Doctors Orders

by bamadude 55

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Aunt, Nephew, Size, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A young guy falls through the ceiling and after his aunt who is a doctor examines him it leads to family fun.

Chris Wilson's mother had been on him forever to climb in the attic and retrieve some boxes out of it for his recently divorced aunt Betty. Feeling enthusiastic one bright Saturday morning, Chris promised his mother he would have them down and situated on the front porch by the afternoon. After climbing up in the hot dirty attic and climbing over numerous boxes Chris finally found the ones his mother described and was carefully carrying one of them back when his foot slipped and the full weight of his body came crashing down on one of the rafters. As soon as he fell he let out a blood curling scream "OOOWWW! Fuck me!"

His mother Carol came running only to see too long legs straddling one of the rafters and poking through the ceiling in her huge utility room. She immediately called out to him. "Are you alright?"

"Hell no I'm not alright, I just busted my fucking nuts!" Chris shouted.

Carol had to stifle a laugh at her son's predicament as he gingerly crawled down the ladder. "Oh my, are you hurt very badly?"

"I'm not sure, at least I'm not coughing up blood anyways. Damn they hurt!" Chris exclaimed.

With his mother's help, Chris walked very gingerly into the house and cautiously sat down on the sofa. Now very concerned, Chris's mother suggested he go to the emergency room and have a doctor check him out. Chris was embarrassed enough without having some stranger running his hands all over his nuts so he suggested his mother fill up an ice pack for him. She returned moments later with 2 quart sized ziploc bags full of ice. "I'm sorry honey but this will have to do."

Carol reiterated her concern to Chris. "We need to go to the hospital son, you may have hurt yourself very badly. It's best we go right away because you know how long it takes to see a doctor at the emergency room."

"It's fine mom, please just let me rest for a minute. I'll be fine." Chris begged his mother.

Chris slowly pulled open the front of his shorts and gently lay the two bags of ice on his swollen nuts when the doorbell rang and rang again. It wasn't until he heard the doorbell ring the third time that Chris noticed his mother staring at his midsection. He finally asked her. "Mom, wake up. Are you standing there staring at me?"

"I'm worried about you honey." Carol answered her son.

"Well then do you think you can answer the door?" Chris asked her.

Carol finally went to the door and was pleasantly surprised to see her sister Betty standing in the doorway. "Oh thank god you're here. Chris fell through the ceiling and won't go to the hospital, will you take a look at him?"

Chris heard his mother and immediately knew she was talking to his aunt Betty. While Betty was a doctor, he didn't want her examining his swollen balls either. He was about to hobble to his room when a sharp pain stabbed his midsection and he let out a low guttural moan. "OOWW, MOOOMMM!"

Chris clutched the two bags of ice tightly against his groin as his mother and lovely aunt entered the room. His aunt Betty walked over to him and said. "Let's see what's ailing my favorite nephew."

"It's, it's, it's his balls sister. He slammed his balls against one of the rafters trying to retrieve those boxes you wanted." Carol explained to her sister.

Chris was still covering his midsection when his aunt Betty told him. "Listen to me Chris, I'm a doctor and I promise you don't have anything down there I haven't seen before. In case you've forgotten, I used to change your diapers."

"Not the same thing at all, it's not the same thing at all. I was a little boy back then and I am a grown man now." Chris groaned.

"Well then, I guess we will just have to take you to the hospital. It's your choice." Betty frankly told him.

Chris finally agreed and while Betty went out to the car to retrieve her bag, his mother reiterated her concern. "I think Betty is right, we need to go to the hospital and have you checked out. Being stubborn is a good way to die and I would like to have some grandchildren running through this house someday."

Chris laid his head back and closed his eyes hoping he was having a bad dream until he heard his aunt Betty say. "Okay Chris, I'm just going to do a quick examination and then it will all be over with. Don't worry about a thing."

With his eyes still closed, Chris told his aunt. "Aunt Betty I really appreciate what you think you are..."

His lovely aunt promptly cut him off in midsentence. "What I am is a damn good doctor and either you are going to let me examine you or we're going to the hospital and that's it!"

"Fine! Mom has to leave though, it's humiliating enough having you examine my junk."

"I'm your mother for cripes sake!" Carol exclaimed.

Betty turned to her sister and said. "It will be fine Carol, just leave and I will call you back in here as soon as I've finished examining him."

"Okay but I'll be right out on the porch if you need me. Just holler and I'll be here in a flash." Carol told her sister as she walked out the back door.

As soon as Carol left the room, Betty took her lab coat off and Chris immediately noticed the tight white blouse she was wearing. While Betty's breasts weren't the largest, they looked even bigger and the blouse she was wearing and really set off the knee-high black skirt and black stockings she was wearing. When Betty put on her glasses and began kneeling between his legs, she looked hotter than any woman Chris had ever seen before. Flashing her nephew a quick smile, she opened up her bag and after pulling out a red scrunchy, she put her long black hair in a ponytail and began to slide Chris's shorts down his legs.

Chris immediately screeched. "What are you doing?"

"Well I can't exactly examine your problem with your shorts on, now raise up while I pull them off." Betty instructed him.

Wincing from the pain, Chris lifted his ass up and stared at the ceiling as his naked cock and balls came in his aunt's view. After a short pause he heard her say. "Chris would you look at me?"

When Chris continued to stare at the ceiling, she asked him again. "Chris, I'm serious. Would you look at me?"

Chris looked down at his attractive aunt kneeling between his legs and she gave him a comforting smile while gently rubbing her hand up and down his right thigh. "Listen to me Chris, I'm a doctor and I've seen hundreds of these. While I must say yours is quite impressive, I'm still your aunt so what can I do to make you feel more comfortable."

Chris could feel his cock hardening and stammered. "I, I, I, I don't know. It's, it's just, just weird I guess."

Betty reached over in her bag and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves which she promptly put on. When she lifted Chris's penis up, she felt him wince in pain. After examining him thoroughly, she took his swollen balls in her hand while pressing and gently squeezing them. Lifting his penis up one more time, she took her index finger and pressed on one of the protruding veins. "Does that hurt?"

"Yes, why?" Chris asked her.

She poked the vein on his penis a little harder and asked him again. "How about that? Does that hurt?"

Again Chris answered her. "Yes, quite a bit."

Betty repeated the same procedure in different places and kept receiving the same answer. Finally she sat back and exhaled with a worried look on her face. Chris immediately asked her. "What's wrong? Is it something serious? Am I going to be alright?"

"Well, there's quite a bit if swelling on your feeder vein. We're going to need to keep an eye on it." Betty answered her worried nephew.

"CAROL, CAN YOU COME IN HERE, PLEASE?!" Betty called out to her sister.

Chris immediately exclaimed. "WHAT? AWW, AUNT BETTY!!"

Betty gave Chris a caring look before telling him. "I'm sorry honey but it's important and I need to show her this."

"You're finished already, that was quick. Oh my!" Chris heard his mother gasp when she saw his half hard cock.

"Chris, relax while I show this to your mother." Betty told her nephew while pointing to different parts of his penis.

"So what do we need to do sis?" Carol asked Betty.

"I'm going to need a sperm sample. I can take one today but he is going to need to drop one by my office every day for a couple of weeks. This way I can track it." Betty explained.

Chris immediately blurted out. "It, what in the hell do you mean by it?!!"

Giving Chris a reassuring smile, Betty explained. "I need to check for blood and keep an eye on your sperm count to make sure there is no lasting damage. Look at it this way, at least you will be getting lucky once a day."

"Shit." Chris gasped as he lay his head on the back of the couch.

Betty reached in her bag and after pulling out a specimen bottle she handed it to Chris and told him. "I'm going to need for you to give me a sample in this and I want you to try to catch as much of your semen as possible."

Chris immediately sat back up on the couch and emphatically said. "What? I can't do that in front of you and mom!"

"Well, I need to see how it comes out so Carol would you please leave again? I'll call you when he's through." Betty told her sister.

While she secretly wanted to see just how large her sons cock would get when it was fully hard, Carol finally left the room while looking over her shoulder the entire time. As soon as his mother was out of sight, Chris scooted up on the couch and tried to reach down and touch himself but couldn't. Upon seeing her nephew's dilemma, Betty asked him. "Do you think you could use a helping hand?"

Chris's eyes lit up immediately when he blurted out. "What? I mean, are you serious?!!"

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