Afterschool Special
Chapter 1

Faith Davis. Sixteen years old.Strawberry blonde ringlets, freckles all over and stunning sea-green eyes that looked vibrant against her alabaster complexion.Medium Height and Skinny. Bust size small C. Step-Daughter

Charlie Green Charlie was in his early thirties, and had wavy auburn hair and blue eyes wears glasses. built for his age he worked out lifting weights and running the neighborhood with his buddies.Step-Father

Faith Davis staired dreary out the window of her sixth period french class. It had been raining heavily since third period and it showed no signs of letting up. Just thinking about the trek home made Faith shiver and curl her delicate arms around her body.

Allen Blake who sat in front of Faith turned around and gave her an up and down stare, then smiled. " Looks terrible out there " Allen replied with a smirk "I'd sure hate to have to walk in this crapstorm".

Faith sat up straighter in her chair and looked Allen square in the eye and said " I don't need your help Allen. I'll be fine. Besides I'd rather not be seen with you in that dumpster on wheels that you call a car".

Allen looked hurt. "I said I was sorry Faith. I didn't mean for it to happen" Allen replied looking down at his shoes and letting his gorgeous chestnut hair hang in his eyes.

When they had been together Faith had loved to push his bangs to the side sweeping them out of his eyes but now all she wanted to do was pour gasoline on his head and light a match.

"Didn't mean for what to happen Allen?" Faith replied " Didn't mean to drive over to Lexi's house in the middle of the night?" Allens face started to turn pale. "Didn't mean to text her telling her to come out of her house to your car?"

"Stop Faith" allen begged his voice cracking.

"Stop what Allen" Faith asked raising her voice her fellow students that had been listening in could hear. "Stop calling you a filthy pig and two-faced or a bastard?"

Faith fists shook with rage.Her palms hurt from digging her nails into the palms of her hands to keep herself from choking allen.

"Or you didn't mean to fuck her and leave her bra and the condom in the back seat of your car" Faith boomed.

At this point the whole class knew her homecoming king had cheated. Allen looked like his heart could stop at any moment. The whole class sharply inhaled shocked at the tragic scene that was now playing out.

The bell for the end of the day rung but not a single person dare moved. Everyone was turned looking at Faith waiting to see what her next move was. Faith bent down and picked up her school bag and purse. She stood up and began to walk towards the door

"And stop calling me in the middle of the night crying" Faith yelled at allen over her shoulder."It's Pathetic!"

Faith walked down the normally crowded halls. But today everyone made a path for her fearing the wrath of a woman scorned. As Faith approched her locker she could see some one standing next to it waiting. Then Lexi's face swam into view. Lexi tried to smile but quickly stopped realizing she could no longer trust that Faith would smile back.

"I should call the janitor and tell him he left a giant bag of trash in front of my locker" Faith replied coldly. Lexi started to sink away into the crowds of students in the hall when faith turned to face her.

"Let me guess you're really sorry and our friendship means to much to let some dickwad come between us". Faith mimicked a tear running down her cheek and started to pout her lips.

"Faith about what happened" Lexi stammered. "If you'd just let me explain you'd see that this is all one big misunderstanding." Lexi whipped her runny nose on the sleeve of her shirt which made faith want to gag.

"I don't have time for your bullshit Lexi. So get this through your head you were my friend then you went and fucked my boyfriend now you're not my friend. Does that explain it". Faith slammed her locker door closed and headed towards the front of the school.

Faith stood on the sidewalk in the rain impatiently waiting her father. He had promised he'd pick her up from school that day. Eagerly she whipped out her cell-phone to call him when his car pulled up to the curb.

Her dad honked his horn and waved. Normally faith would have been mortified at this action but today she didn't give a fuck. The rain was intense and cold. She opened the door and slid into the passenger seat throwing her bags in the back.

Later she was sitting at the kitchen table doing home work and shivering from her damp clothes. Charlie walked into the kitchen, talking obnoxiously loud on his cell-phone.

"Yeah it's fine" he replied looking at Faith as he leaned against the kitchen counter.He was obviously on the phone with her mother.

As he hung up he sighed heavily "So it looks like your mother won't be joining us for dinner she has to work late at the hospital." he replied.

"And leave you all alone to watch Wheel of Fortune by yourself. " said Faith sarcastically.

"Now look here young lady."

"Watch out Charlie you're actually starting to sound like a real father."

Charlie was Faiths step-father her real father had ran out on her mother shortly after she was born. He was in his early thirties and had wavy auburn hair and blue eyes. He worked real estate and had met Faiths mother at an open house.

Seven months later they were married, Faith had to deal with two overgrown children acting like adults. He was very well built for his age he worked out lifting weights and running the neighborhood with his buddies.

He sighed and turned away from Faith. "Do you feel like pizza or not?" charlie asked sounding exhausted.

"Pizza sounds fine" said aith turning back to her homework. Charlie leaned on the counter his back to Faith and began to dial the number. Faith stood up from the table trying to reach charlie.

"No" Faith exclaimed as she walked across the kitchen to Charlie "You have to order it from Mama Rae's. Theirs is better"

She walked over trying to grab the phone out of Charlie's hand. As she did charlie turned to face her and had started to lose his balance from where he was leaning on the counter. Dropping the phone and turning towards Faith, he sticks out his hands out in front, to catch himself.

Faith gasped.

When Charlie had caught his balance each of Faiths breasts were in his hands. He squeezed wondering what he had caught his balance on. He looked down and realized what he had done. Stunned he stood there in the kitchen with both of Faiths breasts in his hands.

Both of them stood their for while, not saying anything just staring at each other.

Finally charlie removed his hands from her breasts and scratched his head tossing his curly hair.

"AH sorry about that" said charlie sheepishly and smiling at Faith.

"What are you grinning for?" Faith snapped at him.

Charlie's smile faded and his cheeks began to beat a bright crimson red. "It was an accident faith" he replied now trying to not look her directly in the eye.

"Yeah it was a total accident that as your fell, you grab my breasts" she shouted at Charlie and crossing her arms over her chest as if to deny him access.

"I'm sorry its just you caught me off guard and i lost balance..."

"Whatever charlie but if you need to grope someone, grope my mom. Geez its not my fault you don't get any action".

This was true Charlie and Faiths mother hadn't had sex in months due to her 14 hour shifts at the hospital along with sleeping in the guest bedroom so no one would disturb her.

Sexually things had been very tense for Charlie and having a sexpot step daughter like Faith didn't help anything either. She'd skip around the house in mini skirts and tube tops, at the best of times. Sitting at the family computer in hot pants and a sports bra.

It was worse during the summer when she walked around the house in her bikini. Showing of her hot taught figure and had that drooling baboon of a boyfriend following her around.

Charlie could tell though that Faith was the type of girl who enjoyed the teasing rather than the pleasing but that didn't mean he wasn't worried about the boys in her life.

He walked out of the kitchen into his den and waited to hear the doorbell. As he sat on the couch thoughts of Faith began to swirl in his head. Shaking his head he turned on the tv to distract himself. He flipped through the channels mindlessly.

Awoken from his day-dreaming by hearing girls screaming and flashing their chests at the camera. Baffled he dropped the remote between the couch cushions. He started to shuffle through the pillows looking for it. The girl on the screen began to scream and flash the camera as charlie looked for the remote. He stopped looking under pillows and continued to watch the boobtube.

Then he turned around and looked at the door to the den. It was closed and he figured Faith was upstairs doing her homework. So he sat back sank into the couch and unfastened his belt. He slid his pants off and then his boxers. His cock was already bulging and alert. The tip was so swollen and red it looked like a raspberry.

"Damn" Charlie muttered to himself "It's really has been a while hasn't it little buddy."

Clasping his right hand around the base of his engorged cock, stroking it.

"Be careful its my first time." a blonde on the screen said as she laid topless on a kingsize bed. He heard a man grunt before a cock appeared on screen at the opening of her hot snatch. She continued to moan and writhe on the bed before the man had placed his member into her snatch.

"Oh god it's too much!" she screamed gyrating her pelvis on this mans dick. "Oh yeah baby."

Charlie couldn't take it. He would rather see the action then hear these actors chessie lines. He stood up and looked down at the couch to find the remote.

Thats when he noticed Faith.

She had been standing in the hallway with the door open watching, the pizza they ordered in her hands.

Charlie stammered "It's not what it looks like Faith".

"Of course its not what it looks like Charlie"Faith purred, backing out of the room and heading back into the kitchen.

Charlie followed and when he reached the kitchen, Faith was sitting at the dining table eating a slice of pizza.

"I thought I said no green peppers." she said while examining her slice.

Then charlie remembered what had happened in the kitchen earlier, Faith trying to grab the phone and how he lost his balance, grabbing Faiths breasts for support...

"Sorry I forgot to tell them. I was ... distracted" Charlie said sympathetically grabbing himself a slice, sitting down at the table next to her.

"Don't worry about it Charlie I'm sure you weren't in your right mind" Faith said as she eyed Charlie up and down. "I'm sure their were more pressing things on your mind than what toppings I want on my pizza."

From there, they ate in silence.

As they finished dinner Faith washed the dishes and Charlie told her he was going to call it a night early.

"Make sure you lock the door" Faith called from the kitchen as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom.

Charlie walked into the bathroom, stripped down and took a cold shower. Washing his hair and scrubbed relentlessly at his body while the picture of Faith looking at him in the den frozen in his mind making him feel dirty.

After he finished showering he threw on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and jumped into bed. It was only 8:45 but after a long day at work and the 'issues' with Faith making him exhausted.

Faith finished doing the dishes and put away the leftovers. Walking towards the stairs she couldn't help but wonder what Charlie was doing. Intrigued by the events of the night.

She reached her bedroom and put her books back in her school bag. It was almost nine but faith wasn't tired enough to sleep yet. She opened her bedroom door and looked down the hall to master bedroom. By now she would have expected to heard Charlies obnoxious snoring but she didn't hear a thing.

He's probably watching TV in bed, she suspected.

She stepped back into her room and began to undress, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. Opening her dresser and pulled out a clean pair of black lace underwear and her usual t-shirt she slept in.

Looking in the drawer and noticed a pink lace slip, remembering when she had bought the slip. To wear it for the first time she and Allen had sex. Changing her mind, Faith figured she'd just wear it now since she didn't have a man she to impress anymore.

After her shower she looked at herself in the mirror, her hot and taught body in the mirror. Slipping on the pink lace slip that hugged her every curve, she looked even hotter. Checking herself in the mirror, Faith began to feel herself becoming wet. The lips around her pussy began to twitch.

Opening the bathroom door, she walked down the hall to her room. Looking back, she saw the light glowing under the door to the master bedroom.

She snuck towards the room and quietly opened the door just to peaking in. Charlie was lying on the bed snoring.

Opening the door the rest of the way, she snuck across the room over to the bedside table. Faith caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the wall and an idea formed in her head.

Charlie snorted and turned over onto his back.His cock on display as it sprang free from his boxers. She continued to sneak over to the table to turned down the light. Quietly she walked to the vacant side of the bed and climbed onto it with Charlie. She sat up on her knees and looked hungerly at his cock just a few feet from her.

"Charlie you naughty boy." Faith whispered." Don't you know its bad to not finish."

A minx like smile played across her lips. Faith reached her arms behind her and pulled an elastic of her wrist tying her hair away. She leaned down to Charlies member till it was a few inches from her mouth.

The tip looked so swollen and engorged. She jokingly blew air on it. His member swayed in response. Smiling Faith licked her lips intrigued, she reached out to grasp his hard cock. She handled it at the base squeezing as the cock swayed as if responding to her. She figured it was now or never, she drove the cock into her mouth until she could feel it at the back of her throat.

She and Allen may have not gotten very far but sucking cock had always been her specialty. She drove her mouth up and down the shaft leaving her jaw slack so it wouldn't tense up. She continued this for a while before being startled by Charlie's voice.

"I always like it better when you suck on the tip" he said he was looking right at her his arms behind his head and a broad smile across his face. Faith had been so eager to see his member that she'd forgotten that Charlie had been sleeping.

Faith stammered "Charlie I..." her mind was blank what logical explanation could she come up with.

"Its alright Faith I understand" said Charlie.

"You do??"

"Yeah of course i do. You're sixteen, curious, and there's nothing wrong with that. Besides those raging hormones of yours probably can be confusing at times."

Faith sat up and put her hands on her hips while glaring at Charlie.

"My hormones are fine! They're not raging or anything like that."

"Really?" Charlie said.

He began to slide his legs away from faith and leaned forward to sit closer to her. His member still erect and exposed.

"So say you were with a boy and things started to escalate, sexually, between you two, you'd be able to handle it?"

Faith crossed her arms across her chest and snorted "Of course I could, Charlie. I'm a woman not an animal."

"Well lets see how good your little theory test out then." he said.

"Whaa, mmmhhhhh" she said as Charlie's lips crashed into hers. He grabbed the back of her head so she couldn't turn away, pulling her hair. He used his tongue to part her lips and it explored the inner depths of her mouth.

Faith resisted with all her might for a bit but soon gave in as Charlies free hand began groping her breasts. Fondling them softly and twisting her nipples through the thin fabric of her slip. Making it feel even more arousing.

They remained kissing for a little while longer until Charlie pulled away, A trail of saliva was visible and it trailed from his mouth to hers.

"Oh god charlie" Faith gasped trying to catch her breath. "That was amazing!!" she closed her eyes and purred reliving the moment in her mind.

When she opened her eyes she looked at Charlie who looked like he was mentally struggling with himself.


"This is bad faith! We just and you sucked and i aaa grabbed" stammering.

"My breast" Faith answered proudly.

Charlie leaned back up against the headboard.

"What I did was wrong Faith. I mean Jesus I could go to jail." He had his legs out in front of him and his arms wrapped around his chest.

"Fuck this!" Faith said bouncing up and crawling over to Charlie.

"I'm to fucking horny and my vibe isn't doing the trick. So you'll just have to do. Got it!" she said swinging her left leg over Charlie, sitting down in his lap.

Before he could respond she grabbed the back of his neck, forcing his face into hers.Their lips crashed passionately together. Faith began to grind her hips against Charlie's cock causing him to moan and whimper in response.

When she released him he reached over to turn up the bedside lamp.

"What are you doing?" Faith asked looking confused.

"Grabbing a condom?" charlie answered.

"No your not." "Faith said causing him to sigh

"If I'm going to have sex with you I'm going to make sure it's safe Faith."

"I blew you for a good while now its time to return the favor."

Charlie smiled

"Well I have no complaints so I guess I have to pay up."

Faith got off of Charlie and laid back on the bed. Charlie moved to position himself between her legs.

"Just lay back and relax, enjoy."

Charlie chuckled as he began to kiss her inner thighs. His breath felt hot against her skin and she could feel his beard tickling her. Moving up her leg, he finally made his way to her crotch. He reached up and pulled her panties off.

He leaned in, his breath felt amazing blowing on her clit causing it to twitch. Faith let her head roll back, closing her eyes as Charlies tongue begin to explore all the facets of her pussy.

"OH YES!" she screamed when Charlie sucked on her clit.

His tongue explored her folds and teased her. Faith couldn't take it as charlie lapped at her pussy. She gripped the sheets with both her fists, arching her back while Charlie would tease her clit.

Finally as if releasing flood gates Faith came, spasming and jerking all over Charlies face. It felt amazing. She laid there for a while trying to catch her breath. Charlie used the sheets to wipe off his face.

"God Damn!" charlie said smiling at her. "I had no idea you were a squirter!"

"Neither did I." said Faith feeling embarrassed.

Charlie recognized the look on her face and leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

"It's nothing to feel self conscious about." he said.

"Okay" said faith

"Do you mind if we stop here for the night suddenly, I feel exhausted."

"Sure thing " he said.

"We can pick this up another time."

And with that charlie wrapped his arms around Faith and they both fell asleep in each others arms.

Part Two to come.

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