Lexie's Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a wild girl who is sent to a all girls boarding school

My name is Lexie. I'm a seventeen year girl. I have long blonde hair that I always wear in a ponytail. I have blue eyes, I'm five foot five, and weigh 100 pounds and I'm busty.

Lately I've been a real handful for my parents. I have been getting into a lot of trouble at school. I started smoking, and got caught smoking on school property and have been suspended a few times for doing that. My mom and dad were not happy.

My friends and I are just your average kids. We like to drink, but we are not of legal age, so we need to do this and try not to get caught. We drink and act really stupid, but we are just kids. My mother, for the most part likes my friends. When we get together we might do things that our parents would never approve of. But you need to make these mistakes in life when you are young and learn from them.

My parents do a lot of traveling for their jobs. My dad is a trader for a global company, and he travels back and forth to London. My mom is an event planner for an electronics firm. She plans company conventions and sales meetings. With their type of work, my parents travel a few times a week for their jobs. So, ever since I was a baby I've had a live in nanny named Anna to look after me while they are away.

Anna does the house cleaning, laundry, and cooks all the meals. She is like family, and we're so glad to have her. She has worked for us for seventeen years.

My parents pay Anna a hefty salary, give her bonuses, and she has two weeks paid vacation. They usually send her to an island of her choice as another perk. We just love her.

Lately, when my parents are out of town, I've been doing a lot of lying and sneaking out in the middle of the night. Anna tried to be my friend and didn't tell my parents for a while, but I have been becoming more and more difficult to handle. I overheard that description during one of my parent's conversations.

I'm just a typical spoiled rotten seventeen year old. I'm a smart talker and maybe do things that aren't the best choices.

I have been dating since I was sixteen. My mother put me on birth control. At first, she said it was a vitamin and later told me it was so that I would not become pregnant. She also told me that boys always have to wear condoms because you don't want to get sexually transmitted diseases. I am not going to die for anybody. Some boys want to not wear condoms, but that isn't happening with me. My parents know that I am very responsible when it comes to sex. They are certainly not happy, but I am going away to college next year and will be eighteen.

A few months ago, when my parents were out of town, Anna went to the movies with friends. I asked my boyfriend Joey to come over. We had amazing sex. We started kissing and then we were laying in the 69 position and he licked my bald pussy. His tongue was deep inside my wet cunt. I sucked his cock deeper and deeper down my throat.

Anna came home and she was calling my name, she heard moaning and groaning coming from my room. She knocked on the door, but I didn't answer since we were busy having oral sex. Anna walked in and found us in a very compromising position. She slammed the door and went running out. I didn't care, we just continued what we were doing.

After we had oral sex, I wanted to fuck my boyfriend. I got on top of him moving my body over his cock. His hands massaged my breasts. We were both moaning and groaning. Anna barged in and saw us fucking. She told Joey to get dressed and get out of our house. I told Anna to mind her business. We both got dressed and left. She called my mother who was less than thrilled with what she was hearing from Anna.

Then last month, I begged my mother to let me have a party. I wanted to invite about 15 kids over. My mother said we could order pizza and she would have sushi hand rolled and brought to the house. She would hire a bartender to make us smoothies and non-alcoholic drinks. The bartender would be upstairs in the kitchen and not in the actual party. He would just bring down all the drinks as he made them. Anna would be upstairs if we needed her.

The basement is very large, and is more like a game room. We have a pinball machine, ping pong table, pool table and an air hockey table. There is a large sectional couch and a 55 inch flat screen television.

We started out just dancing and having a good time. But then some of the boys wanted to play spin the bottle. We did that awhile. Then we played the game Seven Minutes in Heaven. Usually a couple will go into a closet for seven minutes and they can kiss, make out, have sex whatever you want to do. Some boys went in with girls, some girls went in with other girls. We were just experimenting.

One of the kids had snuck in a bottle of vodka and was pouring it into all of the non-alcoholic drinks, so we were all kind of bombed.

Soon we all just started making out with people. My friend Katie was having sex on the pool table with her boyfriend. He was on top of her moving his body all around her. Katie was moaning and groaning, her legs at her side as he pounded her pussy.

There were two girls on the couches eating each other's pussies. They were all over each other. Licking and fingering each other. I could see their wet pussies glistening.

I really wanted to experiment, so I told my boyfriend I wanted to have a threesome. He asked his friend Bryan if he wanted to share me. He was only happy to oblige. Bryan laid down on his back and I slid his hard cock into my wet pussy while Joey lubed my asshole and started to fuck my ass. Bryan was thrusting his cock really deep into my wet cunt, while Joey's hard cock filled my ass. I never experienced anything like this before. It felt so good having two cocks in my body at the same time.

Other boys were on the couch just watching and stroking their cocks. Another one of my friends, Steve was having sex with his boyfriend. They were fucking each other by the pinball machine.

Anna came down to check on us and saw all of this fucking going on. She started screaming, cursing, yelling at us. Then she went upstairs and then came back down again, and told everybody to get dressed and get the fuck out of the house. I told Anna to mind her business.

She called my mother, who then called my father and I was grounded for three weeks. I lost access to my car, no friends over, no cell phone, and no Ipad. My life was basically over for those three weeks.

My mother and father decided that I am officially out of control. They would pull me out of my current high school and send me to a boarding school for girls. I am less than thrilled since this is my senior year in high school, but if I want to go to college next year, this needs to be done. They say I have to get good grades and not to get in any trouble. We'll see if that is even possible! I'm just a very curious teenager, trouble just has a way of finding me. I am boy crazed and love sex.

Leaving For Boarding school

"Lexie, are you ready to go?" My mom said.

"I can't believe you are sending me away," I replied.

"Your father and I cannot control you," she screamed.

"Well this isn't going to do anything you know. Whatever mom! You can't change me." I replied.

"Your going, Missy," she hissed.

"Fine, mother, but I am seventeen and going away to college next year." I said.

"Only if you pass your classes, Lexie," she yelled.

The limo picked up my mother and I. I wore a very short purple dress and flip flops. I was in a very arrogant mood. The school is about an hour away. I texted and called my girlfriend Katie, just to annoy my mom.

I chewed gum, popped bubbles and talked loudly on my phone. I gave my mother dirty looks, and just was being an absolute bitch.

When we got to the school, my mother helped me with my luggage. Our first stop at the school is the headmaster's office, Mr. Jackson. I learned that he's also one of the math teachers, not my favorite subject.

We knocked on his door.

"Hello, Mrs. Angelo, I'm Mr. Jackson," he said.

He extended his hand and my mother shook it.

"And you must be Lexie, please come in and take a seat," Mr Jackson said.

Mr. Angelo and my mother talked awhile, and he assured her that the program is the finest in the area. He told her that I will get a great education, and will move on to a good college. He also told her they are very strict. If the girls don't abide by they rules, they lose their privileges.

My mother then gave me a hug and a kiss and warned me not to get into any trouble and to make her and my father proud, then she walked out and drove off towards home.

Going over What is Expected

"Okay young lady, you are here because you are wild, and you are going to be put into a very strict atmosphere." He said.

"You will be taught discipline and you will need to follow all the rules," he said.

"Or you will lose your privileges," he said.

"Stand up and let me look at you!" He commanded.

I stood up and he looked at me with very creepy eyes.

"Lexie take off your clothes!" He shouted.

"I'm not doing that!" I told him.

"You're absolutely going to do it!" He screamed.

"I am going to teach you a lesson, girl." He said.

"Lexie, remove your dress, but leave on your bra and panties." He said.

Reluctantly I removed my purple dress as he watched. I was getting a little turned on by this older man staring at me in my underwear. He continued staring at me while I took off my bra and panties.

"Lexie, you are very beautiful." He said.

Mr. Jackson stood in front of me and turned and twisted my nipples. He made them very hard. Then he sucked and bit them. He grabbed me and started to kiss me.

I actually like it, as I'm a very wild girl. He took his fingers and spit on them and slid his fingers into my pussy. He smirked at me, and told me that I was wet.

"You're a nasty girl, your pussy is soaked!" He laughed.

"Lexie, lay across my desk!" He shouted.

He spread my legs and started rubbing his fingers around my clit. Then he kneeled down in front of me and licked my pussy, spreading my swollen lips, and started to tongue fuck me really fast. He replaced his tongue with his fingers and fingered me really fast and deep. I moaned and told him how good it felt.

"You're a very naughty girl, Lexi." He said.

"Lexie, I'm going to fuck you now!" He said.

"Lexie, get down on the floor!" He commanded.

He slid his very large cock into my wet pussy. He was slapping my ass and calling me a slut. He grabbed my hair and started to pound my wet pussy.

He looked in my eyes and told me I was his slut.

"I'm going to fuck you each and every day and you are going to like it!" He moaned.

He slapped my ass several times, called me his bitch, then grabbed a tube of KY jelly from his desk drawer and rubbed it all over my ass. He slowly guided his cock into my tight asshole. It felt so tight going in and I moaned. I have had anal sex a bunch of times. I really enjoy it.

"I must have gotten lucky, when you got dropped off here." He said.

His cock rammed my ass. Of course, it felt pretty good. I have fucked a few boys, but he is a man. I was actually enjoying it, his cock was larger and thicker than I've had inside me before.

"Get on your knees, slut!" He hissed.

"Suck my cock!" He said.

I got down on my knees, he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth hard. I took him deeper and deeper in my mouth. I was slurping on his cock, and his creamy cum slid down my throat.

"Lexie, you and I are going to be great friends." He said.

"If you suck and fuck me, you can do whatever you want here!" He said.

"Really, anything?" I said.

"Yes, you just need to fuck me daily and you can do you whatever you want." He said.

"Okay, Mr. Jackson that sounds fair." I said.

"Get dressed, Lexie." He shouted.

I will introduce you to your roommate and show you where you will be staying.

Meeting My Roommate

"Susan, this is Lexie, your new roommate." Mr. Jackson said.

"Lexie, get settled and look around the school with Susan." He said.

"You're in good hands, I will call you later," he said as he walked out.

Our room is really big and it is beige. There are two single beds, two desks with chairs, two closets, two nightstands with lamps on each one, a vanity table and another chair.

I brought clean sheets to put on my bed and they are packed in my suitcase. I also brought a laptop and a printer to use. The bathroom is shared between all the girls on the floor. I'm told there are only five other girls on the floor.

"So, are you one of Mr. Jackson's girls?" Susan asked.

"What do you mean Susan." I replied.

"I mean he usually fucks all the new girls." Susan said.

"Are you one of the lucky ones?" Susan asked.

Susan said she has a friend that he fucks every now and then. Mr. Jackson's girls are treated like royalty around here. You can do whatever you want. Mr. Jackson will fix your grades and you can pretty much come and go as you please.

"He is very finicky sexually," Susan said.

Susan's friend told her he is very kinky and tells the girls to do all sorts of things, but she says they all pass with great grades and go to the best colleges.

I decided to tell Susan that I am not one of his girls. I want her to like me and don't want to come off like an arrogant bitch.

"No, I guess I am not one of the lucky ones." I said.

"I will have to work hard and get good grades just like everybody else." I said.

Susan and I clicked right away. She seems really nice. She is about my height and has long brown hair. She is about my weight, but is flat chested. She doesn't have a curvy figure like myself, maybe that is why Mr. Jackson liked me.

Susan walked me around the school, showing me where the classrooms are, the dining hall and the library.

"Later, I will introduce you to some of the girls," Susan said.

Susan told me there's an all boy's school down the road. We usually get together for social events with our school. She said that maybe in the next few days, she will introduce me to some of the boys that she knows.

We walked back to our dorm room, lunch was in about twenty minutes.

"Let's get ready and then we will go down to the dining hall," Susan said.

I went into my luggage and pulled out the school uniforms we have to wear everyday while on campus. I've got one for each day. They're not bad actually, it's a pleated mini skirt, with a shirt, a tie and stockings. They actually look a little slutty, I guess things could be worse. We both giggled, I get changed into my little slut suit, and we leave for the dining hall.

Meeting Friends

We got on the line, got our trays and picked out the food we wanted to have. They offer a hot meal, sandwiches, salads and pizza. I decided on a Caesar salad with grilled chicken and a bottle of water, Susan got the same. We sat down, and there were a few other girls at the table.

"Lexie, these are my friends." Susan said.

Susan points to three other girls, "that's Kim, Lisa and Jenny," she told me.

The girls seemed very nice, and soon we are all talking about everything. They talked a little about Mr. Jackson.

"Are you one of Mr. Jackson's girl's?" Asked Kim.

"I am just Lexie, nobody special." I replied.

I'm thinking to myself, that I have got it fucking made in this place. I will let him treat me like a slut, and I won't have to do a damn thing. We eat our lunch and then it is free time.

There's a game room on campus, just a bunch of couches and they show movies all day. Most of the girls decided to go to the game room, but I'm exhausted so I excused myself and went back to my room.

Mr. Jackson and His Demands

I laid down and shut my eyes. My cell phone started ringing, and it is Mr. Jackson. He told me to meet him in his office in five minutes.

Mr. Jackson is a nice looking man. He's six foot and has short brown hair, piercing blue eyes and an athletic body. His cock is on the bigger side, I would say it's about eight inches long, and clean shaven.

I went down to his office, and knocked on his door.

"Come in," he said.

"Lexie, come here you sweet thing," Mr. Jackson said.

He grabbed me and kissed me. His tongue was entangled in my mouth.

"Take off your clothes slowly," and I will sit on the couch, and play with my cock.

Mr. Jackson took his clothes off and sat on the couch, stroking his thick, eight inch cock.

I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt slowly. I took my arms out and removed my shirt. I was wearing a red lacy bra and a red thong.

"Lexie, do a dance for me." He said.

I put my arms over my head and slowly gyrated around in a circle for him. He told me to take my bra off and play with my breasts.

I removed my bra and started to rub my nipples, pulling on them and soon they're standing straight up, then I squeezed them together.

"Take off your thong." He said.

I took off my thong and sat on his desk. I spread my legs and slid a finger into my pussy. I moaned as I rubbed my clit, fucking myself with several fingers deep inside my wet cunt.

Mr. Jackson got up, spread my legs wider, and started rubbing my clit with his thumb while he slowly began to finger my wet pussy. His other hand was on my breasts, rubbing and cupping them. Soon he replaced his fingers with his tongue and slowly licked and sucked the folds of my pussy lips. He spread my pussy lips with his tongue, and started tongue fucking me really fast. I started to grind my pussy against his face, losing control. Suddenly, I started to cream along his tongue, and he lapped up all my sweet juices.

He moved to a chair and sat down.

"Lay across my lap, girl!" He shouted.

He started to slap my ass, he slapped me about six times and my ass was stinging a bit. It didn't really hurt, but it got me very excited.

"You're a naughty girl and now my slut, Lexie, I will fuck you anytime I want." He moaned.

"Bend over Lexie!" He growled.

I bent over and he slid his thick cock into my pussy. His cock was thrusting deep and hard into my wet bald cunt. He squeezed my ass while he fucked me deep.

"Lexie, you're such a hot piece of ass, I plan on fucking you daily." He moaned.

I'm really enjoying it, he's so different than the other boys I've fucked.

It occurred to me that my mother would be so annoyed to know that I am fucking more now than I did when I was home. I laugh to myself.

"Get on your knees, whore!" He said.

I got down on my knees and he shot his load of cum in my mouth., down my throat. I licked my lips, and stood up and gave him a kiss.

"Get dressed Lexie, I'll talk to you soon." He said.

I got dressed and left. I went back to my dorm room and called my mother and told her everything is going really well, She is happy that I like it here.

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