A Nude Weekend With New Friends

by MatthewVett

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He spends a weekend with his father's friend and her daughters, only to discover that they're all nudists!

"We're spending the whole weekend with your friend?!" I yelled. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well it all happened kinda fast, son. She invited me out of the blue, we haven't seen each other since college; we just reconnected. Boy, the internet is magical, isn't it? You were at school, I didn't want to interrupt your studies ... You had enough on your mind, I'm sure. Don't worry, it'll be fun," my father explained. We were driving back from the airport. I had just flown home from college, ready to relax, when this bombshell got dropped on me. My dad has a wistful look in his eyes. I wondered who exactly this college friend was ... did they have a past between them?

"I still don't get why you didn't mention it," I said. "It's my birthday weekend. I don't want to spend it with total strangers. Where are we going to be, anyway?"

"Well, Yunwen has invited us to spend the weekend at a nice little place she has on the water. It'll be a grea-"

"On the water? So basically, no electricity, no books, no friends, right?" I interrupted.

"Who needs electricity when you have the ocean? And you can bring your own books. Besides, you'll get to meet Yunwen and Baoqing and Eva."

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Yunwen's daughters," he answered. "Buck up, sport! Just keep a good attitude about it, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. A weekend in the sun, by the water ... it'll be the best medicine after your finals, don't you think? Her daughters are pretty cute, too," he said with a conspiratorial wink, "I know you'll get along with them just fine."

I tried to look disinterested and focused my attention on the other cars on the road. "Yeah? What are they like?"

"Well Baoqing is the big sister. She's 25. Very smart, always has her nose in a book, just like my genius son," he bragged, tussling my hair. "She's a little quiet, but she's a nice girl, and always so polite. Eva's younger, only 19. Total opposite of her sister. Full of energy, loves to play games, always smiling. I guarantee you'll get along with them! All you have to do is have the right mindset!" He laughed heartily. "You're still young; don't be so serious all the time. Have fun!"

I sighed quietly. He was right. It's not like a weekend at a beach would be terrible. I could bring some books, work on my tan, swim ... it might be pretty fun. "Are there any other surprises you haven't told me about yet, Dad?" I asked.

"Well..." he chuckled nervously to himself, "there is one more thing. Yunwen's place is ... at a nudist resort."

" ... What?!"

It was Friday and I had just finished packing. I had tried to get out of the trip, but my father was adamant, and there's only so much you can argue with the guy who owns your housing. I had been doing a lot of jogging and exercise since I got home. I was really nervous about being seen naked. What if everyone was absolutely gorgeous and I was hideous? What if they thought I was chubby? What if I got hard around the girls and couldn't get it down? What if everyone thought I was a pervert and ran me out of town with pitchforks and torches? Well, maybe that last one was unlikely.

And yet, I was excited. My cock prickled as I imagined the possibilities. I mean, I'd be nude, but so would Eva and Baoqing ... That wasn't such a bad trade-off, really, if I thought about it that way ... Hell, there'd be a whole resort full of naked girls. Although ... I looked down at myself. If they see naked guys all the time, how would I, well, measure up? No! Positive thoughts, Matthew! I was stuck going on this trip either way; I might as well make the best of it. Even if no one looked at me, there'd still be plenty of girls for me to watch ... I grabbed my sunglasses off the table and threw them into my backpack. Couldn't hurt to have my eyes hidden this weekend.

My dad hadn't told me much information about his friend and her daughters. All I really knew was what he told me on the ride home, and that Yunwen was Chinese while her daughters were half-English. He said that he wanted me "to get to know them yourself, son!" Maybe if he had mentioned their existence before this visit, I could have at least talked to them beforehand. Oh well. My dad got a ten out of ten for good intentions, but minus a million for planning.

The girls were already at the resort; my dad and I would meet them there. I checked my room, looking for anything I might have missed while packing. "Are you ready, Matthew?" my dad yelled up the stairs.

I grabbed my bags. "Ya, I'll be right down!" I think I had everything I needed for a weekend away. I hefted the bag in my arm. Well at least I didn't need to pack too many clothes ... I closed my eyes, silently prayed that this weekend didn't end with me banned for life from the resort for being a dangerous pervert, and walked to the car.

The drive wasn't too bad, only about two hours. On the way, my dad told me a bit more about the girls. Yunwen was 47 and had gotten married too young to a man she didn't love. I didn't ask too much about it, but I guessed they had stayed together for the kids, like my own parents had, and once their kids had gotten old enough, had parted ways. She was a good cook and loved to feed people, which has Heaven to the ears of a boy who had spent the last year subsisting on campus food.

Baoqing was going to graduate school for a PhD in Classics and wanted to be a professor in the field. That was good news. I loved classical history, and had brought Herodotus with me, among other books. Hopefully that would impress her a bit. Eva had just finished her first year of college, though her major was still undeclared. She was apparently contemplating engineering. I was expecting her to be a bit dull. How much fun can you have discussing math with someone? Still, they didn't sound too bad. I was burning with curiosity about their appearance, but I was too shy to ask my dad for their pictures.

As we drove into the Kutná Hora Resort, I admired the scenery. It was isolated, surrounded by dense woods. I even saw a few deer on our way in. After we passed the woods it was mostly rolling hills until we reached the coast. I had only seen a few people before then, mostly naked, although here and there was someone wearing shorts or a swimsuit. But apparently the beach was the place to be. All the buildings and all the people were there. My dad pointed out buildings while I people-watched.

I began to feel less self-conscious. They weren't supermodels. They were, well, normal. Skinny people, fat people, young people, old people: it was like going to a regular beach but everyone had forgotten their swimsuits. Well, that was one worry gone. Suddenly I heard the grinding of gravel beneath the tires as the car slowed to a stop. "We're here," my dad announced. "Help me bring the stuff in." He looked over at me and gently squeezed my shoulder. "Don't be nervous, son. You'll get used to it."

"Thanks, Dad." I hoped he was right. We grabbed our bags and I followed him into the house.

"Yunwen, are you home?" my father asked as we walked through the door.

"David!" a woman replied with obvious delight from the kitchen, whence wafted the sweet smell of coconut. "Is Matt with you?" she asked, a British accent audible in her voice.

"You bet he is!" He motioned to me to speak up.

"Hi Yunwen," I said a tad nervously. "Um ... how are you doing? Whatever you're cooking smells delicious."

"I'm doing wonderfully, Matt. I'm making some Thai coconut rice. I could use some help chopping mangos, if you'd like to help."

My dad smiled and nodded, taking my bags from me. "I'll bring these to your room. Go help Yunwen in the kitchen." I watched him disappear up the stairs before making my way into the kitchen.

"Yunwen?" I asked, walking into the kitchen. I stopped short. She was standing over the stove, stirring a sauce pan, but my attention was held by her, not the food. She was wearing only a red apron trimmed with white lace, the strings tied into a knot, resting delicately above her bottom like a bow atop a birthday present. Her hips curved gently outward from her thin waist. Her firm cheeks proudly pushed past the edges of the apron, their peach-yellow flesh inviting me to grab them and squeeze. They looked like the perfect handful. Beneath her shapely buns were her thick, strong thighs. She must exercise a lot, I thought, as my eyes caressed every inch of her legs, her lean muscles visible beneath the smooth skin. And between her thighs, the barest hint of the soft, dark pink lips of her pussy were visible. I swallowed, trying to repress the thoughts I was having about my dad's friend.

Yunwen turned around at the sound of my voice, still clutching her spoon. "Oh hello, Matt! It's so great to finally meet you!" She held out her arms widely, inviting me in for a hug. Willing my eyes to stay above her neck, I gave her a loose embrace, but not loose enough. I felt the gentle push of her breasts through her apron against me as she held me close. She smiled sweetly as we parted. "The mangos are right there." She gestured towards the fruit with her spoon. "Could you cut them up for me into small pieces for dessert?" She giggled. "And don't be so stiff. You look nervous. I promise I won't bite. Oh, Baoqing and Eva are at the beach right now, but they should be coming home for dinner. They're both so looking forward to meeting you."

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