Riverdale, Kids No More
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Ma/mt, Consensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Shemale, Fan Fiction, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, InLaws, MaleDom, Harem, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The crew has graduated and started their adult lives. Archie gets his dream... or does he. What is Jughead after? Has Moose disappeared for good from friendly Riverdale. What is mr. Lodge doing now?

"Damn Justine, your tits are absolutely perfect."

"They should be, you paid enough for them. They feel great. I am glad that I decided to go with your suggestion and keep my dick though. That is the one thing that I am glad to keep from the old me. You certainly seem to enjoy it enough."

"Heheh yeah, that is true. I am a horny, perverted old man and you have one of the nicest 9 inch cocks I have ever seen. There is something about a woman's form that just drives me crazy. But when it comes to a beautiful woman's face, tits, hips and ass then there is something about having that 9 inch hose that just adds to the beauty. I love women, but I definitely enjoy sucking that cock of yours and I occasionally enjoy you putting that in my ass and pounding away. But I do have to admit that I more prefer to see you on your back with your legs up, taking my cock in your ass while your hard cock swings around in the wind until you blow your load all over your own tits. Mmmm, sounds fucking great to me."

"Then get to it, I have been looking forward to your cock all day, ever since you let me know you wanted to do some work tonight after hours."

Hiram put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her into a deep kiss. His tongue wasted no time wandering into her mouth for some playing with hers. Justine always love the way that Hiram would just take over, he was definitely a dominant personality. She let her hands wander across his chest and down to his crotch. She could feel his 10.5 inch cock pulsing as it stood to attention, waiting for her. She measured it once, when they first became lovers. It was the first time she had seen one that was easily bigger than hers, and not just longer. Justine's cock was a good 9 inches long and about 1 inch across. But Hiram's was 10.5 inches long and a solid 2 inches across. That additional inch made his cock feel like none other she had ever had. It could reach places few others could and give her a wonderful full feeling the whole way.

The 2 of them were in his private condo above his main office. This after hours meeting had become a regular event once she got back from the final surgery that gave her the perfect 38c's that Hiram had requested. She had thought that might be too much, but the doctor did good work and they matched her frame and height perfectly.

She wrapped a hand around his cock and gave it a small stroke as he kept kissing. Hiram seemed even more aroused than most times tonight. She figured something had happened and he would tell her when he wanted to. She did not wait for him to do anything, she immediately started moving down his body toward the hard cock that pleased her so much. Hiram smiled as he felt her move and knew that soon he would be balls deep in her throat.

Justine took a couple of seconds to enjoy the feel of his hard cock in her hands. She gave it a lingering glance from root to tip. She took it in both hands and gave it a firm double pump, as always there was plenty of cock on both sides of her fists. She bent it toward her mouth and sucked the tip in. She made sure to move her left hand down to play with his balls. His cock filled her mouth and it was just the head. She took the time to give the head a good suck and run her tongue all over it. He tasted a bit salty so she could tell he was already pretty excited. She opened her mouth a bit more to open her jaws, like she was taking a big yawn and started the slow up and down that would let her take him in deep.

Hiram just laid back and let Justine do it at her pace, she was as much into fucking as he was and she knew how to suck dick. He felt when her hand made it's way to his balls and gave them a caress and gentle squeeze. She would play with his balls the whole time, it was like she could feel how close he was by his balls, she always knew when he was going to blow so she could go deep and let him blow down her throat. Her lips were sliding down the sides now and he could feel her tongue washing his shaft as it sank deeper into her mouth. She was making quiet little moaning sounds now, she was never aware of them as she got into the blowjob. They always made Hiram just that much more excited. He was already horny when he finally made it to the condo with her and now he was ready to blow, but he did not want to cum too soon so he took a deep breath and used a little discipline to calm himself.

Justine had the rhythm now, she was getting over half of his cock in her mouth and into her throat. She knew the pace ... up, inhale, slide down feel the head slip into her throat, breathe through the nose, push, push, almost. Slide back up, keep the tongue against the underside, give a special lick just below the head when it comes up, take a breath, slide back down, lips over the teeth ... no biting. Over and over, each time the cock slides further down her throat, she gets closer and closer to the root. Soon she has done it, she can feel the pubic hairs against her lips and her hand brings his balls up against her chin. She holds there for a few seconds just feeling him in her throat. She slowly slides back up, another breath and down she goes, faster this time to the bottom. Then she starts trying to swallow.

Hiram is dying in the pleasure she is giving him. He lies back and just revels in the feeling of his cock going deeper and deeper. He can tell when she gets to the bottom, she always presses his balls against her chin.

"That is it you horny slut. God I love your mouth. Suck it, suck it deep. I want to feel your lips around the base."

The feeling is so strong he can't tell where her mouth ends on his cock, it is just a wall of pleasure that he is beating against. When she starts trying to swallow he knows he is not going to last. He can't help putting both hands on her head now and pulling her down onto his cock, driving the last little bit in. He knows he is going to blow now, he has passed the point of no return and now he is racing for the finish. She is drooling all over the shaft now, he can feel the coolness of it on his balls in her hands. He has her head in both hands and is sliding the last couple of inches in and out. He knows that when it comes to blowjobs, Justine is gifted. She loves him to be dominant.

He pulls her off his cock until her lips are on the tip, he gives her time to take a deep breath then he powers her mouth back down this time is the last. Even before he reaches the bottom he can feel the cum surging up the shaft, a growl claws out of his mouth as he holds her head against his crotch, his cock unloading a good load of cum directly down her throat. His orgasm lasts at least 10 full seconds and he holds her down for the full surge. But finally it starts to fall off and he lets go of her head to collapse back onto the bed. She brings her head back up just long enough to get another lungful of air that back down to suck up the last of his cum.

"Fuck! I love that feeling! Now time to ride your ass. Sorry babe but I am too horny to pay proper attention to your needs. If I don't get into you quick, I am going to go nuts."

"You don't need to explain to me mr. Lodge, I am your personal assistant. My job is to make your day that much easier. Just let me lube up this tube of love muscle and you can pump me for as long as you like."

Hiram loved the power trip when Justine would get all submissive on him. He watched her grab the tube of ky on the bedside table and put a large dollop on her hand. Even after just cumming, his dick was only partially soft. She wrapped her hands around the solid shaft of meat and made sure to rub them from top to bottom, maybe she sometimes slipped down to fondle and caress his balls too, but he did not mind.

Encouraged, she let one hand slide lower and probed slowly at his anus. Hiram could feel her finger starting to wiggle inside and was tempted to let her finger his ass some more. He could cum hard from having his ass played with, but tonight he was after some ass himself. He could see that his cock was ready for some ass fucking, so he lifted her away from him and moved her to the middle of the bed.

He wanted to see her face as he took her ass, so he had her lie on her back, legs in the air only for a few seconds before he was there between them, one on each shoulder.

"Spread your cheeks."

she reached down and he could see her spread her ass and relax her abdomen a little in preparation. He took a hold of his cock, near the head to direct its assault. He put the head against her back door and gave a little push, it moved a little he could see her ass was not going to resist too much tonight. He put another hand on her hip and gave a stronger push. This time the head popped in fairly easily. The ring of her anus snapped around the head of his cock, making it feel like it was tied in there now.

"Ohh damn Hiram, hold on for a couple seconds. You are soooo damn big, even as many times as you have fucked my ass, I still need some time to stretch. Mmmm, you feel so good though. Gonna love this."

Hiram gave her another couple of seconds before he moved to thrust deeper into her. The lube let him slide his cock all the way to the root without a pause.

"Oh damn yes! Fuck Justine, you feel fucking great right there!"

"Shit, shit ... ohhh that is a lot of cock to take at once! Just hold it there for a few seconds, I need to get a little more used to you in there."

She might have been in a little bit of pain, but her cock certainly approved. Hiram could see she was completely hard and throbbing. He reached down and gave her cock a slow stroke while he waited for her to get a little more comfortable. He just watched as his hand moved up and down her shaft, feeling the skin move over her hard cock. He could easily wrap his hand around the shaft and on the upstroke, he would scrape his thumb up under the crown to give her a little more pleasure.

"Oh yeah, that helps ... mmmm ... god you have nice hands. Keep doing that lover. That makes the burn turn to heat pretty fast for me."

Hiram could see a bubble of precum oozing out the head now, he used his thumb to rub it around just under the head. He decided that he had waited enough, he needed to fuck ... now. Keeping his right hand on her dick, he started sliding back out stopping when only the head was still inside. Then with a pull and thrust, he started sliding back in.

"Oh slow, slow, sloooowww ... oohhh yeah ... that is it. Fuck! Yes ... slow and easy. Feel that ass around you Hiram. Feed my ass your cock. I want to feel you inside, all the way. Fill me like only you can."

Justine was getting more and more into it now, as his cock slid in and out more easily. He could still feel the tight ring of her anus, but it was a snug fit now, not threatening to strangle him. Her ass was hot, soft and felt incredible. Exactly what he needed. He had some really nasty, perverted ideas today and this was exactly what he needed to take some of the pressure off.

He was fucking her ass quickly now, still in control but relishing the feel of her ass sliding along the shaft of his dick. She was moaning now, not speaking too much, Justine was one of these people that could easily cum from assfucking. He kept stroking her dick, keeping pace with how fast he was ramming into her. He could feel the building pleasure in his balls, and knew she would be getting an ass full of cum soon enough. The sweat was building on his body, making him shine in the lights. Justine thought he looked gorgeous like this. The feeling of him taking her, going at his speed, stroking in and out of her ass while he strokes her cock and all she can do is lie there and take it. She feels her orgasm coming, it is uncontrollable. She grabs at her tits and gives the nipples a good squeeze, staring him in the eyes.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. That's it, come on, that's it! Fuck me! I am going to cum soon ... oh shit Hiram fuck my ass! Don't stop playing with my cock! Aaahhh ... yes, yes, yes ... I feel it, oh shit I feel it!"

She was pumping against him now, Hiram could feel her cock was rock hard and leaking like a sieve now, she was going to let go any time now. He knew that he was not going to cum soon so he focused on her. Hiram gripped her dick more firmly, making sure that his thumb was rubbing the special spot just under the head regularly on the upstroke now. Her tits were boucing back and forth from his thrusts. He could see the red flush start on the top of her chest, she was almost there.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck ... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... ummm, so close, so close" Her eyes were closed now, she was focusing on the pleasure coming from her ass, lost to everything else now. She was racing to the climax, could feel the pulse at the base of her cock. "SHIT! NOW, OH HELL! CUMMING!"

Hiram slowed his thrusts so he could focus on intensifying her orgasm. He could feel her cock get even harder and twitch in his hand, then she erupted. The first blast shot up to the bottom of her left tit, quickly followed by another that managed to spray across her stomach, then the next three were shots over her lower stomach. Hiram felt each shot with a squeeze by her ass in sympathetic contraction.

Hiram made sure to keep stroking her cock while it was shooting, he could feel each pulse through his hand and seeing her cumming so hard pushed him over the edge. Before he knew it, he could feel the impending cum in his own balls. He quickly moved his hands to her hips to pull her hard and fast against him.

"Argh fuck yeah! Squeeze that cock you slut. God you have a great ass! That is it, here it comes. Gonna fill your ass with some hot cum!! fuck!"

So saying, he pounded into her a couple more strokes then his orgasm had him by the balls. With one last thrust he was balls deep and he held her there as hard as he could while he shot a big load of cum up her backdoor. He shivered as he shot one then two, three hard shots. It felt like he was pissing in her ass. Finally they slowed down and he managed to slide in and out on the end of the cum before he knew he had to lie down. He was drained, that was fantastic.

"Damn Hiram. I thought you planned on pounding me silly tonight? Not that I mind, I love the feel of that monster of a cock of yours exploding in my ass or in my mouth for that matter."

"Heheh, yeah that was my plan when I started but it looks like I was a bit more worked up that I had expected. Damn your ass feels good though, that is a good enough reason too."

"Ah, so you are saying that sliding your hard cock into my ass a few times made you lose control tonight? Hmm, have to remember how I moved so I can do this to you again in the future."

They both chuckled at that. Justine ran a hand down his chest, wiping at the sweat that was there. She was still amazed at the body that he had. For a man his age, his body was for a man in his 20's, not 50's. She never got tired of feeling him under her hands. But her favourite part had to be the big fucking cock between his legs, of course that came with an appropriately sized pair of balls to provide the cum for the monster. She slid her hand down and lightly gripped his shaft, she could still feel how firm it was. She knew it would not be the last time tonight that it was going to be sliding into her ass, certainly not if she had anything to say about it.

Justine was confident that her ass could take a lot more attention from Hiram's cock and she had been looking forward to this all day. She could feel him getting harder already, and that was fast even for him.

"So you want to tell me what has you so jazzed up today?"

"Hehe, I guess it is kind of obvious." he stated, watching her hand move over his hard cock. She was just lightly stroking it right now, but it certainly looked ready to go again.

"Well, I was talking to Ronnie earlier today. She seemed a little down and I invited her, Archie and the baby to come visit with me for a while. You know that Archie was able to get time off to help with the baby too. She agreed and they should be at the house tomorrow."

"Oh. Well that is a sudden surprise. But that does not explain why you are so on edge tonight. What about them being at the house could have you like this?" Justine gave him a look for a couple seconds, then a slow smile spread across her face "Now I know just how kinky you are, but I wonder if you are more than that. Could you be thinking of adding Ronnie to your collection of willing sluts ... myself included in that list by the way of course?"

Hiram looked into her eyes closely and all he saw was amusement and more than a little lust. "Ok, I will be honest with you. I have wanted to take Ronnie for my own for a few years now. I don't know if it is my recent treatments, or if I am just getting to the point where I want what I want and don't care what anyone thinks. I suspect that Archie is not 'taking care' of my Ronnie's needs. If that turns out to be right, then I will do what any good father would, and step in to help her ... however much she needs."

He finished this with a smile at Justine and she knew he was going to seduce his daughter before a week was up, hell with anything that Archie was or was not doing. The more that she thought about it the more she started to get excited too. The idea of adding Ronnie to the women that Hiram was fucking was exciting enough, but she had another idea growing too. She was going to need Hiram's help with this.

"Ok, I may be a little on the perverted side too, but I think I would love the chance to see you fucking Ronnie silly. Something tells me that she won't have any idea about the trouser snake you have hiding there. But there is one thing that I would like to ask of you too." At the mention of his cock, she leaned forward and gave it a long soft kiss on the head. She let her tongue come out to wash around the top, licking off some of the remaining juice.

"I want Archie." As she said this, she looked him in the eyes. "I don't think you will be too surprised, right?"

Hiram felt a smile growing on his face, this would really make things easier for his seduction. "No, I had my suspicions when you first came to me with ... your request. What exactly are you asking for here?"

Justine gave a small smile, but he could see that her mind was thinking of something else. "I have to admit that I have wanted to fuck Archie for years. Long before I came to you, before I graduated high school even. I have fantasized about having him in my bed, taking my cock up his ass ... mmm ... that always gets me off most."

"Nice, ok I don't know if he is going to be easy for you to get but I certainly hope you succeed. Hmm ... actually, why don't you come stay at the house while they are there, make it easier for both of us. You can stay in the south wing, say second floor, overlooking the pool."

"Really? You are sure you won't mind if I take him from Veronica? I may not want to give him back you know? If he had known that while Edith was chasing me, I was only thinking of him ... hehe ... kind of explains all those hamburgers though."

"Well, I am hoping that if everything goes for the best, then I will have Ronnie whenever I want, and I expect that having Archie under you, so to speak, will make that easier. Besides, I plan to have the house wired with hd wireless cams, hidden in every room. I think that when it comes time, having Ronnie able to watch you fucking Archie and him seeing her riding me or sliding my cock down her throat ... well, that might just be useful. Besides, I love to watch you being dominant and putting your cock to some submissive and something tells me that you will find Archie a little on the 'passive' side."

"Ah, that makes more sense ... hehe, so I will be performing for you and Ronnie, eh? Mmm, that sounds pretty hot actually. It sounds like you will be setting it up so the cameras can be viewed from other tv's around the mansion? Nice, I can't wait to see you putting the meat to her. Ok, I am in for that, I will move some stuff in tomorrow. How long are you going to wait before you make your move on Veronica?"

"I am thinking to give them a couple days to get settled in, probably the best idea. Then I can get some time to see what is bothering Veronica. Start soft, then increase the intensity. It would certainly help to have you distracting Archie. Any ideas there?"

"I was thinking to start out strong, maybe a little time out by the pool in that bikini you got for me in the Spring? That should get his attention."

"Damn, that should get his attention alright. Hmm, I will see how he reacts, maybe I can start my move sooner depending on how he reacts."

"Are you going to let Betty in on this little event?"

"Eventually. I will have all of you at least once at the same time, that is my long term plan. That and I have decided that Veronica will be giving me my future heirs. Whatever happens when they arrive at the mansion, before the month is over, they will not be the same. If Veronica is anything like I suspect, and I know about a lot of the wild adventures she did in university, and more than a few of the things she did while still in high school. So I don't think this is too ridiculous."

Hiram was starting to have problems focusing, Justine had just slipped her lips over the head of his leaking cock. Apparently she had had enough talking about what they were going to do too and needed some attention. That was fine with him, just making these plans was enough to get him raging hot. Now that he knew that Justine would be keeping Archie out of his way, he knew that he would get Veronica. He could feel his lust rising at the thought of what he will be doing to his daughter soon. He put one hand on Justine's head and pushed firmly, driving her down deeper on his cock.

Justine felt the push and knew he was getting very horny. She knew that he would need her to take the edge off his lust so he could properly fuck her again. She was just fine with that, she loved sucking on his cock. It was so solid and filled her mouth like no other. She made a point of taking his balls in one hand and wrapped the other around the base to keep it stable, then she opened her jaws as much as possible and tried to keep her throat relaxed as she felt him pushing deep into her mouth. She felt his head bump into the back of her mouth and could tell she was still too distracted at the idea of finally getting to fuck Archie. She focused on her breathing and slid his cock out until he was completely out, then slid him back in, this time she felt the angle was right and managed to get a couple inches down her throat.

She focused on her breathing and timed her swallowing, letting his cock slip deeper into her throat. Her left hand was cupping his balls, lightly running her fingers over his hairy sack. She could feel them firm up and could tell that they were already getting full of fresh cum for her. She had her mouth wide open now, his cock sliding easily over her tongue into her throat. She had learned the skill of deepthroating his shaft some time ago and was able to quickly adjust to his impressive length running in and out of her throat. She started humming lightly and added a small twist to his shaft with her right hand at the base.

Hiram was breathing fast now, she always knew how to get his engine running quick and it looked like Justine was eager for a load of cum. Hiram did not try to resist his hips pumping up and down, driving his cock into her eager mouth. Justine couldn't wait much more for her reward, she released his balls and moved her left hand deeper between his thighs, until she felt his puckered asshole under her fingers.

Hiram felt her reaching between his ass cheeks and knew what she wanted to do, it always added to his excitement and could usually be guaranteed to push him to a great orgasm. Justine pushed just the index finger against his backdoor just hard enough to open him a little bit. She took her time pushing in and pulling out with just the tip of her finger, knowing not to rush too much, but determined to get him to cum.

Justine felt the tip of her finger push into his ass and focused on slowly working it in deeper and deeper. She tried to get a long steady rhythm going with her mouth moving up and down his shaft, working her tongue all over the head whenever it was in her mouth. Hiram was moaning constantly now, the pleasure starting to be too much, he could feel himself moving inevitably to orgasm. Justine had her whole index finger inside his ass now and could feel the small knot that was his prostate. She started to poke and rub this as best she could, stimulating him to the breaking point.

It was too much for the lecherous old man, with a loud cry, he grabbed the sides of her head and thrust his cock deep into her throat. Justine felt the shaft swell up and then he was shooting. He gave a couple ragged thrusts then seemed to lose strength. Justine slid the still cumming cock out of her throat and kept just the head in her mouth to feel the last of his cum shoot into her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head, teasing the opening and feeling the cum flowing in. She sucked gently, encouraging more cum from his full balls. She kept the cum in her mouth and swirled it around the head and shaft, enjoying the taste as always.

Her hands were busy keeping a constant stroke on his shaft to ensure she kept his orgasm intense. Finally the cum stopped flowing and with a final couple of pulls, she eased the last of his load from the cock and into her mouth. Looking up, she smiled at him with her eyes half lidded and when she knew he was looking, she swallowed. Hiram was gasping for breath and obviously still revelling in the feelings coming up from his cock, but he smiled on seeing her obvious joy in showing him her swallowing. His cock still had not gone completely soft and Justine knew that it was not finished with her yet, not if she had anything to say about it. She slowly moved back up his body and locked her lips to his. Hiram put one hand behind her head to hold her to him and gave back the kiss with all the passion that she gave him. You would not tell that he had just had a ball ripping orgasm with the enthusiasm that he replied to her kiss with.

Justine could feel the pulse starting in his cock again as it already started to inflate again. She had never known him not to be able to get hard quickly, he was hornier than a 15 year old boy, and could cum a lot more than that boy could have ever dreamed. She looked forward to satisfying that lust, with the thoughts of Archie's ass in the back of her mind, she was too horny for this night to end quickly.

"So much for round two Hiram, take your time with my ass, I need to feel you all night tonight."

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