My Second Life

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Romantic, Mind Control, Sports, DoOver, First, School,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - What if you got a second chance at life? Not going back in time (give up the internet, computers and cell phones, no way!), just a chance to be young again. This one man's journey back through high school and beyond. This is an ongoing work not a completed one. Please excuse minor grammar/tense/spelling errors. Someday I will get them all fixed.

There have been stories of good deeds rewarded by the gods or fairies or whatever as long as language has existed. My story started with a malfunctioning spaceship, an inadequate HAZMAT suit and a little green guy about yea tall. Maybe I'll tell that one sometime but it is not part of this story. I die in the middle of it so it is not one of my favorites.

Yeah, I said died. I am not quite human anymore. I am what your children's children will be in about a couple of thousand years, maybe. A step beyond nanotechnology. I just think of it as magic, you know, Clarke's Law.

It took several years and a few distasteful favors for the three letter agencies but I have more money than several small countries but more importantly a new identity. One that should stand up to anything short of a Cosmic level security investigation. And that would trigger flags back to "friends" and favors granted.

One thing that I decided while setting up the new ID was that I had hated high school. I wasn't quite smart enough to be a nerd so I was just a geek. Never got stuffed in a locker but getting my books slapped out of my hands and laughed at was a daily occurrence. So I was going back to high school but on my terms. So here I am, fourteen years old (hey, I have a birth certificate to prove it, lol) and determined to have fun in my second trip through high school. Look out world.

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