Addicted to Dozer
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Zoophilia, DomSub, Rough, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Bestiality, Squirting, Size, Public Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A true story of my descent into being the bitch of a very large Pitbull. And loving it!

I'm just a short and petite guy, 118 lbs. and 5.4"height and I'm 42 years of age. Dozer is a very large and very massive pitbull. He belongs to a 28 year old, firey red head. Named Ashley. Ashley was a methamphetamine user/dealer, that I would sometimes buy my drugs from. Her apartment was just a few blocks away from my house. And this made it, quick and conveinent. Ashley, was a very independent woman whom lived alone, with just her dog.

After just a few times of me frequenting her, to get my dope. She must of felt that she could trust me. And soon, when I would arrive to her house to purchase something. She would ask that I take Dozer for a walk around the block, to do his biz I guess. I have alway's loved animals, so I was glad to do this for her, and it gave her time to weight me out a bag. Dozer is a very stout pit. He weighs around 130 lbs and he is all muscle. He is only two years old, and he is by far the biggest pitbull I've ever seen. He is a good and easy dog to walk that isn't unruley and tuff to handle. However usually after he has pissed and crapped everywhere. And we are about 50 yards from Ashley's apt. He suddenly gets the urge to fuck something. And it was usually me. This was not only physically, a struggle. But most embarassing being seen by her other tenants, as they watched this pitbull try and almost succeed in having his way with me. Dozer, easily out weighs me by 10 or 15 lbs. It began to be a workout and a hasle to fight the horn dog off.

This walk and hump went on for a good few months, before I decided to do something about it. I was going to tell Ashley about it, however I didn't want her to think that I couldn't control or handle her dog. So one day upon our return from our walk. Dozer was soon trying to show his dominance by nipping my thighes as we walked. This was sure signs that he wanted to fuck. We walked into the lobby area of her building. And it was at that moment that I passed the apartments luandry room. I suddenly got a urge and I led Dozer by his leash into the facility and shut the door behind us. I thought that maybe if I let Dozer fuck the shit out of my leg. Well then maybe we would be less horny, and less likely to want to fuck me eveytime I took him for a walk.

I directed Dozer to the back area that was shielded by a row of washers. I told him to sit and he obayed. I got down on my kneese and was face to face with this large pit. I removed his leash and began to gently pet his back. The tip of Dozer's cock soon emerged from it's sheath.

I worked my hand down and around it and slowly started to stroke him. Dozer jumped back with excitement and took a few licks with at his, now hard cock. I aproached him again grabbing at his cock. He jumped in a sideways motion and he imediatly moved to mount me.

On all fours, I turned a bit but facing away from the stud. I extended my leg a bit and began to back my ass up and towards him. I hoped to show him, that I was submissive and willing to allow him to mount me.

He had no problem understanding my intentions. Soon he had me mounted and his cock was poking at my backside. I reached around and grabbed his cock. I did my best to form a hole in my clinched fist, for him to fuck. And soon I had a 9 inch x 2 inch wide, cum leaking, pink stiff cock in my hand.

Dozer was getting really worked up and he was biting at my back and neck. I worked down his growing cock holding tight while he fucked my hand. I then felt his bulging knot as it inflated in my hand. With my thumb and my index finger I worked around it and tightley grabbed the area right behined his huge knot. This gave him the feeling that he has knotted inside me.

And then it was on. I was fully clothed so their was no way he was really going to mount me. But he went to town like there was no tommorow fucking at my backside thinking he was getting some. I was starting to get turned on and I could feel my cock stiffening.

Dozer's cock was soon shooting out loads of his cum and I could feel it soaking through my levi's. I wondered how dog cum tasted and a second later, I was licking it from my hand. It tasted good and I was getting such a rush as I reached for another splash.

I couldn't help myself. I was soon flipped around in a 69 position. I wanted his doggy dick in my mouth. I stuck out my tounge and licked at the tip of his red cock. It was a salty but a mild taste and I worked his cock into my mouth. Dozer's cock kept squirting shot after shot into my mouth and soon I had a mouthful of hot dog semen. I swirled it around, letting it envelop my taste buds. And then I gulped it down.

Dozer's prick soon deflated and I licked at the last few drops that driped from his cock. He was panting and licking at his cock. I got up and attached his leash and we left the luandry room. Both satisfied with our exploits I took him upstairs to Aashley's apt. She questioned my wet jean's and I said the sprinklers got me. She handed me my dope and I left.

The following monday Ashley called and asked if I would watch Dozer for a few hours at my house while she wen't to a dentist appointment. I gladly accepted and she dropped him off to me around 11:00 am. It was Dozer and I, all alone. I locked the doors to my place and stripped off all my clothes. I jacked my cock in front of Dozer and he soon was licking my growing dick. I lifted my balls to allow him access to my rectum and in no time his tounge quickly wet my hole. I closed my eye's and allowed him to bath me. I then reached down and grabbed his penis in my hand. Dozer went wild and imeadiatly tried to mount my head. I lied on the bed and sixty-nined with him on top. With his cock in hand I tried to guide it in my mouth. All the while Dozer was lapping away at my cock, balls and asshole.

He jammed at my mouth and his prick hit the back of my throat. It hurt like hell so I decided against letting him fuck my face. Or at least for now. I got up and guided Dozer off my bed. I then knelt down on my bed in prayer postion and presented my ass toward Dozer.

He jumped on me and began to attempted to spear me with his dick. His aim was wild and out of control, and his front paws dug into my sides as he tried to get more leverage on his new bitch. With my hand I reached around and grabbed his slick wet dick and showed him the way to my hole. One, Two, Three jabs into my cavity and I arched bach pushing my ass into him. His cock was now stroking ever deeper in my rectum and my body convulsed ass pumped up into me. I released his cock and with both hands reached behined my back and gripped Dozer by his rear haunches and pulled him deep in me. I was moaning and calling out his name. Soon Dozer's knot began to swell deep in me and my mind raced as I was now trapped and locked to him. His thrusting slowed as he realized He was knotted in me and I could feel his release of cum as he pumped it in me. For a good half an hour dozer's cock filled me like I've never been filled before and I loved every second of it. I was in dick heaven as what seemed like gallons was pumped in me. As soon as his knot shrank, we seperated from eachother. Hot dog jiz ran out my hole and down my legs and formed a growing puddle on my floor. Dozer licked at his newly conquered pussy and I was overwhelmed with a exploding sensation. My balls tightend and I drained myself onto the floor. My cum mixed with Dozer's ass cum in the pool of jiz. I knelt down and licked as much up as I could. I showered up and checked the time. Ashley wasn't due back for another hour and a half. So I decided to give Dozer head again. This time I laid down on the bed and had Dozer stand in a 69 postion over me. Being I was nude, Dozer was all over my cock and balls without missing a beat.

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