Flip, Flop, or Fuck?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A husband and wife team of house flippers run into issues with their latest purchase. What is a wife to do? And what will they discover about themselves and each other along the way?

Tom and Christina were a successful real estate team in the rich California market. From the outside, they were the perfect couple. Tanned and tone from the California sun, the big smiles and easy personalities made them fantastic to get along with. College sweethearts, Tom graduated a year before Christina did. Going to work for his father's real estate company, he quickly moved through the ranks and built a reputation for smooth talking and closing big ticket houses. Having the Christina next to him sure didn't hurt either, the statuesque blond's long legs flowing out of her expensive dresses and into her designer heels distracted plenty of men while Tom slid them the paperwork.

Tom left his father's business just in time for Christina to graduate from college and they were married shortly after. His business exploded with success and Christina became pregnant shortly thereafter. The darling couple was as cute as could be and not one questioned the breast implants when Christina returned to public life, the darling baby in tow. Tom was bolstered by his overnight success and moved into the highly lucrative business of house flipping, or buying distressed properties, renovating and reselling them. His first several houses netted them several hundred thousand dollars each and Tom spurted on ultra high end SUVs for himself and his wife, you know, 'for the baby', since everyone in California knows that you have to have a car the size of a bus to manage a newborn. Regardless, moving to a bigger house to 'support their growing family' was a natural move, as well as the weekly shopping trips, golf club memberships, tanning salons (business write off) and gym memberships, Christina thought that Tom might be over reaching a little bit, but he had done so well the entire time she had known him.

And then the market crashed.

Everyone thought that California was invincible, but it wasn't. The ultra rich fled the state in search of greener pastures and lower taxes, which left a huge surplus of high end houses that no one could afford. Tom reassured Christina that everything would be fine. Until he sold his first house at a breakeven point. She asked how things were going and he waived his hand and said he had it under control. She continued to trust him. Besides, he was the real estate golden boy of California! How could he be wrong?

Then the second house sold for break even. Then the third. Christina watched the bills, since she had an important job of 'book-keeping' for the business. They had plenty of money in the bank, but very little coming in and a whole lot of it going out. There were appearances to maintain, both physical and social.

Then came the day that Tom was forced to sell his first house at a loss.

Chris was at the table feeding the baby as normal when Tom walked in.

"Hey darling!" She called out, lifting her head up for her kiss, which always came. Tom walked straight past her, wordless. He walked directly over to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of scotch, which had been a very expensive present from his father. He poured a large glass and as Chris watched bewildered, swallowed the entire thing. Tom recapped the bottle and picked it up, walking right past Chris.

"I'll be in my office." He called over his shoulder.

In the years that she had known him, this had never happened before. Tom was party boy in college but didn't drink all that often since then. Chris continued to feed the baby and then put her down, and then headed to bed. Tom was still in his office and didn't join her for many hours later.

The next day Tom was gone before Chris got up. She tried calling and texting him several times but never heard back. Then, just after lunch, Tom burst into the house excitedly.

"What's going on? Where have you been?" Chris asked anxiously.

"I've been at the auctions. I bought a house." Tom replied.

The auctions were where people went to bid on distressed houses to flip. They were a gamble for sure; most of them were sight unseen and short sales, which meant they had to be paid in cash.

"What? Tell me about it!" Chris asked, trying to be excited while hiding her concern.

"This is awesome. We'll make a killing on it! It's worth 1.2mill easy!" Tom exclaimed walking past her to the refrigerator.

"What did you pay for it?" Chris asked, trying to hide her caution.

"650." Tom replied, opening the fridge and pulling out a beer.

Chris turned her head to hide the terrified look on her face. Six hundred fifty thousand dollars. In cash. Plus renovation costs. That meant that their bank account was getting dangerously thin.

"What type of work does it need?" Chris asked

"Almost nothing. New counter tops, work in the shower. Really nothing major. $10k tops!" Tom replied, cracking the top on his beer and taking several swigs.

"Oh, well that's good. I wonder what happened to the owner?" Chris asked.

"Who knows, but their loss is our gain. We'll be up $400k in 2 weeks!" Tom exclaimed with his old styled enthusiasm that everyone in California fell in love with. Tom walked over to Chris and gave her a huge kiss on the lips. Chris smiled and tried to hide her distain for the beer breath, but let out a big sigh as Tom walked out of the kitchen and towards his man-cave.

"$10k. Two weeks. $300k. Not too bad." Chris said to herself, as if to reassure herself

The next day tom was gone before Chris woke up again.

"Anxious to get started." Chris laughed to herself before starting her daily routine. Tom called a few hours later just as she was wrapping up feeding the baby lunch.

"Hey, how's it going?" she asked excitedly.

"We've got a problem?" Tom replied flatly.

"Oh?" Chris asked, setting the baby's bib down.

"Yeah. We've got a mold problem."

Mold was the real estate flippers worst nightmare. You couldn't sell a house until it had been cleared free of mold. Mold could be easy to take care of, or very, very hard to fix. Hard, and costly.

"How bad is it?" Chris asked.

"Don't know yet. Jose is working on it." Tom replied. Jose was their main contractor for house renovations.

"Ok, let me know how it goes." Chris replied, hiding her worry.

"I will. Got to go." Tom replied, disconnecting.

"Well shit." Chris said loudly to the baby.

Tom didn't get home until past 11 PM that night. Chris had tried to wait up for him, but was unable to keep her eyes open. She heard the shower come on and woke up enough to see the pile of very dirty clothes on the floor. Tom finally got into bed and Chris rolled over.

"How's it going? She asked.

"Good, we'll know more tomorrow." Tom replied before rolling over and turning off the light.

Tomorrow brought more bad news. The mold was severe and wide spread. They had to tear the entire kitchen and upstairs bathroom apart. Both of those had to be entirely rebuilt. The granite for the counter top was twice the price that Tom had estimated. The house failed the mold inspection the first time, which meant that the kitchen and bathroom had to be torn apart a second time and rebuilt. Six weeks and almost 60 thousand dollars later Chris saw that their personal bank account had fallen below $10,000 for the first time since college. That might give them a month of living expenses.

But, the house had finally passed inspection and Chris and Tom worked late into the night staging the house for their grand opening. The next day they both got to the house early and put on their charm to greet the handful of people that showed up to view.

The conversations were all the same.

"What is it listed at?"

"1.2." Tom or Chris would reply.

"Oh, ok. Thanks!" Would be the reply, as they would wander off to admire the granite counter tops again.

By the end of the day, they had no one show any interest.

The next day, Tom decided to drop the house to 1.1 million. Still the same reaction. The third day they dropped to 1 million even.

On the fourth day baby daughter Taylor woke up with a dangerously high fever. Chris decided to stay home with the baby while Tom worked the showing. Chris checked her phone every five minutes waiting for the call or text message that Tom had someone interested, but nothing. Finally around 7pm, just as baby Taylor's fever was breaking, Tom came home.

"Tom?" Chris called out!

Tom came into the baby's room as Chris was covering her up.

"Hey!" Tom replied excitedly. Chris smiled, then gave him the shush finger.

Chris grabbed Tom's wrist excitedly and pulled him out into the hallway.

"So?" Chris asked.

"I got a lead!" Tom replied.

"Ok, so?" Chris asked, curiously.

"Funny enough, he asked for you." Tom replied.

"Me?" Chris replied, bewildered.

"Yup. This couple is moving and this guy wants to get a woman's opinion to convince his wife that this is the right house. Apparently she doesn't want to be in this neighborhood but he does, so he wants a woman to tell her all about the schools and such. You know how that is.

Chris nodded. They had tag teamed hundreds of couples, using their family image to sell the areas' schools, day cares and hospitals. "Slam dunk." She thought.

"I don't want to leave Taylor in day care though!" Chris replied.

"Don't worry about it! I can handle the baby for a few hours." Tom replied with a grin.

"Are you sure?" Chris teased. Tom was actually a great father and was fantastic with the baby.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now go get your ass in bed! You've got a big day tomorrow!" Tom said.

"I need to get in the shower first; it's been a long day. Care to join me? I need someone to wash my back.' Chris replied seductively.

"Bet your ass I will!" Tom replied with a grin.

"Only on special occasions, you know that stud." Chris replied, dragging her long manicured fingernail down his chest before turning and walking away from him. Tom lunged forward and slapped Chris's tight, tone ass which resulted in a loud smack noise. This resulted in Taylor waking up from her light sleep and starting to cry.

"Ouch!" Chris exclaimed. "That's your fault; you get to calm her down!" Chris said with a grin.

"Super daddy at your service!" Tom replied with a salute.

"Well super daddy needs to hurry his ass up. Super mommy needs some servicing too!" Chris replied with a grin before strolling towards the bedroom.

Tom paused to watch his wife's tight ass shake as she turned into the bedroom, and then turned towards his daughter's room. Super daddy that he was, he managed to get Taylor to settle down pretty quickly, then hurried towards the bedroom. Christina had left a trail of clothes from the doorway of the bedroom to the bathroom and Tom followed suit.

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom he admired his wife's amazing body. They had used the best plastic surgeon in California and her tits looked the every penny of the multiple tens of thousands of dollars he had spent. Her legs and ass showed the benefits of hundreds of hours of yoga and Pilates and thousands of dollars in tanning, waxing and personal training.

"Are you going to stare or come in?" Chris asked, slowly running her soapy hands over her breasts. Tom grinned and entered the huge walk in shower to join his wife, eagerly pressing his mouth to hers while his hands replaced hers on her fabulous tits. Chris wrapped one of her long legs around his back and Tom moved his hands around back and gripped her rock hard ass. The couple fell against the corner of the shower enclosure in a heated embrace and they locked lips for several minutes before Tom motioned his wants. Christina pulled away and slowly dropped to her knees, her long, white tipped fingers slowly wrapping around her husband's erect cock. Tom moaned loudly, gripping the walls of the shower stall as his wife's pouty lips wrapped slowly around his cock and sank lower down his shaft. Christina was an expert at sucking cock and knew exactly how to drive her husband insane with her mouth. In fact, one drunken night in college, Tom had bet one of his friends a thousand dollars that Christina could make him cum in less than five minutes. At first, Chris was shocked that Tom would offer such thing, but her pride and his drunken insistence soon found herself on her knees sucking another man's cock while her husband to be watched and cheered her on. Three minutes, a mouth full of cum and a thousand dollars later, Christina had never been so turned on in her life.

That was a long time ago. Right now, Christina was focused on Tom's cock, swirling her tongue around it like the woman in the sex toy class had showed her. Tom moaned and groaned to let Chris know that he was building rapidly. But it had been a long day and Super Mommy needed servicing as well.

"I want you to fuck me Tom, I need it." Christina begged, pulling away from his cock for a moment.

"Turn around babe." Tom replied, stroking his cock slowly.

Christina stood up and turned around, putting her hands on the wall and sticking her fabulous ass out towards her husband and shaking it seductively. Tom rushed towards her lustfully, his cock sliding upwards between her ass cheeks while he groped her tits from behind.

Chris shivered as his cock shaft tickled her ass crack.

"Not today baby, that's for your birthday." Christina schooled with a lusty tone in her voice.

Like all men, Tom constantly tried to get Christina to give up her back door. Christina had tried it with her college boyfriend before Tom. His cock was significantly larger than his but one drunken night she allowed him to try. Her inability to sit for the next 4 days, combined with him dumping her shortly thereafter, combined with the video clip of her face and crying that he took while taking her anal virginity didn't really encourage her to do it again. However on their wedding night, after drinking three, thousand dollar bottles of champagne, Christina allowed her new husband into her ass for the first time. Tom's cock was significantly smaller and the alcohol helped her to relax a lot more than the first time. That, combined with lube and the very expensive vibrator on her clit allowed her to manage the pain long enough for Tom to shoot his load deep into her bowels. Christina felt satisfied that she had fulfilled her wifely duties for their honeymoon so she would allow him into her back door on his birthday if he wished. He never failed to take her up on this.

"Don't worry baby, daddy wants something else tonight." Tom whispered into her ear as he aimed his cock lower and sank into his wife's waiting pussy. The couple moaned together and fell into a time-tested rhythm of sex against the travertine tiled walls of their shower. Tom was an adequate lover with a reasonable cock. Certainly not the best Christina had ever had, but more than enough to usually get her off. Even if she was unable to orgasm with him, he didn't mind her fucking herself for a few hours with one of several very expensive sex toys. Every once in a while Christina would daydream about having a lusty affair with one of the thousands of gorgeous businessmen in California. That or one of the sun tanned surfer boys that stared lustily at her as she sunbathed on the beach on her tiny bikini.

Christina had never told anyone, but in college while she was dating Tom she had gone out dancing with a group of her girlfriends. While there, she was approached by a very tall black man. While not remotely racist, she'd never considered black men attractive before. Not until he had aggressively moved behind her and ground his crotch into her ass. She had never had anyone be so bold with her before, openly groping her tits and sliding his hands up and down the insides of her thighs. By the time he had convinced her to leave the club; her arousal was dripping down her legs. Not to take the time for hotels or to drive home, he introduced her to the back of his huge SUV, and then to his equally enormous cock. She had never seen a penis so big in her life up until that point, but her hormones drove her to attempt to take it down her throat. She failed miserably in this, but the added lubrication was necessarily when he pushed her skirt up and demanded that she sit on his cock. Christina remembered vividly hanging onto the rails in the back seat of the car, frantically bouncing up and down on the enormous cock, trying to get it all the way inside her. Her mysterious partner squeezed her then B cup breasts roughly as she screamed loudly before he emptied his balls deep inside her pussy. Christina remembered the shame she felt as she rode home, his cum leaking all over the seat of the cab she had called. Ever since then she had occasionally fantasized about large cocks and aggressive men.

But now, here, in this moment, she was happily shoving her tight ass back against her husband's eager thrusts. She ground her ass with all of the skills she had learned from her striptease exercise classes to give him the maximum amount of pleasure and within a few minutes he announced the arrival of his orgasm.

"Turn around!" Tom panted as he withdrew and took a step back. Curious, Christina turned around to see her husband eagerly stroking his cock.

"I want to shoot on your tits." He gasped, fighting hard to contain his load.

Expertly hiding her disappointment, Christina dropped to her knees and pushed her breasts upwards as an offering to her husband. With a loud moan, Tom completed jerking his cock and unleashed torrents of his cum all over his wife's perfectly enhanced tits.

Christina slowly stood up at Tom exited the shower. She slowly washed her husband's cum off her breasts as her mind tried to call her own arousal. As she turned off the water and dried herself, she hoped that when she got into bed she would be able to seduce Tom into a second round, but by the time she slid her naked body into their enormous bed, he was already fast asleep.

She lay there in bed, infinitely frustrated for a long time until Tom's snores distracted her from her own thoughts. With a sly smile, the pretty blond wife slowly slid her hand down between her legs and expertly brought herself off to climax. Not a huge one, but enough to calm her to the point where she could sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

The next day started off with one mess after another. Tom had overslept so Christina had to get the baby situated. Tom finally came downstairs right as she was supposed to leave to meet the client and Taylor chose that moment to throw up all over her. Torn between the anger at her late husband, the sick baby and the soiled clothes, Christina ran upstairs and tore off her suit and threw it in the washer, then ran to her enormous closet and grabbed the first thing she saw. Dashing into the bathroom, she quickly half buttoned up her blouse and slid into the skirt, then ran out the door and dove into her car.

Only two blocks away did Christina realize that the blouse she had grabbed was pre baby, thus pre-implants. She was only able to button up the bottom few buttons and even those we straining. Worse than that, the dark color of her bra shown through the light color of the blouse quite obviously in the light and Chris fought hard to hide her embarrassment as she pulled next to the very expensive sports car in the driveway of the house. Christina struggled unsuccessfully to close another button on her blouse as she walked up the drive way to see a very well dressed man not that much older that Tom.

"Hello there!" She called out.

"You're late." He replied very matter of factly.

"I know, I'm very, very sorry. My baby got sick right as I was walking out of the door!" Christina explained, giving the man her best 'mother' face.

"Mmhmm." Was his reply as he turned so Christina could unlock and open the door.

As Christina walked around the house, she could feel his eyes on her. She tried to put it off as it was something that happened to her fairly often. This time was different though, since she was alone in the house with a man. She didn't feel fear, just uneasiness.

"So where is the Misses? My husband said that she wanted a woman's opinion." Christina finally asked as she showed the man the kitchen.

"In New York with her boyfriend I think." He replied flatly.

Christina was taken aback but did her best to hide her reaction.

"Oh?" She asked.

"So let's cut to the chase here. My wife and I are in the middle of a divorce. I've got to buy another house to give to her as part of the settlement so she won't get my primary house. I don't give a damn what she gets as long as it's in a certain part of town. Money isn't really an issue."

"Ok?" Christina asked cautiously, her mind hung up on his last sentence"

"As you're well aware, there are tons of houses in this neighborhood, most of them much nicer than this." He replied with a tone of disgust in his voice as he ran his hand over the brand new granite countertop.

"So what made you interested in this one?" She asked cautiously.

"I'm not." He replied flatly.

"I'm confused then." Christina replied.

"I'm interested in you." He replied evenly.

Christina took a small step backward.

"What do you mean?" She stammered. "Don't worry there lady. I don't want to hurt you. I'm more interested in something else." He replied, his face turning up in a slight smile.

"What's that?" She asked, frightened

"I've got a very expensive bet with a friend that I need your help on."

"Ok?" she asked.

"Take your shirt off." He said in a very calm, even voice.

"What!" Christina shrieked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Did you not understand me?" He replied.

"Why?" She exclaimed.

"Like I said, I've got a bet I need you to help me with."

"What does that have to do with me taking my shirt off?" She asked.

"Don't worry about that. Just do what I say."


"Fine, we're done." He replied turning and walking towards the door.

Christina's mind raced a million miles an hour. Tom was depending on her to close this deal. Her family was depending on her to bring home this money. Her baby was sick. Besides, she had no problem running along the beach in a bikini, how was this different?

"Wait!" She called out.

"Yes?" He replied over his shoulder, without turning around.


"Are you going to cooperate?"

"Yes." Christina replied.

"Are you going to cooperate with everything I ask you?"

Christina sighed.


"No more questions?"

"No!" Christina replied with perhaps a little too much gusto.

"Excellent!" He replied, finally spinning around on his heel and walking towards the kitchen. Christina slowly began to unbutton her blouse and pulled it out of her waistband. The man stood in front of her with a look of impatience on his face.

"Hurry up." He said gruffly.

Christina pulled the shirt of her waistband and pulled it back behind her.

"Bra too!" He said, his tone raising.

"What!" She exclaimed.

"No more questions! You're annoying me now!" he replied, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Slowly Christina reached behind her back and fumbled with her bra clasp. The man tapped his foot impatiently as she pulled the straps off her shoulders and then crossed her arms over her breasts.

"Don't hide now. Arms back!" He demanded, pacing back and forth from foot to foot, waiting as if to run out of the door.

Christina slowly dropped her arms down to her sides and closed her eyes.

"Fantastic tits." He finally said, taking several steps forward. Christina took a baby step backwards as he approached her, and then fought to stop herself. The man looked her up and down as if inspecting a piece of artwork. He bent down and looked up at the underside of her breasts for a moment, then took a few steps backward and crossed his arms and smiled in satisfaction.

"What was that all about?" Christina asked, crossing her arms over her breasts.

"You just won me $10,000." He replied smugly.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I bet one of my friends your tits were fake and that I knew where you had them done." He replied.

"What?" Christina exclaimed.

"Dr. Patton did my ex wife's tits. I know his style. I've seen you enough on TV and in your ads to be able to notice, I just needed to see the scar type to confirm it. Jon is $10k lighter now."

"You bet $10,000 to see my tits?" She asked.

"Oh no, it's a matter of principle. I knew I was right and he doubted me. The money is just a bonus. I would have bet him a million dollars, but we don't want to attract the IRS on that. He's got more money that than in his wallet at any given time. 10k is like a girl scout bake sale sweetie."

Christina was stunned. This guy and his friend were making callous random bets with tens of thousands of dollars.

"Can I put my shirt back on now?" She asked softly.

"In a minute. I've got a proposition for you." He replied.

Christina's heart sank.

"Now what?" She asked, trying to keep the fear out of her voice.

"Well my last girl friend went back to college and as you can imagine, my ex wife and I haven't been very intimate in a while, so I've been lacking something lately."

Her heart fell even further.

"I'll give you your full asking price. Right now. In cash. For every minute that your mouth isn't full of my cum, the price drops $10,000. The timer starts right now."

With that the man pushed a few buttons on his watch and then leaned against the brand new stainless steel refrigerator

"What? Are you serious?" Christina exclaimed

"That's thirty seconds, so that's $5,000" He replied evenly.

"No way! There's no way I can do that! That's insane!"

"That's 1 minute. 10 grand down." He replied evenly.

"Wait! Let's talk! I need to show you all the upgrades we've done!"

"Not interested in the upgrades. She's going to rip them all out anyway. One of my friends owns the contractor store where you bought everything from. I saw the invoices, I know what you paid. Shame on you for going cheap. The only upgrade I'm interested in is you on your knees. 2 minutes. 20 grand." He replied with a slight tint of attitude coming from his voice

"Please wait. Can we talk about this" Christina pleaded.

"Nope. 2 minutes, 30 seconds"

"My baby is sick."

"Not my problem, he should have pulled out. 3 minutes."

Christina stared at the man, then out the window and then slowly took a step forward.

"You only want head?" she asked softly.

"My terms were my cum in your mouth. How you get it there is up to you. But yes, oral would be my preferred method." He replied.

Christina sighed and took another step forward, then dropped to her knees in front of him.

"Ok, I'm here. Can you shut off your watch now?" She asked.

"No. A deal's a deal. You're wasting time." He replied

Christina reached up and unzipped the man's slacks, then reached in. Her hand rubbed up against some very soft, extremely expensive feeling silk underwear as her hand wrapped around his cock. She slowly extracted the hardening member and was internally impressed with the size.

She jerked it slowly, staring at it like a snake.

"You can try to give me a hand job, but I'll be honest, it's going to take you an hour to get me off like that. By that point you'll be owing me money to take this piece of shit house off your hands. If you want to have any money in this deal, you'll put your mouth on it and give me your best porn star impression. I'm not easy to get off. 4 minutes" He replied coldly.

Christina looked up at him briefly and then leaned in. She paused for a moment and then opened her mouth, allowing the first cock other than Tom's in her mouth for many years.

"That's it. Good girl, now suck it." He demanded.

Christina wrapped her long, manicured fingers around his shaft and began to slowly bob up and down on it, running her tongue all along the head and shaft.

"Not bad, but I think we watch different types of porn sweetie. How about, suck me like a two dollar whore. Which is pretty much what you are right now, but you're a 10,000 whore so I better get a 10,000 blowjob. 5 minutes" He replied angrily.

His words stung. The word whore was one that she hated, even in sexy bed fun times she had thrown more than one guy out of her room when he had called her that. Now, on her knees in an empty kitchen, this man that was holding her financially hostage had called her what she hated most.

However, she re doubled her efforts and sped up, bobbing her head faster on his cock.

"Deeper!" He demanded, dropping one of his hands onto the top of her head.

Christina pushed herself down deeper but felt the head of his cock pushing against the back of her throat.

"Deeper! Six minutes!" He called out, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her towards his crotch.

Christina let go of his cock and grabbed his thighs, trying to decide if she was pushing herself away or pulling herself in deeper. He made the decision for her, pulling her head towards his groin.

"Good whore. Suck it!" He demanded, grinding his crotch into her face.

Christina struggled to breath, with her nose smashed into his crotch and her mouth full of cock. Finally the man released her and she pulled off, falling backwards onto her heels.

"Not bad, I'm pretty close. I'll make you another deal. You suck me off and you swallow it, I'll reset the timer and give you full asking price. Or you can take it on the tits and the 10k per minute stand. I'll leave it up to you. By the way, you're at seven minutes, so make a decision quickly.

Her brain melted between guilt, lack of oxygen, fear of disappointment, fear for her baby, and a rapidly growing uncontrolled arousal from his rough treatment, Christina's rational mind stopped working for a moment.

"Give it to me." She demanded, looking up at the man for a moment before pouncing back on is cock and pushing herself down as far as she could.

"Whoa, that's the sprit!" He exclaimed with a chuckle, both of his hands dropping to the side of her head and pulling her town towards his crotch.

Christina's head bobbed up and down in a blur as the man held her head and began thrusting his hips forward, humping her face.

"That's it you little bitch. Suck that cock. Suck it like you suck that pretty boy husband. I bet he doesn't fuck your dirty face like this. I bet your little trophy wife self just dreams of someone to treat you like the slut you really are." He groaned, slamming her head down harder

Christina's mind barely registered his words. At the moment, she was fighting back her reflex to throw up and gasp for air, but instead she pushed herself down and held it there.

"Last chance, on the tits or down the throat!" He called out, letting go of her head.

It took every ounce of her will power, but Christina reached up and grabbed his thighs...

... And pushed herself off of his cock.

She quickly reached up and grabbed his dripping shaft and jerked it so fast she could barely see his hand. A few seconds later the man unleashed his load all over her chest with a loud roar. His cum covered her breasts and began to run down her chest and towards her belly. She fell backwards on to the floor as the man's breathing returned to normal and he stuffed his cock back into his pants. Without a word, he walked over and grabbed a napkin off the counter top and handed it to her and Christina used it to wipe the larger globs of cum off her chest while he watched.

"I'm impressed. I thought you'd do it." He said smugly.

"I'm not a whore." Christina glared at him.

"Says the married woman that's on the floor topless covered in another man's cum." He replied with a grin.

"You're an asshole." She spat.

"Watch that attitude there bitch. I should just walk out of here, but I'm a man of my word" He replied.

"Uh huh." She mumbled as she stood up.

"Yes I am. Since you were a good sport, I'll give you $10k under your asking, just so people don't think I'm a soft negotiator. When my friends tease me about it, I'll tell them that your baby is sick. Deal?" He asked, holding out his hand.

Christina stared at him. Part of her wanted to punch him, part of her wanted to spit in his face and part of her wanted to throw herself on him. Slowing her breathing, she reached out and shook his hand.

"Deal." She replied.

He smiled and grabbed another napkin from the counter top and wiped his hand with it.

"I'll go get my checkbook. Why don't you go in the bathroom and clean up? The countertops are very nice in there. "He said smugly, turning on his heel and walking out the front door.

Christina shot his back the finger, and then walked into the bathroom. She pulled a towel off the rack and wetted it, slowly sponging the cum off her firm tits.

She stared at herself in the mirror for a moment. Her mascara was running; her hair was a mess. Her blouse was sticking to her wet chest and was turning transparent from the water. She pondered what she had just done and how she would explain this to Tom when the man walked into the bathroom.

"Here." He said, putting a folded check and business card on the counter in front of her. Mail my office the paperwork and the keys. You can call the bank if you want, but I promise you the check is good. Pleasure doing business with you." He said with a smile before turning and walking back out.

Christina flicked him off behind his back again when he paused and looked over his shoulder.

"I have other friends in the market for a house. I'll tell them to keep an eye on your listings, since you're so easy to work with." He said with a bit of a laugh and a focus on the word 'easy."

With that he was gone, leaving Christina with a check for several hundred thousand dollars, and her own thoughts...

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