Evil in Eden
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, Bestiality,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eden is a nature resort Where Mrs Lavender & teen daughter are sharing quality-time together. It has log cabins, clubhouse bars, swimming pools, wooded walks. Its a place to relax or socialise with nice people. But without the husband to keep them in check, Mother and daughter prove to be evil in disguise.

It was the late spring holiday of 2014 and Mrs Lavender, in need of a break from her managerial job in the city, had decided on the Eden Nature Resort that they had so enjoyed as a family last year.

She and Dan and Kim had found another world there; far from the rush of Boston where their work was; here was a warm tranquillity and time to enjoy each other's company. It had been a wonderful place for mixing with both people and nature and had recharged them all and they vowed to return one day.

However, this time it was just Mom and twelve year old Kimmy who were driving down to Devon in the warm sunshine and Mrs Lavender, forgetting it was not Dan beside her, unconsciously stroked her daughters thigh saying, " This feels so good to be getting away together, doesn't it darling."

Kim's thighs parted and her cunny tingled in a way it never had before. She didn't realise it, nor her mom, but her body had just begun to fill with teenage hormones which would transform her from the pleasant schoolgirl into a sex scavenger; a little prick-teaser like her Mom had been as an adolecent.

Kim placed her had on her Mom's and smiled, " Do you think that Andy will be at the camp again this Year Mom? He was great fun round the pool last year!"

Mrs Lavender smilled, recalling her own awakening to boys and that unbearable curiosity over sex. Her free hand again stroked Kim's inner thigh as she drove the highway as she recalled that by thirteen she was masturbating frantically in her bed over a recurring fantasy after seeing her father's huge cock.

The fantasy was always of father coming naked into her bedroom after her mother was asleep. She would conjure up lurid acts between them to reach that scorching ecstasy in her groin and head. Next morning she would get guilt pangs and be all moody with her parents.

Mrs Lavender suddenly pictured her husband creeping into Kimmy's room late at night and fucking Kimmy with that big fat cock of his – getting her to do some of the things she had always done for him as his wife. Her face flushed and her throat went dry and she promptly placed her hand back on the driving wheel banishing the images from her mind. Glancing at Kim she saw her glazed look and parted thighs. Mrs Lavender's heart beat guiltily. " We're not far from Eden Camp now Kimmy." She said softly.

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