The More the Better
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The first time I ever had sex, I fell in love...with sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cousins   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation  

Let me tell you: I love sex. No, let's make that: I adore sex.

It's just about all I think about ... dicks, pussies, boobs, butts; I love it all. Boys, girls, yes, girls, after all we know best what feels good, right? I'm one of those girls who will strip off my clothes at the drop of a hat. Or the drop of your pants or panties. I'll drop mine and spread open for whatever you want.

Do I sound like a slut? I should, after all, I work hard at it and I love the word, 'hard, ' it just makes me wet thinking about it.

If you're wondering how I got this way, here's how it happened.

Like a lot of us, I found my 'feel-good' place on my own, after all, it's not that difficult to do. My body was changing and was giving me lots of feelings without even having to try; the feelings just happened and they happened all the time. It was like I was always turned-on.

My body's new feelings just seemed to take over my whole life. I began masturbating all the time and my sex with others started, like with many girls, at a sleepover at a friend's house.

There was Annie Bryan, Betsy Hammond and Lorene Newman. Oh, and me, Jodi Lowe. We were all fourteen and just out of middle school; it was the summer before high school.

We were all in our pajamas, all on Annie's bed, it was her house we were at, and we were all talking about boys and sex; what else?

"The only dicks I've ever seen were little boys I've baby-sat," said Betsy. "They're tiny. How big do you think boys are now, at our age?"

"About this big," Annie said holding her fingers apart, showing us.

"How do you know?" Lorene asked her and she looked kind of funny as her face blushed.

"Okay, no ever telling, right? Everything stays right here?" We all agreed and she went on, "I've seen one, not only seen it, I've played with it."

"Who is it, someone we know? Tell us. We'll keep it a secret, someone in school?" I asked her.

"You don't know him I don't think. He goes to a private school. His name is Blake Hill," she told us but we didn't know him. "He's seventeen and really hot. He lives next door, that's pretty convenient, huh?"

"So, how much stuff have you done? How'd it start?"

"Oh, about two months ago, I was out in my back yard getting some rays; I had on that little yellow thong my mom doesn't know about, you know the one. Any way, he came over and we started talking. I know enough to look at a boy's pants and, oh boy, his dick was showing through. I could see the long lump."

We all sat there waiting for every word.

"Then he asked me if I was going to high school in the fall and I told him I was. He smiled and said that I would be pretty popular, especially with the way I looked in my bikini. It was what he said after that really started things off."

Of course, we all wanted to know and she went on, "He said, 'You're beautiful with that on, I can just imagine what you look like with it off.' I looked at him and asked if he'd like to see?"

"Omigod, you little slut, you," I told her.

"Yep, I saw that long bulge and knew I wanted to see it, even more than just see it, so I told him that if he was interested in seeing what I looked like without it, he could follow me up to my room and I got up and went in the house with Blake right behind me."

"Shit, girl, you are something else," Lorene told her.

"Well, listen to this," she continued, "He's in my room looking pretty hunky and I reached around and whipped off my top and stood there showing him my tits. 'Oh, wow, Annie, you're boobs are beautiful, ' he said and asked me if he could feel them, he really asked me that. Oh did I let him do that. And, get this, I was so horny, I asked him if I could feel his and put my hand over his dick. I'm so fucking bad, huh?"

"You are bad, come on, more, tell us more," Betsy pleaded.

Anna went on, "His hands were on my boobs and I was going crazy, just super-horny. So I told him that I'd take off my bottom if he'd get naked, too. Well, that did it, I had my first naked boy and, oh, man, his dick was not one of those little boy dinky jobs. It was so nice, long and big around, with a big, fat tip that was so soft and smooth.

"He asked me if I'd ever had my pussy licked and I told him I hadn't and then he said he'd love to do it and would give me an orgasm that way. Omigod, he wanted, just like that, to eat me out. Can you believe it?" she gasped.

"You let him do it? Licking your pussy like that?" Betsy asked and Annie said she did.

"Omigod, what was it like, was it good?" Lorene wanted to know.

"Let me tell you, it was fantastic. I'd never felt anything that exciting in my life. He does it to me every afternoon except when he has soccer practice. It's just the best thing ever. Have any of you had your pussy licked?"

The three of us told her we hadn't and looking around it seemed that each of us had a hand down near or in our lap trying to take a rub or two when no one was looking.

"Well, I'm telling you it's just the best. Every time he does it, it's a super-orgasm. You guys really need to get licked-out."

So, Betsy said, "Yeah, well, all we need is a boy, got one, Betsy?" as we all laughed.

"No, but I'd do it."

We all sat there, our pussies already stirred-up, as we heard our first ever offer of girl-on-girl sex.

"That's lesbian, Annie. I thought you were doing a boy?" I asked her.

"I am but that doesn't mean I don't like some fun and, well, let me ask you this, does this turn any of you on?" she asked as she lifted off her nighty and slid her panties down and kicked them away. We all stared as she spread her legs apart and began rubbing her pussy lips with one hand while her other rolled her nipple around between her fingertips.

"Well, anyone like what they see? It doesn't mean you still can't like guys, you know. I'm up for it if any of you are. Just wait until you feel how good it feels."

We sat there and then, out the corner of my eye, I saw Betsy Hammond pull up her nighty and drop it off the bed, then she slid her panties off and went onto her back as Annie moved over between her legs and gave her pussy a kiss then began taking long, slow licks on her.

"Oh, wow, that is so fucking good," Betsy moaned as her hands went down to caress Annie's head between her legs. Lorene and I were watching spellbound, now with each of us with a hand shoved in our panties rubbing as Annie's bedroom steamed up with girly-sex. And we were watching.

Betsy threw her head back, arching her butt up as Annie tongued her, reaching her fingers up to open her so her tongue could probe deeper inside. I could actually see Betsy's opened pussy lips and the hole that went up inside, her vagina's opening that Annie was circling her tongue in.

"Omigod, nothing ... oh ... nothing has ever been ... oh, oh, so good, oh right there, omigod," she panted and then she began to shake and tremble as Annie went on.

"Oh, oh, uh, uh, mmm, oh Annie, omigod, uh, uh," she groaned thrusting her pussy up at Annie's mouth over and over. "Oh, wow, that was incredible. I've never had one so strong, it was like an earthquake and I'm still feeling it," she panted as Annie kept licking on her.

Then Annie looked up from between Becky's legs and asked, grinning, her face wet from Becky's pussy, "Anybody else? Here's your chance," and Lorene pulled off her panties then lifted her nighty over her head and flopped back spreading wide as Annie moved over to start on her. I sat there cross-legged with my left hand in my panties and my right up under my nighty rubbing my nipples as Annie began taking long licks between Lorene's thighs as I watched her eyes close and a dreamy look come over her face.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, you were right, Annie, oh, that feels heavenly, mmm," she moaned softly as she lay there motionless accepting every lick and lap on her pussy.

I was sitting where I could see every time she licked up and down, leaving a glistening wet trail along Lorene's plump pussy lips; it looked so hot and I now had both my hands down in my panties and all I could think about was that I wanted to be next. I was now the only girl still clothed so I got naked like the rest and waited my turn.

Lorene flopped her knees wide open to each side as Annie began getting her second friend off for the night. I didn't know if this meant we were all lesbians or not but it was interesting that Annie seemed to be pretty happy with her boy next door and with us as well.

"Oh, wow," Lorene moaned as Annie eased her open to drive her tongue up inside. I could see her wiggling and flicking her tongue all around inside making her twitch and spasm. "More, omigod, do it more, right there, Annie, oh, I love it, oh, my pussy," she groaned. Then Lorene let out a deep moan as her body shook as her orgasm broke loose. Annie licked a little more, then raised her head up, looking at me.

"How about you, Jodi?" she asked me, her wet face grinning at me. I leaned back opening my legs as she crawled up and then her tongue came out as I felt it ... the first person to ever touch my pussy to pleasure me. And pleasure me she certainly did.

Every lick of her soft, wet tongue sent shivers through me. It was incredible. I'd masturbated, of course, but my fingers were never this good; this was a whole new thing, just stunning.

"How is it, Jodi?" Lorene asked and I just rolled my eyes as Annie's fingers began to open me for her tongue to reach in deeper.

Then I began feeling her tongue reaching up inside.

"Omigod, oh, Annie, oh, right there, babe, get me off, get me off, right there, oooh, oh, uuh, uuh, umm, mmm," I groaned and panted as I felt like I was just swept away by a tidal wave of ecstasy. I'd heard some of my friends talk about getting eaten out but now I knew what it was really like and it was wonderful.

Annie came up over me and kissed me with her wet mouth, swirling her tongue in my mouth as I tasted my pussy juices. I'd tasted them before, I guess most girls have, but it was sure sexy to be french-kissed after being given oral sex.

Then she pulled away and asked, "Who's gonna do me now?" and we all said we would.

"Yeah, you showed us what it was like, we'll each do you, you'll get three orgasms, how's that?" Lorene asked her and Annie was immediately down and spread wide.

We each did her pussy–me, Lorene and Betsy, she was sure a happy girl and it was about three in the morning when we all collapsed and fell sound asleep, still naked, all curled together in Annie's queen-sized bed.

Well, things changed with the four of us after that. Our sleepovers were now naked and sexual, we were masturbating together, doing each other with our fingers and mouths, sleeping in each other's arms, skin-to-skin, kissing, feeling, making out. Our most regular routine was for three of us to do one girl, two on her boobs, one down eating her out. Oh, we did that endlessly, just as much as we could.

Was it serious between us? It was certainly fun, lots of fun, really hot. But we all wanted boys and were envious of Annie having her guy next door and, one day, Betsy told her so.

"We sure wish we had a guy like you do, Annie, the guy next door," Betsy told her.

"It is convenient, I'll say that," she grinned. "Maybe I should share him with you guys sometime?"

We all perked up at that comment and asked her if she really meant it.

"Um, sure, I guess so." It was about nine in the morning, we'd all spent the night at Annie's house and were still naked; her parents had already gone to work by the time we got up. It was our routine to spend the day naked with each other having fun.

"Call him up, have him come over. When he sees all of us, he'll get the picture," I said laughing. She picked up her phone and punched in and was soon talking to her neighbor boy, Blake Hill.

"Hi, it's Annie. I was kinda horny and was wondering if you were, too." She listened a few seconds, then said, "Okay, I'll be in bed, just come on in the back door and up to my room. I've got a surprise for you," and then clicked the phone off and we all got on her bed.

"Here, get up like this so when he walks in he sees all our pussies," Annie said as she got up on her hands and knees, her butt facing the door, one hand up under her rubbing her wet pussy. "He'll see all four hot pussies, oh, Blake will go crazy," she giggled and we all got on the bed with our eager pussies pointed at the door.

We had talked about birth control and were all on the pill so it seemed that we were all pretty much ready for sex. And then we heard him running up the stairs. "I'm here, Annie, I hope you're ready," he yelled as he came up. He bolted into Annie's room and came to dead stop.

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