Shania's Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Water Sports, Size, Slow, Caution, Prostitution,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Well after our first sexual adventure,young Shania spent more time over at our home,we had sexual intercourse numerous times after that and i had grown attached to her.As for her father,he was still a drunk and her mom....well,i'll let you read what occurred.

So with me becoming so physically attached to my little "play friend", it was hard to even go a full day without her even though a year had past it only got better.Sometimes i would even try to convince my wife to call her over to either do the dishes or just have a meal or the sort.When the madam was out of town that was the time when Shania would be the one to wake me up on mornings with her soft hands and young tender lips, even soap me in the shower and serve me like i was her master.One morning there was a soft knock at our door so i thought it had been Shania coming over, so i rushed to open it only to see little Timmy with his usual smiling face and courteous attitude."good morning Mr.D, i'm here to tend to the chores".

Little Timmy was one of the "neighborhood" kids from the other side of the island where the standard of life was at a much deteriorated state.Houses old, unemployed parents, drugs, crime, conditions were so tough there that kids as young as 10 years old had to do odd jobs to get a meal or clothing or even attend school.I was surprised that a refined kid such as Timmy came from that area and i tried my best to give him more than he worked for, meals and even extra cash to take home to his family."Sure Tim, you go do your thing" I replied as he then left to go around the back.

My wife and i had sat down in the kithcen to have breakfast and we can hear Timmy cutting the lawn at the far end of the fence.Then there was another knock at the door, this time i knew it was Shania so i again rushed to open the door and greet her but to my surprise it did no go how i imagined it.As i opened the door with a bright welcoming smile, to my surprise surely Shania was there, but so was her father and both had a disturbed look on their faces.Without saying a word i opened the door wider and beckoned them in directing them to the couch.My wife had now came into the living room and realised that something was wrong so she went and sat immediately to hear what the problem was.

Shania bow her head with a sad look on her face as her father started to speak."I thank you both very much for spending time and for the effort of taking such good care of Shania but i'm sorry it has to end this way" ... To this my wife looked at me in a confused expression, i tried to keep as calm as possible while thinking of ways to defend myself had the conversation taken a turn for the worst knowing i would have lost everything.He continued "You see, my wife and i had some rocky times in our relationship and i think it's time i do whats best for me and Shania.We're leaving town to live with my sister and Tamia will no longer be apart of our family".To this my heart felt as though it had broken into a million pieces and feed to the three Great Dane in our kennel.I tried to not let my feelings show so i went to the kithchen to bring back some beverages.My wife had taken Shania outside on the porch and i can see her sobbing from through the glass on the front door.I sat and listened to her father speak about his wife Tamia.He told me that she claimed she worked at the diner, but she really worked on the "street corner by the diner".She was prostituting all this time to get the bills paid at home and she had also become a drug addict in the process.I had now became infuriated, not for how Shania's mother had become, but mainly what it did to my secret affair with Shania.I became so enraged that thoughts of doing the worst to Tamia were the only thing in my head.

After some time Shania came back inside with my wife, by this time her father had already finished explaining his plight so we all hugged and wished each other well, as i held Shania closely to me she whispered in my ear "dont worry, i'll visit you sometime, I promise" ... And this was all it took to only make me hate her prostitute mother Tamia more than anything in the world."I hear you kiddo, you're welcome anytime" I said to her as i brushed her cheek with the back of my hand trying to hide my feelings of pain.By this time little Timmy was bathing the dogs Shania and her father both wave and walked out of our driveway.

So Tamia was now spending more time at home seeing she had the entire house to herself to conduct her "activities" and clients were free to get her services anytime.She was about 5'6" in height, weighed about 175 lbs, medium lenght curly blonde hair that reach halfway down her back, fair smooth spotless skin, a pair of full breasts around 36 c, fairly large well rounded ass that made me believe she was mixed with latino, Flat stomach and shapely thighs, but the thing i really liked about her though were she had a set of full lips, not only on her face and i would notice this cause she always wore the tightest shorts whenever she came over to talk with my wife or most of the times borrow foodstuff and mostly cash.It amazed me how a woman had her body so well kept after doing what she does and the drug abuse.

Three months had passed and Tamia was now headed for the bottom, bills had backed up on her and her clients became fewer maybe because they found new fresh meat elsewhere.She had borrowed so much from us till my wife had to even buy new make up and clothing for herself and would have to double up on the food items from the grocery.My feeling of hate for her still remained strong everytime Shania came across my mind.Tamia was now heavily addicted to drugs, sometimes when the pusher visited her we would see her pleading just to get a taste.So one weekend when my wife had left to tend to the club in Tobago i derived a plan to get back redemption for how Tamia had destroyed my affair with Shania.Little Timmy came across that morning,"I'm here to bathe the dogs Mr.D".I patted him on the shoulder, handed him some cash and replied "not today Tim, maybe tomorrow, after all they haven't bathe in about a week so one more day wouldn't kill em".So he turn and left.I knew Tamia would come soon after to get something borrowed as she always does often when the wife isn't around, so i waited patiently on the couch for her.

There it was, a knock on the door and surely as i expected Tamia was there with the usual request.She needed some cash or she would get into a lot of trouble.The amount she requested was pretty high so i told her no and that i would have to make a trip into town to get it.She pleaded and the slut even went as far as saying she would suck my cock if i wanted, so i gave it some thought and told her "if you really need this cash, you're gonna have to become a bitch for me and obey my every instructions no matter what the request is".She pondered a bit and then to this she agreed and told me to let her know as soon as i had returned.

I went into to town entertaining evil thoughts as to how i'm going to degrade this bitch as much as i could.I went into the sex shop and bought a 14" horse cock dildo, a gag, some bondage, some cuffs, a paddle, a whip, butt plug anal beads and a lot of lubricant and headed back home.We had a tool shed in the back of our house and inside it i kept an area vacant in case i had to move any large object or furniture in there.This became of ideal use for what i had in mind for that crack whore.On returning home pulling into the driveway i saw the drug pusher leaving from the front of Tamia's house so i know she had ordered her daily dose.I called her phone and told her i had return and and she replied to give her a few minutes which gave me enough time to put my plan into motion.I went to the back of the house and took all three dogs form their kennel and led them into the tool shed, tied them there and returned to the font to see when Tamia was coming.

As i saw Tamia walking up the driveway towards the house i opened the the door and motioned her to go around back and she did so.I met her there just between the pool and the patio, short denim skirt, red strapped top and pony styled hair.Her eyes were droopy and she swayed so i know she was pretty much high."Are you ready to become my bitch, my whore, my slave"? I asked as i grabbed her face in my hand.with eyes still droopy she nodded yes.I then grabbed her by her pony and bent her downward and began to force her by her hair into the shed.On reaching inside i flung her to the ground and she landed on all fours,"Stay there until i give my instructions bitch".

I just had to get this recorded, luckily i had a camcorder in the shed with the power supply there also.i reached for it and set it up where it can capture all the action.I sat down on the bench in the vacant area and then ordered Tamia to crawl to me slowly.When she reach at my feet i told her to start licking them just as a dog would.She started to lick them but i wasn't pleased as it being too easy for her so i decided to become more aggressive.I grabbed her by her ponytail again and slapped her a few times,"lick it like you love it you fucking whore", her eyes closed and breathing deeply she continued.

I then started to unzip, whipped out my cock and pulled her by her hair fiercely up to it."now choke on this bitch" I said as i forced my cock deep and hard into her mouth.She gagged and choked and saliva poured from her mouth running down my shaft and onto my balls."Look at the way you're messing up whore" i said lifting her face off to slap her a few times then forcing her head back down,"lick every single drop of spit clean off and sniff on that cock bitch" as i held her head very firmly to me cock.She did as she was told with me slapping her from time to time to keep her conscious."You fucking whore, i'm gonna face fuck you real good".I stood up and with my cock still in her mouth we turned so that her head would now be resting on the bench and i would be standing in front of her."Now open that fucking mouth wide slut" and i held her hair very tight bent her head backwards and as she opened her mouth i spat inside.I had acouple of beers before and i was feeling the urine starting to build up.With her eyes closed and her mouth wide open and her being high it was only the best time to what what i wanted,"dirty whore, you need the golden shower slut"! and i pointed my cock directly to her mouth and shot my hot urine into it.She tried to get away but i held her head tightly and pissed all over her face and into her nostrils mostly into her mouth and she coughed spat.It ran down her bubbling on her chin onto her chest and down to her lap, puddling slightly on her skirt before saturating between her thighs leaving little bubble on the surface.Afterwards with her mouth still open i rammed my cock hard and deep into her mouth, she opened her eyes widely as i did this.I fucked her mouth roughly and she choked with every deep thrust, her saliva and vomit following the trail of my urine before on her body.Often i would sink it so deep into her throat that i could feel her pharynx stretching over my cock head, spasm as she tried get air or release vomit and i would stay there until she would fight me off to release her.

Now it was time to get deeper into my deprave intentions i had for her."stand up her" i ordered her as i tugged on her hair pulling her upward.Slaping her i ordered her to remove her clothes pulling down her skirt roughly before i left to retrieve an item from my bag of toys i had closeby.Despite being a crack whore she had the body of a goddess, well proportioned, firm and beautiful glowing skin.I reached into my bag and got the handcuffs, bondage and gag.By this time she was already almost naked with only her panties to go, i walked over and grabbed her panties and pulled hard, ripping them off and began to stuff it into her pussy.She was really disoriented and she swayed and tilted her head side to side as i pushed her panties deep into her pussy with the hope that it would absorb her juices."you such a bad whore, you nedd to be disciplined" I said as i placed my hand on her throat choking her slightly and forcing her backwards to the wall.I then pulled her panty out and walked over to my dogs who were all sitting and watching attentively.I placed the drenched panty on the floor in front of them and all three sniffed and licked the panty maybe because of her vomit or juices.I then walked back to her, pulled her forward off the wall a few feet and placed the two separate handcuffs on either hands and cuffed them to some hooks mounted on the ceiling.I kicked her ankles apart so she stood spread out.I picked up the whip and i saw her body tensed as she realised what was about to happen.I circled around her, cracking whip in hand and came back to the front observing every inch of this whore."you've been a bad bitch haven't ya ... well it's time to pay for what you did" I said as she looked at me with droopy eyes forcing to keep her head upright.I wheeled back my hand and came forward with the first stroke, striking her across both her breasts, she jumped, her teeth clenched, face frowned and was becoming pink, she writhed and groaned.Again i repeated my action a few times, seeing her breast turn pink and her nipples stood at end, hard and erect.she squirmed and whimpered with each stroke.I then went behind her, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back."Bad slave" i said and with my hand still holding her head back by her hair i struck her on her ass with more strenght causing the whip to wail her soft flesh leaving it sore and red.To this she screamed and writhed fiercely and her eyes well up with pain."You wanna scream whore, i can fix that" i said as i reached for the gag and strapped it on.Once again i struck her a few times on her ass, I then took the whip placed it between her legs and struck upward and that made her face become extremely red and the tears rolled down her cheek as she screamed loudly and her body squirmed the most at this time, yet i did it a few times over with each stroke being harder than the one before.

With the last upward stroke i reached to the front and grabbed the end of the whip with my other hand,"it's only just begun for you slut, there's much more" i whispered to her as i rubbed the whip back and forth on her pussy while saying this and finally with both hands holding the whip between her legs and resting on her pussy and asshole, i yanked it upwards, causing her to scream and whimper once more as it almost lifted her off the floor and had her on the tip of her toes.

I then went again once more to the items in the bag.Pulled out the horse cock and butt plug.She was breathing heavily and tears still on her cheekswalked towards her and knelt down by her sore red pussy.I rubbed the dildo on her clit and between her pussy lips, she was now settling down as it didn't involve pain, at least not yet.I looked up and saw her head hanging down and her eyes closed as if she had faded from the drugs which she took earlier.I played for awhile to let her body become less tense and as i held the dildo, my fingers barely wrapping around it completely i parted her pussy lips and placed the head of the dildo at the opening, i then looked up at her and realised she had faded away and was not aware about what was going to happen.I pushed gently by the dildo being so huge was unable to go with such little force.She was still passed out despite me trying to force the dildo into her, then without warning or any indication i held the dildo firmly and shoved it hard up inside her, she opened her eyes in shock and pain and scream long and loudly bending her head backwards, her thighs came inwards to try and block the huge object being forced up her sore cunt but to no avail, I forced the dildo up inch by inch and saw tears of pain rolling down her face.As it went all the way inside she tensed up fiercely, i pulled it back out slowly, seeing the walls of her pussy which was tightly stretched around it come along with it and released only when it was pulled to the furthest it could go.I stuck it back in her again and left it there wedged inside."Dont you let that horsecock fall out now whore" I warned her as she whimpered.I then moved to the back of her and knelt down.The view there was more than unbelievable, with the huge dildo inside of her her ass clenched tightly, barely seeing her asshole i parted one side of her ass cheeks and lifted the butt plug up to the rim.I wanted this whore to feel pain so no lubrication added here.Just as before i forced the butt plug in fiercely causing her bend forward to relieve some of the tension, i can see the rim of her asshole being forced inward until it had reached and lodged inside, this too was left there as i stood up to return to the front.I grabbed her by her hair watched her face expressing pain and began to slap her like the bitch she was.Kneeling down once more i started back working on the dildo inside of her.Shoving it hard up and back out while slapping her clit with my other hand.After some time and hard ramming, she once again passed out.I then pulled out the dildo and began to insert my fist.I twisted and twirled my fist inside her pussy, her juices running down my forearm, I then began fisting her roughly looking up at her still passed out and her head and breasts jumping with each hard upward thrust until i can feel her pussy become stretched and less tense around my wrist.I decided to smoke a cigarette and watch this whore till she regained consciousness.

By the time i was almost done smoking, she opened her eyes halfway and swayed a little."Well it's about fucking time slut" i said as i walked to her and took the cuffs off.She collapsed to the floor almost kneeling in front of me, buttplug still wedged inside her.Again i can feel me bladder welled up with urine, as i picked her up and carried her to the bench placing her on her back then got the bondage and tied her ankles pulled it all the way up her chest and around her neck causing her to be bent almost in complete half exposing all her pussy and asshole, once more i pissed on this bitch, only this time i shot most of it inside her extremely gaping pussy and watched the bubbles flow out as she just laid there still disoriented and dazed.Again the horsecock dildo went in this time with less effort and i swear i can almost see it moving in her stomach just under her navel with every inward thrust, it seems like she was begining to like it so i would have none of that for this whore.I untied the bondage for use later on and rolled her over on the bench.With her laying on her stomach and legs on either side and buttplug still inside her elevated ass it was time to inflict some more pain.Again the handcuffed were applied this time from her right hand to her left ankle and vice versa making her limbs criss cross under the bench.Reaching for the studded paddle and evil intentions once more began to strike her on the ass cheeks and i can hear the studs partially hitting the buttplug as she flinched and screamed and grunted with every untimely stroke.I did this numerous times until there wasn't a clear spot of skin on her asscheeks anymore.I could sense the drugs startin to wear off as she remained conscious and more observant of every action now.So I pulled the buttplug out of her ass and stuck in the anal beads letting it hang out like a tail, uncuffed her and ordered her to crawl on all fours around the room and act like the bitch she was, i spanked her as she did so and with her ass being so sore from the blows she yelped loudly often.The time was now coming close for the grand finale.

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