The Unforgettable Ride

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A husband finally gets a hard-on and using the same method that broke the curse of not being able to perform on his wife, turning her into an available woman with outstanding results in their riding group, not only for the male riders but for a horse as well

As the woman finished wiping down the sink she turned to her husband and said, "I want to come".

"Pardon!" he replied. "You want to come where?"

"Riding with you tomorrow", she replied. Her husband put down the magazine for her statement had taken him by surprise because for months the suggestion that she join the riding group had always been rejected. "Dawn for months I as well as other members of the riding group have been encouraging you to learn to ride. We all had to start with learning to sit on a horses back and then get to know how to handle the beast, what it could and couldn't do and above all get to know the horse, for we all ride the same animal every time we go out. By doing that we know the animal and it knows us. However, you will be most welcome for although you have attended the social get togethers, like the afternoon teas and the BBQ's, you have missed out on the most enjoyable parts. Yes my dear you will be well received". He got up and embraced her, rubbing and massaging her tits, tits that were the type he liked, heavy and sagging. She no longer wore a bra and they shook and bounced as he worked them. He lifted her skirt and rubbed that hairy groin, for panties she no longer wore and as she gave off moans of appreciation he whispered. "I guess you are entitled to change your mind, after all my dear three months ago I couldn't even touch your tit, now we fuck on a daily basic and you are the best cock sucker I have come across.

As he rubbed her up his mind ventured back to the day she had totally changed tact. For years she had refused to accommodate him in the field of intimacy and over time he found the mechanism that gave him an erection had seized to operate, or to the extent of being hard enough to penetrate the sex of a woman. However, he could be given oral sex and a female friend had been supplying that pleasure now for ages, but it was a fellow rider that made him determine to seek ways to again create a hard-on, for this fellow rider had made it obvious that she found him interesting. He couldn't push the point for if she wanted more that the casual touch, or the closeness as they prepared to ride, he wouldn't have been able to perform. At first he sought out the accepted sexual tablet that was supposed to work miracles, it was a total loss and it was only a chance observation of a packet that was labelled 'a male revolution' to enhance one's sexual performance in the chemist that made him comment to himself 'why not try it, I have nothing to loose'.

The packet held a month's supply of tablets, one to be taken with meals once a day. It was only in the third week, almost on the point of abandoning the trial that he began to notice the hardening of his cock so by the time the packet was finished he could smile and stand, like other men, with a throbbing hard-on. His cock sucking friend was also impressed for she could now take quite a number of inches into her mouth and as he shot his load, he dragged her head against his groin so not a fraction of cock was on display. She always took a mouthful, but this time it came with a burst that made her gargle and when she wiped her mouth smiled and said 'Now that was the sort of cock I love to suck'.

'If it worked for him, would it seduce his wife', was the thought that his success bought on. He purchased another package and each day gave her the dosage that was recommended, a tablet with meals, once a day. He did all the cooking so it was easy to crush up the tablet and mix it with her meal. His wife was an absolute conservative and her mythology had always voiced opposition to sexual intimacy, if it had to be done it was done only with reluctance and to be ended as quickly as possible and never to be enjoyed, that was a sin. He had no idea how it would work, if it worked at all. He was onto the last couple of days when she came out of the shower, totally naked and walked to her bedroom. Nudity was another 'no', 'no', according to her mythology yet this day she showed no embarrassment or made any effort to cover up and even engaged him in brief conversation. "I forgot my bra and panties", she said as she opened the bottom drawer, naturally bending over and for the first time in decades, opened displayed her very hairy cunt. It was an invitation that couldn't be ignored. Within seconds his pyjamas shorts were off and his throbbing length was level with that hairy target; he gripped her tits and shoved.

She bucked, the expression on her face as registered in the mirror was one of total surprise. Her mouth opened and a gasp came forth, she flapped but he held her, pushing her head down and ramming another few inches up that hairy crack till his balls were resting against her bottom, then it was just a matter of fucking, in and out his cock went, faster and faster till he gave the thrust that emptied his balls and his wife gave off an almost unrecognized grunt. "Fuck that was nice", he said as he pulled out and wiped his cock over her backside. He left her, still bent over the dressing table stool. What was going to be her reaction was the thought that occupied his mind as he returned to the kitchen. He waited for the onslaught, that didn't come but what did was so unexpected that a thought flashed through his mind, 'was he in the right house and did he just fuck his wife?' She came out, wearing nothing but a smile. "If that was what you call a fuck, it was fantastic and will you do it again?" A question that only deserved one answer; yes he did it again and again, till it was a daily occurrence. Bum fucking and to get her to suck would take a bit longer but by the beginning of the next month, she was fully trained and it is a challenge to know which is the best, a cock up her cunt, a cock up her bum or a cock down her throat, for her it doesn't matter she loves the lot.

She was well known to the riding group and when they were told by her husband Trevor that she wanted to mount a horse, there were willing helpers to assist. There were six couples and two unattached women. They were all sexual liberated people, who understood each other and all got on very well together. The two unattached were Maud, a very plain and unattractive woman, but she had one real asset that all the men appreciated, she fucked and all except Trevor had been accommodated by her. The other woman was Nicki, she was divorced. "This is the most gentle of our horses", the group leader said as Dawn was introduced to her horse. She shook like a jelly but giggled with every shake; it took a number of attempts to get her to sit without falling off and then time to just guide her around the corral so that she could gain confidence. "Well Dawn", said the leader of the group. "How did you enjoy your first horse?"

"I think it will take time before I can gallop around like you lot", she cheerfully replied. "To be honest Doug my bum is a bit sore". That comment bought on a bout of laughter and Harry, who was recognized, especially by the women, as the 'stud' of the group hit the nail on the head with his response. "To solve the problem with a sore bum Dawn is to just keep riding. It is still early we could all mount up again and I'll help this time".

"Oh! I wish you had mentioned about going for another ride Harry", said one of the other women. "I have put my saddle away".

"I'm sure Trevor will help you there Nicki. Well what about the rest do we ride again?" Harry said as he got up and put his cup in the washing up dish. Harry was an odd name to give to an individual who was a black as the darkest night. Maybe it was a name handed down from when that part of Africa that his descendants had come from, was under colonial rule. Maybe an earlier ancestor had been called Harry and the name had followed on to other males. However, it was accepted in the group that he was an excellent horseman and a very good teacher; in fact all new comers had been put through his course.

As each rider resaddled his or her horse, Nicki slid up besides Trevor and asked in her very erotic voice. "Will you help me for I have put my gear back in the storage area".

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