My Interesting Inheritance
Chapter 1: Becky

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Cousins, Interracial, Black Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Size, Big Breasts, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Becky - He was down and almost out when he discovered that he had an uncle that had died and left him an interesting inheritance. Bag fulls on money plus a third share in a high class escort agency. His two partners were attractive women (cousins that he didn't know about). They put him to work doing what his uncle had done - test fucking all the new worker candidates (both solo and in partnership with one of the current escorts).

My head was spinning. It had been a very eventful few days. I had discovered that I had an uncle that I knew nothing about. He had died and I had just been to the solicitor's office for the reading of his will. That had totally freaked me out.

Prior to today I was a 35 year old divorcee verging on being totally broke - financially and emotionally. My ex-wife had set me up in a nasty sting to achieve the divorce that she wanted. We had no children so that made the divorce less messy but it still had left me destitute with her taking me to the cleaners. My parents had both died in a car crash 10 years ago. I thought that I was the last of my family still alive with all my grandparents long deceased.

I had kept myself fairly fit, and I had dabbled with dating over the last couple of years with a few one night stands. I wasn't ready to "put my cue in the rack" so to say, because those who had sampled it went away very happy with the experience. I had an above average cock in length and girth.

The reading of the will had stunned me, with just the fact that I was required there triggering my interest.

Whilst sitting in the waiting room I observed a stunning brunette long-haired woman. She was about my age, with a beautiful smiling face with ruby red lips ... and a stunning buxom slim body. She was dressed in a figure hugging red dress which came to mid thigh. Her legs were smooth and bare, with her beautiful feet (with their red painted toe nails) in strappy high heels.

The receptionist called us both into a meeting room where we were seated on one side of the table opposite the elderly male solicitor. He introduced himself to us as my uncle Bob's solicitor of many years. The beautiful woman introduced herself to me as Tina Watkins. I introduced myself, and explained to her my recent news that Bob was my uncle. Her relationship to Bob wasn't spoken about ... and I didn't ask.

What came next stunned both of us.

Bob was a multi-millionaire when he died, having made many astute investments in his life. He had cashed most of them in when he knew that he was dying so he had a sizeable bank balance which was going to be divided equally between Tina and myself and a third person named Avaline Roberts.

What surprised me was that he also owned an high-class escort service. This was where Tina became involved with her running the place and ensuring that everything went smoothly. Bob had taken a back-seat role in the business but was still active in some aspects of it. Tina would tell me about that later ... which intrigued me.

His will had some quirky conditions - the main one required that Tina, Avaline and myself were to jointly own and manage his escort service for a minimum of 12 months before any of us could consider selling our stake in it. On completion of the 12 months, each of us would receive a lump sum payment from his bank account of $200 million (it could be more depending on its interest earnings in the coming 12 months).

"Oh my god" I exclaimed.

"Wow" added Tina.

The solicitor then left Tina and myself to talk.

She gave me a general run-down on the escort service. There were currently 10 ladies of varying ages and nationalities working there. It was a private members only arrangement with only invited males joining. The clients were very rich, and paid handsomely for escort services in addition to the visting the ladies at the service's building.

All clients and ladies were tested regularly for diseases hence the sex provided was without condoms. All of the ladies used effective birth control measures.

"Wow" was all I could say at the end of her explanation.

"Would you like to come and see it for yourself and meet some of the ladies" Tina offered.

"Yes ... I would ... but tell me first ... are you happy with the fact that my uncle has thrust us together like this?" I asked her. I had been checking her out whilst she had been explaining about the service. She looked amazing - a perfect body, one that had my cock stirring in my pants. Her conversation with me was warm and engaging ... I sensed that we would get along quite well together.

"It's quite OK with me ... he discussed this with me before he died ... plus I need to tell you that he had you investigated to check on your suitability" she added with a concerned look on her face, not knowing how I would take that news.

If I was going to inherit upwards of $200 million then that news did not worry me at all.

"So I take it that I passed" I replied with a laugh which encouraged her to laugh too.

Tina drove me in her BMW Z4 roadster to visit the service's building (or meeting place as she preferred to call it). We chatted like old friends along the way, with much laughter at the corny jokes that we both made.

She pulled up in the street and said to me "On the right over there you will see a 7 level building with the white and black facia".

"Yes ... I see it" I replied.

"That is ours ... the meeting place" she explained.

The building that I was looking at looked like all the other buildings in the street. Nothing made it jump out and say "This is a sexual meering place". It just looked normal.

Tina restarted the car and drove down the laneway to the side of the building and into the under-building carpark. There was parking for about 20 cars, with most of the spaces empty at the moment. Approaching another door, she pushed a remote control in her console and the door opened to reveal a smaller parking area where she proceeded to park her car. The door closed behind us.

"Let's go up to reception first" Tina said as we approached a lift with her slipping her arm through mine to walk arm in arm into the lift. Being so close to her now I could smell her enticing perfume. Everything about this woman just reeked of sexiness.

The lift ascended slowly with us standing silently together waiting for the lift to stop and the doors to open.

The doors opened and we stepped out into a small foyer area where we were greeted by a petite young blonde woman dressed in a beautiful black dress. I knew her ... her name was Becky ... and she had been one of my one-night stands.

"Hello Grant ... it's good to see you again" she said as she walked up to me and hugged me.

My mind was immediately transported back to the night when Becky and I had played mattress games in a down-town hotel.

Becky was sprawled naked on the king-size bed, and I was between her thighs with my tongue buried in her tasty pussy. She was very tasty ... her cum juices were a creamy white in texture and colour ... she'd already had two cums courtesy of my oral skills, and I was working her towards number three. I had planned to slide my cock into her during this next cum explosion.

"Oh fuck ... so good ... so good ... don't stop" Becky groaned with my tongue gliding up over her engorged clit, taking it between my lips and teasing it.

"Ahhhh fuck" she gasped.

Leaving her clit, my tongue retraced its steps back to her canal entry where my tongue speared between her inner lips into her hotness.

"You're teasing me ... please ... please don't" she pleaded.

I looked up from tongue-fucking her pussy to see her propped up on an elbow with one of hand mauling her own little tits and their prominent nipples, pulling on them ... tweaking them.

Returning my concentration to her leaking pussy, I slid a finger into her tight hot canal with my tongue and lips turning their full-time attention to her clit. I sawed my finger in and out of her for a few moments before hooking my fingers in search of her g-spot.

The search bore fruitful results almost immediately with a noticeable increase in her arousal level with her hips pitching about pushing her pussy onto my mouth and finger. Her groans became louder and more frequent until she screamed out.

"I'm cuming ... oh god ... oh god ... fuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk!!!!!" she yelled.

I finger-fucked and licked her for a few more moments before I quickly moved upon her to fuck her pussy whilst it was still spasming with her cum. With my hand providing guidance I directed my cockhead between her splayed wet lips to find the entrance to her canal.

I pushed firmly forward, encountering minimal resistance with my cock sliding into her depths.

"Ahhh fuck ... you're so hot inside" I groaned with my cock shaft being scorched by her internal hotness.

"Oh ... you are glad to see me too ... I can feel it" Becky whispered in my ear before we broke apart from our hug. I felt just a little embarassed.

Tina sensed it too and teased me a little saying "Becky said you were a fine upstanding gentleman".

Both of the ladies had a laugh at my expense.

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