Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Squirting, Double Penetration, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Here is the story of Mia and her support for the team. She's a girl who loves her country. America can do no wrong. They can waterboard every bastard Taliban or Iraqi terrorist till they squeal like Bill O'Reilly on Acid, and she's four square behind it. There's nothing our good soldiers can't do for the country, however much collateral damage, rape, pillage, torture or diagnostic readjustment it requires, that she won't back. And she likes baseball, American football, and Ice Hockey.

"Mia, are you awake? Mia darling! Gee, sweetheart, stir yourself and blink an eye! What a retard you are! Do you want shaking? Wake up, you slut, can't you?"

"I've been awake since five o'clock, and there's no point thumping me in the back," grunted an injured voice from under the duvet. "It's too early yet to get up, and I wish you'd leave me alone."

The huskiness and general chokiness of the tone were unmistakable. Ruby leaned over and took a keen survey of that portion of her sister's face which was not buried in the pillow.

"Oh! The atmosphere's damp, is it?" she remarked. "Mia, you're catatonic! For fuck's sake brace up, child, and turn off the water-works! I thought you had more courage. If you're going to arrive at Cedar Pastures with a red nose and your eyes all bunged up, I'll disown you, or lose you on the way. Crystal clear, I will! I'll not let you start in a new school nicknamed 'Cry Baby', so there! Have an E?"

Mia sat up in bed, and arrested her tears sufficiently to accept the creature comfort offered her. As its consistency was decidedly of a stick-jaw nature, the mingled sucking and sobbing which followed produced a weird combination.

"You sound like an alien monster," Ruby assured her airily. "Fuck off! I call it a stunt to be going to Cedar Pastures. I mean to have a fucking A time there, and no mistake!"

"It's all very well for you!" sighed Mia dolefully. "You've been at College before, and I haven't; and you are not shy, and you always get on with people. You know I'm a prude, and I hate strangers. I shall just suffer till the vacation. There's no point telling me to cheer up, for there's nothing to cheer up about."

Ruby pulled a two headed dildo out from behind her. Mia's eyes widened.

"What are you gonna do with that?"

"You'll find out soon baby" Ruby said with a wide grin.

Ruby locked the door behind her and strolled over to Mia. She kissed her hard on the lips then parted them with her tongue. They kissed for what seemed like forever while their hands roamed each other's bodies. Ruby took Mia's pyjamas off. Then kissed down her neck and to her nipples.

She circled each one with her tongue then nibbled the nipple like she was hungry for milk. Mia was in heaven. She was under Ruby's Spanish spell.

Ruby stripped her of her pants too. She backed her up against the head rest and kneeled down between her legs she put one up on her shoulder and went to work on Mia's pussy. It was a good thing she was up against the head rest because she would have surely fallen to the floor.

"Gooood! Ruby you're good"

Ruby reached around back and wiggled a finger into Mia's tight ass causing Mia to moan loud enough for people six floors up to hear her.

Mia couldn't hold on much longer. Her moaning got louder and longer.

"Oooohhhhh Ruby I'm about to ccuuuuuummm"

After cumming Mia collapsed to the floor that was the greatest pleasure she had ever felt. All of Mia's moaning had made Ruby's pussy flood more than ever she wanted to cum. She helped Mia back up on to the bed then she hopped on to the bed next to Mia.

"Your turn" Mia said shyly

She laid Ruby back and climbed on top of her and started kissing her way down her body. She stopped at Ruby's small breast and devoured her nipples.

"Oooohhhhh Mia! Take your time"

She played there for a little while then headed further south to her belly then to her pussy. She entered two fingers in the soaking wet hole. Then she attacked Ruby's clit. She didn't know what to do she could only do what she would want done to her. Ruby's screams told her she had to be doing something right.

"Aaaahhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh. God! Ruby who taught you sooooo well."

"You did, baby" Mia said as she looked up to Ruby's eyes. She dove right back in and ate some more.

"Let's try this" Ruby's said as she aDandelion with the two headed dildo.

"Okay Ruby I trust you to take care of me" Mia said.

Ruby sat up and placed one end of the dildo in her pussy then she slowly pushed the other end into Mia's pussy. She let out a slow moan. They started to fuck each other in a scissors position. They started off slow and sped up. Their moans filled the room.

"Oooohhhhh Ruby, fuck me harder."

"Aaahhhhhhh god I'm gonna cum" Ruby panted out in a slow voice

"Meeee toooo babbbbbyy"

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh" The sounds of hot fucking and cumming filled the room.

Ruby and Mia felt their juices flow out onto the top of the mattress.

Ruby said, "Guess we better get cleaned up"

"I don't think so baby. I've still got many more times to fuck with you while I'm here."

In the bedroom where the two girls lay every preparation had been made for a journey. Two new suitcases stood side by side, filled to the brim, except for dildos and a few other items, which must be put in at the last. Weeks of concentrated thought and practical work on the part of Mom, two girlfriends, and an interior designer had preceded the packing of those cases, for the requirements of Cedar Pastures seemed numerous, and the list of essential garments went on forever. There were school skirts and blouses, gym slips, rubber dresses, evening wear and party frocks, to say nothing of underclothes, and such details as gloves, shoes, ties, ribbons, and handcuffs, butt-plugs, lubricants, books, photos, and knick-knacks. Two hand-bags, each containing necessaries for the first night, stood by the suitcases, and two laptops, with two hand-cuffs, were already strapped up with raincoats and winter coats.

For both the girls this morning would make a new and very important chapter in the story of their lives. Ruby had, indeed, already been at College, but it was a comparatively small establishment, not to be named in the same breath with a place as important as Cedar Pastures, and giving only a foretaste of those experiences which she expected to encounter in a wider circle. She had been tolerably popular at Melissa Gates High, but she had made several mistakes which she was determined not to repeat, and meant to be careful as to the first impressions which she produced upon her new schoolfellows. Ruby, at fifteen and a half, was a somewhat problematical character. In her childhood she had been aptly described as "a little madam", and it was owing to the very turbulent effect of her presence in the family that she had been packed off early to school, "to find her level among other girls, and leave a little peace at home", as Aunt Annette expressed it. "Finding one's level" is generally rather a stormy process; so, after four years of give-and-take at Melissa Gates High, Ruby was, on the whole, not at all sorry to leave, and transfer her energies to another sphere. She meant well, but she was always cock-sure that she was right, and though this line of action may serve with weaker characters, it is liable to cause friction when practised upon equals or elders whose views are also self-opinionated. As regards looks, Ruby could score. Her clear-cut features, fresh complexion, and frank, grey eyes were decidedly prepossessing, and her pigtail had been the longest and thickest and glossiest in the whole of Melissa Gates High. She was clever, if she chose to work, though apt to argue with her teachers; and keen at games, if she could win, but showed an unsporting tendency to lose her temper if the odds were against her. Such was Ruby—crude, impetuous, and full of overflowing spirits, with many good qualities and certain disagreeable traits, eager to loose anchor and sail away from the harbour of home and the narrow waters of Melissa Gates High into the big, untried sea of Cedar Pastures College.

Two sisters surely never presented a greater contrast than the Wienerschnitzel girls. Mia, at thirteen, was a shy, retiring, amiable little person, with an unashamed weakness for Barbie Dolls and Teddy bears, specimens of which, in various sizes, decorated the mantelpiece of her bedroom. She was accustomed to give way, under plaintive protest, to Ruby's masterful disposition, and, as a rule, played second fiddle with a good grace. She was not at all clever or imaginative, but very affectionate, and had been the pet of the family at home. She was a neat, pretty little thing, with big blue eyes and arched eyebrows and silky curls and she had a pathetic way of saying, "Oh, Ruby!" when snubbed by her elder sister. According to Aunt Annette, if Ruby needed to "find her level", Mia required to be "well shaken up". She was dreamy and unobservant, slow in her ways, and not much interested in any special subject. Ruby's cherished ambitions were unknown to Mia, who liked to plod along in an easy fashion, without taking very much trouble. Her school teacher had found it difficult to rouse any enthusiasm in her for her work. She frankly hated lessons.

It was a subject of congratulation to Mrs. Wienerschnitzel that the two girls would not be in the same house at Cedar Pastures. She considered that Mia's character had no chance for development under the shadow of Ruby's overbearing ways, and that among companions of her own age she might perhaps find a few congenial friends who would help her to realize that she had entered her teens, and would interest her in girlish matters. Poor Mia by no means shared her Mom's satisfaction at the arrangements for her future. She would have preferred to be with Ruby, and was appalled at the idea of being obliged to face a houseful of strangers. She met with little sympathy from her own family in this respect.

"Do you all the good in the world, sweetheart!" preached Freddy, an authority of eleven, with three years of primary-school experience behind him. "I felt a bit weird myself, you know, when I first went to Slitterwist Park Primary, but one soon gets over that. You'll shake down."

"I don't want to shake down," bleated Mia. "It's a shame I should have to go at all! You can't any of you understand how I feel. You're all cunts!"

"They'll allow you a bucket to weep into for the first day or two, poor old Bunting!" said Baz consolingly. "It won't be so much kindness on their part as a desire to save the carpets—salt water takes the colour out of things so. But I fancy they'll limit you to a week's wailing, and if you don't turn off the tap after that, they'll send for a doctor, who'll prescribe Turkey rhubarb and ginseng mixed with cocaine. It's a stock school prescription for shirking; harmless, you know, but particularly nasty; you'd have the taste in your mouth for days. Oh, cheer up, for fuck's sake! Look here: if I'm really sent to the camp at Burridge, I'll come and look you up, and take you out to a bar somewhere. How would that suit your ladyship?"

"Would you really? Will you promise?"

"Jesus, I will!"

"Then I don't mind quite as much as I did, though I still hate the thought of school," conceded Mia.

Presently, Baz had somewhat of a "big" problem. His cock was banging against his big sister's cute little butt, and leaking clear slippery fluid down into the crack of the little girl's ass.

Mia enjoyed the feel of her brother's cock sliding against her rounded little ass.

"Mia. My cock is getting in the way," said Baz. "Can I put it down between your legs for a minute?" Baz held his breath, waiting for his big sister to answer.

"Well, OK. Just for a minute. Just don't get any of your cum in me," agreed Mia.

Baz continued rubbing her back, while he started sliding his big cock down between the girl's legs. The boy kept on sliding his cock past the clenched lips of his sister's vagina. Each time the tip of the boy's cock slipped by the entrance to his sister's vagina, he would push the head in a little, and let a bubble of slippery liquid lubricate the girl's little hole.

Mia felt her brother pressing the head of his prick into her now slippery hole. "Stop it!" she said. "You almost went inside me that time."

Baz resumed sliding his cock past the lips of his big sister's vagina. "Don't you like it?" he inquired.

"Yes, but we shouldn't," she replied. Still, Mia began working her hips in time with the sliding of her little brother's cock. She enjoyed the slip-sliding feel of her brother's penis rubbing against her pussy lips.

After waiting a bit, Baz once again pushed the head of his cock against the opening to his big sister's vagina.

This time, Mia didn't stop him, as Baz let several big spurts of pre-cum lubricate his big sister's hole.

"You aren't cumming inside me, are you?" inquired Mia, worriedly.

"Just making it easier for my cock to slide, while I rub your back," reassured Baz.

The next time that Baz felt the tip of his cock reach his sister's hole, he pushed in a little harder. There was a popping sensation, and the little boy felt a ring of muscles slip over the head of his prick.

"You little bastard. You slipped your cock inside me, didn't you?" There was no heat in the little girl's accusation, and she didn't pull away.

"I've just got the tip in," lied Baz.

"It feels like more than just the tip," grumbled Mia, but said no more, as she relaxed into her brother's continuing backrub.

Baz continued to rub his sister's back. Only now, he was sliding the tip of his cock in and out of the lips of his big sister's hole, enjoying the sensations, each time the muscles of the girl's vagina snapped around the head of his prick.

Mia knew what her brother was doing, but was enjoying herself too much to object. After a short while, Mia started to push back at her little brother. More and more of the little boy's cock slid into his sister's belly, until the head of the boy's prick rested against his sister's unbroken hymen.

"You'd better not knock me up, you little bastard," said Mia, pushing back at her little brother.

Baz pushed his cock in and out of his sister, until he knew he was close to cumming. "Stop Mia!" he said. "I'm almost ready to cum."

"Don't cum in me!" the girl cried. "I don't want to get pregnant!"

"Just wait," he continued. "No don't pull off. Just hold on. If you pull off, I might cum inside you before you get all the way off. Just hold still. Don't move!" Baz grit his teeth, and fought down the sensations that almost had him squirting his seed all over the inside of his own sister's tight little vagina. Shortly, the boy felt a slight releasing sensation in his cock. He didn't know if what he released inside his sister was cum, or just more lubricating fluid, but his prick was still hard, and the boy no longer felt like he was going to ejaculate sticky white baby-juice all over the inside of his big sister's tight little belly.

"Ooooh. OK," he said. "We can continue now." With this, Baz started fucking his sister, sliding his cock all the way up to her unbroken cherry, and all the way back out. Back and forth. Back and forth. Baz was really fucking his sister now.

After a while, it got to be too much for Mia. "Stop," she said.

"Huh?" Baz asked.

"I want to turn over, so that we can do it right," she explained.

"Are you sure?" Baz wanted to know.

"Uhuh. If we are going to fuck, let's do it right." With this, the little girl turned over, and placed her brother's big cock against the opening to her vagina. "Now push," she commanded.

Baz pushed, and his cock slid all the way up inside his sister's belly with a rush. There was a snapping sensation, and Mia felt her hymen break. Then the little girl started to climax, knowing that she had her own handsome brother's big baby-making cock stuck all the way up inside her tight little belly, where it belonged.

The Wienerschnitzels generally described themselves as "a large and rambling family, guaranteed sound, and quiet in harness, but capable of taking fences if required". Sugar, the eldest, had been married a year ago, Evan was in the Navy, Lance was serving "somewhere in France"; Baz, who had just left school, was going into military training, and after Ruby and Mia followed Freddy, Wayne, and Chantilly. Ruby and Mia always declared that if they could have been consulted in the matter of precedence, they would not have chosen to arrive in the exact centre of a big family. Sugar, as eldest, and Chantilly, as youngest, occupied definite and recognized positions, but middle girls rarely receive as much attention. Mia, indeed, had claimed a certain share of petting, but Ruby considered herself badly treated by the Fates.

"I wish I were the only one!" she assured the others. "Think how I'd be appreciated then!"

"We'll swap you with pleasure, madam, if you wish," returned Baz ironically. "I should suggest an advertisement such as this: 'Wanted situation as only daughter in eligible family, eight brothers and sisters given in exchange. A month's approval.' No! Better not put that in, or they'd send you packing back at the end of the first week."

"Brothers are beasts!" pouted Ruby, throwing a vibrator at Baz to express her indignation. "What I'd like would be for Mom to take me away for a year, or let me study Gynaecology, or Sociology, or something, just with her. Shayla Luge's Mom went with her to Las Vegas, and they'd a gorgeous time. That's my ambition."

"And mine's just to be allowed to stop at home," added Mia plaintively.

Neither Ruby's nor Mia's wishes, however, were considered at head-quarters. The powers that be had decided that they were to be educated at Cedar Pastures College, their bags were ready packed, and their train was to leave at nine o'clock by railway time. Mom saw them off at the station.

"I wish I could have taken you," she said rather anxiously. "But I think you'll manage the journey all right. You're both together, and Ruby's a big girl now, and used to travelling. You've only to cross the platform at Sandwell Green to get the Arlington train, and a teacher is to meet you at the station. You'll know her by the Cedar Pastures badge, and be sure you don't speak to anyone else. Call out of the window for a porter when you reach Sandwell Green. You've plenty of time to change. Well, good-bye, chicks! Be good girls. Don't forget to text me from the station. Call as soon as you can. You're just off now! Good-bye! Good-bye!"

As the train shunted out, Mia sank into her place with the air of a martyr starting for the stake, and mopped her eyes with her already damp tissue. Ruby, case-hardened after many similar partings, settled herself in the next seat, and, pulling out a magazine from her bag, began to read. The train was very full, and the girls had with difficulty found room. Soldiers on leave were returning to Afghanistan, and filled the corridor. Mia and Ruby were crammed in between a stout woman, who nursed a basket containing a mewing kitten, and a wizened little man with an irritating cough. Opposite sat three soldiers, and an elderly lady with a long thin nose and prominent teeth, who entered into conversation with the soldiers, and proffered them much good advice, with an epitome of her ideas on the conduct of the war. The distance from Silverwood to Sandwell Green was only thirty miles, and the train was due to arrive at the junction with twenty-five minutes to spare for the Arlington express. On all ordinary occasions it jogged along in a commonplace fashion, and turned up up to time. To-day, however, it behaved with unusual eccentricity, and, instead of passing the signals at Bushwell, it slowed up and whistled, and finally stood still upon the bridge.

"Must be something blocking the line," observed one of the soldiers, looking out of the window.

"I do hope it's not an accident. Amtrak is so terribly understaffed at present," began the thin lady nervously. "I've always had a horror of railway accidents. I wish I'd taken out insurance before I started. Can you see anything on the line? Is there any danger?"

The soldier drew in his head and smiled. It was a particularly good-looking head, with twinkling brown eyes, and a very humorous smile.

"Not so long as the train is standing still," he replied. "I think they'll get us back to the front this time. We'll probably have to wait till something passes us. It's just a matter of patience."

His words were justified, for in about ten minutes an express roared by, after which event their train once more started, and jogged along to Sandwell Green.

"We're horribly late!" whispered Ruby to Mia, consulting her watch. "I hope to goodness there'll be no more stops. It's running the thing very fine, I can tell you. I'm glad we've only to cross the platform. I'll get a porter as fast as I can."

But, when they reached Sandwell Green, the stout woman and the basket with the kitten got in the way, and the elderly lady jammed up the door with her luggage, so it took ages for Mia and Ruby managed to get themselves and their belongings out of the train.

"What are we to do?" cried Ruby. "We'll miss the Arlington train! I know we shall!"

She seized one of the bags by the handle, and tried to drag it along the platform, but its weight was prohibitive. After a couple of yards she stopped exhausted.

"Better leave your luggage," said a voice at her elbow. "If you want the express, you'll have to make a run for it."

Ruby turned round quickly. The speaker was the young soldier who had leaned out of the carriage window when the line was blocked. His dark eyes were still twinkling.

"The train's over there, and they're shutting the doors," he urged. "Here, I'll take this for you, if you like. Best hurry up!"

He had his heavy kit to carry, but he shouldered the girls' pile of suitcases and bags, in addition to his own burden, and set off post-haste along the platform, while Ruby and Mia, much encumbered with their bags and a few odd parcels, followed in his wake. It was a difficult progress, for everybody seemed to get into their way, and just as they neared the express the guard waved his green flag.

"Stand back! Stand back!" shouted an official, as the girls made a last wild spurt, the whistle sounded, the guard jumped into the van, and, with a loud clanging of coupling-chains, the train started. They had missed it by exactly five seconds.

"Hard luck!" said the soldier, depositing the bags on the platform. "You'll have to wait two hours for the next. You'll get your luggage, at any rate. Oh, it's all right!" as Ruby murmured thanks, "I'm only sorry you've missed it," and he hailed a companion and was gone.

"It was awfully kind of him," commented Mia, still panting from her run.

"Kind! He's kule—there was no mistaking that!" replied Ruby.

The two girls had now to face the very unpleasant fact that they had missed the connection, and that the teacher who was to meet them at the station would look for them in vain. They wondered whether she would wait for the next train, and, if she did not, how they were going to get across Arlington to the railway station. Ruby felt very doubtful as to whether her experience of travelling would be equal to the emergency. She hid her fears, however, from Mia, whose countenance was quite sufficiently woebegone already.

"We'll get cigarettes out of the automatic machine, and buy something to read at the bookstall," she suggested. "Two hours won't last forever!"

Mia cheered up a little at the sight of magazines, and picked out a sports journal with an athlete on the cover. Ruby, whose taste in literature inclined to the sensational, reviewed the books, and chose one with a startling picture depicting a naked girl in the act of being ejaculated on at a dinner-party. She was too agitated to read more than a few pages of it, but she thought it seemed interesting.

When Ruby got into the waiting room, Mia had a rather nice surprise waiting for her. Mia was sitting on the bench in nothing but her panties.

Mia's boobs were out in the open. Ruby just stood in front of the bench staring at her sister's luscious boobs. Ruby looked her sister right in the face and smiled the biggest smile. She sat down next to Mia. They just looked at each other smiling.

"Ruby, I have to tell you something. The other day when I got in the house, I knew you were thinking about me while you were playing with yourself. And you know what? It made me so wet I had to change my panties." Mia confessed.

Ruby smiled at her sister and proceeded to take off her clothes. Mia liked what she saw and licked her lips as she took off her own panties. When Mia sat down, she was totally naked. Mia put her arms around her sister and they embraced. They kissed.

Mia opened her mouth and let Ruby's tongue inside. Their tits were mashed together as they kissed sweetly. Both girls were so turned on they couldn't stand it any longer. They finally broke their kiss and Ruby spoke.

"Mia, I just have to taste your pussy"

Mia lay down on the bench and opened her legs for her sister. Ruby stuck out her tongue and ran it along the length of Mia's pussy. Mia let out a low but sensual moan. She was in ecstasy. Ruby stuck her tongue as deep into her sister's cunt as she could. She put her whole mouth over her sister's snatch and sucked hard at her sister's pussy.

Mia began moaning loudly and bucking her hips wildly while Ruby ate her pussy. Finally, Mia couldn't keep it in any longer and gushed the biggest orgasm of her life right into her sister's mouth. Ruby swallowed all she could and what she didn't swallow ran out of her mouth and down her chin. Mia sat up and kissed her sister, licking and sucking her own juices from her sister's face.

"Ruby baby, its now your turn. Lay down", Mia said in a very sexy voice.

Ruby lay down on the bench and parted her legs. Mia didn't waste any time. She dove right into her pussy. Ruby was so wet she almost came at first contact. Mia liked the taste of her sister's pussy and began licking and sucking her cunt like a woman possessed. Mia began sucking in Ruby's clit like a mad woman. Ruby was moaning so loud you could almost hear it outside. Ruby was in heaven.

When Ruby came, Mia did her best to swallow it all. Ruby's orgasm was so huge that there was no possible way Mia could swallow it all. Most of it came gushing out of her mouth and down her chin and dribbled onto the bench. Mia sat up and kissed her sister on the lips again. They hugged and held each other for the better part of an hour before finally getting up off of the bench.

The two hours were over at last, and the girls and their luggage were safely installed in the Arlington train by a porter. It was a long journey to the station. After their early start and the excitement at Sandwell Green both felt tired, and even Ruby looked decidedly sober when they reached their destination. Each was wearing the brown-white-and-blue Cedar Pastures badge, which had been forwarded to them from the school, and by which the mistress was to identify them. As they left the carriage, they glanced anxiously at the coat of each lady who passed them on the platform, to descry a similar Dandeliontte. All in vain. Everybody was in a hurry, and nobody sported the Cedar Pastures colours.

"We shall have to get a taxi and manage as best we can," sighed Ruby. "The taxis will all be taken up if we're not quick! Oh, geez, there's that soldier again! I wonder if he'd call us one. I declare I'll ask him."

"Hail you a taxi? With pleasure!" replied the young soldier, as Ruby impulsively stopped him and urged her request. "Have you got your luggage this time?"

"Yes, yes, it's all here, and——"

"Are you Ruby and Mia Wienerschnitzel?" interrupted a sharp voice. "I've been looking for you everywhere. Who is this you're speaking to? You don't know? Then come along with me immediately. No, certainly not! I'll get a taxi myself. Where is your luggage?"

The speaker was tall and fair, with light-grey eyes and pince-nez. She wore the unmistakable Cedar Pastures badge, so her words carried authority. She bustled the girls off in a tremendous hurry, and their Good Samaritan of a soldier melted away amongst the crowd.

"I've been waiting hours for you. How did you miss your train?" asked the mistress. "Why didn't you go and stand under the clock, as you were told in the Principal's letter? And don't you know that you must never address strangers?"

"She's angry with you for speaking to the soldier," whispered Mia to Ruby, as the pair followed their new guardian.

"I can't help it. He would have got us a limo, and now they're all gone, and we must put up with a taxi cab. I couldn't see any clock, and no wonder we missed her in such a crowd. I think she's hateful, and I'm not going to like her a bit."

"No more am I," returned Mia.

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