An Afternoon at the Beach


Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A mature age couple spend an afternoon at a deserted beach, far from anyone else. A short story the events of that afternoon.

The beach was deserted! There was nothing or nobody for miles in either direction. The afternoon was fine, clear and sunny without being too hot. The gulls shrieked and wheeled in the light sea breeze. Off the beach, behind a dune a couple lay on a large blanket. Closer inspection would have revealed that they were naked and closely entwined. The sounds of their activity were masked by the birds and the wind as it rustled through the trees. They were alone, perfectly alone and enjoying the solitude and each other.

It had started with a picnic lunch, cold chicken, salad and cool glasses of white wine. But as the afternoon progressed, the food eaten and the wine drunk, so the couple had moved closer and closer embracing each other, kissing each other's lips, holding each other tightly.

First it had been an undone button and then another. Soon the woman's blouse was open exposing the swell of her breasts partially covered by her black lacy bra. He reached out and gently massaged her firm soft breasts pausing for a time over her nipples which were quickly hardening under the flimsy bra. He reached behind her and unfastened the clasp freeing her gorgeous breasts from the confinement of her bra. Gently he pulled it free and tossed it aside and gazed at her gorgeous breasts and now rock-hard nipples. He reached out and gently pinched a nipple and was rewarded with a soft moan from her lips as he did so. She lay there enjoying his touch and the way he looked at her. He kissed her gently, gently at first, becoming more passionate as he cupped her breast with his hand softly squeezing it. He bent down and took her left nipple into to his mouth and a sigh escaped her lips as he sucked on her nipple and nipped it between his lips and teeth. He swirled his tongue around the base of her nipple and she responded with a shiver as the feeling went up and down her slim body.

She wasn't young and she had experienced men before, but this was different. She felt young again. No man had made her feel this way with his touch. She felt his hands move down her body as he continued sucking and licking her breasts. He found the waistband of the short skirt that he had encouraged her to wear and he slowly undid the button and slid the zip open. He tugged the skirt free of her body and tossed it too aside like the lacy bra. She was wearing the briefest of panties, not really a thong, but little more than one. He reached down inside her panties and rubbed her carefully shaved pussy. He loved how she kept it so clean and freshly shaved. He began to imagine what it looked like - with her tight outer lips almost covering her tiny love hole. He rubbed a finger along the slit like opening and smiled to himself as he felt her wetness. He stopped at her clit, circling it until she started to writhe a little. He stopped!

She started to protest, but he put a finger gently to her lips as he stood up and quickly removed his clothes, tossing them onto the same heap as her bra and skirt. She gasped as his penis emerged from his clothing already semi-erect. When he was finished undressing he bent down and pulled her panties down her long slim legs and threw them on the now increasing pile of clothes before laying down beside her, putting his arms around her and holding her tight. She felt his penis pressing against her clit and pussy. She couldn't wait for him to be inside her.

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