Zoey Has Been Naughty
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Mult, Teenagers, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, Zombies, Spanking, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Double Penetration,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Zoey from Left 4 Dead is spanked by many people in many different places.


Zoey knew she shouldn't have gone off on her own, but that package of first aid looked so useful that she'd neglected to check the surrounding area for zombies. She'd sprinted straight for it and almost tripped over a Smoker's tongue, which seized the opportunity and wrapped itself firmly around her legs. She'd cried out for help as the tongue dragged her over to the Smoker, who, in a surprising turn of events, had decided to strip her naked instead of tear her to pieces. It had gotten as far as divesting her of her tight jeans and white cotton panties (its long-dead brain hadn't remembered how to work a zipper or undo a button, so it just yanked them right off) when a bullet had whizzed past Zoey's head and right into the Smoker's heart. It wheezed and died, thankfully venting all of its smoke out through its mouth instead of the bullet hole. She'd called out again, struggling to free herself, and Bill had come running. He'd set down his sniper rifle and managed to untangle the teenager from the entangling organ.

She'd blushed furiously as she'd stood up, but he'd ignored her bare legs and genitals, instead urging them to get to the larger house. When they'd reached the house, she'd blushed even more as Francis and Louis ogled her openly. "Uh, not that I'm complainin', but why are you goin' commando?" Francis had asked. Bill said nothing, but marched her past them, only stopping to glare at Louis as he'd reached out a tentative hand to feel Zoey's behind.

Now she was standing abashed before Bill, who had his arms folded and was lecturing her on zombie ettiquette and protocol. She knew all of this already, so she zoned out just a little, instead wondering just how far the Smoker's tongue might have gone if Bill hadn't 'saved' her. Her train of thought was interrupted when Bill grabbed her by the arm, hauled her over to the picnic bench, sat down and yanked her over his knee. "If I can't get through to you with words, maybe a good ol'-fashioned spanking will do!" he growled.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Bill? There is NOOO need for a spanking. I've learned my lesson! You can just let me up and we'll pretend this whole thing never happened!" she said quickly.

"Oh, I'll let you up all right," he growled as he laid into her bare bottom with the flat of his hand. "But not until your ass is as red as your jacket!'

Her squeaks and yelps of pain carried through to the cabin, drawing Francis and Louis' attention once more. "Atta boy, Bill!" Louis muttered. "She's been askin' for it for days!"

Francis agreed. "Just don't make this weird by jerkin' off right next to me, okay?"

Zoey winced as a fresh round of spanking began. She'd always wondered what a spanking would be like, but she was kind of hoping her first time would be a little gentler, to let her warm up to it. Bill didn't seem to want things to get weird either, so he'd settled for a firm fatherly spanking instead of a slower more intimate one. "Ow! Dammit Bill! Don't you think this has gone on long enough?" she pleaded as he switched to the bottom of her cheeks instead of the middle.

"Have you learned your lesson yet?" he asked.

"Maybe not..." she mused. "How about ten more?" He said nothing, but rained the last batch of slaps down lightning-fast, so fast she'd barely been able to count them aloud. "For an old man, you've sure got a good spanking arm." she mumbled to herself as he lowered his hand and told her to stand up.

"I'll take that as a compliment. Now I want you to stand in the corner, with your hands on your head and that cute little hiney of yours out for the whole world to see. Give it a good five minutes, then you can go lookin' for cream or whatever." he said.

Zoey did as she was told, smiling to herself as she felt the boys' eyes admiring her thoroughly thrashed tush. Then, while Bill was upstairs keeping an eye out for zombies, she turned around, stripped off her shirt and jacket and dropped to her knees before the biker and the manager. "Don't ask stupid questions, just get those dicks out and let me suck 'em." she ordered. They were all too happy to oblige...


Excella Gionne had discovered two very promising research candidates snooping around the top floor of the Savannah Hotel. Before she'd introduced them to her horny test subjects, she decided to have a little fun with them.

"All right, strip." she said, still aiming the pistol at them. They looked bewildered at first, but she repeated the order and they hastened to obey. The boy was well-built and starting to become engorged under her studious gaze, and the girl was so cute she could almost eat her. "You, boy," she said. "Wait over there. I want you to see this." He sat down on a stool in the corner. "Now then, girl. Put those pillows on the table." The girl tossed them onto the table and glared at Excella with arousing defiance. "Stack them neatly." She rolled her eyes but did as she was told. "Get on top of them, bottom up." Reluctantly, the teenager did so, giving Excella time to break out the restraints. "Just because I put the gun away doesn't mean you can try and run." she advised the girl as she cuffed her hands and ankles together.

"You are one seriously weird lady." the boy said.

"Be quiet! Or would you rather I spanked you instead of your lovely companion?" She ran a finger under the girl's chin. The boy said nothing, but his penis spoke volumes. "Good boy. What's your name, girl?"

"Zoey." she muttered.

"Well Zoey, this is what happens to spies!" And Excella began to spank the girl's delicious derriere with abandon. At first, Zoey had cried out in pain (Excella was something of a dominatrix as the strength of her slaps made clear), but as her ass reddened, she started to moan and squeeze her legs together in an attempt to pleasure herself. "It seems you like to be punished!" Excella said, pausing to rub the girl's clitoris slowly, teasingly. Zoey whimpered and the boy reached for a bottle of lotion. "You like to watch?" she asked the boy as she returned to spanking Zoey mercilessly. "You like hearing her little noises and seeing her bottom bounce?" The boy nodded as he rubbed the lotion all over his very erect cock. "You like it so much, you just want to sit there and jerk yourself off instead of trying to save her?"

"Y' still got the gun," he muttered abashedly.

"And don't you forget it!" She punctuated each word with a firm slap, and Zoey couldn't hold back. She came, screwing her face up tight in an attempt not to let Excella know. "My, your first orgasm of the day, and you haven't even met the monsters yet!"

"Mmmonsters?" Zoey panted.

"They're so hungry to meet you." Excella moaned in Zoey's ear. "But first, let's see how red we can get this beautiful little bottom of yours."

The spanking continued for what seemed like forever. Everyone was enjoying it, especially Ellis who, now that Excella could resist no longer and had taken off her sheer silk dress, could see two beautiful asses very clearly. He grunted as Zoey met his eyes; they could see each other's pleasure, and it drove him over the edge. He came, spurting huge globs of semen which he'd been saving up for weeks (the zombie apocalypse left little time for relief) onto the carpet. Excella noticed this, and as his orgasm seemed to settle down, she walked over sultrily and bent down, letting Zoey admire her captor's ass from her position on the table as Excella swirled her tongue around the boy's head. He needed no further coaxing, and came again, right down her throat. She hummed in pleasure to herself and it was Ellis' turn to whimper as the vibrations did wonderful things to his cock.

All too soon, it was over. Excella didn't let her captives get dressed; instead, she made a phone call and, in a few minutes, the monsters she'd promised arrived. Zoey was fucked silly by the obscenely hung Nemesis-T Type and left twitching in ecstasy, while Ellis found a whole new spectrum of pleasure at the hands of a group of Lickers, who used their long long tongues to jerk him off and force him to cum onto himself time after time as they fucked him furiously from beneath.


A chance meeting in the streets of Riverside ... A bet made between the blonde zombie-slayer and the brunette...

Now, Juliet Starling sat expectantly on the table. "Come on already! Or do I have to get my chainsaw out again?" she said.

"Keep your leggings on." Zoey grumbled as she unfastened her pants.

"You better not try and weasel out of this! A bet's a bet, and I won!" Juliet said.

"Yeah, yeah..." Zoey muttered as she pulled her jeans down and kicked them off. If there had been any zombies left standing after the bet, they would've gotten quite an eyeful!

"And you keep those cute little panties on! I wanna take them down myself!" Zoey assented reluctantly, and Juliet patted her lap. "Up and over, loser!"

"You're lucky I ran outta ammo," Zoey said with a glare as she draped herself over the cheerleader's lap. "I've never met someone more deserving of a spanking in my LIFE!"

"Ah, don't make excuses! Just sit tight and take your punishment like a man!" Juliet said with a grin. "Ready?" Zoey nodded. "Bombs away!" With that, the eager young blonde yanked Zoey's panties down, leaving them just below her buns. "Wow, you've got one hell of an ass! What kinda exercises do you do? Forget it!" she interrupted as her victim was about to answer. "I bet it's not nearly as much as me!"

With that, Juliet Starling began to spank Zoey hard and fast. Her squeaks and squeals echoed down the empty streets, and attracted a gaggle of zombies, who at least for the moment were content to watch the loser receive her comeuppance. A lone Hunter on the rooftops even remembered how to take off his pants and pleasure himself.

"Whaddya know? It looks like one sure-fire way to get these zombies to quiet down is to show 'em a cute little ass like yours glowing red!" Juliet giggled and gave Zoey's cheek a pinch for emphasis. "Just look at the crowd!" Zoey flinched, and looked around. "All here to see this sore loser get what she deserves!" Juliet said, redoubling her efforts against Zoey's butt. "Well now this sore loser's gonna have a sore bottom too! See boys? If you play nice, maybe you can join in!"

"No!" Zoey gasped.

"Yes!" Juliet mocked. "Now take that jacket off. I wanna see your tits!" Zoey struggled to comply. "Hey look, there's a Tank! How about it, Mister Tank? Would you like a go?"

Zoey looked around wildly for the Tank, only to let out a scream of more than just pain as her tormentor started spanking her again. "What was that about? You get off on this??" Juliet asked in disbelief. Zoey blushed. "You DO?? Aw man! spank I wish you'd spank told me. I'd have had you gimme spank your clothes and let you wander on back spank to those three old geezers you're traveling with! spank Now THAT spank would've been em-bare-ass-ing! spank spank spank spank" One of the zombies let off a moan of relief and crumpled to the floor after the display of booty-bouncing it had just witnessed. "Your ass is so hot, it kills zombies!" Juliet giggled.

Finally, she was done. "Man, you've got buns of steel!" she complained, shaking her hand wildly. "You can get up now; I don't think my poor little handy-wandy can take any more." Zoey got to her feet, wincing and struggling to get a look at her red red rear end.

The zombies, sensing that the show was over, wanted more and began closing in. No matter how many the two very horny girls killed, more were coming. Soon, they had no choice but to service the horde. Juliet's skimpy cheerleader uniform was ripped away by the Hunter who, eager for release, pushed his surprisingly intact cock between her ample bosom. Zoey was sucking, rubbing, and fucking all kinds of dicks, but all paled in comparison to the Tank, who shoved the others aside, lifted her up and impaled her ass on its cock, which was almost as thick and as big as its arms. As she wailed in delight, the Tank, obviously taking lessons from Juliet, began to spank her as best as it could.

The orgy lasted for hours, until finally the two were left shivering, exhausted, and covered in zombie cum. "Your world is so much better than mine..." Juliet panted. Zoey showed her agreement by giving Juliet's backside as hard a spank as she could manage. "Eeek!"

Ellis and???

After detonating, dismembering and disemboweling horde after horde of zombies, it was time for some relaxation. Ellis and Zoey languidly stripped their clothes off and stood admiring their partner's physique for some time. Zoey, knowing full well what Ellis thought of her backside, turned around and wiggled it at him invitingly. He smacked it obligingly and she closed her eyes in delight. "That's it?" she asked after a time, opening one eye and looking at him quizzically.

"Hell no. Just admirin' the view is all." he answered.

"Well don't take too long. I'm horny as hell and I'm not gonna take it-ooof!" He rammed into her abruptly. "A little warning next time..." she began, only to bite her lip as he began to pound her intensely. She tried rocking her hips back into him as she'd seen in a couple adult movies, but that just made her cum faster, feeling him poke deeper inside her.

"Hey now that's not fair. I wanted us t' cum together." he said as he pulled out.

"What the... ! Where are you going?"

"I'm goin' t' take you over my knee and give you that spankin' you been askin' for! Now git over here!" She hurried to oblige, lying tantalizingly over his rock hard dick. "Now you gone and done it." he said sternly. He spanked her just as they'd both been dreaming of: nice and slow, but still firmly enough to leave her bottom a brilliant red after he was done. As a way of saying thank-you, she gave him as good of a tit-job as she could, even letting him erupt all over her face before they staggered off to bed.

Zoey awoke to someone insistently poking at her back door. She assumed it was Ellis and rolled over to give him a better shot, only to find another cock at her mouth and soft womanly breasts on her back. She tried asking what was going on, but Ellis pushed his dick into her mouth as the ... woman pushed her own into Zoey's ass. She let out a muffled grunt and the woman reached down to fondle Zoey's nipples. "No need t' worry, she helped save mah life. I figured the least I could do as thanks was offer up that cute little behind of yours; yer always talkin' about getting Dee-Peed or whatever." Ellis said. Zoey relaxed and began bobbing up and down on Ellis' penis, letting the thrusting motions of the woman push her forward to take him further into her mouth. She was being well and truly fucked and she couldn't be happier.

Ellis and the mystery woman on top of her came almost at once, and the feeling of so much cum pouring into her from both ends pushed Zoey to her own orgasm. The woman gasped as her climax subsided and withdrew carefully, but Zoey didn't let Ellis leave without planting a French kiss on the tip of his cock. "Next time, you get the spanking for not asking me first." she said huskily.

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