Chapter 1

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Western, Incest, Brother, Sister, White Male, Hispanic Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Squirting, Doctor/Nurse, Slow,

Desc: Western Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A rancher near the U.S./Mexican border has to deal with drug runners and Illegals crossing his ranch. He takes in a Mexican family.

Living in Mexico is hard, especially if you're from a border town. My name is Maria and I am the oldest of eight children. My parents are poor and I was born into slavery in a way. Not forced slavery, situational slavery. My parents have to work hard labor jobs 12 to 16 hours a day. I wanted to help them and today, I basically run the house while they both work. As the oldest I do everything, cook, clean, shop for food, settle disputes, give baths, do laundry, etc., you get the picture. I love helping them out, but I hate the fear that I have when I leave the house. Now that I am almost seventeen and turning into a woman, men leer at me where ever I go. Granted, I have never been attacked, but I get comments constantly. 'Come here baby, ' and 'hey Lolita come over here.' Once I had a close call when an older boy grabbed my shirt and tried to make me come with him. I turned and kicked him right in the shin and ran home as fast as I could.

I am pretty little, about 5 foot 2 inches tall, I don't have big boobs and I look like I am younger. I suppose that is because I am very thin. We have a large family and all of our food has always rationed. I have long black hair, big brown eyes and very straight white teeth. My eyes and my mouth are both very large for my face. Kids tell me I sort of look like a Mexican anime' caricature. People say I am beautiful, but don't most teenage girls hear they are beautiful?

My parents love me and always say they don't know what they would do without me. I feel proud of what I contribute but I wish life wasn't so hard. Everyday I can see the fence bordering the United States in my city of Nogales. Freedom and prosperity lie just across the border. Oh, how I would give anything to get my whole family over there and get us out of this poverty.

One day I went shopping for the family and my wish came true, only, not how I had planned it. The older boy that I kicked in the shin caught me as I was going home from the store. He put a rag over my face and it smelled terrible, I blacked out. I woke up and it was dark, and I was lying on a blanket in the desert and tied to four stakes stuck in the ground. I was naked and I felt pain between my legs.

The older boy saw I was awake and came over to me.

'Finally, you woke up, ' he said. 'I want you to beg me to fuck your little cunt the next time I fuck you. You have such a sweet pussy, I just wish it wasn't so bloody.'

My mind reeled, what has he done? Was he going to rape me? The boy came over and started sucking my breasts and shoved two fingers hard up my pussy.

'Ow, please stop, let me go. Then I screamed a blood curdling scream as loud as I could. The boy raised up and backhanded me and everything went dark again.

When I woke up, I was wrapped in a blanket and a woman held me. There were several people surrounding me with concerned looks on their faces.

'You'll be okay, ' said the women holding me. She had a wet rag and was wiping my face. 'We found you tied up and a boy taking advantage of you.'

'Where is he?' I asked.

'Fernando caught him and all the men drug him to a cactus and tied him to it. He was beaten badly for what he did, and we don't expect him to live.'

I felt relief and fear. What would they do to me? The woman sensed this and said, 'Don't worry honey, you are safe now, someone will take you back to your family. We are going to cross the border later tonight and make our way north to Nebraska. We hear there is lots of work there with great people.'

Strange but now after hearing this and knowing they rescued me, I felt fear that they would leave me behind and that someone else would take me and do bad things to me.

I begged the lady to take me with them. She said, 'You're too badly beaten to make the trip and we just can't take you.' They gave me some water and told me to stay the night right where I was and someone they had called would pick me up in the morning and take me home.

I watched as twenty or so people left and made their way to the border. After they were out of sight, I stood and tried to follow. I started to cry. My ass and pussy burned as I walked, my face ached and I had a throbbing headache. My chest ached too and I looked down and noticed hickeys all over my breasts. Not little hickeys either, big huge welts. I almost went back and laid down on the blanket and curled up, but I was really scared.

'These people know how to get across without being caught, ' I thought. 'I have to follow them in order to make it across and safe.' I followed behind them looking at their footprints and hearing their voices from time to time. I kept going and ran into the border fence, but no people. Where did they all go? I started looking for footprints and sure enough, footprints converged over behind a big rock. I could just make out a sand-colored mat on the side of the rock facing away from the fence. I picked up the mat and there was a tunnel. I waited 10 minutes before I went down into it and covered the hole using the mat again. It was pitch-black in the tunnel and I had to feel my way to the end. I walked for a long time before I felt the end of the tunnel. I reached up and felt another mat and pushed it aside. I could see stars overhead and I climbed out and put the mat back like it was.

I looked around and saw the fence behind me and I quickly ran north. I ran and I ran, I didn't know where I was going but the sun was starting to rise and I was in the middle of the dessert.

Big Bob Thorton hit the alarm and threw his legs out of bed. Bob needed to move some cattle on the south part of his 250,000 acre ranch, to a pasture up north. Five cows were dead already this week. Illegals had butchered one right in the pasture and cut off a big roast. They left the rest for the coyotes, which found it, along with a bear and maybe a jaguar. He grabbed his rifle and was ready for anything as he put his horse into the trailer. His ranch had become like the old west since the drug cartels used it as a drug trafficking highway. He drove the pickup and trailer in the dark. It was early and he had to drive 20 miles to get to the big pasture five miles from the border.

Bob, was nervous. His good friend from a neighboring ranch had been shot and killed six months ago. Hell, his wife had been car-jacked at gun point and was left in the desert while the Illegals stole her cell phone and wallet. She was threatened, if she told the police, they would come back and kill the whole family. She packed up the next day and told Bob she was done and didn't want to live this way. hat was nearly six months ago. She sent him divorce papers, he signed them and in another couple of months he would be officially divorced.

Bob had lived through some tough times in the last two years. After graduating from Arizona State with a degree in animal science, he had married his college sweetheart and moved to a new house he had built on the ranch. A month after they had moved into the new house, his parents were hit head-on by a drug runner trying to out-run the border patrol. Both were killed instantly. At twenty-three, he inherited a huge ranch and huge responsibility. Luckily his parents thought ahead and had gifted a large share of the ranch to Bob over the years so the taxes didn't force him to sell the whole ranch. They also had huge term-life insurance policies on each of them that helped keep the ranch intact.

Bob's wife hated the isolation of the ranch shortly after they moved there. It was a constant sore subject and Bob knew early on the marriage wouldn't last. Now he was mad, he was mad at his wife, at the Illegals, and at the government for allowing this bullshit to continue. If it wasn't against the law, the ranches in the county would end this shit overnight.

He parked the outfit, unloaded the horse and taped a note on the pickup window in Spanish that said, 'If you get in this vehicle, I will shoot you in the head. I can see you through the scope on my rifle.' It seemed to do the trick, as no one had taken his pickup yet.

He rode off and started gathering the herd. He noticed footprints all over the place. 'Damn cockroaches, ' he mumbled. He was driving the herd north when he spotted a young girl walking all by herself. 'What the hell?' he said.

He spurred his horse and took off at a gallop headed for the young girl. Bob was an excellent horseman. He rode up on the girl fast and threw a loop in the air. The rope went flying and he tightened it as it went over the girl's head and shoulders.

Maria didn't even know what hit her, the horse came up so fast. She just turned to run away and she was caught in his rope. She screamed and jerked at the rope.

Bob slid off, took three giant strides and picked the little girl up and laid her on the ground.

'Please, please don't kill me, ' she begged in Spanish. Living in this part of the country, knowing Spanish was essential and Bob said back to her in Spanish, 'I am not going to hurt you.'

The girl had a big gash on her face and bruises all over from what he could see and blood on her pants between her legs.

'If I take this rope off, will you do as I say?'

'Yes, just, please don't hurt me.'

'Okay, I need to move these cows five miles north and then ride five miles back to my pickup and load up the horse, then we can go and get you to a doctor. Put your foot in that stirrup and climb on my horse. I will get on behind you.'

Maria was exhausted. She could barely pull herself up and throw her leg over the horse and when she did, her pussy and ass burned like fire.

The girl winced with pain as she got on the horse and Bob noticed and was concerned. He climbed on behind her, which pushed her pussy into the saddle horn and that hurt her even more, but she said nothing. Bob reined the horse around and headed back for the cattle herd. As they rode along, Bob asked Maria what she was doing out there.

Maria told him how she had been kidnapped, tied to stakes, naked, in the dessert and maybe raped, but she passed out and wasn't sure. She described how a group crossing the border found her and her captor and beat the man up, leaving him on a cactus to die. She told him how she crossed the border and why she followed the illegals instead of going back home.

Bob was amazed. He thought maybe she was some drug related whore, but she was just a little thing. He didn't know what to say. The horse went through a little ravine and her pussy again pushed hard on the saddle horn.

'I am sorry, I don't think I can make it, ' Maria cried, 'it hurts too bad.'

'Where?' Bob asked concerned.

'My bottom and the saddle and my heaaa' ... Maria went limp.

Bob grabbed her to keep her from falling off the horse. He stopped, got off, and pulled the little girl off. She was sweaty, clammy and out cold. Bob laid her on the ground and looked her over. Fresh blood stained her thin cotton pants between her legs. He reached up and unhooked the saddle, leaving the blanket on. He got out his canteen and put water in his hands and fed some to the girl. He then put some on his hands and wet the girl's face. She started to come around. He sat there with her in his arms as she slowly came awake.

He noticed how really pretty she was.

'Honey, do you think you can ride a few miles back to the pickup bareback?'

'I'll try, ' she said weakly.

He lifted the girl up and sat her on the horse blanket and led his horse toward the pickup on foot and carried his saddle. Moving the cows would have to wait until later.

Maria was quiet. She felt much better sitting on the saddle blanket but it still hurt and her head was pounding worse. She felt like an idiot for not waiting and going back home. Her future was totally unknown. She didn't even know if she would survive or be deported or what? What would her parents think? They were going to be so worried.

When they got to the pickup, Bob carried the young girl in his arms and sat her down gently in the passenger seat. He loaded up the horse and off they went to the ranch.

When they got there, he quickly put the horse away and carried her into his home. Inside the house he took her straight into his master suite bedroom and into the bathroom. He sat her on the counter and started running a warm bath for her.

Maria looked totally spent. Bob started undressing her and the young girl just let him take all her clothes off. He picked her up and sat her into the tub and got a washcloth and started washing her all over. After washing her with soap and water, he laid her back in the tub and let her rest in the warm water. It was getting deep, so he shut the water off and left her alone in the bathroom while he tried to find her some clothes.

When Bob left the room, she looked around. He was nice to her and wasn't trying to take advantage of her. Maybe she could trust him. Her head throbbed so bad she started to cry.

Bob came back into the bathroom with some clothes his ex-wife had left and a glass of water and three painkillers. He had her take the pills and drink the whole glass of water. He let the water drain from the tub as he had her stand and then wiped her down thoroughly with a towel. 'She needs some rest first before I take her into the doctor, ' he thought. He scooped her up in his arms again and put her into his bed and covered her up.

'Get some rest now it will be okay little one, when you wake up I will take you into the doctor to see about that gash.' 'Wait', Bob thought, 'gash, maybe concussion, she shouldn't sleep'.

'Maria, on second thought, maybe you have a head injury and I shouldn't let you sleep. I will help you get your clothes on and we, ll head into town right now.'

Maria was out of it. She didn't care at this point. She just wanted the banging in her head to stop.

Bob carried Maria into the doctor's office and told the woman at the front desk what happened. It had been an hours drive into Nogales, USA. The nurses wanted to know about insurance and her history and Bob just said, 'I will pay cash and I want to talk to the doctor first.' The doctor came out ten minutes later and saw Bob. 'Hey Big Bob, what's up?'

'Hey Bill, this girl said she might've been raped and she was beaten last night. I think she might have a concussion and I don't know what else. She is illegal and I found her in the dessert. I want to pay cash and keep this off the record.'

'Sure Bob, you want to come back with us?'

'No I trust ya, just let me know what I need to do. I gave her three ibuprofen before we left home.

Maria watched as Dr. Bill cleaned her gash with disinfectant and used super-glue and butterfly tape so she wouldn't scar. He spoke fluent Spanish and kept her informed of everything he was doing. He did a head X-ray and found she did have a concussion. Next, he examined her vagina and it was red and her hymen had been thick and was torn well into the vaginal wall. She had definitely been penetrated. He swabbed for semen, DNA, just in case. This procedure made Maria very nervous, but he had a nurse right next to him helping him and he was very gentle. He fixed up where her hymen tore the lining of the vagina and cut out the remainder of her hymen.

Doc Bill noticed her rectum was torn also, probably penetrated as well. He had her lay on her stomach and raised her ass in the air. He gave her a couple of shots to numb her anus and then using a surgical glove, liberally greased her anus with K-Y jelly. A small camera was inserted to make sure she didn't have a perforated colon. Next, a special small anal tube about the size of two fingers was inserted slowly into her well-lubricated rectum, then he put three stitches into the torn flesh making it look perfect. The stitches would have to be taken out later because self-dissolving stitches wouldn't work down there. He told her she would have to take a diarrhetic for a week to keep any hard stools from tearing the flesh again.

Finally Bill asked her what vaccinations she had and she said she had never had a shot. He gave her a full battery of immunization shots and asked her about cramps during menstruation. She told him that she had bad cramps, he was going to start her on birth control too and she could take the pills if she wanted to. He gave her the morning-after pill so he wouldn't have a baby by the rapist. This was the biggest relief to her of all.

Finally he gave her topical cream for her bruises and hickey marks and a prescription of antibiotics for sexually transmitted disease just in case the rapist had infected her.

When they walked out, Dr. Bill gave Bob instructions about taking care of her. The girl at the front desk gave Bob a bill for $3,500.

'Shit, ' said Bob. 'Health Care really is a mess!'

Maria heard what Bob was paying for her to have all the medical work done and got a sinking feeling. What would she have to do to pay that off? That was nearly what her father made in a year.

'Bob, I think you should stay in town tonight to make sure her head injury doesn't start bleeding internally. Grab a hotel and wake her up every hour to make sure she is coherent, ' said Doc Bill.

'Okay, poor girl, I feel so bad for her, ' said Bob.

They checked into a nearby hotel. Bob only got one room because he knew he needed to be with her all night. He put her in bed and set his phone alarm to go off every hour. Maria fell asleep right away and Bob quickly picked up her prescriptions and headed back to the hotel. When he got back, she woke up but was very groggy. Another hour went by and Bob tried to wake her up and he couldn't. Bob called the doc and he told him to bring her into the hospital emergency entrance right away where he would be waiting.

They rushed Maria to surgery. She had a sub-dermal hematoma, which is a bleeding from the brain that puts pressure on the skull. In surgery, they needed to drill a small hole in her skull next to the damage, then a stent or tube was put in for a couple of days to let the blood drain and release the swelling pressure from the head injury.

Bill told Bob to fill out the paper work and say she was a ranch employee or housekeeper and that insurance might cover her without the need to prove she was a citizen.

'Maybe I should tell them she is an illegal and the government will pay for it all.'

'If you do, she will surely be deported, Is that what you want?' asked Dr. Bill.

'I know she must miss her family. She'll go home as soon as she can. Damn, I don't know what to do. Oh hell, I'll fill out the paperwork, that'll give her the option if that's what she wants to do. I wonder if I could drive across the border and tell her parents what is going on with her?'

'I think you could get a temporary visa for her parents to come across and visit her. Tomorrow, get their names and address from Maria and then go to the Border Patrol and ask. You are pretty tight with them aren't you?' asked Dr. Bill.

'I let them stake out all over the ranch for surveillance, so they'll work with me.'

The next day, Maria told Bob how to get to her home and the names of all her family members. Bob had some idea of the options he could present to the Border Patrol.

Maria was being well taken care of and Bob drove to the border patrol office. He told the area chief that he wanted a work permit for a family living in Mexico, a couple with seven children. The chief told him that it would take three to six weeks. Bob pointed out that if it takes that long, it will be way longer than that before they might get back on his ranch.

'Let's cut the bureaucratic red tape. Just make me some papers and let me bring them back. This is a personal request, ' Bob pleaded.

'Hell Bob, you know I could lose my job if anyone found out.'

'I'll never tell a soul, ' Bob said.

Bob headed into Nogales, Mexico to look up Maria's family. It was hard to find, they lived in the seedy part of town. When Bob found their place, he knocked on the screen door. Kids were screaming and running everywhere and a woman in her early 30 years old came to the door. Her eyes were red from crying and she had a two year old on her hip.

'Excuse me, is this the Hernandez home?' Bob asked in Spanish.

'Yes, ' the woman said in a concerned tone. 'What can I do for you?'

'I have information regarding your daughter, Maria, ' Bob said.

'Oh my goodness, is she okay?'

'She is in the hospital across the border.'

He explained all that he knew and the woman started to cry. Bob reached out to hug her and the woman melted.

'What can I do?' she asked.

'When does your husband get home?'

'Not until later tonight, do you need me to go get him?'

'That would be great, because there is something I want to discuss with you both. I can stay here with your family if you need me too or if you need a neighbor to come over, I can pay for her?'

'I will have my neighbor come over but she charges five US dollars?'

'Here is ten. Do you need a ride? I can take you there.'

She nodded yes.

'Mrs. Hernandez, I want to take you over to the hospital to see your daughter. I have papers to get you across, but I may have a business proposition as well.'

Mrs. Hernandez and I went to her husband's workplace. He was working at a lumber mill, cutting boards. She got him and brought him to me. He looked concerned. I told him what was going on with Maria and I could sense he was a good man and his wife was a good woman, so I made the proposal.

'Mr. and Mrs Hernandez, your daughter stole my heart and I want to make sure she is okay. I know life is hard for you and your family and I have gotten you a work visa that allows you to live and work for a year in the US. It has to be renewed each year. I need someone that can do all kinds of odd jobs on my ranch. I will pay you enough so your wife can stay home with the kids. If it doesn't work out, you can find other work in the US for the rest of your visa or go back to Mexico, your choice. I can guarantee you six months pay. I will pay you $2000 a month to start and provide you with a home to live in rent-free.'

The couple looked at each other in disbelief.

Mr. Hernandez asked, 'Are you serious?'

After talking to his wife, Mr. Hernandez resigned on the spot and left with us. We loaded the whole family and their essentials into the pickup and headed to the hospital. I would send a truck later to get the rest of their things from their tiny place. The whole family was excited yet very concerned about Maria and their future in the US.

Maria couldn't believe it when the whole family came in to see her in the hospital. There were lots of tears and lots of hugs. Maria looked way better and the doctor said she was doing great and was expected to make a complete recovery.

No one was living in Bob's parent's home. It was furnished but didn't have enough beds yet for everyone to sleep in. Some of the kids would have to sleep on the floor. It was a big old ranch house and when the family saw it, they were beside themselves with excitement.

Bob helped them settle in and went home to go to bed because he didn't get much sleep at all the night before.

After a few days, Maria came home to her parent's new place and they had a room for her. The next few days for Maria were spent recovering and watching TV. Bob left the family alone and worked his cattle each day. It was late, nearly dark when he came back from working the ranch each day. Maria's father was working out better than he could have imagined. He was hard working and very mechanical, something that Bob admitted to being bad at.

After a week or so, Bob took the whole family back to the doctor's office for immunization shots and to have them looked over. Maria also had some stitches that needed to be taken out.

Dr. Bill looked at the gash on Maria's forehead and changed the dressing where her head had drained. Both were healing nicely. He then had Maria get on her knees and put her head down on the table. Her butt was in the air. He was alone today, his nurse was checking the other kids to see which ones needed vaccinations. Dr. Bill pulled Maria's panties down and looked at her anus. Kids are amazing, she looked all healed. He quickly snipped the stitches and pull them out with a little tug. He then lubed a gloved finger and slowly sank it into Maria's rectum. Maria tensed up at first and then relaxed and actually enjoyed the feeling of his finger sliding into her.

'I am just checking for some scar lesions, ' he said. Next, he told Maria to turn over and he took her panties clear off. He had her put her foot in the stirrups and sat down to examine her vagina again. It was totally healed, not a hint of any damage. He took the soiled glove that he did the rectal exam off. He always got new gloves, but today he was horny, he put some lube on his bare fingers and massaged the gel into her pussy lips, which quickly became engorged in a darker shade of pink. First he stuck his index finger in and felt around, it was smooth and tight. Next he pushed his two middle fingers from his right hand into her. Maria, moaned slightly like it was uncomfortable.

'Does that hurt Maria?'

'No, she said, it's just a little tight.'

'Let me loosen it up a little. I will move my fingers back and forth, just try to relax your whole body, I want to see if any scaring will prevent you from having sex.'

The Dr. started to slide his fingers in and out slowly, he could feel her start to relax as he moved them in and out faster and faster.

'Oh that feels better Dr. Bill, ' Maria breathed as she bit her bottom lip.

Dr. Bill did this until he saw the girl flush with sexual arousal and then he put his thumb on her clit and started rubbing it in a circle.

'Dr. Bill, it feels like I am going to pee.'

Dr. Bill switched hands so he could rub her clit really fast with his right hand and still plunge two fingers in and out of her pussy.

'Oh, Dr. Bill, what's happening?' Maria's pussy started spasming and she squirted all over his hands. Dr. Bill kept going and she did this three separate times before pushing his hand out and telling him it was too much. 'Well, my dear, your vagina is 100 percent healed. Everything works perfect.'

'What did you do to me, that was the best feeling I've ever had?'

'That was an orgasm honey, haven't you ever masturbated?'

'No, ten of us lived in a two room apartment. I never had any privacy.'

'Here are a couple of tricks you can do to make yourself feel sexy when you feel you need an orgasm.' He gave her a two minute crash course. 'If you ever have questions about your body or sex in general, just call me.'

'Thank you Dr. Bill, ' Maria hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Maria knew what he had done could get him in trouble, but he didn't hurt her, he was trying to help her.

Dr. Bill rearranged his hard cock as he left her to get dressed. Next he went into see the next oldest Beatriz. He examined the little blonde and she was in good health. He had her put her legs in the stirrups and noticed the light downy hair on her pussy. She definitely had her hymen intact.

He asked her about her periods and if she had cramps. She had severe cramps saying she almost couldn't get up during her period. He gave her a prescription for birth control as well as pain medicine to take. He wondered if she had ever masturbated, oh, what the hell, he decided to ask her.

'Beatriz, do you ever get sexual urges to touch yourself?'

'Is that bad? Bob told all of us that we had to be honest.'

'No, sexual urges are normal, ' doc said.

'It feels good to run water between my legs when I take a bath.'

'That means you are having sexual feelings. As you get older, it feels good to stimulate your sexual parts, that is called masturbation. Have you ever masturbated?

'No, never.'

It isn't a bad thing, do you want me to show you what it is about?

'Okay, if it doesn't hurt?'

'No, see this, it is called your labia majora, it is the big part. See these lips, this is the labia minoria, when a penis goes into the vagina, the hole here, ' he explained, 'it rubs against these lips and feels really good. Inside your vagina is a barrier called a hymen. Give me your finger, feel that right there?'

'I can feel it.'

'That barrier means nothing has been stuck up your vagina, no tampons, no fingers and no penises. It tells me you are a virgin.'

'Uh huh, ' was all she said.

'Feel this bump at the top of your vagina? This is called your clitoris or 'clit' for short. It has thousands of nerve endings and gives a girl the most pleasure. There are other places in your vagina that a penis can reach that may give you a lot of pleasure too. When I rub around your lips like this, it feels good right?'

'Uh huh.'

'I will rub it for a little while and watch what happens.'

The doctor rubbed the outside for several minutes, watching her face until it flushed with sexual desire. 'See how your pussy lips or labia are sticking out more. See the clit, it is sticking out more too, you are getting excited and that means your body is getting ready for sex.'

'No, I don't want to have sex with you, ' she said panicking and starting to pull away.

'I am not going to have sex with you. I am showing you what you can do to feel better yourself.'

'Oh, whew.'

'Now give me your finger, I want you to rub your lips here with one hand and with the other, rub your clit the way that feels nice. Does that feel good?'

'Really good!'

'Keep rubbing it until something really good happens.'

'Ah, mmmmm, wow, this is feeling, ohhh, I have this feeling building, oh doctor, I think this is gonna make me pee.'

'Don't stop Beatriz, keep going.' The doctor's cock was rock hard and he thought he might cum in his pants. He wanted to pull his cock out, but showing a kid how to masturbate was the most extreme thing he had ever done.

'Oh, Oh, oh, aaahhhhhhhhhh, ' cried Beatriz as she came for the first time. She brought her legs together and stared at Dr. Bill in disbelief. 'What was that!'

That my dear was an orgasm and you just masturbated yourself to your first one.'

'Oh, wow.'

'Let's keep this between you and me, I am not going to show this to all the kids, just the ones who are ready. Can this be our secret?'

'I won't say anything.'

The doctor finished the exam and left her to get dressed. He was taking too long on these physicals. In the hallway he asked the nurse, "Joanne, which kids are you done with?"

'I have done all the young ones, Eva, the fourteen year old, what a cutie she is, and I still have the twins left, 13 year olds, Federico and Francisca. Can you do Francisca? Oh and by the way, all of them have been immunized now too.'

Joanne went in with Federico, he was a nice, good looking, strong, young man. His voice had changed and he seemed nervous.

'Hi Federico, my name is Joanne and I will be doing your exam today. I see you have your gown on, lean forward and I will listen to your heart though your back first.' Finding everything normal she told him to lay back. He lay flat on his back and she listened to his heart through his gown. She then moved to his stomach. It was flat and muscular. She pushed around on this abdomen and he winced in pain when she pushed low on his stomach.

'Is this a little tender?'

'Ouch, yes, that hurts!'

'Sit up Federico; I need to take off your gown so I can take a closer look.'

Joanne pulled the gown away and quietly appreciated the boys physique. A perfect young boy in puberty. His cock was semi-hard and he lay with his hands somewhat covering his cock. Joanne probed around his abdomen some more. Every thing was fine but one area. Joanne probed around it some more and was unsure. She could tell Federico was hurting from her pressure and she started to lightly massage his stomach and told him to relax. This triggered the pleasure sensors in Federico's brain and his biggest fear started to happen. His cock expanded into a full fledged hard on. Joanne tried to ignore it but the boy turned bright red and his hands went into a fig leaf position.

'Federico, a hard penis is something we see all the time, no need to feel embarrassed. Put your arms to your side, I need to feel your pelvic bone and around the base of your penis.' Joanne had gloves on and felt around all over his pubic area. She then told him to hold his knees back and felt around his balls and scrotum. No lumps or bumps. Next she needed to feel his prostate to see if it had anything to do with the pain in his abdomen. She got the KY jelly and pushed her index finger as far into his anus as she could. Then she lifted up to feel the walnut sized prostate. It was normal size put kind of hard. She told him to relax and push like he was having a bowel movement. He did and she stuck a second finger in and massaged the prostate with two fingers. His cock was super hard and clear liquid poured out of his penis. She pulled her fingers out fearing he might cum and wiped him up.

'I need you to stand up Federico.' He did and his four inch cock stood straight up.

'Cough for me.'

As soon as he did, she could feel what was causing the pain. Federico had a hernia.

Back in the other exam room Dr. Bill had thirteen year old Francisca, Federico's twin sister, naked with her feet in the stirrups. He was examining her vagina and noticed that the girl was missing her hymen. This can be caused by a lot of things so he thought he should ask her some questions.

'Francisca, I see that you don't have a hymen.'

'A what?'

'In your vagina there is usually a barrier of skin that goes across it. Virgins have it and it tells me that nothing has been inside your vagina. But you don't have one. Have you or has anyone else put anything up your vagina?'

Francisca flushed red and she said, no, 'why?, is that bad?'

'Not necessarily, but it could be, tell me what happened.' She was reluctant as she spoke.

'Well my brother Federico and I were playing doctor when I was 12 and he pretended that his penis was an x-ray and stuck it up me. I started bleeding and it hurt a little.'

'Oh, I see, has he stuck it in you any other time?'

'Do I have to tell you? You won't tell my parents will you? We would be in big trouble.'

'I won't if you tell me the truth and tell me everything.'

'Okay, after a week it felt fine again and we were playing doctor in the creek bed and he probed me again with his x-ray, I mean, penis. This time he probed in and out of me. It felt really good. Now he wants to do it all the time.'

'Okay, how often does he probe you?'

'Every chance we have to be alone. It is the best feeling, but I know it is wrong, please don't tell my parents.' Dr. Bill made a note to put Francisca on birth control ASAP.

'Has he probed your behind too?'

'No, gross! He wanted to, but I wouldn't let him. Do people do that?' she asked because she really did want to try it.

'You know Federico probing your vagina could give you a baby, have you had your period yet?

'No, could it really? I want a baby of my own to take care of.'

'Francisca, babies are a lot of work and you're really too young to have one. Sit here I will be right back.

Dr. Bill went to Bob and took him into his office. 'Bob, Francisca, the thirteen year old and her brother Federico have been fucking each other for about a year. No one knows this but them and she hasn't had a period yet, but could at anytime. Once you start fucking, you're gonna want to fuck every chance you get, especially at his age where it is all about sweets and playing and fun. I have seen it before. I suggest we give her a yearly implant to prevent pregnancy and we need to do it yesterday. You think we should ask her parents?'

Bob called Mrs Hernandez into the office and broke the news. She started crying. They both told her Francisca wasn't bad and the kids didn't know what they were doing or that it could even make babies. Doc told her that Maria, Beatriz, Eva, and now Francisca, would all be on birth control. She would have to make sure all the older girls took their pills. They would help with their cramps too. He explained that Francisca would have an implant because she probably would forget to take the pills, but she needed it the most because she was sexually active.

'But we are Catholic, we aren't suppose to take birth control.'

Your call ma'am, you're the mother, but the girls cramps will be bad and a girl as small as Francisca would die in child birth if she had to have the baby by herself, ' he said, exaggerating a bit.

Mrs. Hernandez agreed. Nurse Joanne then came in and gave them the bad news about Federico and said he would need surgery. Bob groaned thinking of more expenses, but he was committed to this family. Why, he didn't really know.

Surgery was scheduled in two weeks.

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