A Bad Love
Chapter 1: The first date

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, School,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The first date - A girl sought her love and she had finally found it. The rough love.

It seemed to Jane like it was a good beginning of the day. The point was that it took months for the girl to become acquainted with Ted, one of the hunks from her faculty. That guy had been driving her crazy and she couldn't get him out of her mind. It felt like an obsession.

He was one of the most popular guys on the campus and almost every girl dreamt of him. Tall, broad-shouldered and well-rippled. Ted was a welcome guest at any house party because his pockets were full of weed and money.

Although Jane was popular too, it'd make her even more if they were together ... She'd become every girl's gossip and she was ready to do anything to make this dream come true.

Every day Jane tried to make him pay attention to her, but she failed no matter how she tried. It looked like he wasn't interested in her, one of the hottest girls, but she was wrong.

The girl just didn't know that Ted followed his own plan. He wanted to make her so desperate that she wouldn't say "No" to him. It was his usual tactic with girls and nobody had resisted it yet. The guy often discussed her appearance with his buddies and they agreed that Jane was a hot dish.

Her attempts to hang out with him were so obvious that it made Ted's friends laugh out loud about how much that sophomore tried to show off. Ted just wanted to wait a little longer until she was ready to be by his side at any cost. And this day had finally come.

After a long night of drinking beer and smoking weed at a party, Ted and his buddies were driving to college. On their way they talked dirty as usual. That time Jane was the topic.

"Man, I can't get why you just don't fuck the shit outta that stupid cunt!" one of them said.

"Yeah, dawg. I'm sure she sucks and fucks like a little pro! Did you see how she dresses?" another continued.

"Certainly, guys, this bitch is gonna ride me today!" Ted said decidedly and rubbed his crotch instinctively.

Although he was stoned, Ted became excited from their dirty talk and made up his mind that it was high time to give Jane a chance. He was already thinking over the plan of getting into her hot pants while his buddies kept on joking about the girl. They guessed how good it'd be to play with that sophomore and how loud she'd moan being impaled on their monster cocks.

One of them opened the glove compartment to grab a pack of cigarettes and several thongs of different colors fell out. Those guys were so popular that there were no problems for them to fuck a new girl each day.

When they reached the university, they all were in high spirits and they had hard-ons. They got out of the car and joked about their erections. The guys knew that they couldn't appear with tents in their pants and decided to change the subject. Speaking about stupid teachers gave the proper result and they entered the building.

As soon as they stepped into the hall, they stopped in their tracks. There was Jane who they had been talking about. The girl just stood there and smiled. If Ted was away, they'd try their chances with her but they respected each other and never crossed each other's paths.

Ted knew that he would have to fuck her that day or his friends might stop respecting him. He couldn't let that happen. Besides, after their recent dirty talk he was in the mood for a good fucking. Without giving it a second thought, Ted went up to her.

Jane looked extremely hot. She was a short girl with starring eyes and a broad smile. The hair framed her sweet face pretty nicely. Her clothes were revealing as usual: a tight tube top that showed her pierced navel, a low-riding miniskirt that left little for imagination and her red thongs were clearly seen under it.

The girl stood there and hoped that Ted would notice her this time. When Jane saw him coming up, her heartbeat hammered.

He drove her crazy: his tan skin and tattoos on his muscular hands. This day his shirt was unbuttoned and it waved freely, showing how great his body was.

Ted just went up to her, put his arm around her waist and gave her a peck on the cheek like they were close friends.

"Hello, sugar," Ted said without breaking his embrace and Jane didn't resist it all. "What's your name?"

"Jane," the girl replied with a broad smile on her face.

"My name is..." Ted started but Jane interrupted him.

"Of course, I know your name, stud!" Jane replied, flattering.

Ted just smiled in return, understanding that the girl didn't even try to conceal that she was madly in love with him. He was sure that she'd do whatever he wanted.

Jane was chatting with him and she couldn't believe that it was actually happening to her. Would her dream come true? The girl could smell the odor of alcohol and weed from Ted but she didn't mind it at all. The guy's voice made her pussy wet and the more he talked, the more Jane adored him. Of course, the college girl admired of him being so self-confident and she liked his arm around her thin waist.

Everyone left for classes, but Jane and Ted kept on talking like they were love-birds. It went without saying that other girls had been already spreading a word about them. The girls envied Jane and they were quite sure that she was going to get fucked really soon, because there were no girls who could resist Ted's charm. The only way to avoid getting laid out was not to be next to Ted.

"Oh! Your lesson's already started, baby, and you gotta go!" Ted started. "Can I have ... your phone number, sweetie?"

"Of course!" Jane could hardly control her emotions.

The girl was happy to give him the phone number. It meant that Ted was going to invite her somewhere. Jane reached into her purse to get the cell phone until he changed his mind. She finally got it out and told him her phone number. Smiling, she said good-bye to him and he did the same to her in a very friendly manner. Bewinged, Jane turned around to walk away but Ted wanted something more right now.

He roughly turned her around and planted his lips on hers. It was so surprising that the girl was taken aback but his embraces warmed her up and she relaxed.

Ted thought that she would be an easy fuck as his tongue slid inside her mouth. Jane's pierced tongue was very wet and it circled around his without any hint of hesitation. She kissed him so dirty that it could wake the dead. The girl didn't try to seem shy in his eyes and Ted liked it very much. Jane did her tongue job so good that the guy's cock became rock hard in a moment.

During that kiss Ted's hands roamed up and down her slim back, pressing her tightly against his muscular body. The guy didn't try to conceal his erection and Jane felt it soon. The girl felt a real hard meat in his pants. Jane's body was pressed tight against it and that sensation excited her more and more. In his turn, Ted could feel her boobs and nipples pressed tightly against his naked chest. It was so obvious to him that the girl wasn't wearing a bra under her tube top.

Ted's buddies stood there charmed by the look and they considered him a real man, their leader. The guys were vulgar as always and took out their cell phones. They wanted to take it on the cameras to remember.

Ted's buddies never thought that Jane would be so slutty until they saw how Jane put her arms around her lover's neck and his hands slid under her miniskirt, squeezing her tight ass cheeks boldly.

It was obvious that Jane was in a bliss and she let him do whatever he wanted. The girl wanted it to last forever. So she just let him touch her teen ass and she didn't care what she was thought about. Everything felt so good but Ted was the first who broke that embrace.

Although he boldly touched her ass during their short make-out, he wasn't going to remove his hands. The kiss stopped, but his right hand continued to cup Jane's ass cheek like it looked normal.

"You're a fucking cool girl and I'm so fucking glad I met you!" He noticed that the girl flushed saw her and he whispered in her ear, "I want your ass so fucking much, sugar."

Jane didn't like when people swore but now she didn't give it a care. She had finally saddled that stud. The girl wanted to stay longer with him but she felt it would be better go to the class. Happy, Jane turned around so slow that Ted could remember every curve of her luscious body. Nobody would want to leave such a beauty and especially Ted.

The guy already imagined how he would be fucking her later in every possible way as her swaying ass went away. He couldn't help smacking her ass playfully on her way back to the class.

It sounded so loud that Jane thought that everyone in the college could hear it. The girl never allowed such things but Ted was another thing. He could do whatever he wanted. Jane just couldn't imagine that their relationship would be progressing so quickly.

The guy was surprised that the college girl said nothing about it and she just kept on walking, swaying her ass. Ted and his buddies dropped their jaws and they couldn't help but whistle and cat-call.

As soon as Jane disappeared behind the classroom door, they get out their cell phones and began watching what they'd filmed. Ted and his buddies couldn't believe how far her passion toward Ted could lead Jane on the first date. Technically, it wasn't even a date.

Excited from watching that clip, they cheered up their leader to try his luck with her today. Ted murmured some excuses but his friends didn't want to listen to it at all. Little by little the guy was convinced and he needed booze to pluck up his courage. They all decided that they should grab a beer and so they skipped the last lesson.

In the meantime, Jane was at class, chit-chatting with her classmates about him. They asked her more and more and Jane liked to be the center of their attention. She was ready for anything to keep this authority amongst them. It was obvious that her classmates envied her and that excited her even more. Jane felt her pussy get wet as she told them about her encounter.

When she was in the middle of saying what a good kisser he was, Jane heard the buzzing of her cell phone. It was a text message. "Baby, meet me at my car. 5 mins and I leave. Ted."

Jane couldn't believe in her luck. They had parted about fifteen minutes ago and he already wanted to see her again. Excited, she told her friends about it and asked the teacher to let her go home for family reasons. It was the last lesson and the teacher didn't mind it at all. As soon as she closed the classroom door behind her, she rushed to his car.

When she reached her destination, Ted's car was still there but he was away. Jane stayed there, waiting for her boyfriend. She had no idea that Ted wanted to see how desperate she was. He wasn't in a hurry to meet with her and just sat with his friends, drinking beer.

Her worries grew up with every passing moment. Ted should have turned up a long time ago but he was still away. Jane was getting freaked out. Suddenly she saw his silhouette coming. The guy's appearance made her forget the long amount of time that she'd waited for him.

Without saying a word Ted just leant down to her and planted his kiss on her lips. Jane immediately parted her lips and let Ted's wet tongue invade her mouth. The girl was in her loving boyfriend's arms again and she plunged into her own world. Jane couldn't help but notice the strong odor of alcohol on his breath and it was clear that he had been drinking a lot since the last time they had met today.

At first the guy's kisses were gentle but then they got rougher and rougher. Jane felt like she was getting raped in any moment but she liked his animal nature. His hands rested on the car's roof from both sides of Jane's head. Ted was literally ready to eat her. His mouth devoured Jane's mouth, covering it with his saliva. There were slurping sounds like from some porn flick but they didn't care.

Jane's hands were on her lover's back, caressing it. Ted liked that. It excited him. Ted's body was pressed so tightly against hers that he could feel her ripe tits through the skimpy top on his naked chest. The guy was boldly grinding against the girl's slim body and Jane spread her legs wider in order to let Ted stand more comfortably.

At the same moment his legs took place between hers and the college girl's miniskirt raised up. Jane just couldn't see or feel that it was already crumpled around her waist but they came to a focus of the security cam. The security guard watched and enjoyed the hot performance.

Jane and Ted couldn't control their emotions. It was obvious that the guy had a raging hard-on and the girl felt it when Ted ground his crotch against hers. It goes without saying that Jane's pussy was tingling and her pussy was wet for a long time. The girl's toes curled were and her legs trembling with pleasure.

It was too much for them both. Neither Ted nor Jane were excited so much in their life. Although Ted thought about fucking the girl and throwing her away, he already wanted her to be his girlfriend. He knew that the college girl wouldn't refuse him. Jane knew that she had to act like a shy girl with him but she just couldn't. The girl was head over her heels with him. She had already allowed him so much. So much that Jane planned to let him do after a dozen dates.

His hands slid down her body and his lips trailed down to her tender neck. Nibbling, licking and sucking it, Ted whispered "Oh fuck, I like you so much, baby!" These words excited Jane and she rewarded her boyfriend with groans and moans. Her hands laced around his neck as Ted's hands slid below until they were on her ass cheeks.

The guy boldly touched her ass up and Jane didn't give it a care. She just was having the time of life: the girl was being caressed and flattered.

"Is your panties soaking wet?" Ted asked out of the blue.

"What?!" Jane was asked confusedly.

Ted acted fast. His hand left the girl's ass and cupped her thong-covered pussy between her wide-spread thighs. The thong was soaking wet. The guy's finger started moving along the cameltoe that made Jane let out louder moans. She didn't try to stop him. She just couldn't. The girl stood there, enjoying of her boyfriend's finger sliding along her pussy crack through the thong's material.

"Do you like it?" he whispered, licking her neck.

Jane was out of control. Their first date only started but she was being caressed and fingered in the focus of the security cam. The girl forgot about it as she was on the way to an enormous orgasm.

"Want me to stop?" he asked quietly.

"Don't stop!" was the only words she said.

Her toes curled and Jane moaned into Ted's ear. Then the guy pulled the thong's crotch aside, revealing her pussy.

"Maybe it'd be better," he whispered, gasping.

At first Jane didn't understood what had happened. Only then the girl felt his touch on her pussy slit. It seemed like she was lightning-struck. Jane bit her lip and grabbed Ted's hair. The girl gulped for air as her legs were about to fail. She thought she was going to faint.

Ted liked that Jane didn't protest and he started playing with her naked pussy. His thick finger slid along the pussy crack. The labia felt so meaty and slippery that the guy was eager to stick his cock up her cunt but he knew that it was early. Ted had done several moves back and forth along the slit until his finger hit Jane's clit. It was like a swollen love button. The guy tweaked it, making the girl almost scream out with ultimate pleasure.

There was nothing for it but to enjoy Ted's finger that caressed her clit and then it entered her pussy. Her pussy was very tight. Jane hadn't had sex for almost a year and she wanted to get fucked very much.

Ted was surprised by the tightness of her pussy. He had thought that the girl was an easy fuck because he often saw her on the campus and she always looked like a real cock-tease. Although Ted heard many times that guys were left with the worst cases of blue balls but it sounded like a lie. Now the guy understood that all those rumors were true.

Everybody was sure that it was impossible to get into her pants. Bullshit! It was Ted and Jane's first date and he was already playing with her wet cunt. On top of that, he slid his finger into her tight fuck-hole and the college girl herself was getting impaled on it like a bitch in heat.

Then Ted added another finger and Jane's pussy clenched tightly against them. The girl kept on riding them as the guy's thumb rubbed her swollen clit. She just was out of control and cooed, "I love you, Teddy-boy. I love you!"

Jane didn't know that all that clearly seen on the security guard's monitor. The security cam was focused right on Ted's car and all that encounter was being recorded.

The security guard had been watching the stuff like that in the first time and he knew that he would copy it. Imagining that he was in Ted's place, the man became so excited that he got out his cock and started masturbating.

The security guard watched her boyfriend take his fingers out of Jane's pussy and licked them. Then Ted pressed the fingers against the girl's mouth and she enthusiastically took them inside. It seemed like the college girl savoured the taste. Like Ted, the security guard didn't know that it was the first time when she tried her juices of love.

Then Ted stuck his saliva-covered fingers up Jane's snatch and started finger-fucking the girl brutally. It was so hard that her tits jumped up and down and her juice streamed down his hand. The guy could only heard, "Yes, baby, yes!" Ted could feel that Jane was about to have orgasm and he thrust his fingers back out of the pussy with a slurping sound.

After the college girl had come to herself, she had a puzzled look on her face. She was confused why Ted stopped. Jane was on the verge of coming and couldn't get the point. In an absolute silence, the guy just led her to the car's hood.

The college girl guessed that her boyfriend was going to fuck her but she wasn't going to let it happen at any cost. Jane was just made to turn around and she had to lie on her stomach on the car's hood. Like a doll, the girl's hands were grabbed and put on her ass cheeks.

Frightened, the college girl tried to sound serious, "I don't have sex on the first day!"

She wasn't answered and she just heard his command, "Spread'em!"

Jane wasn't sure whether she was heard and she repeated, "Remember Ted, No sex on the first date."

"Am I fuckin' deaf, you stupid cunt!" the guy was irritated and slapped her ass hard. "I just wanna see how good you are! That's all!"

Tears appeared in Jane's eyes. How could she fuck her chance up with the guy of her dreams. The college girl should understand that sex was an option with a popular guy like Ted. Jane just spread her ass open as wide as it went.

"Stick out your ass, sweetie!" Ted said in a friendly tone.

Jane was happy to hear the positive change in his voice and she was ready to do whatever she was told. Like a pet, the college girl hurriedly did what Ted said. She stuck her ass out as erotically as she could.

Ted liked that the girl understood what to do. He looked down and her firm ass cheeks looked great with her own hands spreading them really wide. It seemed like Jane herself asked for getting fucked in any hole. Her ass hole looked intact and her labia looked red after that intensive finger-fucking. With ONLY two fingers! If it looked like this after that, what would it look after a real hard fucking?

Jane felt a finger entered her pussy. Ted's finger was sawing in and out of her slippery pussy. Although the girl was in an uncomfortable position (her face laid on the car's hood, her hands opened her ass cheek for a better penetration and her legs were spread wide), Jane felt pleasure waves overtaking her. The rhythm of finger-fucking was constantly increasing. Slow but steady she began bucking.

Finger-fucking that college girl, Ted was surprised the way the girl reacted. It looked like she was a natural-born nympho. Every touch of his was rewarded with thick juices of hers.

The guy slowly got his middle finger out of Jane's wet pussy and it was richly covered with her love juice. Ted brought two others fingers to the cunt and inserted them. They went inside and her pussy clutched tightly around the fingers. Jane started moaning loudly like before.

Ted knew that the girl found the right rhythm and she was getting impaled herself on the fingers. He took out his cell phone and began filming it.

Jane was bucking so fiercely that Ted's middle finger hit her ass hole every time. The guy smirked at the look of the finger's tip entering her virginal hole. He knew that it was about time to finger the butt-hole.

Gasping, Jane felt the fingers in her pussy enter all the way and she froze. Her thighs were tightly pressed against the car's body. Then the college girl felt Ted's finger invading her ass hole and she panicked. Jane had never tried anal sex and she wasn't going to try it. It was her taboo.

In a normal situation, the college girl would slap her dater's face and tell him to go fuck himself but it was Ted. Jane had been waiting for his attention very long and she just couldn't miss her chance to be his girlfriend. It was their first date and the girl had already allowed him do many things. She also made several mistakes and she was on the edge of being dumped. Jane just couldn't let it happen. The girl hoped that it would be an anal game with his fingers and all.

Ted's middle finger was richly covered with Jane's love juice and it helped for an easier penetration. The finger tip went inside easily and then it stuck. The ass hole was very tight.

Jane didn't know that it all was being filmed. The popular girl was bent over the car with somebody's fingers up her privates, in her pussy and in her ass. This real dirty clip was being taken on Ted's cell phone and on the security cam. What would this clip happen later?

It wasn't enough and the girl heard, "Ride my fingers like they are fucking dildos, bitch!"

Jane heard that her boyfriend was angry again and she knew that she needed to satisfy him as fast as possible. The girl just had no options and Jane started swaying back and forth. Little by little the fingers entered deeper.

"We have no much time, bitch. The lesson'll be over soon and I wouldn't like that everybody will witness you in all glory!" Ted said in an irritated tone.

Only now Jane realized that the lesson would be over in any minute. She bit her lip and tried to fuck those fingers as hard as she could.

Ted saw that Jane was doing her best. She just needed a dominant male and he was the one. The guy knew that he had a power over her and the girl would be trying to please him in any possible way. Ted had already decided that she would be his girlfriend who would be turned into a real slut. A Tijuana whore would envy her!

Jane's efforts were not good enough and Ted forced his three fingers forward as hard as he could. It made the girl's thighs flatten against the car's body. Without waiting a moment, Ted started to finger-fuck Jane's fuck-holes. The poor girl squealed like a pig as his fingers went to the knuckles inside.

Ted had been doing it for about a minute and then he stopped. The guy felt his fingers being clenched tightly in her both orifices.

Jane tried to stop crying and all her face was tear-striken. Her ass hole was on fire and sore as hell. On top of that, the college girl thought that she was a slut in Ted's eyes. She allowed him do many dirty things on that first date. Most girls would never do the things like that in the whole life.

Sobbing, Jane heard, "Now it's your turn because it's uncomfortable to do it and take it all on the phone at the same time!"

At first his words didn't make any sense to her but she was in shock when she turned her head. Her boyfriend had been taking it on the cell phone. What if somebody would watch that clip? What if her parents or the faculty would watch it? The fear had overtaken the girl and the dangerous situation made her even hornier.

Jane squeezed her eyes and began riding Ted's fingers. She wanted to show the guy that she was the best girlfriend he had ever had. It would make her the most popular girl on the campus and nobody would watch that dirty clip. Everything was at stake.

Ted enjoyed the sight of his fingers disappearing in the girl's both orifices. At first her moves were slow but then their amplitude increased. It was clear that Jane liked it a lot and the guy heard her quiet moans of pleasure. The girl's gasps become louder and louder and her pussy became wetter and wetter. Jane wasn't simulating, she was excited as a bitch in heat. There were loud moans with whispers "Make me cum!" soon enough.

Ted knew that the girl was about to cum and he got his fingers out of her fuck-holes. When he did it, her juice splashed out her thighs. The guy looked down and saw her orifices close slowly. Her body kept on moving instinctively like she was a zombie.

Jane moaned, "Stick them back, baby!" The girl was on the edge of orgasm when Ted interrupted it.

"Not now, sweet piece of ass!" the guy replied. "We gotta go!"

Ted helped her to stand properly and kissed softly on the lips. Her breath was still unsteady after that rough riding his fingers. The guy could feel her breasts heaving against his chest. Jane knew that her boyfriend was satisfied with her hot performance and she smiled at him. The act was so humiliating but the girl was glad to please him.

Then they got on and Jane didn't know what was coming next. Ted was drunk and he couldn't drive the car in a condition like that but she was wrong. The car jerked away from the campus.

At first Jane wanted to comment on drink driving but she decided not to get on his nerves. The girl wanted to ask Ted about their relations but she didn't know how to do it. Jane didn't want to seem clingy. Were they a couple? Or were they just fuck-buddies? She was afraid of doing anything wrong and getting dumped.

When Jane was in the middle of thinking about it, she felt Ted's hand on her leg. His touch made the girl relax and she understood that she was good. Ted wasn't going to dump her. Jane enjoyed the feeling his hand was giving to her and the girl couldn't help but smile to herself.

Ted was different. Back there, he was a very rude bully but now his hand slowly rubbed her tender skin. In pleasure Jane slid her ass to the edge of the seat and closed her eyes. When the ride began, the girl was excited as hell and her boyfriend kept on giving her more pleasure. Jane's pussy was wet and her toes were curling with desires.

The guy's hand finally slipped under her miniskirt and cupped her teen pussy. The panties were still aside her crack and Jane spread her legs wider as if giving Ted an invitation to enter. He licked his lips and glanced at the girl's face. Jane's mouth was opened a little and she let out a moan as the guy's finger slid into the dripping-wet pussy.

Ted drove the car to the dirty road in the woods where he planned to corrupt the girl and he decided to know her better.

Finger-fucking Jane's pussy slow, the guy asked, "When did you dump your boyfriend?"

The girl liked that he was interested in her life and it meant that he planned to be next to her for a long time. "About a year ago."

"Why? Wasn't he good?" Ted went on.

"No, I loved him much. He enrolled at some European college and we had to break up. Now he's studying in London," the girl said.

"But why didn't you date with anybody else since then?" the guy looked puzzled.

"After the break-up I was really upset to date with anybody," Jane replied.

"Not even with me?" Ted asked and thrust the finger to the knuckle.

Gasping, the girl whispered, "You won't believe me but I REALLY wanna be your girlfriend."

She tried to be honest and the guy believed her words. Everybody knew that she had a crush on him.

Ted slowly got his finger out of Jane's slippery pussy and it was covered with her juice. He brought it to her mouth and the girl greedily took it inside. Jane had never acted like that but she knew that her boyfriend would like that.

The college girl tried to sound like him, "My tight cunt is always so fucking wet when I see you."

"Oh really?" Ted tried to be naïve. "By the way, if you had a good boyfriend like you said, why is your cunt so fucking tight?"

"My boyfriend tried to get into my pants two years or so. My first time wasn't long and he came on my tummy in five minutes," the girl said, licking Ted's finger clean. "He didn't want to have sex because he was afraid of getting me pregnant. So he enjoyed oral sex."

"What a stupid fucker!" the guy said.

They both laughed and the excited girl took three fingers of Ted in her mouth. Jane tried to show him that he wouldn't feel bored with her. In a few moments the college girl was deep-throating his fingers. Plus, she was doing a perfect tongue job.

Ted could only say "Wow! You can use you mouth!" Pausing, he asked, "If he was afraid of getting you pregnant, why didn't he fuck your sweet ass?"

"Phew, it's so disgusting!" Jane said and pulled her face. "Good ladies do not do it!"

Smiling, Ted asked, "Did he cum in your mouth when you sucked his cock?"

"No, he came on my tits and smeared his cum on them, but..." the girl wanted to say but she hesitated.

"But?" the guy asked, waiting for her answer.

"But I liked it in my mouth so much," Jane said and flushed. "I told him that I liked it and he called me a dirty slut. One day, we were playing "Truth or Dare" at his place. He lost and he had to cum on the tip of my tongue. It was awesome! But after that night he didn't talk to me for several weeks. He told me that he wanted a good girl, not a street walker. It was so humiliating and I didn't want to lose him. I hadn't tried to talk him into coming in my mouth since then. The second time, it was the last time, when he came into my mouth was at a party. He was drunk and he wasn't fast enough to get his cock out of my mouth. My boyfriend just came into my throat. He was the one who was guilt in that but I loved it much."

"Wanna be my slut?" Ted asked her.

"No, I wanna be you girlfriend," Jane answered.

The girl looked down at her boyfriend and noticed that he was boldly rubbing his crotch. Perhaps, Ted had been doing all the time while she was telling him intimate details of her sex life. There was a big tent in his jeans. Jane instinctively licked her lips.

"As people say, a good girlfriend is a good slut for his boyfriend."

The girl's head was spinning around and she couldn't believe that she could say like that. Jane had never used any dirty words, Jane had never talked intimate details of her life, Jane had never let anybody call her a slut, Jane had never stared at any guy's crotch.

The girl just stretched out her hand to Ted's crotch. He removed his hands and Jane just squeezed his cock. It was hard and huge. The girl could figure it out even through the material. Ted's cock was much bigger that her previous boyfriend's.

"Wanna suck it?" the guy asked her.

"Maybe later," Jane answered and licked her lips.

"You'll like it, baby!" Ted said, enjoying her hand squeezing his monster cock. "I think I should stop the car until we crash!"

Smiling, he pulled over. The fact was that they were in the woods where the guy wanted. Ted could do whatever he wanted and nobody was around in a large distance. The guy noticed that Jane looked around and got his plan.

"Would you give me a pack of smokies from the glove compartment, sweetie!" Ted said in his friendly voice.

The girl stretched out her hand towards it and clicked it open. As soon as she had done it, Jane saw many colourful panties. It surprised her very much because she was a girl and there were less panties in the drawer at home.

Jane was smart enough to understand that many girls were in the car. They were fucked and their panties were left as souvenirs. But Jane was Ted's special girl and her panties wouldn't be added to that pile of women's knickers.

Jane grabbed the pack of cigarettes from the glove compartment. She put a broad smile on her face and tried to look happy as usual. The college girl turned to Ted and asked, "Whose panties are those?"

"Fuck if I know," he just said. "There were many girls I gave a ride."

"I see it!" the girl said and they laughed out loud.

Ted caught his breath and got off the car without saying a word. Jane watched it and she was confused. Did she ruin the fun again? But the girl was wrong. The guy just walked the car around and flopped down in the backseat. It made Jane happy and she was ready for more.

The college girl had been on the verge of orgasm and she knew that something would happen in the backseat. Jane hoped to cum from his finger-fucking without letting any more.

She tried to get off the seat as erotically as she could. Ted's eyes instinctively were laid on her lovely legs. As a kitten, Jane made her way to the backseat and her teen ass swayed teasingly. The college girl knew how to give any guy a boner and Ted wasn't an exception.

Jane sat down in the backseat next to her boyfriend and her mind immediately got intoxicated with the smell. It certainly wasn't the smell of usual cigarettes, Ted smoked weed.

The guy glanced at Jane and she looked wasted and he laughed. He couldn't believe that she had never played adult games with booze and weed. It was funny to watch Jane trying to come to senses but she failed.

Like in a dream, the college girl felt his strong arms around her body and she had to lie on his knees. In a moment Jane felt a cigarette between her lips and she inhaled. A strong odor hit her mind, her vision blurred and her body was out of control. The girl tried to raise up her body but she had no strength to do it.

Then Jane heard, "Drag it, baby!"

And she dragged it again. It was so great that the college girl dragged again and again. As Jane was getting wasted more, she felt Ted's hands on her tits. The guy was pawing her boobs and she had no strength to resist it. It looked like they were long-termed lovers.

Jane collected herself and got the butt of the cigarette out of her mouth. She was going to remind him that there would no sex on the first date. As soon as the girl had opened her mouth to say it, a gentle kiss was planted on her lips.

Ted's breath was burning her tender lips nicely. The kiss was so wonderful that Jane was ready for anything. She just was living in her imaginary world of pleasure and sensation. Jane laced her hands around Ted's neck. The guy's thick tongue invaded her mouth at once, making the girl's mouth open much wider. It made her let out a moan.

They kissed passionately as the girl laid on the backseat, writhing like a snake. Like in a trance, she spread her legs wider. Slurping sounds of their kisses made Jane steaming hot and her toes curled with pleasure.

Ted liked the way the girl acted and he knew that she wouldn't resist fucking. The guy wanted to delay it and play with the naïve girl more.

He opened his eyes and Jane laid there in all her glory. Her tube top hardly covered her heaving tits. Every time Ted squeezed them hard in his hands, Jane moaned louder into his mouth and her pierced tongue began lapping harder. Her miniskirt was crumbled around her thin waist, revealing her red thong. The girl was horny as hell that her ass got up off the seat. Ted could clearly see that his girlfriend's pussy was clean-shaven. Only a naughty girl looked like this.

The guy pulled her tube top down her slim body so that her boobs bounced out of it. At that very moment Ted felt her tongue begin lapping with more strength. He cupped her boobs and pulled at her swollen nipples a bit, making the girl scream out more moans. It was obvious that Jane loved it.

Ted broke the kiss and glanced down at Jane's flushed face. Her eyes were lust-filled. Jane bit her lower lips and stared at Ted with anticipation.

Smiling, Ted asked, "Do you like it, baby?"

"A lot," she gasped.

"Is it OK that I'm playing with my slut's tits?" the guy asked playfully.

Jane was in such a condition that she didn't mind his foul language, "My pleasure!"

"Maybe, should we try some adult stuff, sexy one?" Ted said and he made sheep's eyes at her.

"Perhaps," the excited girl whispered.

"Then play with your cunt like a dirty slut you are while I kiss you!" he suggested.

"Teddy-boy, I..." Jane paused. "I wanted to tell you that I don't mind masturbating but there will be no sex on the first date."

Her constant reminders of "no sex on the first date" were getting Ted freaked out. There was no way leaving him without a good fucking. The guy just smiled and kissed Jane passionately. The college girl guessed that her boyfriend understood that she had said.

Jane moved her hand down her lust-filled body towards her pussy. Ted watched her hand's move as he cupped her boobs. The guy squeezed them together and he imagined how good it would be to tit-fuck. The nipples stood out like little soldiers and they were red and hard. Ted tweaked them with his fingers and Jane rolled her eyes with pleasure.

There was no obstacle in the way to her pussy and her hand easily found the clit. It was wet and swollen with all that excitement that Jane had experienced today. As soon as the girl touched it, she felt a thrill. Like a zombie, Jane began flicking it tenderly with her fingers.

The girl was in the world of her dreams. The most popular guy on campus was her boyfriend and she lay in his arms as her fingers rubbed the swollen clit.

Ted's hands played with her sensuous tits that gave her more pleasure. She didn't notice when one of his hands left her boobs and it was on the way down her body towards the dripping wet pussy. Jane felt his hand slowly creeping along her curvy body and its touches drove her crazy. It was like a torture, a sensuous torture.

Jane couldn't resist the temptation any longer and she just grabbed his hand. The girl put his hand on her pussy and Ted knew what to do.

The clean-shaven pussy was nice to touch and his fingers slid inside her pussy. It was very sticky and Ted could feel her pussy pulsating against his fingers. In several moments he easily thrust back and forth into her pussy and the guy could clearly hear her loud moans. The orgasm was coming.

Jane was being finger-fucked and she spread her legs really wide for a deeper penetration. The girl's body was out of control: she gasped, her back arched. Jane literally got impaled on his sawing fingers and her toes curled in anticipation of wild orgasm. The girl already felt the wave of coming sensations.

Ted was sure that Jane was about to cum but he didn't want it to happen. While she was horny as hell, the guy knew that he could control her mind ... but he wouldn't if she came. So Ted slowly pulled the juice-covered fingers out of her dripping wet hole.

As soon as the guy had done it, he heard her murmuring. Jane opened her eyes and stared at him, confused.

Looking at her, Ted said, "Baby, you know how it works. You make me cum, I make you cum."

Jane whispered, "Teddy-boy, I did tell you that there would be no sex on the first date. Please, get in my shoes!"

"Jane, just give me head to make me cum and you'll cum too. That's no big deal. Okay?" smiling, the guy asked her.

"Okay," the girl just replied.

Jane didn't plan to suck his cock on the first date. God! The girl wanted to cum so much! She just couldn't think properly now. Her only thoughts were about having an orgasm.

The thoughts of having orgasm were making her hot. Jane would cum, she would give head to her boyfriend and she was sure that he would feed her with cum.

Thinking it over, Jane licked her lips and got on all fours, waiting till Ted unbuckled his jeans. Jane had never done it herself but she would when the girl understood that Ted wasn't going to do it.

It was an amazing sight. There were two teenagers in the backseat: Ted and Jane. The guy just sat there with his head thrown back in anticipation of a blowjob and his hands were folded behind his head. The girl was on all fours next to him. Her skirt was crumpled around her waist, showing her naked privates and her tube top was under her ripe tits. Her hands were busy unbuckling his jeans.

As Jane unbuckled them, she imagined how big his cock was. The girl was sure that it wasn't small, because she could clearly see the outline of his hard cock covered with the denim and the size seemed considerable. It excited her so much, especially at the thought of her touching the second cock in her life.

Jane pulled the zipper down and Ted got his ass off the seat a bit to help the girl lower the jeans. They were around his ankles and the guy sat down again.

The girl was stunned. She liked Ted in every way and she hoped that he was well-hung. But the girl was in shock when she saw his equipment. His cock was about 12 inches long and very thick in the girth. It was like a monster cock in comparison with her ex-boyfriend's 6-incher.

She took the cock by the base with her trembling hand and gave it a little squeeze. The shaft immediately became vein-covered and some skin peeled off the head of the cock. Jane began to slide her hand up and down the hard meat and the girl could feel Ted's flesh pulsating under her touch. As the girl jerked off slowly, she couldn't help but stare at the dickhead. The skin peeled off it and the huge head of the monster cock was revealed, glistening with globs of pre-cum on it.

Jane was like in a trance and she heard Ted subtly, "Suck it!"

The girl stuck her tongue out and slowly licked the top of the dickhead. The touch of her barbell-pierced tongue made the cock throb and more pre-cum appeared on the piss-hole. Jane licked away the thick glob of cum with the tip of her tongue and she was rewarded with Ted's groan.

How long didn't the girl taste it? She missed it too much. Like a wild animal, Jane's tongue lapped over the whole head, cleaning it off the pre-cum. The sticky liquid coated her tongue tip. The college girl started circling her agile wet tongue around the cock's trembling mushroom.

Ted was enjoying how experienced Jane was at cock-licking. Her tongue was created for it. The guy felt his cum boiling in the balls with every lick.

Ted knew that Jane would be a good cock-sucker and he was going to teach her the first lesson. For the beginning, the guy wanted to see how deep the girl could swallow his monster cock. Of course, he would cum in her mouth.

Jane was licking the head of Ted's cock as she felt his strong hand on the back of her head. The girl guessed what he wanted. Jane liked giving head but she preferred licking to sucking, although the girl loved it all.

The college girl was smart and she began sucking that monster cock. Jane tried to swallow as much as she could and Ted's hand never left her head. It felt like being forced to suck. Every time the hand pushed harder and Jane had to swallow deeper until she began choking on it.

When the girl managed to swallow about the half of that monster cock, she started gagging and choking on Ted's monster cock. Her saliva streamed out of the corners of her mouth and down that erected shaft. There was so much saliva that it made a pool on the guy's pubis.

Ted noticed that and he understood the girl wouldn't swallow it any deeper. She needed some time to get used to the size of his dick. He let her head go and Jane could get the cock out of her mouth for a gulp of air.

Jane tried to catch her breath and looked up at Ted's face. It seemed happy. Then the girl looked down at the cock and she decided that she should get accustomed to the size at any cost if she wanted Ted as her boyfriend. Jane could see his hairy balls tightening a bit and the girl knew that the guy was on his way to orgasm. She just needed to try harder.

Ted was surprised. One moment ago Jane choked on his cock and another one she got down to suck like a vaccum-cleaner. He just put his hand on her head in order to control the rhythm. It was so good that Ted felt his balls tightening. Instinctively he spread his thighs wider.

His hand pushed harder on the back of her head, making the girl bob up and down faster. It was too much for him and he froze.

Jane was doing her best and swallowed as deep as she could. Every time the girl got impaled on the monster cock, the head of it hit the back of her throat. Gagging and choking on it, Jane increased the tempo and she felt Ted's cock throbbing inside her mouth. The hand on the back of her head forced her bob up and down faster and the girl was ready for his cum.

She was right. Her lover pushed her head the last time and he froze. Jane knew what was going to happen. Although she was choking on that shaft, the girl waited and a stream of hot cum hit the back of her throat in a few moments. Spurt after spurt were splashed into the mouth cavity. There was so much cum that Jane had to swallow greedily in order not to get drown in it.

Ted came to himself and he liked the way he had been served. The guy glanced down and saw his cock stretched the slut's mouth to the limits. He slowly pulled his wasted cock out of Jane's mouth and some cum poured down.

"Hey, Hey," Ted said and wiped some cum off her lower lip. "You wanted your portion of cum."

Then he put his cum-stained finger into her mouth and Jane lick it clean in no time. The girl knew that she could be what she was with him and they both knew that she was the naughty girl.

"Fuck, yeah! You're an awesome cum slut!" he said and leant down to peck on her cheek. "I think it's your turn to have an orgasm, isn't it sexy?"

"Yeah!" Jane was delighted.

"Take off your panties and I'll lick you until you cum," he just said.

"Lick?!" the girl was confused. "I haven't ever been licked."

"Oh, sweetie. You'll like it." Ted cocked his eye.

Jane always wanted to try it but she always was afraid of asking her ex-boyfriend about it. Ted was another case. He was open-minded and she could feel free with him.

Jane threw her thong off in a hurry and it landed next to Ted on the backseat. Then the girl knelt down on the backseat so that her legs were along the guy's legs and her hands and head put on the backrest of the driver's seat. Jane hoped that her boyfriend couldn't see how she rubbed her cum-crusted lips dry against the material.

Ted liked what he saw. This naughty girl was naked as her mother bore just right in front of him. Her teen ass was at a distance of a few inches away from his face. The guy didn't waste any time and put his hands on her ass cheeks.

They felt so good and he opened them, revealing her both orifices that he intended to stretch really wide open. Her dripping wet pussy was pink and some juices spoiled her tender thighs. He could imagine how loosened it would be by the end of their date but his main target was her virginal ass. The guy would have to do his best in order to stick his monster cock into that tight hole.

Ted brought his mouth to the pussy crack and darted his tongue out. The guy knew that the girl liked it because he heard her moans and Jane stuck up her ass. Ted knew what to do. His tongue found its way along the slippery pussy crack to the hood. There was the swollen clit under it.

Jane felt like a dirty slut in the position like that. She had never been licked and it was an absolutely new ground for her. She just didn't know how to act. As soon as Jane had felt the touch of her boyfriend's tongue on the pussy, she forgot everything. The girl just stuck up her ass, bit her lower lip and bucked back towards Ted's tongue. It was so good that she rolled her eyes and felt her pussy tingling.

Ted was lapping Jane's clit and tasted her juice, dripping down on his tongue. The taste was mind-blowing and his tongue slid inside the vagina. Her pussy immediately clutched tightly around the long tongue. It became covered with Jane's love juice in no time.

The girl was crazy, her orgasm was coming. She liked that new experience of being licked. Ted's tongue suddenly left the pussy and it felt empty. She was going to whisper "Stick it back!" as his tongue touched her skin again.

The guy's hands held Jane's ass cheeks open as his tongue slip out of her juicy pussy. Ted felt the girl shivering with pleasure when his wide tongue started caressing the taint. His mouth even sucked that area a bit.

The girl was so excited that she put her hands on the ass and spread it open. Ted got the hint and his tongue moved higher, towards her puckered ass hole.

Jane was like thunder-stricken as the guy's two fingers to the knuckles entered her juicy pussy and his tongue touched the ass hole. It seemed so vulgar and exciting that the girl wanted him to continue it forever.

Ted's tongue rimmed the tight ass hole as he kept on finger-fucking the pussy. The slut was so wet that her juice was dripping down on his cock. It gave his cock a stir and it became semi-hard soon.

The guy liked rimming that virgin but he wanted much more. All that area was slippery with Ted's saliva and he decided to move along. His tongue easily passed the sphincter. It was so exciting that his monster cock was already rock hard.

When the guy's tongue was deep up her ass, Jane moaned like a banshee. Ted could feel her sphincter tighten a bit around his tongue. Everything went well: her sphincter wasn't an obstacle like before and the guy pulled his fingers out of the naïve girl's cunt.

Ted's tongue slowly left Jane's ass hole and he stared at it. There was a small brown hole that was closing slowly. He knew that it was the time.

Ted had to act swiftly. The guy slid his juice-covered fingers out of the cunt and the girl hardly noticed it. She was still in the realm of sensations. Then he tenderly pressed those fingers against the anal ring and it entered easily. It was well-lubricated with Jane's own juice and the sphincter was loosened a little.

When the finger entered the girl's rectum, Ted asked, "Like it, Cum Slut?"

Like in a trance, Jane's mind was shattered. She didn't give a care what she was told and done. The girl was having the time of her life. She bit the backrest of the driver's seat in pleasure as the finger hammered her tight ass.

The girl acted the way Ted had been planning. Her virginal ass was broken and Jane enjoyed his finger, sawing back and forth. The guy knew that one finger in the ass wasn't enough. He needed stretch the girl's ass much wider to butt-fuck the slut later. So Ted added another finger. It hardly slid inside and her ass hole looked extremely stuffed.

It seemed like Jane felt uncomfortable and the girl could mind it. Ted had achieved too much with the college girl and he didn't want to ruin it. Keeping two fingers in her ass, the guy hurriedly stuck two fingers into her cunt.

The sensations the fingers in her pussy had been giving to her were so fan-fucking-tastic that Jane forgot about the pain in the ass. Little by little a new wave of bliss was overtaking her and she didn't pay attention to two fingers, thrusting into her tight ass.

"Just imagine you're getting fucked with two big cocks in your fuck-holes!" Ted whispered.

His words warmed up her imagination and Jane imagined of being fucked into her tight holes by a gang of well-hung guys. The girl was already on the edge of orgasm as her boyfriend's fingers left her both orifices. Her head was spinning around and her mind was shattered. She tried to come to herself as Ted's strong hands pulled her down. There was no strength left in her to protest.

The guy pulled her pussy to his erected cock. The head of his cock spread her pussy lips and easily slid inside the dripping wet vagina. It was so slippery that the cunt swallowed the entire monster cock. Jane wasn't in pain at all because of all that love juice that covered the cock. The girl was being pulled and pushed by the hips and her pussy slid up and down Ted's shaft. Through those slurping sounds the guys could hear the horny girl whispering, "No sex on the first date! Not on the first date!"

Ted could keep on fucking her like this and Jane could get pregnant but her ever-lasting beefs about "no sex on the first date" got freaked him out. The guy wanted to teach her a lesson. He was going to rape this college girl.

Ted slowly pulled the girl off his cock and Jane slowly came to herself. The girl didn't have an orgasm again. She just stood there, watching her boyfriend. He was rubbing his hard cock clean with her thong. It was spoiled with thick globs of cum when the guy finished. How would Jane wear it? Jane's jaw dropped as he made a ball of the thong and threw it out of his car.

Ted noticed a shocked expression on the girl's face and he just said, "I think you ain't so kinky to wear cum-stained thong!"

Jane lost her gift of speech from his comment and she stood in silence. The girl just didn't know why Ted had stopped fucking her. Had she ruined it again? Had he decided to dump her? Jane was ready for anything, although she had already done everything.

Seeing that she was confused, her boyfriend smiled at her and said, "Take your seat. I think we should continue at your place!"

Jane was happy to hear that everything went good. She repaired her disorder and turned around to take her place. At that very moment Ted gave her ass a loud slap and Jane heard, "Your parents'd better away!"

As soon as they were good and took their seats, the car sped away, leaving a cloud of dust behind. There was a silence in the car. Jane felt so excited that she just couldn't help but play with herself. Ted noticed that the college girl moved her hand under the skirt and slapped on it playfully. Jane immediately took her hand away and tried to take her mind off it.

It was like a torture to bear that excitement and the girl thought she would burst out masturbating. Jane needed some relief. The college girl was lucky, her house was around the corner.

When the car pulled up, that college couple got off. Ted thought about a coming rude rape and Jane was happy with that guy. She fumbled with the lock on the porch, trying to open the door as Ted slipped his hand under her miniskirt.

The guy wasn't shy and his fingers easily entered her both holes. One in the pink and one in the stink. He liked that she didn't resist it at all.

Jane was shocked. They were on the porch. She bent down to stick the key into the keyhole as her boyfriend stuck his fingers into her both orifices. Ted not only finger-fucked the girl but rose up her miniskirt to the waist, putting her ass on display. It was happening on the porch in a broad day-light and any passer-by could see it.

Finally the couple were inside the house and Jane said, "Sweetheart, go to my room. It's upstairs."

Ted went there and the girl went to the kitchen to have a drink for bravery. She was going to have a long-waited orgasm. Finally!

Jane drank some vodka and headed for her room. When she saw him, she didn't know what to say. Her friends had given her a collection of BDSM stuff for a joke about a month ago. And now her boyfriend had some of it in his hands. Jane knew that he wouldn't believe that it didn't belong to her whatever he was told.

Ted suddenly said in a commanding tone, "Come to me, Cum Slut, and kneel down before your master!"

It was funny and the girl considered it like some sort of an adult game. She got on all fours and her miniskirt rose up, revealing her wet pussy. Like a cat, Jane tried to crawl erotically to her master. The college girl knew that he liked her adventurous side. A pair of handcuffs waggled in his hand and the tent in his jeans was clearly seen.

When she reached his feet, Ted said, "I'll teach you how to serve your master!"

He leant down and grabbed her left hand. The handcuffs clicked on it and the guy linked it to her left leg. Then he clicked the other handcuffs on her right leg and hand. Ted looked down and he liked what he saw. The college girl looked like a submissive slave. The guy couldn't believe his luck. Those handcuffs made his mission much easier.

Jane looked up at the towering body of Ted as he said, "You know, you have acted like a stuck-up bitch today. "I don't fuck on the first date," you said and blah-blah-blah. I'm gonna change it now!" the guy saw that the college girl began to understand that it was the reality, not a game and he went on. "You'll be eager to please me or you'll be the most popular slut on the block! I'll say that you're an easy fuck and you can't fuck properly! I'm sure everybody'll turn the back on you and you'll become an outcast!" Ted made a pause and he noticed her eyes became wet. "But you can keep me as your boyfriend, I really like you! But you should learn a lesson." He paused again and Jane nodded. "You tried your best back in the car with your fucking mouth but it was one of the shittiest blowjobs I've ever had. We'll start your sex education with a basis: a good sucking!"

Jane couldn't believe what she heard. He wanted her to be submissive or she would lose everything. The girl knew that everyone would believe in his words and she'd get a bad reputation. Nobody would even sit next to her. Jane just couldn't let it happen. Her reputation and popularity meant everything for her. Plus, she would have to do everything what Ted wanted in any case. She was cuffed and she couldn't move a muscle to free herself.

Ted took off his jeans and kicked them aside. His cock was already hard and Jane could see it right in front of her face. She was surprised how this 12-incher could fit her pussy back in the car without giving her a pain. Ted held the monster cock and slapped her face with it. The college girl was humiliated and she felt like crying her eyes out.

The guy commanded, "Stick your fucking tongue out and do your tongue job!"

Ted stared at her and he liked what he saw. Like a pet, Jane was on her knees and her tongue was stuck out a little. He slowly slid two fingers inside her mouth and she immediately started her tongue job. It was clear that the girl understood that there would be vital consequences if she failed.

Jane was trying her best. Her pierced tongue gently circled around his fingers, covering them richly in saliva. The idea of her doing it with his monster cock not the fingers gave the guy the thrills. Grinning, Ted slowly pulled his fingers out of her wet mouth and there was a thread of saliva that connected them with her mouth.

Jane tried to please him as much as she could in order to save her reputation on the block and on the campus. When his fingers left her mouth, the girl stuck her tongue out again. She was sure as hell that he liked her tongue job. And Jane was right.

Ted grabbed his semi-hard cock and rested the head of it on the girl's tongue tip. He moved it along the wet tongue and he felt his cock getting harder.

Jane knew that she had to satisfy her evil boyfriend. Like a hungry bitch, Jane started circling her wet tongue around the soft head of his cock. The girl was so good at it that Ted's dick was getting harder and harder.

As the guy got excited, he began controlling the depth of penetrating. Ted just put his hand on her head and roughly pushed it towards his body. There was nothing left for Jane but slide along his cock's thick shaft. The guy was the one who controlled the rhythm and the depth of cock-sucking.

Ted wasn't in a hurry and let Jane get accustomed to his monster cock again. He couldn't help noticing that the college girl had been doing her best tongue job. Her agile tongue slid up and down Ted's vein-covered shaft, making it slippery and more comfortable for sucking. Even if her mouth was grotesquely stretched around his shaft's girth, Jane mouth was constantly getting accustomed to it.

The girl managed to swallow the half of his rod and she knew that it was the best she could do but Ted's hand kept on pushing on her head harder and harder. It made her swallow more and more of that endless monster cock. There was no way out and the only thing left for her to do was swallow that snake deeper and deeper.

It seemed impossible, but soon her nose got buried deep in his pubic hair and his sweaty balls rested on her chin. Ted's cock was so deep that Jane was choking on it. The girl couldn't breathe and tears appeared in her eyes. Saliva poured out of the corners of her outstretched mouth and streamed down the guy's balls, making them wet. Scared to death, Jane desperately tried to free herself but the handcuffs kept her in place tightly and Ted's strong hand on her head didn't let her mouth slid down his cock an inch.

Grinning, the guy looked down at the poor girl. Her tear-filled eyes stared at him pleadingly as if they asked him to have a mercy on her.

"If you wanna breathe, start doing your fucking tongue job!" Ted commanded.

It sounded like an order and the girl didn't want to die, but she couldn't imagine how she could do what she was told with her mouth stuffed to the edge. Jane could hardly breathe. She stirred her tongue a bit and felt like she could do more.

As soon as Ted had felt her tongue sliding around his cock, he loosened his grip and slowly began moving her head backward and forwards along the entire shaft of his 12-incher. More and more saliva coated the vein-covered cock as Jane was forced to suck like she was a cheap whore. The girl had never been humilated so much in her life, but she knew that she was under his total control now.

Jane was very scared and she was afraid of stopping her tongue job for a moment. She felt like her throat getting accustomed to this monster cock and the girl didn't choke on it any more, but Jane felt terrible as she understood that she was just another easy fuck for her lover.

"Yeah, Cum Slut!" Ted whispered. "Like this! Do your best or I'll rip your tight ass open!"

His words frightened Jane and she increased the pace of her tongue job, giving more pleasure to the guy. Little had she known that her ass was destined to be fucked and nothing could save it.

Ted went on grunting, "I'm gonna teach you a lesson for that fucking shitty blowjob you have given me in my car and for that crap like no fucking sex on the first fucking date, you fucking bitch!"

With those words Ted put his both hands on the girl's head and Jane knew that it was no good. He literally began skull-fucking her, burying his cock to the hilt into the back of her throat. Gagging on it, Jane felt the taste of pre-cum and hoped that Ted wouldn't last long.

The guy sped up, hammering into her mouth so fast that the girl's face became red from slapping his crotch against her mouth. Ted was on the verge of an orgasm and he froze in a moment.

Jane felt the head of his monster cock hit the back of her throat and hot streams of sticky cum started filling up the mouth cavity. Although the girl tried to swallow as fast as she could, it wasn't fast enough. There were some globs of cum left on Ted's cock and Jane got down to licking the cock clean.

Ted was having the time of his life. He stood with his cock deep in the girl's mouth and his eyes were rolled in pleasure. It felt good. After several moments of bliss, the guy came to himself. He looked satisfied.

Ted slowly pulled his wasted cock out of her mouth. Jane could relax her throat. Some sperm poured out of her sore mouth and down to her delicate chin but she didn't care. She was sure as hell that she looked like a well-used cheap slut with cum-stained face.

Jane was happy that Ted came and so her torture had finished. But she didn't know that the guy wanted to make her feel sorry for not cleaning his cock like a good little slut. He guessed that it would be her fault if she got pregnant.

Like a loving boyfriend, Ted leaned over the cuffed girl and took her on his hands. He could feel her body getting relaxed after her first deep-throating.

Jane was confused and she couldn't believe that he acted like nothing had happened. How could he think that she'd forget about such a rough treatment? Ted just carried her to the bed and put her down on it gently. All that made the girl believe that everything would be alright now. The poor girl didn't know that Ted just started.

Jane was still cuffed and the idea of her vulgar position she had been never struck her mind. The college girl laid on her back and her hands were cuffed to the ankles so that her legs were splayed open. Her clean-shaven pussy was on display and looked very inviting.

Jane didn't notice that her beloved boyfriend just stood between her open legs and peacefully jerked off his cum-covered cock. During masturbation, the globs of cum dropped down from his hard cock right on her shaven pubis. The baby-making cum made a pool there and streams of it went down. Some of it got straight inside her pussy.

The girl became tongue-tied, she just didn't know what to say. Jane saw his grin as he lowered his hand to her pussy. At that very moment the poor girl felt his fingers inside. There was much cum on them and it helped the fingers to slide easily. She knew that his wasted baby-making sperm could be seeking its way to Jane's baby factory. Her life would be ruined if she got knocked up.

Ted started finger-fucking Jane like they were the lovers and the girl lay silent. He could feel her pussy getting wetter with every thrust. It was obvious that Jane liked it: her pussy was slippery and her moans became audible. Every time they became louder. Jane didn't conceal it at all and never said a word of protest to stop it.

Ted felt her pussy become wider and ready for his monster cock. The guy slowly pulled his fingers out of the soaking pussy and pressed them tightly against her ass hole. Her sphincter restored a little and the fingers could hardly be inserted. Ted could feel the anal ring clenching tightly around his fingers.

"My little bitch," the guy said, "When I finish with your cunt, I'm gonna fuck your tight ass!"

As soon as he had said it, Jane's fear seized her mind. She remembered how huge Ted's cock was and she couldn't imagine how he was going to fuck her tight virgin ass without ripping apart. The fact was she couldn't escape it.

Without stopping to finger-fuck her ass, Ted said, "It'll teach you a lesson how to treat a guy and butt-fucking is the best way of avoiding pregnancy!"

At that moment Jane realized that their dirty game could make her belly swell and she couldn't afford having babies. It'd ruin her life and the girl was ready to do anything.

The guy was finger-fucking that tight ass and he thought about this college girl. She was head over heels with him and he liked her too. Ted could do anything with her and Jane would be happy to make his dreams come true. It was obvious that the girl would be one of the most popular sluts on the block and on the campus.

Ted got his fingers out of Jane's pulsating rectum and knelt down between Jane's open legs. He grabbed his cock and it was already rock hard. The guy pressed it between the wet pussy lips and slowly started sawing back and forth. The cunt lips hugged the cock tightly and made it well-lubricated.

Ted put his hands on her hips and started forcing his dick deep inside Jane's pussy. He glanced at the girl and saw an impression of pleasure on her face. Ted liked that she was enjoying it like he was. Then the guy looked down at her pussy. It was stretched to its limits as his thick cock slid in and out of it. Jane's pussy was so wet that Ted's cock glistened with the love juice.

Grinning, he drove the half of his cock and the cunt looked extremely stretched. Holding the girl's waist tight, he thrust forward, burying his cock to the hilt.

As soon as Ted's balls slapped against her ass, Jane cried out loud. The guy froze and enjoyed the tightness of her pussy as the girl squealed like a slaughtered pig.

Jane was crying her eyes out and her breasts were heaving with a fit of hysterics. The pain in her pussy was extreme. Ted's cock was 12 inches and it was too big for her small pussy. She couldn't see but there was some blood dribbling out of her ruined hole. Despite of that terrible pain, the college girl tried to relax. Jane knew that the guy was going to fuck her raw.

Ted saw the girl try to relax and her pussy almost stopped pulsating around his hard meat. He slowly started moving back and his cock was sliding out. It was glistening with mix of Jane's juice and blood.

The girl watched his movement with a hope. She believed that Ted made up his mind to stop it but she was mistaken. When the tip of his cock was still inside, the guy buried his cock to the hilt again, making the girl scream loudly again.

He liked her screams, because her breasts were heaving at that moment and it drove him crazy. Without giving it a second thought, Ted began hammering her tight pussy like a locomotive and it made Jane scream unstoppably.

Jane was in an uncomfortable position that gave her more pain: she lay on her back with her hands cuffed to her ankles as her boyfriend hammered her like a blow-up doll. The slurping sound of his sweaty balls slapping against her flesh deafened Jane and she couldn't do anything.

Fucking like bunnies, Ted could feel his balls tightening and he knew that his orgasm was building up but he hadn't fucked her ass yet.

"Yeah baby, yeah! Like this!" the guy whispered. "Ask me to fuck your tight ass until I knock you up!"

When Jane heard what he said, she was shocked. It was a rude rape of her pussy and her rapist, even if he was her boyfriend, gave her some advice. He was blackmailing her into anal sex!

With trembling lips, Jane whispered, "Cum in my ass!"

"I can't hear you, bitch!" Ted answered, gasping.

Scared to death, the girl screamed on the top of her lungs, "Fuck my ass, you bastard!"

Ted knew that he was on the edge of orgasm and pulled his cock out of the battered pussy as fast as he could. The shaft of his penis was all red with Jane's blood. It looked like he had popped up the cherry. Her pussy looked worse. All her crotch was stained with blood dribbling out of gapping hole. The labia was swollen and purple from an intensive fucking. Although Ted didn't give it a fuck!

The guy grabbed her legs and pulled them so rudely that Jane fell down on the floor. It was painful and she cried out loud but the guy didn't pay attention to her emotions. He just turned her over.

Jane was on all fours and she was ready for the nightmare. Her first anal sex was going to happen with the largest cock she had ever seen. But it was the only way out not to get pregnant in her situation.

"Show me your fucking ass, bitch!" Ted said and slapped her ass. The girl stuck up her ass at once. "You're a lucky bitch. My cock will be the one that try this virgin hole!" the guy laughed out loud and added. "You'd better relax your tight ass or you'll be bleeding like a slaughtered pig!"

His words were very humiliating and he slapped her ass hard here and there, leaving red fingerprints on it. The slaps were so stung that the girl jumped up a little every time.

Ted's head was spinning around with excitement and the only thing he could think about was coming into that tight ass. So the guy grabbed his cock and directed it to her virgin ass. Pressing it tightly against the puckered brown hole, he pulled her ass cheeks aside, letting the dickhead sliding inside. Despite the girth, the head of the cock was squeezed inside. Jane was lucky that Ted's cock was well-lubricated with her juice and the girl didn't feel much pain.

Jane knew that it would be a painful experience, especially considering what she had felt with that cock in her vagina. The girl tried not to think about it and tried to remain relaxed.

Jane could feel Ted's cock entering the rectum and stretching her tight virgin hole. It seemed like there was no room left but more of that hard meat was being driven inside. The girl thought that it had lasted forever until the whole 12 incher was inside. Jane's ass burned so much that she was afraid of moving a muscle.

Ted froze in pleasure, enjoying the way her rectum convulsed around his shaft. He looked down and saw the half of his vein-covered shaft buried in her small orifice. Her ass was stuck up like the girl was told and her ass hole was on display. The sphincter looked really tight around the monster cock. What a sight it was! The guy just put his hands on those trembling ass cheeks and thrust forward so hard that Jane's rectum swallowed his entire cock.

The girl thought that the entire cock was up her ass and she tried to relax her sphincter. Jane just needed get accustomed to it. She hadn't caught her breath when her boyfriend thrust forward. The pain was so unbearable that the girl began screaming without stopping. But she couldn't do anything.

This time Ted wasn't going to waste time and he started thrusting immediately. Jane tried to unsaddle him but she failed. The girl knew that it was futile but she couldn't stop wiggling her ass. It excited the guy much and he increased the tempo of butt-fucking the poor girl.

The guy was extremely excited and Jane got used a bit to it. Her screams changed into a cry. Having the time of his life, Ted did a long thrust, watching his monster cock disappear in the tight hole. The guy liked the way Jane squealed like a pig and he wanted her to scream a little more. Ted grabbed her hair and jerked it back. It made her scream even louder.

Jane was under his absolute control. Her head was pulled back so much and the guy's cock was so deep up her ass that she thought the cock would stick out of her mouth in that position. The girl was being impaled onto his cock to the balls that they slapped loudly against the loosened labia.

The more the rape lasted, the louder their bodies slapped against each other. They both knew that Ted would cum really soon: the guy wanted it to last forever and the girl wanted it to stop as soon as possible.

Ted felt his cum boiling in the balls and going up the shaft. He couldn't resist it any longer and buried his cock to the hilt one last time. Jane let out the last moan and froze too. The cock of 12 inches long was buried deep into the teen ass hole.

Ted closed his eyes in pleasure as his cock began spurting gallons of sticky cum inside. Jane's rectum was clutching tightly around the pulsating cock as if it was milking.

When Ted's balls emptied, he came to himself and opened his eyes. The guy pulled his wasted cock out of the ruined ass. It tried to close but it was in vain. Thick streams of cum flooded out of the gaping hole and down her tender thighs.

Ted stepped back from the abused girl and he liked how everything happened. The guy knew if she reported on him, he would be in big trouble. But Ted was sure that she wouldn't because she loved him and she wanted to stay popular.

The guy walked around her and grabbed Jane by the ear. The girl screamed with pain and became smothered when he stuck his soft cock into her mouth.

"Like this, bitch!" Ted said when he felt her tongue on his wasted cock. "Now I know the place where my girlfriend lives and where I can go and get served!"

The guy's words comforted Jane when she heard to be called as his girlfriend but it actually sounded like she was his slut. Jane didn't want to show her emotions and just kept on polishing his dirty cock. The college girl didn't know that there was a mix-up of sticky cum of his, sweet juices of hers and bits of shit.

"You're lucky that you talked me into fucking your ass hole," Ted sounded like it was her idea. "I never use condoms and you'd better be on the pill if you don't wanna get pregnant. You never know where I'm gonna cum: in your mouth, your arse or your cunt! All three holes of yours are ready for my cock and cum 24/7. Got it?"

After those words the guy pulled his cock out and it looked clean.

"Well done, sexy!" Ted said.

Then he got dressed and uncuffed her hands. Smiling, he turned around and left her room.

On the way out, he said over the shoulder to her, "Thanks for a good time!"

Crying her eyes out, Jane lay in the petal position on the floor. She ached all over. Especially her mouth, pussy and ass after their long usage with that monster cock. The college girl kept her mouth opened because her jaw was sore after deep-throat. She kept her hands on her privates. Her ass hole and pussy were literally torn. Some cum and blood kept on dribbling out of the gaping holes.

Jane had been laying there for about an hour when she remembered that her mother and brother would be back soon. The girl collected herself and moved on her cobbled legs to the bathroom. All her palms were stained with crusted cum and blood.

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