Homosexual Indoctrination: Spring Semester
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Gay, Science Fiction, Robot, Brother, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, science fiction mind control story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The slaves return for the spring semester.

After the slave known as chrissie returned to campus, the first few days were fairly quiet beyond some orientation to new duties and new classes in more advanced service, which were done while deeply under trance, and the slow, but sure, return of students to campus. slave replaced its Preceptor's previous slave as his personal assistant and sex toy, working hard to please its superior. These quiet days were mostly spent in his office learning his routine, file management system, and having its mouth filled.

slave began to spend its downtime during the day in the Preceptor's closet. Preceptor kept the brainwashed slave there because, in his own words, it was very difficult for him to get work done with the slave just standing around. slave apologized, but its Master told it to keep doing what it was doing. it happily obeyed.

If slave could remember its first semester at the Academy, it would remember Master having a similar conversation to the one he was having with a boy right now. The boy, subliminally softened during the day, had just dreamily agreed to Master picking out his schedule for him. The boy, an adorable brown haired one named Randy, was quickly agreeing to everything Master said.

The Preceptor smiled at the boy. "Good boy. You are a real natural for submissive track." He looked down to push a button on his desk. "I want you to meet someone."

The door of the closet that slave stood in opened suddenly. slave, its hair neatly trimmed with little spikes in the front and its blue eyes, stared straight ahead for a moment before moving forward as Master had instructed it to do when the door swung open. slave could see out of the corner of its eye that Randy was staring right at the slave, taking in the docile emptiness of the slave.

slave stepped forward, off of the closet floor. it wore tiny orange shorts and a t-shirt that said "empty headed" in a very feminine script. Slowly, slave curtsied, never taking its eyes off Master as its body lowered. "Master, how will slave obey?"

slave's cock grew rock hard at the desire that Master showed for it. "I get to pick," he began to explain to Randy, "a slave for my own ... private ... use. Administrators and faculty can also schedule slaves for various times in the day as we wish. Some slaves," he put a hand on slave's chin, "this one is quite popular with upperclassmen and a certain other administrator." The look on Randy's face showed pure envy.

"slave," Master pronounced, gently running two fingers over the boy's smooth face, "Randy is looking forward to being on submissive track. Being a slave is wonderful for boys, isn't it?"

The beautiful slave sighed and softly smiled. "Yes, Master, slave is so happy. slave exists to obey, Master." slave turned to Randy, which made the boy blush. "you will love it." slave smiled at Master, madly in love with the man who had brainwashed it. Randy's glassy eyes were clearly imagining himself in slave's position. The boy began to wish he could replace slave.

The Preceptor stared at Randy, who was daydreaming about mindless slavery. This one would be a quick convert. "I have an idea," He began, looking at the boy, and then towards slave, "slave, what are you available times?"

slave recited back a number of times that the popular slave was in use and then the times it was available with a chipper enthusiasm. The Preceptor typed in some things on his computer, watching Randy look between his Preceptor and the slave, a lustful look on his face. slave's cock grew harder as a visual, one deeply brainwashed into the slave, of kneeling with a boy to suck a superior's cock flashed through its mind.

Master's voice get both boy and slave's attention. "Here is what we can do. As your Preceptor, it is my job to make sure you are prepped for whatever future you have ahead of you. You are clearly destined for a life of service. Some man is going to be very happy." Master waved a hand at the slave, who stared adoringly at him. "slave," the slave curtsied low, "you will meet up at a time which works for both of you little cute boys. I want you to teach him the basics of service; how to be a very good boy."

What a great idea! Master was so smart and good at his job. "Yes, Master," slave proudly chirped, starting at him adoringly. A slight smile came over the slave, which Randy looked over, cock hardening, wishing to replicate. The boy was having similar thoughts to slave about what a nice, intelligent, thoughtful man the Preceptor was being for him.

Randy squirmed a little bit in his chair. "T-T-T-Thank you, Sir. I hope I live up to your expectations." slave's smile brightened a little bit to the side of the boy. If he was already addressing Master as Sir, the boy's subliminal programming this morning had worked like a charm. slave loved how easy it was for boys to be programmed here.

slave watched Master type a little more into his computer. He turned and faced Randy. "I just sent your schedule for this year to your phone." Randy"s phone buzzed a moment later. "I hope you don't mind, but I laid out your schedule for you to maximize your potential." He motioned for the boy to check the schedule. It was very impressive. "I don't see any reason you'd have a problem with what I picked for you."

slave watched Master stand up and motion for Randy to do so as well. The boy shook Master's hand, blushing at the man's other hand moving to his face. "You are such a pretty boy. What a little angel you are."

slave was overjoyed internally by the boy's reaction. Randy blinked a few times as Master put his arm around him and led him towards the door. "I added a time to your schedule for our weekly meetings, and your meetings with slave." His hand touched the boy's. "If you trust me, I can help prep you for the life after the university that you want." slave stared straight ahead, eyes empty, awaiting eventual command.

"I trust my Preceptor completely and will always follow his suggestions, Sir." Randy was well on his way to becoming a very good boy, already smitten with the Preceptor. He giggled as his superior gave the boy's butt a gentle pat and turned to him with a ditzy look on his face.

slave watched Master put his arm around the boy. "Your roommate is probably waiting to meet you. You should go get some rest in your dorm room."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said with another childish giggle and he bounced out of the room to find his roommate.

Master instructed slave to go to the big party welcoming back the freshman class. Well, those who had not been brainwashed into slaves, or were new transfers to the school like the cute boy that slave had seen earlier in the day in Master's office. slave wandered the party, idly ending up on the top floor of the mansion where it watched a boy and a slave make out from across the floor.

As slave stared at them, it froze momentarily as a gentle hand touched its back. Turning, slave saw it was Randy from earlier. slave happily hugged the boy tightly, who returned it. They stared at each other briefly before Randy hugged it again. "I am so happy to find you." Little did either know, slave had been programmed to seek out the boy. The boy took slave's hand. "Come with me, I know where we can be alone." Obediently, slave followed the boy to a bedroom at the other end of the floor.

Discreetly, although, it pondered briefly, was there a point, slave closed the door behind it and Randy and let out a tiny whimper as the boy kissed him on the mouth. slave returned the kiss and automatically thought to kneel, but then, in a split second further pondering, decided a future slave like Randy did not deserve or need that kind of treatment. Instead, it hugged the boy tightly.

"Teach me to be just like you," Randy said with another kiss. slave smiled and began teaching the boy how to curtsy properly, properly keep body hair shaved, and when to ask for instruction. Finally, he taught Randy how to practice speaking in the third person, which was an essential piece of social knowledge for any boy wanting to become a slave. Randy was slow to pick up some things, awkward at a curtsy, stammering over personal pronouns, but slave knew he would learn to please.

The curfew bell suddenly rang out, signaling it was time to go home for the evening. Randy kissed slave again. "We need to get together again. Can you come over for a date tomorrow night?"

slave thought for a moment. "Yes, slave can do that." slave smiled at the boy and they kissed. Randy pulled it tight to him. The boy took its hand and kissed two fingers gently. "We have to get home for curfew. That is an important rule to remember."

slave beamed proudly at Randy reciting the subliminally programmed declaration. They hugged again and, walking hand in hand, left the party together before leaving each other with another tight hug at the fork where they would go their separate ways.

slave walked down its fork, but was quickly taken over by an urge to slip through a bush and put its hand up on a body ID to enter the side door of a building. Inside, slave found a large, well lit, corridor with a tan colored door at the end of the hallway. slave continued towards it and only briefly adjusted its gait as the door swooshed open as it drew nearer.

slave entered the large room to find a lot of commotion. drones and slaves were moving about, being directed by a few men. slave look around and found Master, its "Biology of Role Difference" professor and padded over to him, warmly embracing the Scientist.

"slave!" The Scientist pronounced with a smile, "good boy getting here so quickly." He put a hand out to the slave, who took it and curtsied asking, "Master, how will slave obey?"

Quickly, the Scientist motioned for it to stand. "I asked permission from your Preceptor to bring you here tonight." He waved towards the happenings around them. "We are running some tests here in the evenings to see if an experimental droning procedure can work. It's a long story, but," he squeezed its hand, "you will be a valuable part of it."

slave nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, Master!" slave never considered the dangers, or potential side effects, of such experiments. Padding along behind the Scientist, slave entered a back room to begin the tests.

The Scientist motioned over to a boy who was being held by two drones. "This boy here is going to be used to test this experimental drug. This drug will help bring boys under even deeper control than before." He paused at slave's smile and put a hand on its arm. "What is really interesting however is that the process will move much quicker."

He motioned for slave to follow him to a lab table. The boy they passed squirmed, but the two muscle bound drones held him tightly in place. He picked up a vial. "These nanites here will, hypothetically bring a boy, never processed before—" He stopped at the slave's confused look. "I mean, programmed from boy to slave to drone." slave nodded its understanding. "to, along side about two hours, but I am trying to get it down to one and a half, of modified drone programming, to an empty, devoted to obedience, state. There would be no need to chip anymore because it would grow inside them over a few days before all changes became permanent."

slave eyed the vial, wondering if it would ever be injected with the nanites, but its attention went back to the scientist. "We have used some test subjects with mixed results." He sighed. "They end up pretty blank, but a few have been so empty that they cannot be commanded. Basically, they ended up lobotomized. Don't worry, they were violent criminals. The lowest scum." It had not occurred to slave to worry. it smiled and stared longingly at the handsome Scientist.

He waved to the struggling boy, who now had a ball gag in his mouth. "This one over here is our latest specimen. He cheated on its first exam of the semester. Terrible." He cuffed the chin of slave. "You cannot cheat your way into being a proper Master of a boy. slave, you only see this one as my specimen."

slave stared at the specimen, hoping it served Master well. "Yes, Master."

"Good boy." He turned to the muscular drones. "Bring him to the tube." The drones, without speaking, picked up the Scientist's newest specimen and carried it to a black tube, securing it in the tube by all extremities.

The boy struggled as much as he could, but the straps holding him were very strong. The drones, satisfied he was in place, turned to their current controller for instruction. The Scientist smiled at them and, wrapping a finger inside two of slave's fingers, brought him over to them. In his hand was the vial and a needle. Methodically, he combined them with care, but then handed the needle to slave. "Inject my specimen with the needle."

slave happily bounced over the tube, smiling at Master's specimen's look of absolute horror, and injected it into its arm. A moment later, the tube began to close and the specimen's fate was sealed. slave turned and moved next to the drones. All three snapped to attention before their superior to await further command.


As the weather warmed and a new semester began, the slave formerly known as robby waited silently in an elevator, waiting to fulfill its programming for the morning. it had been programmed during morning trancing to report to the Head Master's office at 10am sharp. The slave, utterly devoted to service, was in the elevator exactly two minutes before the top of the hour. The red haired slave would die before disobeying a superior.

The elevator door opened and robby-slave found a blond slave taking a shift as the Head Master's secretary. The slave smiled at slave. "Master is waiting," it said quietly and returned to the pad in its hand. slave smiled back and swiftly walked into the Head Master's office.

slave curtsied before the Head Master and noticed two other men in the room. Behind the Head Master's desk stood a beautiful boy, dark haired and pale, with piercing, empty, blue eyes. The boy, dressed in a tank top and tight shorts, waited at attention, obviously deeply under control.

"Ah," The Head Master began as he stood up from his desk, "this slave here has been 'running' theobedientboy weblog for the past two years." robby-slave stood quietly as the two other men, members of the Board of Trustees, looked it over. "The slave was donated by its parents upon turning sixteen, a gift to make up for a previous transgression on campus by an older sibling. After we programmed it, 'robby' was returned to his school and did theobedientboy weblog during its final two years of schooling."

The Head Master waved a hand towards the slave. "We, of course, accepted robby here and the boy has been publicly shown to be going through the natural progression to 'slave' after one semester." The slave's cock bulged in its shorts, which the Head Master noticed one of the trustees eying.

One of the Trustees, an older man with silver hair, sat up in his chair. "theobedientboy weblog is a great recruiting tool. It draws in both already submissive boys and those who are curious about either the lifestyle or their own sexuality." He turned to the Head Master. "This was one of the best ideas you have ever come up with."

The Head Master nodded. "And now it is time for this slave to be unencumbered of the role of theobedientboy." He pushed a few buttons on his desk. "Part of the mythos of the weblog is that it is passed down to a new boy every few years. This ended up being a very clever way of bringing a new boy in each time." He picked up the remote that slid out of a compartment in the desk.

Suddenly, robby-slave was moving forward and kneeling at the feet of the men. It looked up, eyes empty. "Ready for reprogramming, Master." The remote had triggered a personality wipe, which was sometimes used on drones in the field or being resold or reprogrammed for some reason.

The Head Master looked down at the slave. "Delete the 'robby' and 'slave' persona. Install default 'drone' persona."

A minute passed before the drone blinked a few times. Gracefully, it stood up and curtsied. "Master, drone only exists for your next command." It looked up with an adoring expression of pure love.

The Head Master approached the drone and traded out the "slave" tag dangling from its collar for a "drone" one. "Report to drone quarters for further instruction. When you reach the elevator, you will forget being here."

drone smiled softly. "Yes, Master." Turning swiftly, it left the room and headed towards a life of mindless enslavement.

On cue, the newest version of theobedientboy, a dark skinned boy with a toned form, came forward. One of the Trustees addressed it. "What is your name?"

The drone brightened and smiled. "Eric, Master."

The Trustees stepped forward, but turned to the Head Master. "When does it go home?"

The Head Master pulled a pad out of his blazer. Quickly, he tapped the screen a few times. "It is yours until tomorrow morning." He gave his friend a mischievous grin.

A few moments later, Eric blinked and looked towards the Trustee. He padded over the man and curtsied. "Master, Eric only exists for your next command." Taking the man's hand, they left the room together.

The Head Master, left to himself, called his secretary into the room. The slave was naked before it got through the door.


The Scientist checked the readings for the boy being experimentally brainwashed at the moment and then turned back to the two drones and slave. The muscular drones were not his type, he had amused himself at lunch by making them fuck each other, but the blond slave was a lovely creature. He had taken the slave out on a few dates early in the semester and they had a delightful time together. the slave, of course, was a devoted little dove on their dates and dottered on the Scientist until retiring with him to his home for the evening. The slave had been conditioned, for their dates, to believe it was the Scientist's obedient boyfriend and they held hands, kissed, and snuggled at home accordingly.

However, right now, the slave stood at attention, ocean colored blue eyes lost in submission. The specimen's processing would take a few hours and the Scientist had signed the slave out for the evening. It was time to enjoy it.

The Scientist stood before the three objects waiting at attention by his command. "drones," he began, "monitor the readouts for the specimen's reprogramming. Alert me if anything if out of the ordinary from this morning's test subject." The drones moved quickly to obey without a word. The scientific abilities they would need to please in this building had been downloaded into them previously. The drones had enough knowledge to perform their duties properly.

Satisfied they would perform their programmed duties, he turned back to the blond slave. "slave, wake up." He smiled at the pretty blonde as it blinked a few times, immediately recognizing him.

The gentle blonde smiled back and curtsied. "Master, how will slave obey?"

The Scientist put his hand out to the slave, who took it and reached up from its curtsy to kiss the hand softly. "slave, the boy I showed you is being reprogrammed right now with the experimental nanites. However we have at least an hour, probably two, to kill before the experiment is done." He yawned. "As I said earlier, I have been awake for a long time. We could take a nap together, but I want to be close by in case something does go wrong. There is," he pointed to the room off to the side, "a room set up for um, meetings like this, and we could retire to it until the procedure is complete. How does that sound to you?"

The slave's response was obvious, but deeply sincere. "Master, that sounds wonderful." it placed another hand on the Scientist and padded after the man towards the assigned room. Inside of it, slave slowly pulled off its clothes, leaving the tiny naked body before its superior. it crawled across the bed and gave the Scientist a wonderful lap dance before seductively pulling off the man's pants and sucking his cock with loving enthusiasm and joy. despite his earlier pronouncement, the Scientist and slave did snuggle up and briefly fall asleep while waiting for the results.

Their brief nap was interrupted however by a gentle knock from one of the muscular drones. The process had been completed and they awaited new orders. The Scientist lifted the slave off of him and, after giving the blonde dove a moment to wake up, held its hand as they came back into the main room the view the results.

Back in the main room, the Scientist gently pulled his hand away from the slave's, putting a few fingers up to command it to stay back for a moment. With a nod of his head, the drone still in the room tapped a few buttons to open the tube. A moment passed before it opened, revealing the first ever "doll," a new evolution in homosexual indoctrination.

The doll had been totally reprogrammed, the first successful conversion. It was slightly tan, had empty blue eyes and a gentle, curious, smile on its face. Padding over to the Scientist in the same way slave had done earlier, it knelt before him.

The scientist squeezed slave's hand. The procedure had worked! Even slave could figure out that this was a pretty big deal. slave eyed the doll, a passive curiosity about the beautiful blond passing through its mind.

doll looked up at the scientist with puppy dog eyed devotion on its face. the scientist, exhausted, looked down at it. "doll, what is your purpose?"

doll smiled. "To please, master." The utterly content doll had no other thoughts except to please.

The scientist looked over at slave, who passively stared at the doll. "Good doll." he looked back at slave again. "doll, this slave here has been a very good slave tonight. it kept me occupied and awake while you were being born. why doesn't doll reward the slave with a really long blowjob?"

doll brightened proudly. "Yes, master!" It stood up and swayed over, kneeling again before the naked slave and, with only a slight smile up at it, began bouncing up and down on slave's cock slowly.

slave gently guided doll's head over its cock, but after a few minutes it stopped moving and fell into a light trance as the pleasure of having its cock sucked took over. doll would continue to suck on the slave's dick for another 30 minutes. By the time it was shooting cum into doll's mouth, slave was entranced and lost in the pleasure of the act.

Which caused the slave to not notice the calls for help from the Scientist. Having confirmed the doll conditioning experiment was a success, it had overheard the Scientist calling one of his colleagues to report the experiment had finally worked. A deeply embedded trigger activated in the two muscular drones. the drones were conditioned with a sleeper command that would be activated if the Scientist ever completed the experiment. One of the muscular drones held the scientist while the other injected him with a sedative to slow down his mental cognition. as his struggling slowed, the drones carried and tossed him into the doll tube, quickly shutting the tube door.

While one of the mindless drones stood guard, the other activated the doll process. the Scientist continued to scream as the nanites soaked him, but his movement ceased a few minutes after the hypnotic spirals began dancing before him. After about ten minutes, he was completely under control and the process to convert him into the second ever doll had begun.

While one drone stood guard, the other continued to monitor the readouts. after doll and slave finished their play, both became lost in a dropped down monitor with a bright pink spiral dancing across it. Words played across it after a few minutes commanding both to kneel next to the guard drone until a man arrived to give them further instructions.

The processing of the second doll took another two hours while the first doll and slave waited for command. Another Scientist showed up shortly before the process ended. Suddenly, the tube opened and the scientist was now a forever young doll, an empty brained smile on its face as it knelt before the other scientist, who it now thought of as Master. The first doll, upon command, came over and knelt next to it as they received new order for the second scientist.

While this happened, slave watched the new Scientist hoping to be commanded to obey. the drone that had watched the readouts placed itself in the doll tube, completing its sleeper command. the other stood at attention standing guard as brainwashed to do so. In a few hours, it would be a doll as well.

About twelve hours later, slave blinked awake and winced at the bright lights above the tube it sat in. The last thing it remembered was being commanded by the Scientist to enter this tube for programming. Without second thought, it had padded over and entered the tube. This was not, of course, the doll making tube, but a generic tube for programming slaves. slave had been easily reconditioned to believe the second Scientist was the first and that it had not seen the first Scientist become a doll, which it stared at now along with the three other dolls, the original specimen and the two former drones.

Strangely, slave did not find itself attracted to the dolls, but its idle thoughts were interrupted by the Scientist, who called for it to come to him. slave swayed over and curtsied. "Master, how will slave obey?" The Scientist was handsome, middle aged, with a young face. slave felt its cock rise against the tiny short shorts it wore. The word "agreeable" was written across its backside.

The Scientist smiled warmly. "slave, you seem to have come out of your programming session in one piece." The slave curtsied again. "All four of the new dolls have come out of the tubes in fine working order." He stepped forward and took the slave's hand in his own. "You have kept me company and been my muse for my plans on our dates," He leaned down and gently kissed slave. "Thank you so much for that."

slave kissed him back thoughtfully. slave remembered their dates and all the ideas the Scientist had told it. What it did not know was that it had been brainwashed to report on the first Scientist to the second, which it did not know the difference between anymore. it squeezed the nice man's hand again, so happy for his success. If slave needed to be turned into a doll, it would obey without question.

The Scientist squeezed back. This slave was a little angel, but a few others already desired it. He would not get in their way. "slave, this will be our last date. you will leave now and not come back here unless expressly commanded. Leave now." A quick goodbye was best.

slave blinked. "Yes, Master." it turned without speaking, cute little butt swaying away. Inside the elevator that led to the surface, a drone tranced slave and gave it new instructions: Report to the sports team party to serve. slave stared straight ahead, calmly reciting back the instruction and headed into the early evening to obey. All it could think of now was the wonderful men on the team and how much it wanted to obey every one of them.

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