hand under her boy shorts, rubbing her clit. She slid her middle finger between the moist folds of her labia and felt her pussy saturated with her pussy juice. She slid it in and out, staring at his cock all the while. She began to salivate at the thought his cock penetrating her sopping-wet pussy. A rush of sensations went through her body and her pussy gushed out clear-like fluid like a geyser. It spewed all over her hand and onto the wood floor. She continued fingering herself, prolonging her orgasm. Her legs began to give out on her and she slowly sank to the floor.

"Aimee?" she suddenly heard. She gasped and snapped her eyes open to see Brian standing over her. She was completely lost in her sensations and had been unaware he had stepped out of the shower. She struggled to get off the floor and quickly pulled her underwear back up.

"I'm so sorry," Brian said. "I wasn't sure when you'd be home and I needed to take a shower." He hid behind the door and quickly grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist. The image of her half naked with her hand in between her legs was still fresh in his mind. He felt his cock slowly rising, tenting the towel.

"No, I'm the one that should be sorry," she said. She sat on her bed and buried her reddened face in her hands. "It's so embarrassing." Her words were muffled in her hands.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Remember what you told me a few weeks back?" he said lightheartedly. Brian went and sat next to her on the bed trying to unbury her face from her hands.

"It still embarrassing!" she said, slowly moving her face away from her hands. Her pussy was still tingling like crazy. She had been just seconds away from another orgasm. But another surge of desire came over her when she glanced at the towel where a bulge had formed. She quickly looked away, but she had stared at it long enough for him to notice what she was looking at.

They both were on the brink of crossing the line in their friendship. The temptation was at a boiling point while they both sat half naked next to each other. She leaned her head into his chest and couldn't tear her eyes away from his crotch. It was then that her impulses took over. She reached over and began rubbing his cock against the towel. Brian closed his eyes and exhaled. Since she had crossed that line first, Brian's reluctance faded away. He began to un-wrap the towel to release his aching cock. She watched closely and sucked in her breath seeing his member this close. She had never been with anyone else besides her husband, and had never even seen another man's penis. It was bigger than she had envisioned. His cock was much bigger than Lee's in girth and length. The only similarities between Lee's and Brian's cock were that they were both uncircumcised. But the big size difference had her lusting for Brian's hungrily.

She gently gripped his cock with her small hand and slowly stroked him, her fingers barely wrapping around his member. Her palms became damp with the realization that she was touching another man's penis besides her husband's for the first time. The feelings and emotions that she was having were unbelievable, and she ached for more.

Brian looked down at his cock, in the grips of his best friend's wife's hand, and watched her slowly and gracefully stroking it. Her hand felt both electrifying and soft with each stroke. His cock was so warm and hard in her hand. She could feel his cock pulsing and couldn't stop massaging the smoothness of the hard skin. She gently pulled the foreskin down just enough to see the brownish, mushroom-like head. She eased down onto her knees and onto the floor and in between his legs, her face just inches away from his cock. Her eyes locked in on it. She leaned forward and softly kissed the sides of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked all the way down to his balls. Brian leaned back on the bed and watched her as she sucked on his balls. He moaned loudly, feeling one of his balls fully engulfed in her mouth. She alternated from right to left ball sack while sliding her hand up and down his cock. She let go and licked back up along his shaft until she reached the mushroom-like head. She puckered her lips and began to kiss around it while looking at him; teasing him like she would Lee. She opened her mouth, not knowing if her mouth was able to accommodate his size, and carefully took him inside.

She slowly eased her lips down around his thick shaft, and adjusted her mouth wider with every inch she took in. Brian gasped, overwhelmed by the warmth of her mouth wrapped around his cock. He looked at her and saw that the head had disappeared into her mouth, her lips were gripped tightly around his member, and her eyes were beginning to tear. She was only able to get him about halfway in until she felt it hit the back of her throat. She slowly pulled out, leaving it partially sheened with her saliva. She put him back in and bobbed her head up and down his cock in a continuous, slow and steady rhythm. Each time she took him back in she would attempt to take him deeper in her mouth, with each attempt she gagged, pulled out, and repeated it all over again.

Any inhibitions or reservations Aimee had were completely out the door. She was infatuated with sucking Brian's cock. She grazed his cock head with her teeth, looked back at him and continued to bob her head up and down his dick. Her small hand cupped his balls and she gently massaged them. Brian squirmed, and was amazed at her expertise in giving head. He watched her play with his shaft, running it along her cheek and over her nose. When his cock met again with her mouth she opened it and eagerly drew his dick back inside. This once cute-adorable-nerdy girl was giving him the best oral massage he had ever received.

To Aimee's disappointment, he got up and slipped his cock out of her mouth. It was his turn to return the favor. He directed her to get up off her knees and then laid her back on the bed. Aimee lifted her ass off the bed to help when he grabbed the sides of her boy shorts and slid them down her legs. She helped him by kicking them off, leaving her naked from the waist down with just her bra on. He was in awe by the sight of her, as if he had just discovered a lost treasure. He was in a trance while he stared at the neat strands of her silky bush. Although he preferred a clean-shaven pussy, he wasn't about to complain about the tuft of hair that surrounded it.

Aimee sighed when he ran his finger to her clit, teasing the bud as she moaned. She ground her hips against his probing fingers, urging him to go further. He slipped his middle finger halfway into her steamy, hot hole. She gasped for breath, her chest heaving as he dug in further. He cupped her pussy, running his middle finger up her slit. She moaned out loud, wiggling her crotch against his hand. She closed her eyes and completely zoned out to the feelings that Brian was giving her. He dipped another finger inside her tight pussy and she moaned even more loudly. She was so wet. He ran his two fingers all around the insides of her sopping wet hole, while his thumb teased her clit. Brian inched his face to her pussy and kissed her swollen inner labia; he was finally tasting his best friend's wife, something he had fantasized about many times. He noticed her moaning had begun to change to a staccato pant. Brian stuck his tongue out, teasing the insides of her pussy, and sucked in her flowing juices. Brian wrapped his lips around her sensitive bud, running his tongue over it gently and quickly. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around his head as his tongue now flicked her clit continuously. His face was held tightly against her pussy and he flicked at the bud faster and faster. Her staccato pants began to sound cry-like and she was gasping for air as she neared orgasm. She ground her crotch into his face as he continued his feast. The inside walls of her pussy were tightening up and she screamed as she exploded onto his face. It was so intense she felt like she was about to pass out.

When her spasms had finally subsided, she slowly released her legs around Brian's head. His face was covered in her cum. He stood in between her legs and Aimee could not fail to notice how rock hard and ready he was for her. When he penetrated her, he would be only the second man she let enter her pussy. A brief sense of guilt entered her mind but was immediately banished when she felt the tip of Brian's cock against her opening. She held onto his triceps, bracing herself for what was about to happen. For Brian, he couldn't wait any longer. He gently pushed forward, the mushroom head popping in through her swollen, sopping wet lips. He paused, savoring the rush of pleasure he felt from his cock, and slowly pushed inward. Her labia lips opened for him and she slowly accepted his size. She felt a small rush of pain from his girth and it soon went away, but not before Brian noticed.

"You ok?" he asked, not wanting to hurt her. And when she looked into his eyes and nodded, he gently pushed in further.

Aimee bit her lower lip, the feeling of his cock filling her and stretching her pussy walls becoming almost overwhelming. It was unbelievable how tight she was and Brian pulled back. He slid into her again, this time almost getting it half way in. He knew she wasn't able to take all of him yet and pulled back again. They both moaned from the retreat. Brian watched her facial expressions and began to slowly piston his thick cock in and out of her aching pussy.

Aimee watched his body thrust into her, feeling half of his manhood ease in and out of her. Brian look towards her crotch and watched his cock disappear and reappear from her warm and moist pussy over and over again. They both were breathing heavily as he continued his pace. Brian placed Aimee's legs on the crook of his elbows and drove his cock into her faster. He lay on top of her small body and kissed her neck. He began to suck her neck and fuck her at the same time. The moans he got in response were music to his ears.

Aimee placed her hands on the broad of his back, with her feet high up in the air. She lost herself again when she felt him suck her neck. She had to pull him away, afraid that he'd leave a mark on her neck as evidence of their coupling. She ran her mouth across his cheek searching for his lips. When she found it, she snaked her tongue into his mouth and intertwined with his. They kissed hungrily, moaning into each other's mouths. Her moaning was getting louder as he was able to push more and more of his cock inside her. She could no longer contain her moans as she felt her orgasm rising. She pulled Brian to her chest and her moans became cry-like again, a sound Brian was beginning to recognize as her impending orgasm. Her pussy began to pulsate around his still-driving cock. She came, and ground her crotch against his, trying to hold his cock inside as her orgasm took control of her body. Brian rose off her body and watched as she came, still slowly pumping into her. He couldn't believe he was fucking his best friend's wife. For 10 years he had fantasized about this day; the many nights he jerked off to a mental image of this woman. He began to thrust into her faster. Aimee was still recovering from her orgasm when the animal in him took over and he began to piston in and out of her faster and harder. He felt the pressure building from his balls course its way to his cock. He withdrew out of her, but Aimee pull him back, wrapping her legs around his waist. She assured him it was ok to cum inside her as she was on the pill. That was all that it took. He let out a mighty roar as he shot streams of hot cum out of his organ and into her womb. Aimee held him close to her body as his body jerked, spraying more semen into the back of her horny pussy. She rubbed against his crotch, milking more of his seed. More seeped out, filling her insides. Finally Brian collapsed on top of her, gasping for air.

Aimee caressed the back of his head as the last drop of sperm trickled out and into her. She raised his head and looked into his eyes. They both were catching their breath. They smiled at each other, and at the same time, leaned forward for a kiss. They kissed gently, their lips smacking against one another. Aimee snuck her tongue into his mouth and their kissing grew more passionate. His cock slowly softened inside her; her legs still wrapped around his waist.

Aimee had always loved Brian. Her best friend was the second man to make love to her and she knew it was not going to be the only time. When they broke the kiss, and Brian pulled his semi-hard penis out of her cum-filled vagina, Aimee felt the sperm seep out and she closed her legs to keep as much of his cum inside her as she could. She turned her body to the side, allowing Brian to spoon her. They lay in silence, not sure what to say to one another. Neither felt any regret at what had just transpired. Their only concern now was what was going to happen when Lee came home.

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