The Transformation of Sam

by murrayphillips

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Poor old Sam suffers from SDS (Small Dick Syndrome) and dreams of getting a good fuck! Strangely, dreams do come true some times!

The problem

I had a small dick! No, what let me clarify that! I had a minuscule dick. Even when fully erect it was only about 2" long and about 3/4" in diameter. Sure it worked really well - if I stroked it with two fingers (all I needed!) I would be rewarded with a normal (well at least I thought it was normal) flow of sperm, but apart from that it was next to useless.

I was reasonably good looking, 6'1" and about 180lbs. Getting girlfriends was not a problem - hanging on to them was! If they didn't die laughing when they saw my dick they would exit my bedroom in disgust. Worse still, most of them generally told their friends so after a few months I had to move on, as it seemed every girl in the town knew of my predicament.

Sure I had been to doctors, had tests done, all to no avail.

"I'm sorry Mr Philipson" they would say "There's just nothing we can do!"

Sure, and it took them all their time not to burst into raucous laughter. One specialist even took a photo while I wasn't looking and showed his receptionist and nurse. They were all killing themselves laughing when I went to pay the bill. In between fits of laughter, the receptionist asked "Would you be wanting a discount, Mr Philipson?". She convulsed at her own humour. What could I do? I paid the bill and slunk out.

All I wanted was a fuck - you know stick my dick into some girl's nice warm pussy...

A while back I had been so desperate for a fuck that I had gone to the local brothel. The madam behind the desk asked me what type of woman I would like. I told her that I would like a small woman with small to medium breasts and a tight pussy. She picked up the intercom and paged Sally. Sally was all I had ever dreamed about! About 5'2" with smallish B cup breasts and when she got me into her room and stripped down her fully shaved pussy slit was so tiny I thought that I was in heaven. She told me to get undressed and hop onto the bed with her. Then she saw my dick!

"Oh my..." she exclaimed "I can't fuck that. It will fall out of my pussy..." Laughing she showed me the door and gave me my money back and told me to come back when I was all grown up! At this point, jumping off a bridge looked like a great option.

A Life Changing Advertisement

A week or two later I was sitting in the local barbers waiting to get my hair cut. I picked up a magazine, you know one of those trashy ones that are all tits and bums... ! I flipped through and was about to put it back when an ad caught my eye. It ran like this... "Need a bigger penis to impress the ladies? Come to us, our brand new stem cell therapy guarantees results." The number was a local one, so I plugged it into my phone. Hours later I gave them a call, expecting it to be a scam, but a sweet voice answered

"Men's health clinic, Suzy speaking. How can I help?"

I found myself asking for an appointment. We made one for the following week and I hung up.

"Shit" I though to myself "What the fuck have I got myself into?"

Still, a week later saw me at the front desk of a nicely furnished waiting room. The angel behind the desk was a knock out! She had a short nurse's uniform that barely covered her cute arse and the front of the uniform was unzipped enough to show her straining C cup tits. Fuck she was hot!

"Hi, I am Suzy" the angel said "You must be Mr Philipson?"

"Call me Sam" I stammered trying to get my eyes away from her bulging tits which looked like they would escape the confines of her uniform and bra anytime real soon.

"Okay Sam" she smiled "let's get you into the consulting room and ready for Dr. Meadows.

She led me through a door into a small but nicely furnished consultation room. "Now" she said handing me a gown "Let's get you undressed and get your details"

I undressed and put the flimsy gown on.

"Now" she said handing me a Playboy magazine "We need to get you hot and bothered so that we can take some measurements. Let's have a look at him"

Shamefully i uncovered my tiny dick. He hand went to her mouth.

"Oh, fu..." she partially exclaimed "Oh my we have to do something for this"

She recovered her composure and measured my dick - sure enough 2" long and 3/4" in diameter.

"I'm sorry Sam" she mumbled "It just that I have never seen one that small before"

"No problems" I said, pretending to be more cheerful than I really was "I'm used to it"

She left the room and a few minutes later came back with an equally gorgeous mature-aged woman.

"Hi" a silky voice said "I'm Doctor Meadows, Jessica Meadows." She obviously saw my strange look. "You were expecting a man weren't you?" I nodded. "Well I hope you aren't put off by the fact that I am a woman" she said mischievously

"No, no" I stammered, trying to take my eyes of the compact little package in front of me. "That's okay. As long as you think you can do something for me"

I finally took my eyes off her - She was only 5'4" slim, probably 40ish, with what must have been B cup tits. Firm and proud they were, pushing at the flimsy fabric of her blouse. He stomach was as flat as a teenagers and her adorable face bore a warm smile. All 2" of me was straining hard!

She looked at my dick. "Oh, my goodness" she exclaimed "We must do something about that"

The next 20 minutes went in a blur as she explained the technique to me. Basically she would take some cells from my dick and culture them with embryonic stem cells. When they were ready, she would implant the cells back into my dick which would then hopefully trigger regrowth.

"We have had really good results" she told me "Generally growth rates are between 100% to 200% in length and 50% to 100% in diameter." "For you that would somewhere in the order of 5 to 6" in length and 11/2" in diameter. Not huge but about average."

"Shit" I exclaimed "That would be unbelievable if you could do that for me." "When can you start?"

"Well we can take the cells now if you like" she replied

"Well" I replied sounding more cheerily than I was really feeling. "Let's do it!"

She called to Suzy "Can you get the patient ready? I am going to get the equipment"

Suzy started swabbing my cock with alcohol. By this time with two gorgeous women around me and one of them rubbing my cock it was throbbing beyond belief - all 2" of it! Doctor Jessica came back with a tray of instruments and laid them out on the table beside me.

"Now" she said "I am going to remove small amounts of tissue from the base of your penis with this needle. It will hurt a little so I will give you a local anaesthetic first." She tapped a small syringe and pushed it gently into the base of my cock. Soon it was numb and soft. So soft it almost disappeared and the doctor had difficulty finding the base from which to take the tissue samples from. In the end she had Suzy pull the head of my dick up and she took half a dozen samples of tissue from my cock. There was only a little bleeding with Suzy wiped away and dressed with a small gauze dressing.

"I am sorry" said Doctor Jessica "But your penis will be a little sore for a few days. We will ring you when we are ready for stage two of the treatment. Trust me Sam" she went on "It will be worth it!"

I dressed and left the surgery and went out into the waiting room. Suzy came out shortly afterwards.

"The treatment will cost about $6000" she told me, "But you don't have to pay now. Unfortunately, the government sees this as cosmetic surgery so it is not covered by Medicare. You could try your private health insurance if you have it."

"I'll happily pay the $6000" I said "If it works like the doctor says." I wrote out a cheque fro $6000 and gave it to Suzy who wrote out a receipt.

Fuck! The doctor was right! The first couple of days my cock felt like it had been stuck with red hot needles. Fortunately, the doctor had given me pain killers which really helped and by day three things were pretty well back to normal. A couple of weeks went by and I got the call. Suzy was telling me that they were ready to do the implant. I made an appointment for the next day and waited the longest 24 hours of my life.

I was 20 minutes early for the appointment the next day. Suzy laughed when I arrived in the waiting room.

"Eager, are we?" she asked with a grin

"You bet" I replied

"Well doctor won't be here for a few minutes but I may as well get you prepped and ready" she told me "Come on in!"

She had me quickly back into the flimsy gown and lying on the bed. This time though after she had prepped me with the alcohol swab she proceeded to shave me. Fuck she did a pretty good job - it was a smooth as a baby's bum! I lay there waiting for the doctor to arrive thinking lewd thoughts about Suzy and her hot body. A door opened and in walked the doctor.

"Hi" she asked "All ready?"

"I hope so, doctor" I replied a little nervously.

"Call me Jess" she told me "It's much better than doctor"

"Now" she said "We need to keep this thing still while I merge in the cultured cells. By the way" she added "Your cells cultured really well. Best result I have ever had!"

I thought to myself "I hope that's a good sign!"

Jess injected another anaesthetic into my dick and then took up her scalpel. She started cutting a line around the base of my cock.

"Hey" I cried out "You're ringbarking me!"

Suzy and Jess almost fell over the place laughing. "Yes" Jess replied "It's a bit like that, actually"

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