Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What would a commercial dog bordello be like? This is the story of such an operation and how they gave pleasure to many women while making a fortune. This is a fanciful story of good fortune for both the suppliers and the customers. Girls, you haven't lived until you have been fucked by a well trained Great Dane! A man is okay if you want to get pregnant, but you can't beat a dog for fun. Visit Doggy Bordello and see what I mean. For more details, see my blog of 2013-11-13.

Grace Evans was searching for new talent. Grace was at the bus station. It would have been a waste of time for her to check at one of the airports because she needed a girl who fit certain specifications. She wanted a girl who had run away from home and had headed to the big city without any means of support once she got there. That kind of girl never had the money for an airplane ticket, and one who had enough money for the plane ticket would not be searching for help from a stranger like Grace.

Oh, Grace did not look threatening. On the contrary, she looked like the helpful type of person who just naturally did good deeds for the pure joy of the experience. It was in the middle of the summer, and Grace was dressed appropriately in a blue denim short sleeve dress and "sensible," but attractive shoes. Her purse was of normal size and not at all ostentatious. Grace called this outfit her "hunting clothes."

Grace tended to lean toward buses from the northern Midwest: Minnesota seemed to be the most productive. However, she had met two buses this midday

and had not found anything that looked promising. She had decided on one more try before going to lunch since the worst of the lunch crowd would be gone by now.

Dammit, this bus was a bust! Then she saw exactly what she was looking for: a mousy looking brunette was the last person off the bus, and she looked like she was starving to death. That was point number one in Grace's favor. The girl was more flat-chested than many boys, and that was point number two in Grace's favor because it meant that she would have trouble catching on as a hooker, even as a teen. Point number three in Grace's favor was that the girl was wearing very threadbare clothes, and that meant that she would have a hell of a time finding a job in the tight economy.

Grace approached her quarry with a practiced pace that seemed to indicate that she was not headed for the girl, but for some place beyond her. As they got closer, Grace slightly altered her course so that she gently bumped into the girl, not enough to push her to the ground, but hard enough to get the girl's attention. This had worked seven times in the past, and it worked this time.

Grace dropped her purse, and the calculated number of things rolled out. Grace said, "Oh, pardon me. I was not watching where I was going well enough."

The girl said, in a Midwestern accent, "Oh, that's all right. Here, let me help you pick up your things."

"Thank you, my dear, that is so nice of you." They picked up the things that Grace had dropped, including the lipstick that had rolled a few feet before the girl could pick it up.

Grace looked at the girl somewhat quizzically and said, "My dear, are you as hungry as you look? Pardon me for asking, but you do look a trifle lost. By the way, my name is Grace Evans, and you can call me Grace." Grace chuckled to herself because, if things went according to plan, the girl would be calling her Boss pretty damned soon.

The girl answered, "My name is Sue Potter, and I am hungry. I spent my last dollar at the previous rest stop on coffee and a package of crackers."

Grace nodded sagely, "My instinct is rarely wrong, and I thought I had you spotted for that situation as soon as I got a good look at you. Look, I haven't eaten lunch, yet, so why don't you join me. I hate eating alone, and you look like a good prospect." They both laughed at that, and the girl gave in as quickly as Grace expected; the poor thing must be starving.

They went to one of the small delis that Grace was familiar with and had iced tea and a sandwich. The girl also demolished a tub of potato salad. After lunch, they talked for about an hour. During that time, Sue admitted to not having a job prospect, and Grace offered her a job working at her kennel. Grace assured Sue that there was a minimum of heavy lifting, and mostly all that she would need to do would be to keep the kennel clean and make sure there was food and water available as was appropriate. Oh, there would be a few other duties as time went on, but nothing that Sue couldn't handle.

Sue grabbed at the job offer, at least partly because she had heard all of the stories about teenage girls winding up as hookers on the city streets during this time of job scarcity. The pay that Grace offered was reasonable and there was a medical insurance plan. Sue was sure that she had landed in a sewer and come up smelling like a rose. Well, half of her notion was correct.

After lunch, they got in Grace's car and drove to the Pups-R-Us Kennel owned by Grace. Sue thought that the name was clever and the entire operation was well maintained and clean. Sue was quite happy with the room she was assigned over the main kennel, and it took her only minutes to unpack.

Grace suggested that they go into town tomorrow and purchase some working clothes for Sue. Grace would lend her the money. Sue needed everything from shirts to shoes, so Grace knew that the bill would be steep and just what she needed to get Sue under her thumb.

The next morning when they went to the store, Sue was in seventh heaven. Grace had told her to spend whatever she needed, so Sue had run a little bit wild. She had bought nothing but clothes related to work, but the bill came to just over $400. Sure, that was a lot of money, but Sue expected to pay it back within six months.

The following day, Sue was dressed in her work clothes and ready to start on her new job as soon as they finished breakfast. Grace had fixed it, and there was plenty to satisfy a working girl. After breakfast, Grace took her out to the kennel where the dogs were kept: that was a different building from where Sue's room was. Grace formally introduced Sue to each dog, and Sue kind of got a charge out of that. There was Bruno, Samson, Attila, and Hercules. All four of these dogs were a long way from puppy size, and big as only Great Danes can be.

All four of the dogs seemed well behaved, except that they all did seem to try to poke their heads under Sue's skirt. However, each one backed off when commanded to do so by Grace.

The other stuff Sue was shown was routine things like where the food was stored and a list of how much was to be given to each dog. There was really little to do for the next three days except to clean up the dog droppings and to feed and water the animals. Grace did say that there was a potential buyer coming by the following week, so they had to prepare for that.

Sue was sure that she could have the place spotless for the potential customers, so she did not worry over the news. However, that evening at supper, kind out of the blue sky, Grace asked her, "Sue, are you a virgin?"

The question caught Sue completely by surprise, but she stumbled out a no in answer to the question. Grace nodded her head and said, "Good, so you know what your pussy is for. Now, the next question, are you a virgin with dogs?"

That was a totally unexpected question and Sue stared at Grace for a moment before answering yes, she had never had sex with a dog.

Grace nodded as if that was the answer she expected. "Okay, in that case, we need to start training you. The customer who is due on Wednesday is going to pay $8,000 for the dog she selects. Therefore, she will want a demonstration of what the dog could do for her. That's where you come in. All four of our dogs will fuck you in front of the customer so that she can get some idea of what to expect when she presents herself to the dog."

"Come on, Grace. You are kidding me, aren't you? Do you really expect me to fuck four dogs in public?"

"Certainly, I do! Why do you think that I pay you such a high salary to look after a few dogs when I could do it all myself in just a few minutes? Wake up, Sue, this is the occasional extra duty I referred to when I hired you. Don't think that you can run off and leave me, either. You owe more than $400 for new clothes, and I have the receipt you signed to prove it. I know that you don't have that much money, so you are stuck with working it off."

"But, fucking a dog! I can't imagine me doing that!"

"That's four dogs, Dear, and you will start practicing tomorrow. Who knows, you might find that you like it. My customers certainly do!"

That night, Grace locked Sue in her room. Grace knew that she would very shortly have Sue dancing to her tune. If nothing else, Grace was larger than Sue, so a physical contest would certainly go to Grace. Sue ranted and threw things once she was locked up, but she soon realized that she was caught between the proverbial rock and the hard place. She could escape if she wanted to, but where would she go. She did not have the cash for a ticket back home, and she did not want to go there in any case. Shit, maybe fucking a dog wouldn't be so bad, especially not if some rich bitch was willing to pay $8,000 for a dog trained to the job.

Okay, she did not seem to have much choice, so she would give it a try. With her flat chest and generally nothing appearance, there were few male humans willing to give Sue a try, so maybe she should go along with Grace's demands. Hell, she might even want to learn how to train dogs to fuck women and to go into business for herself. If so, Sue had no better opportunity.

Therefore, the next morning, Sue showed up as ordered. She was dressed in her skirt, but without panties. For some reason, this was very important. As usual, Sue ate breakfast with Grace, but there was no general conversation during the meal. Sue was still a little pissed off, and Grace didn't want to push Sue too far.

They went out to the kennel with the dogs and Sue was ordered to bring out Hercules. He was the smallest of the four dogs, and Grace figured that he would be the least threatening. There was a room in this kennel that Sue had never seen before, and that was where she was ordered to take Hercules. The room was carpeted with indoor/outdoor carpet so that it would be easy to clean after the dog and the woman dribbled dog semen on it. There was a frame affair for the dog to put his weight on so that the woman would not have to carry the 80+ pounds that the dog weighed on her back.

These dogs were trained for the "doggie" position, those trained for the "missionary" position usually went for $12,000-$15,000. Grace did not have any of those at the moment, but she planned to before the summer was out. Since this was the position that the dog would instinctively go to, the framework was simple, consisting mostly of two ramps for the dog to rest his front feet on and a space between for the woman to use to get on her hands and knees.

It was obvious now why Sue had been instructed to work today without panties. That garment would have confused the dogs and the skirt was adequate covering for the other things that Sue had to do. Sue dropped her skirt and Hercules immediately got very excited: he knew what was coming.

Sue rubbed some sort of ointment on her pussy and pushed some into her vagina. Hercules got even more excited when he smelled the ointment, and Sue intended to ask later what was in it that had turned the dog on so much. Anyway, she rubbed on the ointment as instructed and backed into the fucking bench until her thighs hit a bar. That was the signal that she was in far enough.

At this point, Grace let Hercules mount the ramp and sniff and lick at Sue's pussy. He even tried to stick his tongue into her vagina, but that was not successful. He only needed a little encouragement with the ointment to advance far enough to bump Sue's pussy with the tip of his cock. That really drove him wild, and he banged his cock against her pussy several times until he found the place. Then it was a matter of jamming his cock into her passage.

Hercules was already making fucking motions before he had complete entry, but he eventually did go in all the way. He now settled into a steady but rapid stroking motion until he managed to come. His knot swelled and jammed Sue's vagina so that nothing could escape. Now he stood patiently for about 15 minutes until his knot shrank enough for him to pull out. Hercules now seemed bored and sat down to lick his balls.

Sue crawled out of the ramp and wiped herself clean on the outside. Grace had her put her skirt back on and go to fetch the next dog while returning Hercules to his cage.

Attila was the next dog in line, and he was relatively docile as he was led into the fucking room. However, he became a handful as soon as Sue dropped her skirt. She smeared on more of the ointment and pushed some into her vagina. She backed into the slot in the ramp, and Grace let Attila approach the ramp. Attila needed no sniffing, and he was ready to fuck as soon as he bumped Sue's pussy with his extended cock. Attila seemed to be a pro at this job and penetrated Sue with no problems. He did wait until he had full penetration before he began stroking, and he finished with the dignity of anyone who had done a workman-like job. He backed off the ramp as soon as his knot went down, and lost interest in Sue while he licked his balls.

Sue came to the conclusion that she preferred the fucking by Hercules over that of Attila because Attila had been almost mechanical about the job. However, she still had two dogs to go before she had sampled them all.

She wiped herself off and went to fetch Samson. The routine was the same until she dropped her skirt. At this point, Samson pulled away from Grace and jumped at Sue. Naturally, Sue was frightened by this display by Samson, but she managed to dodge his leap. She countered all that Samson could do by backing her ass into the slot so that Samson could not reach her. Now that she was in the ramp slot, there was no practical way for her to reach her pussy to apply the ointment.

Grace said that they would skip the ointment this time and see what happened. Samson was pulled to the ramp where he could mount Sue. He had been trying to reach her from the side where it was impossible to do that. As soon as he was in the right place, Samson charged up the ramp and hit Sue's pussy dead center. He just kept on going, and nearly knocked Sue onto her face. She managed to hold her position while Samson started stroking. He came and his knot swelled as expected. The funny thing was, Samson kept trying to fuck after he had shot his wad, and he had nothing left to contribute. However, all of this stimulation did finally get to Sue, and she had a small orgasm just before Samson pulled out.

That surprised Grace as much as it did Sue, and Grace wondered if she had at last found the girl who enjoyed working with dogs this way. Grace left Hercules tied to the ramp until Sue could get cleaned up and put her skirt on. At this point, Sue asked for a break, her excuse was that her cunt was getting sore and she was afraid that she would start to bleed if she did not get some rest.

Grace readily agreed because Sue was taking her introduction to dog fucking like none of her previous girls, and Grace was afraid of ruining a good thing. Normally, Grace took in dogs that were already partially trained and used her girl to complete the training. However, if she had a girl who took to dog fucking as easily as Sue had been doing, she might make even more money by starting the training from scratch. That was a great enticement for Grace, and she was going to cater to Sue's wishes a bit more than she had originally planned.

They only had one dog, Bruno, to bring out, but she wondered if she should cancel Samson's debut because he needed more training. She could lose her goodwill and word of mouth advertising if she let even one partially trained dog get to a customer the way Samson did with Sue. In fact, if he did not come around pretty soon, she might have to dump Samson as a lost cause.

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