Frustrations of a Woman in Love-a Wife's Impregnation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Interracial, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - By starting with the sacred aim of having their own baby, how an impotent husband watches his wife's seduction in accepting a powerful black man as her second husband while she's really in love with her first one.

James and Donna were married for four years when they decided to have a baby. Though he was quite young, at 25, James had a real passion for being father of a lovely baby-girl and his 21 year-old wife was craving to start a family. The best Donna knows was her love for her husband since the day they met. So, her deep wish to have a baby from her husband was quite natural though their fate had told them that they have a quite big problem in contructing a family. It was James's extremely low sperm count. Donna was very fertile as a healthy woman and she knew that she was addicted to have sex in last year they tried almost every night while experimenting to have a baby.

"You know James," the young woman hissed

"I wasn't like sex that much before last year while we tried so much..."

"Yes I know Donna, you're somewhat like a slut last year and I like it very much..."

The young husband was embarrassed a bit due to her impotence to get his wife imseminated. This made his wife blushed and she smiled with her face beaming with a new light,

"But darling, to have a baby I think we have to find a new way other than you fucking me..."

That was what the young husband's mind was occupying.

"darling, I do want to have a baby as you do but no way out has come to my mind ... other than artificial insemination..."

"Nooo ... nooo ... no one can convince me to have a steel tube between my legs..."

Donna shrieked wildly. James already knew that his wife hates any kind of surgery even for a good cause. They discussed their options and decided they didn't want to adopt so they should look into artificial insemination but without any kind of tube.

"But darling this does means that you would get fucked by another man..."

This time the husband was shrieking.

"Please don't be rude James, we were mentioning here to have a baby ... I mean what you couldn't do on purpose..."

The young husband smiled sadly and whimpered,

"Yes but you see no harm about getting fucked by a meat tube instead of a stell tube..."

Donna was quite serious about the idea and she finalized the discussion by saying,

"We both should look for a good and healthy donor..."

After a week at thursday night Donna said to her husband they have to talk after dinner. She was a good cook and made her husband happy with what they were eat. After two glasses of wine, the young woman watched her husband quizzically and told that she found a good candidate for what they were planned for her impregnation.

"Think smart please and don't get angry and..."

she paused to estimate what her husband would react,

"And please trust me that your wife is for only you till the end of time ... and she will remain faithful as long as she lives..."

Her insistance made the young man helpless in objecting his wife's idea.

"Then please let me know who this son of a bitch will be..."

"No James, he's not sonofabitch but will be the biological father of our child ... and he would make you a father legally in front of laws ... so I will present him to you on Friday night ... that's all..."

At friday night when doorbells rang James answered the door and saw a taller man with jeans and a tight t-shirt. The big surprise for James however he was black.

When they met at the door Donna put the finishing touches on her ensemble. Tyler shook James's hand, engulfing it in his own and presented himself by his name. The embarrassed husband heard that the guy's name was Tyler.

"I guessed your wife wouldn't tell my name before we see each other..."

The young guy muttered. James's only answer was to smirk nervously and when he returned to the foyer Donna began to make her way down the stairs. James and Tyler both stopped in their tracks, speechless. She had poured herself into a simple one piece summer dress. Her tits were barely contained inside of her strapless dress. Her big ass poked way back. Both men could see a hint of lacy black underwear hardly hidden underneath, the dress was so short, even slutty. Her strappy stiletto heels threatened to do harm to anyone in their way, but more importantly showed off her toned legs and accentuated her ass. Her skirt was so low cut that in her every step both men saw her pink panties and white satiny buttocks. James noticed the other man was looking eagerly at his wife in between her legs though he thought no harm if they would fuck each other at the end. He didn't remember however If he saw his wife's so confident with her sexy figure till that night.

Wife, husband and soon to be lover of wife made small talk around the kitchen table, until James whimpered helplessly,

"Donna was saying that you consider this as a clinical procedure and there is no pleasure involved. That's a little hard to believe."

"Please sir, no one can give a promise but I would tell with all my heart that this is in fact my intention when we will be together in your bed with your wife ... I should add also that I had no experimentation in making a woman pregnant before your wife kindly asked me..."

"Well ... I think my wife was so passionate than me about having a baby with your help."

The young husband whimpered though Donna piped up,

"Wait a second James, baby," she implored in her baby girl voice.

"I think we should trust Tyler. I think I'll like him when he's doing what he should do so I see no harm If we get started as soon as possible."

She kissed and rubbed on James. The husband hesitantly said,

"But darling, we didn't intend to act that fast ... and honestly I hadn't thought you will dare to try out a chance about the colour of baby..."

This made the willing wife nervous while she whimpered,

"You know we only have a by fifty fifty chance for having a white baby from my genes otherwise we both love our black baby ... I don't mind whatever his colour will be ... I will love my baby in every way..."

The apprehensive husband figured how his wife was resolved about fucking the guy but clearly on purpose.

Donna's kiss began to tend much more intensive just like they were at the start of a good fucking so the helpless husband moaned deeply,

"Okay Donna ... If you should do this right now..."

The young wife eyed her husband meekly,

"Darling If you believe in this is what we should do then let it flows..."

They stayed silent for a while then Donna invited them to dinner. While each drank the champagne after dinner, Tyler chatted jovially with James, James chatted awkwardly with Tyler, Donna nervously eyed Tyler and occasionally James, James nervously gazed at Donna, and Tyler ate Donna up with his eyes. Everytime James stared at her wife's concerning face he saw thrill and excitement in her lovely face. The young husband figured that his wife is so inconsiderate to hide her nakedness under her slutty summer dress. To make the atmosphere between the three of them warm, the other man made some arrogant compliments about James's wife.

"Of course I promised nothing would be happened to enjoy the impregnation act but I'm only human and I couldn't be hardened without some excitement from your adorable wife..."

he muttered aiming James,

"But I don't think I have a problem when I look at your wife, I'm sure husbands like you always know how other men want to fuck their wives ... I hope you also know that..."

This made the husband laughed nervously,

"C'mon Tyler, my problem is not to be hardened but my low count of sperm ... you should know I fucked her every night in a month ... and I'm only proud of my sexy wife by knowing every man who sees her wants to fuck her though its only me who did this to her..."

He paused for a moment, it was clear he had something else to worry about.

"Please Tyler," the concerning husband asked the other guy,

"Couldn't you tackle the job less than ten times..."

His problem was now clear both for his wife and Tyler so both of them smiled knowingly though Donna spent a lot efforts to hide her smile from her anguished husband.

"My dear friend," Tyler chuckled,

"As mature peoples we both know after the first time there would be nothing to concern though it wouldn't be fucking but only a clinical operation that's all ... and I promise I will try to not enjoy of course as well as possible ... anyway I'm just a human ... and your wife was best to fuck..."

As the champagne ran out, Tyler said,

"Donna, I think it's baby making time. Take me to your bedroom."

then turned to helpless husband and chuckled,

"I promise that our sessions with your sexy wife shouldn't last any more than an hour but could go indefinitely if there are problems. We'll try to keep you apprised if anything comes up."

Donna approached her husband and gave him a long kiss while hugging her husband tightly in front of the other man who's watching then with a knowing smirk. She told her husband how she loved him and he'll get his gift If he had patient enough to wait for them like a good baby boy. While they were kissing in the middle of the room, Donna felt Tyler took her hand and squeezed tightly and turned her face to him. It was quiet strange when another man takes her hand while she was in the arms of her husband. It wasn't familiar at least.

"It wouldn't be fair If our first touch will be behind your husband's back sweety..."

her soon to be lover whined slowly. Donna stared with her eyes open with astonishment.

"Ask your husband If you don't believe me Donna..."

the black man smirked and pulled her soft body into his arms, he began to kiss the young wife while her husband only a feet away from two lovers. The young woman felt her husband's arms encircling her waist unknowingly.

Donna had transfixed first and tried to not respond the other man's seductive kisses while she thought Tyler would keep short this lover's kiss. While she was still feeling her husband's breath on her neck, Tyler forced her to let his tongue inside her hot mouth.

"Oh Tyler, please don't make me do that..."

she moaned and felt her husband too was trying to hug her shaking body from her back. Before letting her away from his strong body, Tyler stared at the husband and smiled sincerely,

"C'mon James, you well know that your wife will get my meat after a short while and I thought it would be honest If you get some first impression about what we had to do in your marital bed ... I think the deal was like that..."

By jealousy or not, James was shaking and he had embraced his wife like he didn't want to let her go away. Tyler looked at the husband compassionately,

"C'mon James, I hope you don't think I'll fuck your wife while you are with us..."

This made the husband blushed and he whined,

"Of course I can't handle to ruin your privacy as well as the woman you're taking the bed is my wife..."

This made Donna sob,

"Oh my baby ... I don't want to go If this would hurt you ... you are the man I love ... he'll only do his duty..."

By telling her love for her husband she hit Tyler and embraced her husband with great care.

"I love you James, he could have my body but I belong to you forever and in every way my darling ... please try to cope with me fucking another man and then I will be in your arms with a baby in my arms ... isn't this what we expect from this affair ... please let me go with him with your approval baby ... pleaseee..."

Though he wasn't sure, James saw how his wife was in love with him and he felt himself so proud of having such a wife, she was so sexy but totally faithful to her husband.

"She was still faithfull to her husband even in such a bad situation ... I love my wife..."

The helpless husband lost in his thoughts. Before he turned to himself again, he saw Tyler patted Donna on the ass and she gave out a yelp and began to walk upstairs swaying her ass as she walked slowly up the stairs. James attributed their friskiness to the alcohol they had just ingested. The young husband was looking behind them while his wife and the man who will fuck her entering his bedroom. Tyler had gripped his wife's waist tightly and the young woman's buttocks were swaying like she was so acceptive to get fucked by another man. James couldn't convince himself that his wife wasn't willing to fuck him far beyond only to get inseminated. They were disappeared hand in hand like two lovers from the sight of desperate husband.


As soon as they were in the bedroom Tyler swept Donna into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

"C'mon Donna ... your anguished hubby wasn't here at all ... so please treat me as you like baby ... I know you're eager to have my cock not only to have a baby ... you will be fucked by a real man for the first time in your life..."

Donna didn't want to ruin Tyler's confidence and she's trying to not mind what he was saying, what's the worse was her acception that she's craving to get his cock, the cock of a man who's not her husband, inside of her married pussy. She was helplessly trying to deceive herself that she let him fucking her only on purpose otherwise that would be her betrayal to her own marriage wows that the young woman had been loyal since the day she wed with the man she loved. She was sure of her love for her husband.

"You know Tyler," she hissed nervously

"We'll do something for ... for..."

Surprised at first, she was kissing back the guy tentatively. Then she got more into it and began grabbing his ass, noticing how firm it was in comparison to her husband's.

In every move of the other man, to compare him with his husband had begun to embarrass the young wife.

When Tyler grabbed her ass back she couldn't stop to rub his stomach and marveling again at how toned he was. He reached up her skirt and began rubbing her clit. She tried but without success she began to pant heavily into his mouth.

"Lift your arms up,"

Tyler commanded. He rolled her dress up slowly and lifted it over her arms, exposing her bra and panties. He beheld her big, soft tits ever so slightly bouncing as they were freed from the dress. He quickly reached behind her and unclasped her lacy black bra, revealing the most perfect set of breasts he'd ever seen. Dropping to his knees he slowly lowered her panties while staring into her eyes.

"I like staring your eyes as well as you ashamed of what I was doing to your sexy body ... you're such a sexy lady who takes my breath away..."

Tyler's voice was like grunted with the passion he felt for the young woman's body. Donna was sure this affair will be well beyond of an official fuck on the contrary with the deal between her husband and her donor. She was sincere in her efforts to not enjoy what the other man was doing to her body though in back of her mind she knew well that she was helpless in front of that powerful black man.

"You don't need to hesitate to touch and feel my cock ... I know he's your first and you'll never give up to grab it in your future life ... you'll see how he surrender all of your being..."

Tyler lifted her feet one at a time, leaving her heels on and removing her sexy underwear.

"Has anyone ever told you how fucking gorgeous you are?"

he asked, while rubbing her shaved pussy. She moaned in reply and he stood up and said,

"Now I've got something to show you. Come kneel in front of me."

Donna could see Tyler's shorts straining to contain what was inside, a weird, novel site for her. He grabbed a pillow and put it in front of him. She knelt, placing her knees on the pillow.

"Pull them down, I'm gonna show you something to die for. You will never be the same woman after you saw my cock..."

Tyler cranked in excitement. Donna gasped as his incredibly long, thick cock nearly hit her in the face. It curved up and had a thick ridge running along the underside. His cock was animalistic and at least two times bigger than her cute husband. She sighed with shame thinking why she had to compare this animal with husband's lovely cock.

She put her right hand on the end of his shaft and was amazed to find that her thumb and fingers couldn't wrap around its' thickness. When she blew James her hand engulfed his entire shaft and only his cock head was exposed.

"Oh, my God Tyler ... it's huge,"

she exclaimed. As Tyler grinned down, she put her left hand in front of the right and found that even then there was still a couple of inches of the thick shaft exposed, not to mention the fat mushroom head. She stared.

"Why don't you put it in your mouth?" he asked after a few seconds.

"But Tyler ... we promised my husband that we'll try to not enjoy ... oooohhh..."

the helpless woman cried though the big male organ was in her soft hands.

"How I could explain this to my husband ... this isn't related with my conception."

Donna chuckled reluctantly. With a knowing smile on his handsome face, Tyler took the helpless wife from the chin and locked his eyes into her's

"You know I should be hardened before fucking you..."

This made the woman gulped ashamingly, she wasn't ready to hear what they were doing was fucking but nothing else.

"Plese be kind Tyler ... I don't prefer to call what we're doing is fucking ... when I was marrying with the man I love I had swore I will never let a man fuck me beside my husband and I stayed faithful to him as long as we're married..."

Tyler was so excited that he didn't want to go on with this crooked perception.

"Okay baby ... you could still think that you're faithful cause this fucking is for nothing else but only for a sacred purpose..."

He caressed the lovely woman's face and cheeks by forcing her red lipsticked mouth onto her hard like a rock cock.

"Please think you really don't want to suck this cock dry ... I know you like to first how my cum tastes..."

"Okay then but you should now that If you make me feel like I'm cheating on my husband when you're fucking me I couldn't stand with your cock inside of me ... I need you to be gentle like my darling husband..."

she said though reluctant but willingly swallowed his giant cockhead and realized her mouth had never been so filled with cock in her life. She loved the feeling. But when she figured Tyler watching her how she liked his big cock between her lips she closed her eyes with an uncontrollable shame.

His shaft felt warm to the touch and she was getting off on just the thought of sucking this giant cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and ran them through her hair as she began to suck his cock.

"Lick it, I said you'll like it ... love my cock with your mouth ... took its mushroom head into the warmness of your mouth" he commanded,

"and imagine this should be added as your gift to the act we were prepared to play as its actors..."

She licked up and down the shaft and fondled his balls. When she put the head back in her mouth, he pushed on the back of her head, forcing a few inches of cock down her throat. She gagged a little and pulled back.

He said, "Open wide, you can take more."

The SURPRISE however WAS ABOUT TO COME FOR Tyler who was about to die to fuck his housewive prey. The young wife suddenly pushed Tyler's animalistic cock and whined confusedly,

"Sorry Tyler but I'm not sure If I would let you to fuck me beside my pussy..."

This kind of language was not her habit though she was seemingly embarrassed but the black man was sure she enjoyed his using her mouth like a pussy. Donna jumped from the bed like nothing happened before and began to call her husband loudly,

"James darling ... please come here I need to ask your help or permission..."

James came so fast that Tyler figured the poor husband was at the door while he was waiting his wife copulating with another man. When her husband entered inside Donna jumped quickly into the arms of her husband.

"Darling I'm afraid I should tell you what he was going to do with me ... please tell me If I should let him ... please baby I want nothing to do behind your back without your permission..."

The helpless husband first watched her wife was totally naked with another man in the same bedroom, their conjugal bedroom, and also saw the big hard cock of his wife's soon to be lover was rocking obscenely between his legs. He gulped involuntarily. Tyler sensed where the husband were looking at and he gulped too and murmured,

"Sorry James, but without it I could do nothing what you two were asking me to do..."

James was sweating uncontrollably but he glanced at his wife's face quizzicaly. Donna embraced her husband and murmured like she was trying to not hear the other man in the room.

"Darling before to give his seed generously he wanted to fuck my mouth ... we both know this is not especially shown in our deal so I wanted to know what's your opinion ... I mean If its right to pay such big fee for only having a baby..."

James looked at his wife with a deep sorrow in his eyes,

"I should know If you're up with this..."

It was clear that the young husband wouldn't want to be responsible. Donna was ashamed so she didn't want to confess she's so willing to have his big cock into her eager mouth.

"Do you mind If I'm positive, babe..."

She whispered very low. She knew she would hurt her husband with her every choice and took both his lover's and also her husband's hand together,

"I hope its better to have a break..."

Husband, wife and wife's one night lover headed to the rest room alltogether. Tyler and Donna got a towel around their bottoms though James was in his home clothing. Donna wasn't into the need to cover her tits and in every step her big and perky tits were swaying obscenely.

"Sorry Tyler but I should give some attention to my husband before we leave him alone again..."

When she sat on her husband's lap, the towel around her waist slipped down and her sexy body was full naked for both of her guys.

"Babe ... you can fuck me before him If this will help to relax you ... I feel much better If your cum mingled in my pussy with his potent seed..."

James kissed his wife unknowingly and saw the other man was stroking his animalistic cock unashamedly watching If they fuck in front of him. By smiling chekily, Donna grasped the other man's cock to thwart the guy from stroking himself.

"Please Tyler, don't play with your animal ... If you accidentally come we would lost a precious amount of your potent liquid ... both my husband and I know you shouldn't waste even a drop outside of my pussy ... for tonight my husband and I paid for every drop of your precious semen..."

James couldn't believe how his shy and innocent wife turned to a slut in a few hours dramatically. The poor husband was looking at her wife's hand how familiar in stroking the guy's animalistic cock while she was still on his lap. He gulped involuntarily by following his wife's jerking by the corner of his eyes. It was even unrealistic for helpless husband and he thought he dies by shame when he felt his cock swelling uncontrollably. This was the second time he helplessly enjoyed from seeing his naked wife playing with another man.

To hide his weakness to his wife's unexpected moves on the other guy, he whispered by embracing his wife's soft body tightly,

"Do you really want me to do baby..."

"Yesss ... I want you in my pussy ... let him watch us and see I'm so happy with your cute cock ... Even though he's an animal compared to you ... I want him only for having a baby but not I'm expecting he fucks me much better than you ... so, I want you to be acquainted with the fact that another guy would fuck your wife right in front of your eyes ... I want no useless jealousy, no fear but I only want a true sharing my body with this guy while his potent seed is making your wife pregnant ... you should thinks as what I say If you really love me ... I need your approval to fuck him as it should be..."

James was like he didn't hear his wife. So, he inquired like a deaf,

"But you still want to suck his big cock..."

This made the young woman startled,

"I said only you can show me the way ... James ... If I should suck his cock to make him hard before he fucks me..."

Both husband and wife were speechless about how they were easily mentioning about Donna's fucking with another man.

"No baby ... I saw in your eyes how you're lusting for sucking his cock ... I'm smart enough to see you're so considerate about not hurting me ... but you want his big cock in your mouth ... I'll love you anyway..."

It was quite strange in such a lustful position both wife and husband were getting sentimental with each other. Donna embraced her husband tenderly and whispered lovingly,

"I love you baby ... please know that WHAT I'm doing is only to start our own family ... let him watch us fucking..."

"I'm not sure Donna, If I can be hardened in front of another man..."

James hissed doubtfully. Donna kissed her husband and whispered calmly,

"If it helps I can let you watch my show first then you can fuck me ... I don't think your cock isn't ready I know the existence of another man to fuck your wife thrills you ... look at your cock ... its trembling with the idea og being another man in the same room with us..."

James saw his wife slipped from his arms and turned to the other man who's looking at husband and wife with a cock dangling stiffly between her hard muscled legs. Second time in a few minutes, his cock made James gulping obscenely. His bemused face made the other man smirked deviously and whined with his thick voice,

"Let me show you something about how we fuck with your lady..."

"Please don't let me see you penetrate inside my wife Tyler please ... I even don't know If I ever cope with you two make love..."

Donna's heart was melting when she heard her husband begging another man to not fuck his wife in front of his eyes.

"Oh nooo ... James baby ... I would do this only for helping your mind to be confident with me fucking Tyler ... I want you make yourself be happy with this fact ... it gives life to start of our family..."

In a second, James saw his wife was kissing unashamingly with another man while he's watching. Before her husband minds, Donna turned her head back and nodded her husband to approach, when James came almost affraidingly, the young woman extended her hand and pulled her husband into the same embrace with her soon to be fucker. She was sandwiched between her two admirers and locked her lips first on her husband's and after some french kissing she gave her mouth into other man's sucking lips. To touch his lips to his wife's swollen lips that was just kissed by another man was giving the helpless husband an inevitable hint to accept his wife's sharing with another guy. He knew he shouldn't show his acqaintenance with the idea of other guy's fucking his darling wife.

Everytime Donna kissed her husband just after she kissed the black man, James felt the other man's breath and moistness on his wife's lips.

"I know baby, If you give me your kiss after every kiss I accepted from our donor this would be helpful to have a healthy decision on this affair with sharing your wife's body with another man ... don't forget only this would give us a baby ... I love you so much that when I feel every drop of his powerful semen on my womb I will think it belongs to you not him ... so you should imagine when I feel his animalistic cock shaft was working inside my pussy your love in my heart will be grow..."

Her words were making the helpless husband's mind up for his wife's fucking with another man and their sight was inevitably lustful and fleshy that no one cares about they were committing a real filthy act showing that the husband was cuckolding by his up that night faithful wife. For what they were committing at that moment, there were no excuse of making it with only a wife's conception. What they were doing was pure, animalistic lust of sharing of a woman by two guys.

"Though I will make everything for my conception, no one can say that I wouldn't give my right arm to have both of you as my legal husbands ... not me but you should confess that you wouldn't love If you have me as your common wife ... otherwise I feel like a common whore ... who fucks both man at the same time..."

At the moment, James was not helpless but a naughty husband. He turned his wife's face and kissed the trembling woman while whispering unconsciously,

"I love you Donna ... and I will always love you ... I'm so proud you're my wife..."

Teardrops in her happily smiling eyes, Donna whispered

"I love you James ... and even more when I saw you how much you can be understanding for your wife's needs..."

"If both wife and also husbands were willing then I want to fuck you right now Donna ... I want your husband watchs us while my cock pistoning between your legs baby ... but both you should know that this will make you my woman..."

The other man muttered huskily and James felt the other man's cock between his wife's shaking legs. He humped the young woman's back and began to push his bottom onto Donna's plumb ass cheeks while groaning.

"Don't you really want me to make my body him's..."

Donna was asking her husband while she was kissing the confused man.

"If we add some spice to my conception I'm sure he will need to fuck me less than only official fuckings ... isn't it my love?"

Without answerin his wife, James had surrendered his wife's devious kisses.

"Darling, his cock is making me crazy between my buttocks ... he rubs just on my pussy lips without entering ... please tell him to fuck me while I'm in the arms of the man I love ... this will help me to think I'm still faithful to you as ever ... I want Tyler fucks me when I'm still in your arms ... this will make our marriage stronger than before..."

James thought his wife was going out of her head by pure lust but nothing else. She was lost in the embrace of her husband and her lover in the same time.

Heads of all three were so close on the same point and James sensed the warm breath of another man on his face.

"Oh ... oh ... fuck me Tyler ... fuck me while my husband loves me in his arms ... I need your cock and cum inside of my married pussy..."

They both listening to the young woman's joy of getting fucked by them two at the same time. The black man then watched the husband with a cruel gleam in his eyes,

"Are you sure you want me to fuck your wife's married pussy dude..."

James averted his eyes from wry looks of his wife's lover. He had no courage enough to look at him straightforwardly in the eye.

Without husband's response, Tyler pulled the woman into his lap and sat on the nearby couch. Surprised husband was looking at his wife on the other man's lap with her eyes semi closed by sheer lust. When he look at more carefully, he saw enormous cock shaft with big mushroom cock-head of black guy was bloating between his wife's pure white thighs and rubs between her swollened pussy lips of the woman. In every touch of cock on her cunt slit, the young woman's body was shaking like a woman possessed.

"Keep that cock and fuck it inside your wife's pussy ... this is the last chance I have for both of you to make your wife pregnant ... I wouldn't mind If you don't want ... though..."

Like he fainted, James couldn't respond his wife's lover.

"Okay dude, If you don't want me to fuck your wife we can give up from conception stuff..."

Tyler muttered, James figured that the guy wasn't kidding but serious in his argument. He heard wife's desperately trembling voice

"C'mon James, please tell him you too want him to fuck me please baby ... I ... I need conception James ... you know you are not the man enough to make your wife fucked and impregnated ... so please let this powerful man fucks your wife and makes her pregnant for your profit ... please darling ... I love you so much..."

When he meanly figured that the poor husband's resistance was about to tumble, Tyler interferred between them with great self-confidence,

"But you two should know If I fucked your wife this wouldn't be the last till your wife belongs to me ... don't you ever think that ... buddy ... how do you feel when I make your wife my woman..."

At last, the black guy had hit very deep in young husband's mind. His biggest fear was now facing him helplessly and in front of his eyes his loving wife was about to cum even without the black guy's cock intrudes in her pussy aching cock.

"Please Tyler ... I'm begging you to leave all those concerns to another time ... please put your cock-head inside of me If you wouldn't fuck me to tease my husband..."

She began to finger her gaping pussy with a faraway look in her eyes. James saw his wife was unbrazenlly masturbating while other man's cock trembling obscenely near her pussy lips.

"OOhhhhh ... please let me cum before I go crazy ... James it's not fair ... you goofy guy ... how can you think I wouldn't enjoy this beautiful cock ... you shouldn't think that way ... please tell him what he asked you to tell ... please baby ... be a man and let your wife fucks him ... you know we should let him as he wants..."

In her desperate need of cumming with or without a cock in her pussy, she began to masturbate openly while she was still obscenely convulsing on black guy's lap. She was in fact so helpless in blocking Tyler to not confuse her husband's mind more. Even in her lust entangled mind, she knew her poor husband would settle for his wife's fucking by a lover with or without the responsability of conception. Both husband ans also wife were in the knowing that this fucking was not at all only on purpose.

"Didn't you confess for a while before that you're dreaming to have both of us as your two loving husbands..."

Tyler hissed and smirked onto the flushing face of sexy wife.

"Yessss, lover ... I tried to say If you should fuck me for conception but not behind my husband's back then I would be willing to have both of you as my legal husbands to live alltogether ... at least for a while ... I think only this way you can fuck me anytime or anywhere you want but without hurting my husband ... I only wished to make both of my men happy ... I already said I can't let you to humiliate my darling husband ... because I love him with all my being ... he was my most intimate friend in sharing our filthy obsessions..."

She breathed and watched her two man's faces like an innocent baby child.

"Please Tyler respect my worries about being faithful to my husband ... in case of hurting him I wouldn't be in the play ... and you should know all my efforts for not losing the picture in my husband's mind that his wife is totally faithful even If she fucks continously another man in the same house ... this is simply what I want to make all of us happy and consent with each other's existence ... If you say that I will be your woman in that meaning then I would love to tell you a big yesss ... I will be your woman too If you mean you can fuck me whenever you want me ... and with the consent of my hubby ... isn't this correct..."

Both Tyler and James were looking at the woman astonishingly and thought how she's smart while forcing her husband to imagine she was still faithful while she was getting fucked by another man in front of his eyes. Though he was dizzy by his wife's warped picture of having two husbands at the same time, it was too hard to deny If they should give a chance to his wife's proposal. The husband was helpless to deny how he was fainted with the knowing that his wife embraced him while the other guy was rubbing his animalistic cock between her thighs. The young husband trembled with the fear that grabs his heart If he would let them fuck each other outside their sacred task of making his wife impregnated. It was just the time James fearfully sensed that all three of them in this debauched picture was oozing in his mind unconsciously. The poor husband was in the knowing however that once he accepts the pleasure of sharing his wife with this devious man without aiming his wife's conception he would lost his wife to another man. An unbearable lust for letting them fuck each other without guilt and the danger of losing his wife who was innocent and faithful up to that moment ... this was beginning to desolate young husband.

The wild shrieks of his wife made him recovered, he apprehensively watched his wife was cumming with her eyes closed and her beautiful face contorted with pure lust. He forced to see If black inserted his cock inside of his wife's cunt. The helpless husband relaxed when he saw Donna was leaking cum when his black lover were only rubbing his cock shaft between swollen pussy lips of the wildly cumming woman.

James easily saw how his wife was creaming and making the guy's cock wet and soaked with her cum. Tyler smiled mockingly at the face of poor husband,

"Sorry dude, I don't mean to hurt you but you see how your wife couldn't take her promise of not enjoying my cock ... I don't think she creamed like a slut when you fucked her before..."

He was totally right, thought young husband.

"Shut up Ty..." Donna shrieked very loud,

"Yes ... I'm cumming and creaming ... and only your cock makes me cum like a slut ... you should know however I took my promise ... your darling cock was not inside of me..."

She then laughed madly while she was still cumming. James saw she was sexily oozing her saliva by the corner of her mouth. James had never saw his wife was so delicately pleasuring the sexual bliss she accepted from a stranger. It was first but clearly wouldn't be the last, the helpless husband worried involuntarily.

His wife's obscene convulsions seemed to be endless some time. The black guy was showing no intentions to release her body from his lap,

"Please Donna, give me a head ... I would die If I wouldn't cum baby..."

Donna's head was still foggy though she was willing to help the guy with the cock she loves with all her being. She hesitantly glared at her hubby, her lips were wiggling like she was begging the dubious husband. James closed his eyes vaguely but his instability was an approval for his cock crazed wife. She then recklessly grasped the shaft with her two hands and squeezed to make its mushroom shaped head swelling to burst. She watched the cock head like she was infatuated and eagerly glued her swollen red lispticked lips around the head of the cock.

The sight was unbearable for the confused husband.

"C'mon dude ... I know you're dying to whack off ... so why don't you let it flows..."

Tyler whined sarcastically while Donna both sucking his black cock like a thirsty bitch and also prying her husband If he was daring to masturbate onto the sight of his wife was sucking another man's cock like a baby sucking mommy's breasts.

Donna fished out the guy's cock from her salivating mouth an instant, while squeezing its bulging shaft in her small hand she knodded her husband to approach them. James reluctantly scuttled and halfheartedly took his wife's extended hand. By deviously smiling, Donna found her husband's zipper and pulled his cute cock out.

James sobbed like fool, he couldn't control his wife's jerking his cock off. A devilish urge was forcing helpless husband to succumb his body and also his mind to the deep pleasure his wife was giving him. He knew well that If he let her now then his control on his wife would totally lost. All her efforts to resist were about to lost when he felt he's about to come so he retreated. Without departing that much, Donna assaulted his cute blood surging cock, its tip was wet with his oozing precum. She looked at cocks she grasped one in her two hands. She was insane with two cocks in her married hands.

Every instant he watched two cocks in her two hands together, she felt first time happy that much for the first time in her life. She knew in her heart to live away from her two husbands was inevitable for her and it wasn't like she was cheating on her marriage because she felt how much she loves to feel herself belong to both of the guys in together.

"Sorry my only love..." she whispered to her husband,

"You know I felt myself all belong to you for all our life but I must confess I'm in love with these two cocks ... If you love me too then you should give a hand to fuck both of your cocks ... please think If I have two husbands then no one can accuses I'm a cheating wife ... I will always be faithful to you two ... I feel like the most faithful wife on earth..."

"But honey ... you always said you only love me..."

Her husband was totally confused in his lust crazed mind.

"Darling, I of course love you and only you ... what I wanna tell is about eating both of your cock without concern and in every moment of the day ... its about fucking ... your love will always be in my heart only..."

and she gazed at her husband's messy face,

"If you try to acquainted with the idea of fucking your wife jointly with another man this would be best for our marriage ... so I'll feel totally faithful to my marriage ... as it should be in my conception like a loyal wife..."

"I loved you Donna and I had believe in you will sleep with this man only for your conception ... but what I see now telling me you betray in everything we create together..."

"Darling please try to comprehend ... I want both of you as my husbands ... this is not weird baby ... then both of you will fuck me regardless time or place ... I will be the faithful wife for both of you..."

She licked both cocks in her hands and took them together in front of her face. James felt her wife's lover's cock tip brushing his cock. He didn't stop from thrilling unconsciously. This made Tyler smiled,

"You see dude, you have no way other than to share your wife with me...

This alarmed the young wife so she decisively turned to other man who waits for her in the same room and followed him for a while while he was stroking his big cock. James astonishingly saw that his wife didn't mind If her husband was in the same room.

"Don't you want me to lick your animal..."

James whined while prompting his cock into Donna. This time she obeyed and as she opened wide he pushed more of his cock down her throat. Tyler let her take control again and she tried to take as much as she could. She gagged and moaned on his cock. She found herself more turned on than she'd ever been with her husband.

"If your husband don't mind to see how his wife is a great slut than why I should mind at all..."

James groaned and he grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth with his massive cock. Phlegm began to run down her chin and in between her tits.

"That's right, get my cock all wet. Let that spit fall. You're a dirty slut, aren't you?"

He took his cock out of her mouth and smacked her on her cheeks with it, then shoved it back in, fucking her face some more. He pulled her off his cock and up by the hair. He turned her around so she was facing the bed and pushed her head down so she was bending over with her ass in the air. Spreading her legs apart as he knelt on the floor, he rubbed her pussy and slowly stuck his index finger inside. She was already wet. He began to eat her pussy, driving her wild with fingers, tongue and lips.

"Oh God, I'm cumming, oh my god, fuck youuu! Youuuu're making me come, you bastard! You broke my promise of not getting pleasure from your fucking ... but I can't stop coming ... James I'm sooo sorry baby ... this bastard makes me come like a slut ... sooooo sorryyy..."

The young wife was shrieking madly. Against all her efforts she coudn't stop cumming by licking the stranger cock for a few seconds.

"Cum for me, you little slut. Does your husband do this for you?"

"Fuuuuck! Noooo! Its all different with your cock..."

After a couple of minutes, he got up and pushed her down on the bed. He flipped her over. Spreading her legs, he rubbed his cock along her pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet. Smacking her pussy with his massive cock, he asked her,

"You wanna get fucked, you horny bitch?"

James looked at the other man as demeaning. All against her lustful guilt, Donna turned and looked at her husband beggingly and shouted like a slut.

"Yes, fuck me with your huge cock but put a baby inside me."

"You asked for it."

Standing at the edge of the bed, he forced his big mushroom head into her pussy, stretching her slit.

"Oh shit, your tight ... James, your wife's pussy is so tight ... I know you couldn't strectched after years of fucking her..."

The young wife felt like all the air had been taken out of her. Her stomach tightened and she looked down at the long, curved shaft sticking out of her.

"Oh, fuck Tyler ... your cock's so fucking big, fuck me and please don't quarrel with my husband..."

she said as her head shook back and forth. He slid a couple inches more in and she knew this was a totally new sensation. Getting fucked by this big cock of Tyler was a very different sensation than making love with her husband's tiny prick. He pulled out and smacked her pussy a couple of times with the head of his angry weapon, her pussy juice made a splashing sound.

"OOOOOOH, fuck, shit, fuck, fuck. Ooohhhh ... Tyler please fuck me ... I want your cock inside my gaping hole..."

While begging the other man, she apprehensively starred at her husband and hissed between her theets,

"Sorry James ... but I need so bad to have him inside my pussy ... I love you more baby..."

The deal was over now and a new one had begun. His innocent wife wasn't try to hide how she enjoys the oyher man's fucking her pussy.

He went back in and pulled out a few more times, every time he put his cock in her pussy it felt like she was being split in two, but in a good way somehow. She was dizzy from the pleasure. He went a little deeper and began to see in and out of her with about half his thick tool. Her pussy began to ooze thick, white cum onto his cock. She looked down and saw the white substance and asked,

"Did you cum already?"

squeaking with disappointment and surprise.

"No baby, that's all your juice. What? You've never seen that before?"

"No," she said, apprehensive so Tyler laughed,

"James must not have hit your g-spot, dick must not be long enough. Damn your pussy is tight. It's like you've never been fucked before."

"I've ... Oh my God ... Never been fucked like this."

First time after the big cock of the other man stretched her pussy she gazed at her husband sheepishly. The lust was sheer in her glazed eyes, she mouthed a big "SORRY" to her voyeur husband. She extended her hand like she wanted to take her husband close and she sheepingly mouthed,

"I love you James ... so muchhhh..."

James saw even when she was trying to tell her love her mouth was straining by other man's thrusts in her gaping pussy. Every push the other man gives shakes to her bodyunashamingly accepting the guy's cock between her pure white legs. Her whole body was shaking impudently though her husband was helpless to nothing but watching her every move under her fucker's attacks on her surrendered body.

"Your husband's dick must be tiny."

He gave her a hard thrust and the helpless woman whined involuntarily

"Yeah baby ... he's cock is so cute..."

He lifted her up by the hips with his muscular arms and placed her so her head was on the pillows at the other end of the couch. He crawled onto her loose body and lifted her legs and put them on his shoulders. He started plowing into her, giving her as much as she could take. His cock was so thick that it was rubbing against her clitoris every time, between that and his deep penetration she felt like she was about to explode. She began to scream wildly,

"Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh, fuck, I'm gonna cuuuuuum!!!!! AAhhh ... James my love ... I couldn't stop to cum but his cock's making me cum inevitably ... Ooohhh James I love you soooooo much ... I'm thanking you for letting me fuck his big cock..."

She felt it start, deeper in her body than she had ever felt before, Tyler flipped her over and slammed his dick into her soaked pussy.

"I wanna see you from behind."

Her fat ass rippled and bounced every time he pounded into her. He looked at her tattoo of the heart with James's name in it and asked,

"Whose fucking pussy is this?"

"Uh, uh, un, it's your fucking pussy."

"It says James on your back."

He stopped fucking her, pulling his cock from her dripping, stretched pussy.

"Fuck, just please fuck me, you know it's yours."

"Your little snatch belongs to me for the next month. You're my slut from here on out."

He re-entered her tight pussy.

"Fuck, your pussy is gripping the fuck out of my cock."

"It loves feeling you. You're fucking me good that nobody else do it to my pussy..."

The man who pounding her married cunt smiled sarcastically,

"Then please tell me I'm fucking you much better than your cuck husband..."

The helpless woman were already regretting for the great pleasure that this young man gives to her cock craving body and when she heard he continues to humiliate her dedicated husband her face turned to red and she gurgled

"Please Tyler ... don't try to humiliate the man I love while you're fucking his wife by the aid of his goodwill ... I'm asking you should respect my husband even though you fuck his wife..."

Tyler pushed his cock so that its cockhead hit the cervix of the poor wife, he tried to kiss anyway,

"You know in fact you couldn't let me to fuck you anyway in the absence in this silly insemination play ... you should honestly confess though..."

His eyes were locked on his married partner's reluctant eyes.

"Please fuck me Tyler ... I need your powerful seed on my womb ... please..."

Tyler kept pounding her. He felt close to cumming. He pulled out and said,

"Turn around I want you to suck my cock again before I cum in your pussy."

Donna tried to glance at her husband helplessly. She wanted him to believe what she was doing or telling was just for her husband's profit. But she saw unhappily her husband was not there. She thought If he heard what she was telling before about how husband's cock was cute. He hadn't stand with watching his wife getting fucked unashamingly by another man and quit the room.

The young woman then spun around ready to suck his huge log. She didn't mind anything with that uncontrolled lust to getting fucked by animalistic cock of her one night lover. She was scaring to betray her husband in the romantic aside of this shamefull affair. If the other man was insisting a lot more, she could have been said she loves him.

He stood up on the bed covering his enlarged cock hole with his thumb. He stood over her and aimed his cock straight at her face. When he uncovered his hole, he unleashed a torrent of hot cum, hitting her in the face, the forehead, her hair, her chin, some even going over her and hitting the bed and the banister. Ropes of his scorching cum spurted from his angry red cock, slamming into her over and over for about ten seconds. Finally it subsided, dribbling out onto her big tits. Donna was stunned he didn't cum in her pussy and by how much he came on her face and by how she wasn't angry.

"Oh fuck, I'm sorry Donna, I didn't think I was ready to cum yet. I guess your pussy was just too good."

She reached up her hand to wipe off her face and he caught her wrist.

"Wait," he said, "We've got to keep that there. I messed up, I've got to explain it to James and we need the evidence. I told him I'd tell him if anything went wrong. Don't worry though, there's plenty more where that came from."

"Okay, I guess it's alright. Are you sure, though? James usually can't cum more than once a day,"

she said cum dripping down her face, her entire body.

"I'll fill you up by the end of this night, I promise. I'm built a little different than little hubby. Both of you are going to be totally satisfied."

He took her by the hand and led her out of the restroom.

James was getting worried. He was so unhappy to quit the bedroom just before another man entered his wife's pussy. He could have been cope with his wife and her lover fuck but now he was concerning. They'd been in the restroom for nearly an hour and he'd heard some yells and knocks. After about thirty minutes he'd gotten up and walked to the door, he heard assorted moans, grunts, and yelps. He knocked on the door but they must not have heard him. He went back downstairs after a couple of minutes.

Finally the door opened and a buck naked Tyler led his wife out of the bedroom by the hand. She was completely naked too. James got excited when he saw his wife's red polished toe nails while she was stepping hand in hand with another man out from his conjugal bedroom.

He could see them from downstairs. She was walking wobbly. They walked down the stairs and the first thing he noticed about Tyler was his penis was hanging obscenely low and was insanely large, like a porno star. His wife's entire body was flushed red and glistening with sweat. Her face appeared glazed with some sort of thick, white substance. As they came closer he noticed his wife's pussy appeared very red and her pussy lips was so swollened by the wild entrance of the man's animalistic cock.

James asked, concerned,

"Donna, what's wrong? You're not walking straight."

Before she answered Tyler yelled with a smirk,

"hey boy ... don't forget she isn't used to getting fucked by a big one like my cock..."

The young woman thought it was the most shameful situation for all of her life.

"Honey, I'm sorry, we had a little problem."

"Oh no. What happened?"

"Nothing big," she sort of smirked. "He just accidentally came on my face instead of in my pussy."

She came closer to show him. James could see cum dripping down her face, from her hair, all over her tits.

"What the hell?"

"Oh, don't worry man. I've got plenty more. Just a false start. I'm gonna fill her up for you for the next time, little James," he smirked.

"That wasn't the deal. You're just supposed to get her pregnant. This isn't for fun, buddy."

"Of course not, cute guy. Nobody's having fun here. I just busted my nut early and made a little mess on your wife's face. Mistakes happen. My bad."

"This is crazy. This is wrong. No more deal."

"We have a deal James. And I know you want a kid. It's a solid deal and we should see it through to completion. What do you think, Donna?"

"James," Donna said, concerned, "There's no sense pulling out now," she giggled a little. "What's done is done. We should see this thing through."

"Okay," James acquiesced, "but no more screw ups."

"Alright," Tyler said, "Donna, why don't you give hubby a kiss?"

Before James knew what was happening, Donna kissed him passionately with her cum soaked face. She got sticky semen on his face and his lips and he may have even swallowed some. He saw Tyler laughing. James was mortified and could not speak, he was so humiliated.

"I love you James, I know you give your permission to fuck him again ... he fucks me so well and its so unfortunate I couldn't stop cumiing just after he rimmed his animal cock inside of my married pussy ... this is thrilling darling ... to have your trust while fucking another man...

The poor husband kissed his wife's face messy with another man's pure white cum.

"I love you too Donna and I never want to lose you..."

She gazed at her husband's face with great affection and touched his concerning face to make him sure of he would lose nothing.

"No baby, you would lose me never ... but I'm asking If you are with me in accepting Tyler as my second husband..."

"C'mon Donna, I think nobusband could be wild that much..."

James hissed in answering his wife's crazy request.

"Come on, Donna. My animal is starting to grow."

Their speech interrupted by black man. He grabbed his semi hard cock to show her his aroused state and Donna quickly went to the stairs. Tyler smacked her on the butt as he followed and she giggled and scooted a little faster. They both disappeared into the bedroom and the door slammed behind them.

James's sorrows were returning back again. He though he would be at ease even If he watch his wife's fucking another man.

"I think that went well, though he seems he would be happy when I'm fucking his wife. I bet your husband is willing to have you fucked by another guy with big cock like me..."

Tyler said when they re-entered the bedroom. Donna looked back astonishingly to her lover,

"I don't think so, Tyler," she whimpered

"He can not be perverted that much ... he loves me and don't want to share me with another guy ... I know he gives his permission to you only for fucking me with the hope that you would help us kindly to have a baby ... otherwise I never guess you can fuck me while he was at the gate of the room peeping we fucked up..."

"Let's see sweety, I'm afraid he couldn't stand after a while without wanking while watching his wife's insemination by another man with the big cock like mine..."

he said vehemently and

"You can go now, to clean off your face."

While walking to bathroom, the young wife's mind was confused about herself and her husband. She was now worrying the act of insemination by another guy would have been transformed her from innocent wifey to a wanton slut. Her only concern however the risk to ruin her happy marriage with the cost of having a big cock. She was sure she loves her husband but fucking another man was another aspect of her confused mind, especially from the moment she had first tasted Tyler's great cock darts between her pussy lips...

The young woman awfully thought in spite of all of her effort she couldn't stop from having an immense pleasure of fucking Tyler's beautiful cock. Beside her role as a faithful wife of a man, to feel herself like a slut craving other men's tool inside of her aching pussy was better than best.

With all these hurting thoughts in her whirling mind, Donna went into the bathroom and began cleaning her face in front of the sink. Tyler came in behind her and smacked her ass again. She stood up startled and he put his cock to her ass. He pushed her down, and they looked at each other in the bathroom mirror. They locked eyes as he ran his cock up and down her slit. He pushed into her, which, despite their earlier efforts, was still a struggle. Her pussy was staying tight. While his cock working inside her pussy like a big machine the young woman thought If this affair affected her far beyond than she was expected. She felt hearty to the guy who fucks her first time in her married life beside her devoted husband.

"Is it better than her husband sweety ... please imagine what can you do without me fucking you ... could this be for only to make you pregnant with another man's seed on your awaiting womb..."

"Un ... Oh fuck Tyler,"

the helpless woman began to moan,

"We're supposed to do this for only you would make me pregnant ... please don't do that to our married life ... I have never said that I'm willing to loose my husband and If you forced me with your cock to hurt my little hubby I'm afraid he breaks our marriage, I don't think he could handle If he knows I cheat on him behind his back ... no way ... please Tyler ... you are so man enough to find a woman easily ... please don't try to seduce me fucking me outside this official appointment ... please Tyler ... I love my husband and I will love him even If you fuck me on regular basis..."

She was like pleading though her responses were willingly to each thrust her new lover gives her pussy lips from her back.

He pulled her arms behind her back and held her little wrists together in his large hand while pumping in and out of her tiny pussy. He was getting deeper, pushing her cervix back. She admired his body in the mirror as he thrust back and forth, giving her more physical pleasure with every push than her husband had given her in their entire marriage. He pulled her up and turned her around, lifting her ass onto the countertop. They stared into each other's eyes as they slowly fucked.

"You're the most beautiful woman that I had, when i was inside of your pussy I feel like I could easily fall in love with you ... you are an amazing slut who deserves much more attention and you know your cuck husband have no chance to give you the fucking you deserve ... you know you need more than only a simple impregnation ... a sex goddess like you should stay with a cock in her pussy all days and nights ... I see no other way out for you..."

Without breaking their intimate eye contact, the young woman could only whispered,

"For now, I will give you my body anytime you want but for only by the excuse of you should be put a baby in my womb ... I couldn't hurt my husband ... I love him so much ... I should make myself believe we're making this sinful copulation for only you're making me pregnant ... please ... I beg you to not ruin my marriage with this husband of me ... I want to fuck you irresponsibly but I'm begging you to not tell a thing to him ... he should know we're fucking to put a baby in my womb ... otherwise he may be jealoused as to break our marriage ... please Ty ... I'll give you my body and I let you to do whatever you want when he isn't around here ... but in the presence of my hubby you should only be my official donor ... not much..."

While she was whimpering, the black lover and married woman weren't quit the sexy embrace of their eyes and this had made the woman utterly excited. She knew well that she had no chance with her cute husband except to convince him to allow her to fuck Tyler on a regular basis.

"Tyler baby..." she moaned,

"I don't think my husband can live with the fact that his wife gets two husbands at the same period ... he wasn't confident to compete with your cock and he already couldn't do this ... you're so strong than my cute husband in fucking me ... If we'll have the chance to have your cock behind my husband's back this should be totally unknown to him ... of course I may give you this chance for only once ... please don't forget I'll always love my husband even you will be the best in fucking my aching pussy ... I mean our fucking would be a cruel cheating when we do it behind his back ... though I promise you could fuck me anytime with the excuse of doing it on purpose..."

After a couple of minutes he lifted her up. She grabbed the back of his neck and he put her feet on his shoulders and fucked her hard, bouncing her ass up and down on his crotch. Her white cream was pouring out of her pussy and onto his legs. She couldn't believe how good this position felt, he was hitting spots she couldn't have previously imagined. She marveled at how strong he was, how good his muscles felt up against her body. He lifted her and brought her back to the bed, laying her on her back. They fucked slowly for what seemed like hours. Donna couldn't get her eyes off from his lover's seducing looks while Tyler was whimpering,

"One time you'll say that you love me more than your cute husband..."

Donna was so helpless that she can only moan,

"Oooohhhh ... Tyler ... I'm begging you to just fuck me ... I promise nothing beyond this ... but If you pleased I should confess you are a thousand times great fucker than my cute husband ... after your cock fucked my pussy I should tell he never got me fucked with his cute cock ... I know well now that he was my husband, the man I loved but you are my man since the first moment I got your cock between my legs..."

Donna was involuntarily dreaming If Tyler's fucking lasts forever without concerning about inception ... a forbidden emotion of having this guy's big cock for ever and ever was beginning to grow in her totally confused mind. She felt totally helpless in saving her marriage without letting him fucks her regularly in every night of a week. She was cumming while her pussy creaming continually. The young wife didn't know If her pussy was leaking cream when her lovely husband was fucking her before Tyler.

She woke up from her fucking dream when she heard her lover groaning.

"Fuck, baby, I think I'm ready to give you my sperm."

This saved the young wife from thinking much about her slavery to his big cock.

"Please, give me a baby. Shoot your hot cum. But please keep yourself for a while ... I'm so fucking enjoy to feel your cock hits my womb and your look hits my eyes like you are my lover ... Ohhh Tyler you've made me confused ... I ... I..."

Even in that moment of bliss the black man's eyes opened wide with a big hope. He thought his fuck slave now was ready to confess that she loves him but not her impotent hubby. He stopped fucking her and locked his eyes onto helpless woman who's eyes glazed with pure lust on a fixed point.

"Tell me please Donna, that you love me and you will be mine outside this funny play to impregnating you with my seed ... I don't want to be your donor but I want to be your lover who fucks you regularly with or without your husband's permission."

The young woman helplessly groaned to answer the guy

"Oh nooo ... Tyler ... I can't promise anything but I do try to convince my husband to give my body to you on a regular basis ... at least as well as we hide from my cucky husband that you don't inseminate my pussy yet so you can have me anytime you want ... but you shouldn't forget that I love my husband and I'm not willing to take a chance to cheat on him..."

Tyler heard the woman who's fucking on loan wasn't so keen to be his fuck toy he gave up to force her and began to grunt

"Fuck yeah, aragh, ah, aragh. You fucking slut, take this cum."

As his warm cum filled her pussy, Donna knew she'd never been more satisfied by anything in her life. She couldn't believe what she'd been missing. She knew happiness for her was only to be a fuck toy for this powerful black man. But the problem was her love to her freshly cuckolded husband. The young woman wondered the best was to have her husband in her heart and to fuck this virile man regularly in more than seven times in a week. With the feeling of guilt of betraying her loving husband in her heart, she almost querid herself If she was regretting to let, beside her darling husband, another man fucks her whatever the reason was at the start.

In a sudden impact, her eyes gleamed witha devilish grin and looked at her fuck lover tenderly. Tyler puzzled at such hearty look from his married bitch and opened his eyes quizzically.

"Okay Tyler, I must confess I succumbed on your cock against all my will to not cheat on my loving husband ... so..."

she paused like she was thinking deep,

"I would like If we preoccupy him to think I did everything with you but without taking pleasure ... of course he don't need to know I was cheating on him like a bitch in heat ... will you help me dear..."

"Dear" was the first term of endearments Tyler heard from his married fuck toy, at least he was believing she would be so.

"Please tell me Donna, I would do everything to make you my real lover ... my woman ... I want to own your body ... a real possession not only of your body but also your soul..."

Donna smiled knowingly and whispered without letting Tyler hears.

"Please Ty, I want you to fuck me before heading out of this fucking room to show to my husband how I'm willing to realize our duty..."

For the other man, it was quite amusing to hear she was calling his nick name Ty so he felt he was so ready to do what Donna would tell.

"I will call him back here and we let him watch us fucking but without me enjoying your cock so the man I loved would be greatly confident in believing his wife was totally faithful to her promise that she will never get pleasure but fucking only for her sacred insemination goal ... please Ty ... fuck me and cum inside of me right in front of my husband's very eyes ... If you have still some cum you saved for me in your balls..."

She was looking at the other man like a freshly fucked woman in her honeymoon.

"If you help me then I will let you to have me to cheat on my husband with you but for only once..."

It was striking even for the great vicious like her black fucker Tyler.

"You say, you'll fuck me behind your husband back and you will tell me that you love not only your cuck husband ... but me..."

He was still the same Donna thought but it wasn't the moment to refuse him back so she nodded her head unintelligible.

"I'm okay then, I reserved so much cum to fill your cheating womb..."

This was enough for the woman who's heart full of concern to not hurt her husband. She was so happy both for making her husband confident about she fucks another man

but only on purpose and also for having Tyler one more time in her cock craving pussy. Tyler was also happy to show James how he's fucking his wife far more better than her husband. He unconsciously wished to convince the husband in knowing that to have Tyler as his wife's regular lover was the best for her family life. Tyler had a sincere belief that James was helpless in chosing an other way to keep beautiful Donna as his wife forever If he's not totally willing to consent Tyler fucks his wife every night in a week as her regular lover who lives in the same house. The black man had the filthy thoughts about living all three of them together in the same house legally to all their family and friends.

"If a guy is a real cuckold then why he doesn't let all the peoples of his family or friends know his wife has a regular lover who lives in the same house with the husband and wife..."

He thought while smiling unmercifully.

In total agrrement to fuck each other again in front of distressed husband, they rushed to undress bare naked. Only her thong panties are on, Donna extended her two arms to have her fucker between her arms. After several times she got fucked his big black cock, she was still willing to have his cock one more time like she never fucked him up. When Tyler figured how the young woman was craving to fuck him again, he glimpsed devilishly and muttered,

"You still leaking cum while waiting my cock in your married pussy, I doubt If your husband believes you would do this only on purpose..."

Her apparent fondness into black man's cock, ashamed the young woman and turned her glazed looks away from her fucker.

"Ty..." she averted her eyes from intense looking of her fucker,

"I couldn't dare to say you didn't infatuate my mind by fucking me in this way ... but I'm still sure I'm in love with my husband and I always will even in case of he gives you a chance to fuck me regularly every night in a week..."

This was just before Tyler shouted the husband to rush to come. It was the moment helpless husband's concern was in its prime and after only a little while they saw him at the bedside momentarily. He was so happy to saw them at the end of many moments of concerning about how his wife loosely accepting another man with a raging cock between her pure white legs.

Donna gave to poor husband a mocking smile like she wasn't enjoying what Tyler is ready to do and tried to take her husband's hand in her's.

"Please come to me baby ... to make us sure he will give his seed to make us a baby to grow in my pussy Tyler wished to let you watch him fucking me. I want you to make sure your wife is doing this act of shame for only on purpose ... I swear that I wouldn't get pleasure from his fucking ... I want to show you how I love you and I need your support to fuck this stallion's enormous cock..."

All her words were providing too much thrill on her warped mind and her body began to shake wildly in every passing moment. The poor husband helplessly give his hand to his wife's grip. Though she had told that she'll never enjoy, her eyes had begun to frozen with the tremendous lust that gripped her loose body.

James figured from obscene shakings of his wife's body that the other man was in between her pussy lips. The perky breasts of her well used body swaying and with her legs on air the young woman body was ondulating under the raw attacks of her lover. James worried that it was his name after that night, he was his wife's lover and James was their witness in fucking.

"You tell me you fuck him for only on purpose..."

The helpless husband whined bitterly.

"Right my only love ... I wished you saw how much I was in love with you ... ooohhh ... please Ty ... please fuck me..."

Her hand was still grabbing her husband's tightly and she was moaning and begging the other man to fuck her better.

It was confusing for the poor husband when he watches how his wife was craving under his lover's thrusts while she was repeatedly shrieking her love for her husband.

"Please baby ... please touch my pussy while he was inserting his cock between my pussy lips..."

Donna kept her press on her husband's hand and forced him in between her legs surrounding the black man's narrow waist fiercefully. James startled with the fear of touching the other man's cock accidentally while he was touching his wife's well fucked pussy. He surrounded his fingers around her wife's pussy like a big 'o' and surprised how his wife's pussy was oiled with their juices.

"Don't worry dude," Tyler whined,

"I don't mind If you touch my cock ... you can enjoy for yourself like your slut wife..."

James tried to get back his hand but with a strange urge he couldn't while the black man pulled his cock out from his wife's and touched James's hand.

"Ooohhh ... please darling give it to me back in my pussy ... please..."

It was the moment of truth he involuntarily grasped the big cock rocking between his wife's pussy lips unashamedly.

"OOooohhh ... baby I love you so much ... please fuck it inside my pussy and make me his woman ... so, I will faithfully fuck another man ... with your help..."

Poor husband of Donna, squeezed the animalistic male organ inside of male hands and he fearfully saw its mushroom head was growing enormously. With this unexpected attack, the other man kept silent but with only loud gruntings. He was panting like a wild animal.

"Please James, let him fuck your wife ... I will be impregnated by my two husbands ... oooo ... this is really beautiful ... isn't it my love ... I love you so much baby..."

James figured that his wife's obsession was to convince her husband she was still faithful to him while she was in the fucking with another man but with her husband's help. The young husband was so in love with his wife and also was so helpless in losing his wife to another man, he thought even If this corrupted way of thinking about his wife's insemination could give a hint for their demolished marriage.

The young husband unconsciously began to rub the big mushoom head of his wife's lover's cock between engorged pussy lips of the woman. In every move, Donna began to convulse to have the cock head in her aching pussy. Then poor husband figured that he was about to get mad with the pleasure of watching his wife getting fucked by his black lover. All the worries for conception of his wife were far away now.

In a moment, the helpless husband allowed to enter the cock head inside her wife's pussy but he blocked the full intrusion by squeezing the big cock tightly between his fingers. He felt his wife grasping his fist and whined,

"Please James, let him enter inside of me ... sooooooo deeeepppp ... baby ... his cock invades the places in my pussy you can never get in ... so please let his cock spurts his fertile semen on my womb ... isn't this what we both planned..."

The young husband was sweating wildly to decide between the fear of losing his wife and satisfying the raw urge to poke his mind in letting his wife fucks the animalistic cock till it spurts.

"I love you Donna..." he whined helplessly like a young boy,

"I'm afraid I would lose you at the end of this affair ... I'm not sure If all these only helps us to have a baby..."

Tyler tried to not laugh loud in front of the poor husband's simple-mindedness.

"C'mon James..." he chuckled kiddingly,

"I want to help you ... that's all ... there's no one who wants to steal your wife ... please win over your male ego and share your wife with me..."

What was surprising the young husband was getting acquainted with the big cock he grasped strongly in his hand, he didn't mind anymore that it's somewhat gay.

"C'mon dude..." the black guy shouted,

"You'll make me blow If you stroke my cock more ... please be cool..."

James didn't intend to release another man's cock and stared at her wife like a fool. The young wife felt her heart was melting toward her husband's helplesness and she touched his face with a gaze that reflects how she loves him and how deep is her affection to her husband.

"Darling ... I'll never leave you for the sake of another man ... its impossible though I only ask your willingly help me to fuck him regularly and any moment his beautiful cock is ready ... that's the reason why you should share my body like he was my husband too ... my heart will always belong to you though ... aaaarrgghhhh..."

The last unintelligible words of woman were due to her effort to surmont her husband's pressure on black cock and fuck another part of the cock shaft inside her pussy.

"OOOhhhhh ... James ... its inside of me till its half ... ooohhh baby even its half is more better than your's ... sorry darling ... but his cock was just a love for me..."

Tyler involuntarily began to move his crotch, wiggling to and fro. He saw his wife's two arms trying to clutch th guy's waist to make him fuck her. James fearfully figured how he was enjoying this share of his wife's body with that powerful black man. His weakness wasn't seem to be distressing. Without releasing his contact with his wife's lover's cock, he whined a deep "I love you" to his wife with her body shaking uncontrollably by the sheer lust she felt for another man.

"Oh darling, you don't know how much I love you..."

the young woman giggled and hugged her husband with his two arms. When the blaack man disentangled, he fucked his cock up to its hilt with only one thrust.

"AAAAaaarrrggghhhh ... darling he ram his cock ... he's my husband too..."

Donna was shrieking loud while she was in her husband arms. James felt his wife's body shaking, trembling with an uncontrollable lust when they were kissing like new lovers.

"I'm so happy honey ... you show me you're man enough to not restrict me with fucking him only on purpose ... only a real fucking could give us a real baby of our own ... he will only be a biological father but you will be everything for our baby ... all three of us, we will be happy together..."

"Please James," shouted the other man,

"Let me fuck your wife in more comfortable position..."

He took Donna's body and tried to lay down the woman on bed to hump her in the missionary position.

"No Tyler ... it couldn't be without my husband ... you can fuck me anyway but not without his support ... I want to be belong to him when you're fucking with your animal..."

She smiled meaninglessly and extended her arm to pull her husband onto her body. James lie down side by side with his wife. They stayed face to face like two innocent lovers and began to kiss like they weren't aware of the third party on the same bed with them. Donna was still on her back and her swollen blood surging pussy lips were seen between her legs which are open on two of her sides.

With a quick glance, James fearfully saw the big cock was bouncing like a big animal between strong legs of his wife's lover. He didn't mind anymore to call him his wife's lover. He couldn't averted his eyes when the big cock was entering his wife's pussy and rammed till its base.

When Donna felt her black lover fucked his cock in her pussy, her body began to convulse uncontrollably and began to whisper in her husband's ear,

"I love you so much baby, you know you have no power of fucking me better than him ... I won't tell you that I'm fucking him only on purpose ... but If your mind goes well with the fact that both you and him would be my husbands then you'll see how big my love for you ... and do you know what will be the better..."

Though she was hardly breathing under the wild thrusts of her black lover, she was trying to seduce her husband to where she wanted to be. James had known that his wife wouldn never be the same and this affair of having a baby of their own was in a mess though he couldn't stop kissing, caressing and loving the young woman while she was getting fucked by another man alongside.

"Sorry Donna, but I couldn't think what could be the better..."

The poor husband whined helplessly.

"Ooohhhhh ... I can't stop cumming darling ... he's making me cum again and again ... oooohhhhh ... darling please kiss me ... love me ... please say you love me before he emptied his balls in my pussy..."

James was sincerely scaring If his wife's orgasms would harm the woman's mind.

"Please Donna ... I love you so much..."

After a long pause she watched again her husband's face with great affection in her eyes.

"The best is to feel myself completely faithful to your love and our marriage even while I'm fucking this black man ... everytime I think what I was doing is only to fuck my two husbands I became so proud of myself that I'm sincerely faithful to our love ... I know only my two husbands could give me the life I wish ... A love for my husband, a baby of my lover-husband and a happiest woman with two husbands ... not only three of us I want everybody knows that we're happy together ... I hope you don't mind to tell all your family and friends..."

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