Youngest I Ever Had

by Trinistud

Copyright© 2013 by Trinistud

Pedo Sex Story: forbidden fruit definitely tastes the sweetest, I never knew sexual intercourse with an under aged girl could be so good.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Pedophilia   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Slow   Caution   .

My wife and I lived on a dead end street on a fairly secluded area of the island of Trinidad. We owned a club in the sister isle of Tobago so every other day one of us would take the trip across to manage the business. When she left I would be the one having to do the chores in the household and I dreaded such since it took away most of my free "play time" with the guys. Sometimes on the weekend one of us would stay until Monday and then return, so it's a dull weekend whenever I'm the one at home, that was until things fell into place for me. And here's how it went.

About two houses away from us, on the end of the road actually, there lived a 14 year old girl named Shania. She was around 5' in height, very petite body with boobs just forming into teenage stage, so they looked like perky mounds of flesh, no cleavage or the sort. Shoulder lenght hair and a firm proportionate medium sized ass which would jiggle very slightly with her body movements. Her skin was very smooth and childlike as she being so young. I knew all this from spying on her with my binoculars from our bedroom window. She had a troubled life as her father became a drunk after being fired from his well paying job and her mother was forced to work at a diner to tend to the household, as she being the manager she was hardly ever around so most times Shania would be at home alone reading or playing around in the backyard.

She was the type who only wore knee height dress with the strap on the shoulder, sometimes as I looked at her from through the window I would catch a glimpse of her youthful nipples whenever she was in the back yard bending forward playing with her dog or maybe just cleaning the lawn as the front top of her dress would hang exposing the mounds. She also liked to sit on the pool chair and read alot. The feet side of the chair faced our bedroom window directly and she had a way that whenever she was there she would bend her knees upward so that her hands holding the book would rest on them while she read. I was delighted whenever she did this as her dress would rest on her thigh but the underside would drop to the chair exposing her tiny panties and the well rounded hump of her young vagina clad behind them. She would be there for hours and so would I, staring at the panties as she rocked her knees inward and outward while she read. She would often wear the colourful cotton panties, some spandex. Whenever she wore the white ones I could sometimes see her juices moist the crotch area which would excite me and have my mouth watering for a taste. She also had this very special pink lace and netted one that was so tight that they always formed the cameltoe effect whenever she wore them, biting into the crack and exposing the tiny lips of her vagina.

One day while I was looking at her, my binoculars focused directly at her pussy only, I did not realise that she saw me at the window looking. I saw her placed the book between her thighs as if to block her panties and I moved the up to her face I saw her smiling and waving at me, a gentle childlike wave. I was shocked and terrified at the thought that she had realised what I was doing but I played it calm and waved back at her then looked at other directions with my binoculars trying to make her think I was bird watching. I began to worry about the thoughts going through her tender mind about me, the perverted impression I may have left.

That night as I lay on my bed, I couldn't stopped thinking about how I got caught. As usual her father in his drunken state would always be arguing on the phone or by himself loudly and we being the closest neighbors since the house that stood between us was unoccupied I would hear him clearly. I heard him yell... "you fucking whore, is that what you're doing, why do you do that, I'm gonna deal with it tomorrow" ... to this my blood ran cold and I thought she had spilled the beans to her father about my actions. I took awhile to fall asleep wondering how am I going to get out of the accusations.

The next morning I awoke to a knock on the door, my wife was already downstairs making breakfast so she answered and I could hear a male voice saying... "good morning, I dont mean to intrude but may I come in to discuss a matter with you"? ... I then realised it was Shania's father, I quickly threw on my robe and headed down the stairway to see what was about to take place. On reaching downstairs I saw Shania, her father and my wife seated. "Sorry if woke you, but I just need to a favor" he said as I approached where they were sitting. Shania was wearing a jeans and sweater, first time I had seen her dress like that and she looked mature in the outfit as she sat with her legs crossed. Her father then began to speak... "I will be leaving town for the weekend and my wife will be working all weekend long, I really need a big favor from you both because she had some business to attend to but was unable to do it" ... to this I realised that it was his wife he was speaking to the night before so I felt a feeling of comfort like a tonne of bricks had just been relieved from my shoulders.

"sure thing" I said as my wife and I listened attentively. He wanted us to keep Shania for the weekend at our house until he or his wife returned. To this my wife hesitated because she was leaving for the weekend to attend matters at the club so it would only be Shania and myself at home. "Dont worry hun, I think I might be able to look after her, all I have to do is just be at home, no different from when you leave me here" was my reply. My wife after some thought said yes and to this I was delighted.

"Thanks so much", "Shania get some stuff you might need from the house" was his reply.

Shania returned with a tote bag and my wife showed her to the guest room. We were running late for my wife's flight so we grabbed her stuff and I asked Shania's father if he would like a lift into town, to this he accepted and he said "be a good girl now Shania" and she only nodded as all three of us left for the airport leaving Shania at home for a short while till I return. After dropping both my wife and Shania's father off and returning home I saw an old friend of mine. We got into a little chit chat and headed to the bar to get a few beers. Time had passed as well as the bottles and then I remembered I had left Shania alone at the house so I quickly finished my beer and told my friend we would meet again sometime.

As I parked in the garage and knocked on the door I was beginning to get tipsy, I knocked twice but no one came to the door. I went around back to the guestroom window and tapped there but to no avail so I went back to the front and knocked again only louder this time. Shania opened and to my surprised she had already showered and changed into her dress, one that I have never seen before, shorter than the rest and flared reaching midway on her thigh. "So you finally came back" she said with a somewhat childish smile. I nodded and walked in and headed to the fridge to get another beer, I then said "if you need me I'll be up in my room" and headed upstairs trying to erase the thoughts that were running through my head. As I sat on the recliner in my room I remembered something that got me extremely excited. My hose was filled with hidden cameras, in each room, hallway, almost everywhere seeing that I keep my cash and valuables at home. I sprang to my feet and rushed to the bedroom door and locked it, I then proceeded to my computer to to what Shania did when we left and was I ever so glad I did this.

As I played the recording I saw Shania closing the door as we left, then went to the window to watch us leave the driveway. She then went into the kitchen looking around in the cupboards, looked around the living room and then headed upstairs. I was beginning to think she was looking for something to steal but what I had seen afterwards only made my sexual appetite for her grow stronger. She had reached into our bedroom and into our wardrobe where we keep all our personal "playthings". My wife admired herself alot and she knew she was hot so she only wore the skimpiest thongs and sexiest lingerie she could ever get her hands on. I saw Shania reach in and took out my wife's favorite lingerie. It was a pair of thigh high red leather boots, with a pink and white nurse outfit, the top of the outfit would open to expose the breasts and the bottom would flare out and bounce to expose the red crotchless panties that came with them, with a slight lean forward everything would be exposed from the back. Shania peeled out of her outfit and began putting on the lingerie. She turned a few times in front of the mirror, bending over, lifting a leg onto the bed and striking seductive poses as she modeled for awhile. Then she reached back in and pulled out a shoe box, this I know contained our sex toys, dildos, handcuff, vibrators. I saw her reach for one of the pocket vibrators and was observing it. I could see her getting excited as she undressed from the lingerie and proceeded to lay on our bed. I was thinking what the hell does this young thing know about these stuff, but to my amazement she knew more than I thought she would.

With her head resting on our pillow, she brought her ankles up as she spread her knees apart, her perky breast already up naturally, her nipples grew slightly as she became aroused, her right hand traveled down to her wet pussy lips parting them with her tiny fingers and began caressing her clit with the vibrator with her other hand. As she played I can see her gyrating her hips, her pussy becoming more wet with every stroke and she gasps ever so often. When I thought this was as far she was going to reach it was a thought wasted. She took the 4" long 2" wide toy and placed it to the opening of her wet, glistening pussy. She began to insert it slowly, deeper each time she pulled out and placed it back in until it had reach all the way. With the vibrator on inside her I can see her gyrating stronger and faster, bucking ever so often. As if this wasnt enough to satisfy her I saw her hand reached to the side of the bed where I had left my underwear I wore the night before, filled with sweat and the scent of my cock she pressed it against her face, inhaling deeply by the crotch area and began to buck heavily and fucking herself vigorously with the vibrator. From the angle of the camera I can see her going insane as little droplets of her juices squirt slightly and began to trickle down her tiny clenched asshole and flow onto the bed. This was enough to make me pop my cover as I squeezed my rock hard throbbing cock. I looked on the bed and realised that the moist spot that was there was still semi dried so I rushed over and placed my tongue to see if I can get a taste but it had already soaked to far into the bed and most of it gone so I laid there on my back and began to stoke my cock until I came.

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