Begin Again
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She rescued a starving seagull and found a watch.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Time Travel   Historical   Humor   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   Double Penetration  

Begin Again: 1

There was a young girl

Named Michele Finnegan

She had whiskers

On her chin-chin-chin-ne-gan

The wind blew them off

And blew them on again

Poor young Michele Finnegan, Begin Again

There was a young girl

Named Michele Finnegan

She went fishing

With Michael Finnegan

Sat all day

Reeled it in again

Poor young Michele Finnegan, Begin Again

There was a young girl

Named Michele Finnegan

Ate her dinner

From a tin-tin-tin again

Was so good

She ate some more again

Poor young Michele Finnegan, Begin Again

There was a young girl

Named Michele Finnegan

She got fat

Wanted to be thin again

She had a baby

And got then thin again

Poor young Michele Finnegan, Begin Again

There was a young girl

Named Michele Finnegan

She was so clumsy

Banged her shin again

she shouted loud

Oh what a din again!

Poor young Michele Finnegan, Begin Again

There was a young girl

Named Michele Finnegan

She looked up and saw those twins again

She turned 'round

And there they were again

Lucky young Michele Finnegan, Begin Again

Actually? Her name was Connie McDavid. But that didn't rhyme ... such is life. She didn't have whiskers on her chin ... a couple of stray hairs ... maybe ... three ... but none of them were growing out of the mole on her chin ... not that it was a mole ... just a little ... bump ... and it wasn't the wind, it was the laser hair removal her brother gave her for her sixteenth birthday ... and they didn't grow back ... and didn't leave a scar ... well ... maybe just a little one, ... when the technician slipped ... but it wasn't completely disfiguring ... not totally awful ... a small bag would do ... and her parents felt pretty bad ... not that they were ... ashamed, actually ... mostly ... they did send her ... and her brother ... off to Cancun for spring break,

"She might find a husband," her mother said...

"Fat chance," her father said...

"Do I haveta?" said her brother.

"Yes, Dear ... you have to. Your father and I would feel awful if she was KIDNAPPED ... or something worse if we sent her down alone."

"Yes, son ... you must promise to keep an eye out for her ... don't let her get in too much trouble ... they're all college kids and she's going to be a junior in highschool ... if she comes back."

I don't know how much broader a hint they can give him, ' she thought. 'I'll just have to do the best I can. I'm sure there are gulls there. I can slip away and not come back. She sighed, and clattered something before she stepped out of the hall.

Her mother ... smiled. "Hello Connie ... are you packed?"

"Yes, mom."

Daddy shook her hand ... that's bad ... no hug ... and his eyes kept dropping to her chin and jerking back up ... she did have pretty eyes ... maybe a veil.

When he dropped her hand, there was money in it ... quite a lot...

Her mother had slipped a couple of grand in her fanny pack ... she found it by accident.

Even her grand parents ... on her mothers side ... Daddy's parents couldn't stand to look at her ... gave her money ... and somebody had slipped a roll in one of her socks.

It's just a little ... gouge ... can't call something that deep a scar ... seems like they could at least give it a chance to heal. Cancun ... Spring break ... I could wear a mask ... like the Japanese do when they have a cold.

The airplane ride was bumpy but it was nice and warm ... just an hour and a half and they were checking into a beachfront motel.

"Connie," his eyes didn't meet hers, "Did you see the sailboat?"

"No ... I was busy," 'Busy avoiding the looks of pity.' "Where is it?"

"Look out the window ... here I'll open the curtains." He pointed.

"That's not a boat ... that's a fucking ship!!"

"Yeah ... the stern is wider than most sailboats are long."

"Pretty Penny, Nevis and St. Kitts. Where's Nevis and St. Kitts?"

"I have no idea, I'm going to the beach ... look at all those bikinis!"

"I was looking at all the gulls."

"You would. Connie ... try and have fun. Ok? Don't stay inside all day. It's not that bad." But he shuddered when he looked. He threw a towel over his shoulder ... dropped his shorts...

"Hey ... new speedo? Does mom know you bought that?"

"No, but dad does."

She made a point of looking..."Jesus, Denny ... you've grown."

He blushed nearly purple ... and then a group of tiny dark haired girls in really tiny bikini bottoms sashayed by ... the Tee Shirt front read, 'Pretty Penny' 'Nevis and St. Kitts Navy.' As they walked by two of the girls looked back. His face turned white as the blood went elsewhere. The back of the Tee read 'CREW.' They were twins. So were two older girls ... there was a single with them ... she looked older still. He turned away so as not to expose his growing interest.

"Holy Shit, Denny! You HAVE grown." She stepped out to get a better look and was run down by a pair of huge twins...

"Excuse me ... Pardon me ... are you ok?" Neither one them looked at her chin. They both looked at her eyes and then her hair. A pair of twin chins unhinged ... there was a moment. It was silent. Ten thousand shouting yelling talking college spring breakers ... the trio didn't hear a thing.

Denny stepped up, shattering the moment. "You ok. Connie? You guys should watch..." Oh My GOD ... they were huge. Then he noticed the Tee Shirt. "'Nevis and St. Kitts Navy' You guys wouldn't happen to know those girls?" he pointed at the backs of the walkers.


"Oh ... sorry."

"Don't be ... mom sent us out to get laid. C'mon, I'll introduce you ... bring her along." Her was Connie.

A voice louder than any boom box at max volume shouted, "Angel ... Angela ... STOP!" he said, "I'm Johnny. These guys are Art and Al and the two drooling are Charlie and Chester. That one is Rose, those two are Beth and Barb. The trouble makers are Angela and Angel ... they are 16."

"I'm 16," said Connie, "Just."

"That's convenient," said John, "Charlie and Chester are 18."

"Ah ... I'm Denny, 17. This is my sister, Connie."

"Pleased to meet you ... about that shirt ... I've noticed a lot of them." said Connie.

And, indeed, there Were a lot of them, but only a few said CREW.

"That's the Admiral's doing ... she thought we could keep track better," said John. "She didn't get an exclusive on them though ... they're sold all over town. Only the ones that say CREW are official."

"Speaking of keeping track, where are Jimmy and Rosalie?"

"Jimmy is newly-wed bedding and Rosalie and the Commander are somewhere trying to talk ... that Jake ... tongue tied. Rosalie is going to have to strip and blow him if she plans on getting anywhere."

John was a fountain of knowledge ... most of it was embarrassing.

"Would you like a tour?" Charlie was asking Connie but suddenly Angel and Angela were nodding at Denny.

"Hey!" exclaimed Chester, "I was going to ask her."

John said, "It's lunch time ... let's go eat."

They made their way through the crowd to the beach. John waded out to the dinghy. The boys lined up and started passing girls out to the boat ... there were some extra. "Who are you?"

"Janna ... are we going to that boat?"




There seemed to be some extra guys too ... the girls didn't mind.

Andrea and Nyoman jumped up, "Food! Hurry!"

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