New Life for a Family

by Prac T Cal

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Ma/Ma, mt/mt, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, True Story, Wimp Husband, MaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Male, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Size, Doctor/Nurse, Violent, School, Transformation, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Things are changing in Santa Clarissa. Not just for this one family. but the Hoer's are a good example. The HS is getting better football players, the new Principal has different principles and the football coach is happy. And lots of the cheerleaders too.

My name is Mike Hoer ... and this is the first day of the rest of my life! Be careful what you ask for...

I was really looking forward to my Junior year in High School, some of my tormentors had graduated last year. We had a new Principal, Ms. Black, and a new Vice Principal, Mr. Stall, and they brought hope of a better place. My first two years at Stanton HS were clouded by fear...

But that is OVER! It will be great this year. Last year was complex because my little sister started as a freshman - she was cute and popular to some extent. And she was a bit of a book worm ... me too as far as that goes. But Tara was better with people than I.

So I was in an upbeat mood when Mom dropped us off at school. That didn't last as long as I would have liked because a few of the football players greeted me on the way to my first class...

"Hey, Michie! Have a good summer whacking off?"

"Yeah, Michie! Or did you blow ... blow ... blow your blokes!"

and the others laughed...

I should point out that I go by Mike, however since my Father is french my name is spelled Michele - so they think it is funny. It doesn't help that I am rather small of stature and 'pretty' instead of handsome ... which is why I had a few issues last year!

I did my best to ignore them, but the two vocal ones followed me into my first class. And were actually in it! Which really sucked! However, I was forgotten as they greeted others of their ilk and teased some other nerds. The class had something we didn't have last year. Four new students ... ummm ... black students! Here in Santa Teresa, CA we didn't have very many African American families. And Stanton had no black students, well, until this year I guess. There were two boys and two girls! The guys were big ... bigger than most of the football players and arrogant like football players. This would make sense later because they WERE football players! The smaller of the two looked at me as if I were prey ... and smaller didn't mean small like me ... he was easy 6'2" and 220ish and all muscles! The other was bigger 6'6" 280lbs ... turned out Michael Hardin Stone was a QB, and Leon Traxas was his left tackle!

i took a seat near the front - its safer near the teacher - and got ready.

Class went by quickly and I was not paying attention. I got up and ran right into Mike ... Michael I mean, he doesn't like it shortened.

"Watch it fuckwad! I'll kick your little white ass!"


"Sorry WHAT?"

"Err, Sorry Sir?"

"What you don't think I'm a man? Little fuckin dick, you dissing me cuz I'm black?"

"NO Sir!" I was shaking... "No no, I just didn't know what you meant!"

"So, now I don't talk right? You can't understand my ENGLISH?" and he gave me a nasty look of warning and left as Leon pulled him saying "Next Class Michael! The little shit ain't worth getting in trouble our first day!" I think I heard him add "Wait until tomorrow..." as they got to the hallway.

Shit! Already getting threatened ... it looked like just like last year. I had no idea how much it wouldn't be like last year.

I was just done eating lunch when Michael startled me

"Michele? Figures you would fuck up my name by being a french fag. Any reason I shouldn't kick your ass for dissing me in class?"

He said it with a little sneer ... but almost politely.

"I didn't mean too..." which sounded whiney

"So you just accidentally dissed me? You think that is better?"

He was getting angry

"No, no, I..." I was about to cry - this couldn't be happening...

"What about your sister? You introduce me? She's pretty hot..."

I looked up fast ... really? Just introduce him to Tara?

"Yeah, she is pretty cool..." trying to give myself time to think. Would I be hurting Tara? I loved my sister a lot. She was really sweet to me and cool. But, she was my little sister and this was a big football player with anger issues. Guys like that hurt girls like Tara.

"Don't want little sis to be with me? Cuz I'm black?" he was angry now

"No! No! I would be happy to introduce you!"

"Cool, tell her we're friends! You got a new friend your first day of school!"

and he nodded to where Tara and two of her friends, Brandy and Mandy were eating lunch. Obviously wanting it done now.

We walked over...

"Hi Tara! How is school going so far? Hi Mandy, Hi Brandy!"

and they all looked at me like I was a space alien! I continued

"I wanted you all to meet my friend Michael! He just transferred in and I thought you would like to meet him!"

They looked at him, then at me and then they all gushed about how great it was to meet him.

Mandy added "Finally we got a QB that might win!" she was rubbing her hand on his arm.

Michael turned to Tara "It's an honor to meet you Tara! I have heard nothing but good things about you! From Mike and lots of others!" and he held her hand while touching her cheek for just a second. Tara practically swooned. Then he said "Mandy and Brandy! Quite the group we got here!" he was still holding Tara's hand but looked over Mandy and Brandy like fine meat in the store. They were ready to have his children ... I started to leave but Michael stopped me.

"Michele, don't go right away..." here sit down with Mandy and Brandy while I get Tara something to cool her off!" and he put me in the seat giving Mandy and Brandy a look that made them cuddle close to me.

"Mike, how did you meet him? He is soo ... so HOT!"

"He's in my first class, History, and I just bumped into him as we were leaving." knowing better than to say he was going to kill me.

Mandy knew everything about Michael Hardin Stone! And she provided all that information in the few minutes it took him to collect drinks. He was from Compton and was transferred because of family issues. His mother and father had been threatened by gangs and they sent him here. He led the football team at Compton to the finals last year, but lost the Championship. Nobody in Compton was happy he left. Stanton and Santa Teresa were glad he came. They were a smaller school so would play a different division but hopes were high they could win. Especially since Leon Traxas and two other football players had come with him.

Michael returned with cokes for the girls but nothing for himself or me.

"Michele I thought you had to head to the library for that paper Ms. Dyson assigned."

I took that as a request to get the fuck out of there and I did. I headed for the library just to be safe and the two assholes from earlier grabbed me and threw me into the bathroom.

They said nothing just started hitting me ... ribs, kidneys, a couple punches to the stomach and I was down.

a voice said "Put your hands on your balls ... good..." and he must have kicked me five times. My fingers took a beating and so did my balls.

"FYI, don't tell anyone! But Michael wanted some time with Tara while we kicked your ass! Don't fuck with Michael!' and I had dropped my hands when he placed a well aimed kick to my scrotum and I vomited and passed out from the pain.

I woke in the school nurse's office ... I had been here before! It was a new nurse, younger and prettier, but they are all the same. This one had given a thorough exam to my balls ... sorry all of me but it was the ball exam that stuck in my mind. Especially since I was embarrassed to get a hard on.

She was rambling about something and then shot something into my ass.

" ... and that is for pain and inflammation. Not to mention the first one was for some infections that could be dangerous. You will need a repeat each day for two weeks."

"Okay, really? Two weeks?"

"Well, it is only if you want to protect your testicals ... that is where the infection is a problem!" she was smiling brightly.

"Sure!" very fast and sharp. Crap...

"Mr. Stall will be around soon, get yourself dressed!" and she left.

Great! Mr. Stall was coming and will want to know what happened. Lots of people saw Michael threaten me, of course I have a history of getting beaten up at school - something I hoped was behind me. And why did Tyler and Brian beat on me and blame it on Michael? Were they lying? Sometimes I wished I could not analyze shit! Just take it a face value! Not going to happen but hey, one can hope.

Mr. Stall didn't bother to ask who did it. Just took me to his office and called my parents. Then I waited in his office until Dad came to get me. The gist of the conversation was that the students that had been a problem in the past were no longer here. Some of the kids in my first period indicated I had an altercation with a black student just after. It was unclear what went down, but most said I had started it by running into him. I tried to protest but was silenced and told to listen. Further it seemed that I had quelled the issue at lunch as I was seen with that student and appeared friendly.

"Michele was found in the boys bathroom near the Library just after his lunch period. He was brought to the Nurse's office and checked out. None of the injuries are very bad but she suggested an xray of his hands. Evidently someone kicked them."

"I did not talk to Michele, however the nurse indicated he did not remember what happened. She considered it truthful based upon his injuries."

My Dad just talked a while and then we left. Mr Stall seemed kind but he also seemed to think I brought these issues upon myself. Something that I started thinking about too.

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