Béla Book 6b: from 'Jurassic" to 'Dream'
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Necrophilia, Exhibitionism, Body Modification, Violent, Nudism,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story begins just after Jurassic B&B-well, it continues from the end of that story, then continues well into 'Time Enough to Dream', several scenes occurring alongside both stories, though each can be read independently. After I posted 'B&B' on FemmeGore, a couple of Femmegore girls posted, 'Hey! What about me?' The scenes in this story answer that, though I never posted this, so their question was never answered. Contains several scenes of female butchery, so-not for the squeemish!

"I think we're the same age, now!" Jessika exclaimed, her voice full of wonder and excitement. "I always worried what would happen to us when I ... because I'm so much older... was... so much older than you..."

"But, I would never..." Vanessa tried to interrupt, her face full of upset, concerned about Jessie's feelings.

"No, it's okay," Jessie said, not allowing her Beautiful Vanessa (version 1, the original, younger one) to interrupt. "I think we're going to have a wonderful time, now," she promised.

As she hugged Beautiful Vanessa's sexy, nylon-clad body close to her, an image of an older, sadder Vanessa flashed into her mind. 'My dream, ' she remembered. 'Well, BV version 2 (BVV2? Funny!), I bet you had something to do with me being suddenly young again. You don't suppose my premature death was age related, do you? Like, you made me younger so that maybe, just maybe, this time I won't die on you? Is that what happened, you simply outlived me? That's cheating, you know? You're not supposed to change the past ... or is it the future? Your past, my future ... our future ... this is definitely confusing!'

She stared down into BV's teary eyes, a bubble of pure joy tightening her throat before it burst out in an odd laugh, surprising them both. 'But ... I'm really glad you did!' she thought at the fading image of the older Vanessa in her mind.

Whatever might happen in the future, that future Vanessa had made an attempt to change the outcome, regardless of the rules. Beautiful Vanessa would become a powerful Phoenix, but they would be paired together for their entire lives, if what she'd dreamed was true.

'Oh, and don't worry about Emma, ' Beautiful Vanessa (the older one from the future – version 2) had told her, 'We'll all get along fine.'

"I can't imagine what could have caused all that damage," Frank expounded, coming through the large, double doors at the end of the dining hall. "There's not a cloud in the sky, and that roof damage looks really weird from outside – almost like it's a perfectly round circle."

"Really?" Tanya asked. "Oh, then maybe Lisa can just make a circle of Phoenix fire and fill in the hole, ya think?"

"That's something we've never tried," Tara interjected.

"Making inanimate material from living fire," Tia added.

The twins looked at each other, an odd smile on each of their faces, then both headed upstairs as though to get to work on fixing the damage from the wild wormhole.

"When did the 'T' twins start doing twin-speak?" Frank asked, enjoying his view of two naked rumps trotting – bouncing sexily – up the stairs.

"Jeez, girls," Ric complained as he took in Jessie and Vanessa's tight, mooshy embrace. "Get a room, will ya?"

"If you do, take me with you so I can watch," Tony added, grinning, almost leering at the two of them.

"If they do take you with them," Tanya laughed, "watching is all you'll get to do," causing Tony's sappy grin to slide down his face a bit.

"What's everybody doing in the lounge?" Cook asked, coming in from the kitchen. "Who's gonna help set up all the food I fixed? Remember the deal? I cook, you serve! So..."

"We'll get it," Frank laughed, then nodded to Tanya. They both headed toward the kitchen.

"Where're the 'M' twins when we need them?" Tanya asked quietly as an aside to Frank.

"With her royal, sexy majesty, the queen, I imagine," he replied.

"Back in New Eden, then," Tanya sighed. "But they should be back in a day or so, you think?"

"Yeah, they can't stay away from here for too long," Frank grinned. "Too much fucking the tourists and the rending of teeth into sexy girl bits. They're addicted to both, I'm afraid. High court will seem dull after being here for a while."

"Seemed dull to me even before we came here and set all this up," Tanya agreed. "I was ready for you to re-invent the chainsaw, just to have something hard and wicked between my legs again."

"Still can," her loving, considerate husband leered.

"Tyros are better," Tanya grinned back at him. Frank swatted her bare rump as they headed into the kitchen.

At the palace of the queen in New Eden:

"Anyway, we thought we should let you know," Tia said.

"Wow! New disasters can happen almost anytime, huh?" Miranda chirped.

"Thank you for letting me know about the existence of this phenomenon," Alana told Tia and Tara. "What are your plans, now?

"Well, we're staying around for the 'Royal Wedding'," Tia began.

"Then going back to the twenty-second century," Tara continued.

"For some fun and games!" Tia finished.

"Fun and games?" Murielle asked.

"Isn't being eaten by tyros," Miranda began.

"Fun enough for you two?" Murielle laughed.

"Looks like I'm losing all the hired help around here," Alana laughed. "Though next time I visit Frank and Tanya, I expect to be treated to some of your 'fun and games'," this last part directed at the M-twins.

"No problem, Majesty," Murielle agreed.

"You could've been chewed on during your last visit," Miranda said.

"If you'd've stayed longer," Murielle finished.

"After all," Miranda continued.

"We told you how Tanya saved Vanessa," Murielle said.

"From blowing herself up," Miranda finished.

"Yes," Alana interrupted. "She went back in time and prevented her from exploding some sort of weapon one of the University girls invented."

The two sets of twins nodded, agreeably. Alana frowned, suspecting she was beginning to surround herself with a bunch of 'yes-men', or rather, yes-girls!

'Don't believe that, darling, ' Alana heard in her head and looked in the direction of her personal quarters, where Sibilius was lying, half asleep.

'I thought you were napping, ' Alana thought back.

'Not when there's such interesting gossip going on in your audience chamber, love, ' Sy chuckled. 'The roof of Frank's lodge being blown off by a wild wormhole that stole years of age off a Phoenix trainee, Jonathan marrying a Phoenix girl ... Interesting stuff. I'm sorry we left so early.'

'It's Michael who's getting married, ' Alana corrected her life-mate.

'Sorry – can't tell them apart, ' was Sy's reply. One was his son and one was the Bard Geoffrey's. Alana was mother to both, though. She'd flown with both Sibilius and Jeff.

'Must be old age creeping in, ' Alana laughed, ignoring his barb about her two sons. It wasn't like they were twins; though they looked somewhat similar, Sy's son Jonathan was six years older.

'Ha-ha. Meet me for breakfast?'

'Yes! I'm starving!' Alana thought back. Verbally, she excused herself from Lisa's gossipy twins; "I've just been reminded of my duties to my king," she informed them, ignoring the snarky looks she received from all four of them, as she hated being called 'your majesty', herself. "So, I thank you for all the news, and, please forgive me if I don't stay around and chat." With that, she vanished, teleporting herself away.

Cherrill and Michael's wedding wasn't nearly as fancy as Alana and Sibilius' had been, though there was a fair, and hundreds of townspeople showed up to celebrate. Afterwards, during the amazingly huge buffet, 'Princess' Lisa talked to the newlyweds.

"You are already a powerful psychic," she said to Cherrill. "It's not much of a step from creating vivid, realistic dreams to learning how to call fire. You simply need to be highly stimulated, then have a brush with death."

"How did you discover your 'fire', Princess," Cherrill asked, "if that's not too personal a question. No one seems to know how you became a Phoenix – only that you are one."

Lisa laughed. "That's because I never told anyone. Plus, no one ever asked a Praetor that question – not even my mother." She looked sad for a moment, then continued; "Oh, well – never mind that. The truth of the matter is that I had been learning all sorts of stuff about mental control – creating matter from loose strands of energy – I was only four, I think. And..."

"Well! This should be interesting," Alana quipped from behind them. Lisa turned and hugged her mother's new body, welcoming the excuse to stop talking. "Please, Lisa, continue. There's so much about you that I've always wondered about, and you and I haven't really been truly intimate in our conversations."

"That's because you always treated me like a child," Lisa quipped. "Never giving me credit for the good things I did..."

"That's because you only demonstrated your troublesome side..." Alana began to argue.

"Okay, stop!" commanded Prince Michael. "This is our wedding, and I won't have my mother and my sister fighting..."

"Like the time you took your father's hunting rifle..."

"I can gag you," growled Michael, angry promise in his eyes.

Lisa remained silent, letting her younger sibling handle their mother. She was glad he hadn't threatened her; she didn't want to fry him to a crisp, then teleport him outside the silver frame of their hollow moon and into the vacuum of deep space. Besides, she respected the fact that he had managed to learn how to control Phoenix fire. He was the only male ever to manage it.

With that thought, she frowned, determined to work harder on her own life-mate, Macario. He loved gunning down the girls and helping them to achieve their transition, but he vehemently rejected each attempt by Lisa to help him evolve in a similar manner.

'I just need to change him as he cums, ' she decided, then smiled at the obvious simplicity of her solution. 'and hope he's not so terrified next time and allows himself to feel the incredible sensuality of it... '

"Lisa, sweetheart," Alana interrupted her thoughts. "I'm sorry. I really would like to hear the rest of your story."

Lisa frowned at her pseudo-mother, then stated, her voice flat with rejected emotion; "You already know when my discovery of Phoenix Fire occurred. You just mentioned it."

"When we heard that shot?" Alana asked, her eyebrows raised in a surprised expression. "Your father ran upstairs and found you floating above your bed..." Comprehension dawned on her face; "Surrounded by a ring of blue fire..." Her voice trailed away.

That wasn't correct, but she wasn't about to let her mother know that she'd messed with her parents' memories. When her father had rushed through her bedroom door that day, she'd been lying on the bed, her bloody hands between her legs, writhing in pain from that damned, stupid rifle having gone off while she'd been masturbating with it.

"That was the first time," Lisa confessed, angrily blocking off her memories of that day. "Now I have other places I'd rather be." Suddenly realizing she was being rude to Michael and especially, Cherrill, she turned to them. "I wish you all the best, brother and new sister-in-law, and I'm sorry if I put a stain on your wedding day. It seems to be what I'm good at..."

"Don't be ridiculous," Michael protested. "I'm ... We're..." he glared at his mother, "We're glad you came." He hugged his half-sister, then stepped back so Cherrill could do the same.

"I'll see you at the Preserve," Lisa promised her new trainee.

"I look forward to it," Cherrill admitted.

"Yeah, like every girl looks forward to being gut shot," Michael smirked.

"I expect you to use a different weapon on me," Cherrill whispered into Michael's ear while she pressed her hip against her new husband. "At least the first time..."

They all laughed. Lisa was grateful that Cherrill was able to relieve some of the tension that hovered over their little family. She raised her hand in a half-hearted wave, then disappeared.

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