The Final Humiliation
Chapter 1: Cheating Fate

The five girls of the Tunbridge Drama Association were supposed to be quickly changing between scenes. The low budget production was only overshadowed by the dilapidated community center that they had managed to fill out with family friends and thanks to their high school a whole media class full of bored students who would be expected to write a review of the play. Their changing room was a makeshift partition that had been put up behind the stage.

Evie looked around angrily this was their big change and no one was taking it seriously, Gracie the youngest of the group was still touching up her makeup in the mirror, Lola was upside down in her chair playing angry birds on her phone, Christina was going over her lines again and Summer looked like she was about to fall asleep. "come on girls!" she screamed stress getting the best of her. the others all jumped too trying to get ready.

Summer yawned despite their leaders insistence on speed she had stopped half way through undressing, it had been a late night she had been reading up on black magi ... il the early morning. Her eyes were heavy and for a moment she shut them...

Fate loves to have its fun and here where five perfect targets. An unattended child in the front row ran onto stage, nearly the whole whole audience saw him a few giving a laugh. The mother seeing her son quickly jumped onto stage after him, the child tried to run grabbing hold of a curtain. The mother grabbed up her child who clung onto the curtain, not noticing the curtain was half pulled as the mother went off stage. the heavy curtain swung back out of the child's grip knocking over a painted piece of scenery wood that was was meant to look like a castle. The castle fell taking with it a bit of the makeshift partition wall. like a row of dominoes this string of events ended with the changing room wall falling flat on the stage.There was a moment of silence, raised up on the stage where the girls in various stages of undress.

Gracie let out a large scream, she stood there in her white stage knickers and little white bra, however the most humiliating thing was that she was currently half way to putting a piece of padding down her top, she quickly tried to cover it up but it was too late the whole audience had just seen her with one almost flat and one padded breast. She looked out across the stage her face bright red with shame, she caught the eye of a girl from her class and caught the massive grin on her rivals face tomorrow everyone would know.

Lola was left stunned one moment she was dancing to the radio back stage while changing and the next the whole wall fell away, she had just been shaking her bottom in a pair of light pink knickers with yellow hearts on them giving the crowd a great few seconds of a show. She heard the whoops and whistles of the boys from her year wanted to die of shame.

Summer ever slow getting changed had just been pulling down her black school skirt and was caught half bent over a pair of black panties. In her rush to try and dress she had tripped over to a tide of laughs. she looked over the stage wide eyed and ashamed realizing how many people had seen her nearly exposed bottom.

Christina however had it worse than the other girls, she had been wearing a black pair of knickers that would have shown through the white costume. she had just been removing them as the wall fell giving everyone a great view of her pale white naked bottom. She screamed quickly finishing pulling up the white stage pair to cover her nakedness. Her heart was racing and she realized her whole media class had just seen her bottom.

However it was probably Evie-May that had it the worst, she had just had to remove her bra to change into a strapless one that wouldn't show on her dress. as the wall had fallen she had looked around shocked and stood there in only a pair of white stage knickers her nice round breasts had been totally on show, she screamed turning bright red but it had been too late her show was ruined and loads of people including other students from her school had just seen her near enough naked.


Summer's eyes quickly sprang open, the dream had been too real, she looked around and everything was happening just like it just had. a few moments later the wall began to fall but she caught it, the other girls looked around shocked realization dawning on them what nearly happened. They managed to prop the wall up properly and the show was a success. the other girls didn't believe Summers tale that she had dreamt the whole thing.

However you can't cheat fate ... sooner or later fate gets its revenge


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