Neighbourly Love

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He is 18 years old and she is the 30 year old married lady from next door. She picks him up whilst he was hitch-hiking to the coast. She shares with him the news of her marriage breakup, and he comforts her in the best way possible - with a thorough and enjoyable fuck session.

"Uh ... uh ... fuck me with your big beautiful cock" moaned the beautiful blonde lady who was squirming beneath me as I plunged my cock into the depths of her spasming pussy.

My cock was being milked by her pussy muscles as she soared towards another massive cum, one to add to the multiple cums that she'd already experienced courtesy of my tongue, fingers and cock. Our lower bodies glided back and forth over each other courtesy of the copious amounts of her juices that had gushed from her pussy.

"Ahhh ... so close" she gasped as my balls slapped against her ass with each cock lunge into her hot tight pussy.

This 18 year old was thoroughly enjoying the sensational charms of this 30 year old married (but recently separated woman). Two hours ago, this scene would never have entered my mind as being a possibility. I'd day-dreamed about fucking her 18 year old step-daughter, but never a thought of fucking this beautiful older lady.

The lady under me, with my cock embedded in her pussy was Callie. She and her husband Ron, and her step-daughter Eve had moved into the house next door just over 6 months ago. Eve was also 18 years old and a product of Ron's first marriage that had ended in divorce. She was a spunk, and I'd been looking forward to the hot summer and seeing this petite brunette in a bikini out by their pool.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... ahhhhhhhhh ... I'm cummmmmiiinnngggg" Callie gasped as a massive cum rocked her body. Her pussy muscles grabbed my cock in a death-like grip, holding me tight and preventing any movement for a few seconds before releasing me. I could feel a fresh gush of her juices streaming down my cockshaft and across my balls with this latest cum. She wrapped her legs around my waist to keep me deep in her, as our lips mashed together again in a tongue-filled passionate kiss.

I'd finished uni for the week at lunch time that afternoon, and I'd grabbed my back-pack and headed to the side of the highway to hitch-hike a ride to the coast for the weekend. I'd been thumbing for about 30 minutes when a two door older model coupe pulled up just past me.

When I'd made my way to the car and peered through the passenger window I discovered that it was Callie my next door neighbour. I was stunned and a little speechless at the sight that greeted me. Callie was wearing a bikini top that just covered her ample tits with a florally skirt around her waist, and thongs on her sexy feet.

When my eyes finally shifted upwards to her face, I found that she was looking at me with a cheeky grin. She had a beautiful face with bright blue eyes. Her hair was a very curly light sandy blonde and fell to the top of her shoulders.

"Hey James ... the look that you just gave me, has made this old lady's day" she said before she laughed at my discomfort at being caught out ogling my neighbour.

"Can I offer you a ride?" she added before I had chance to try to redeem myself.

I was still speechless and all I could do is nod, and grin back at her as I opened the car door, to throw my backpack onto the back seat. I then slid into the passenger seat.

"Slide on across here ... that part of the seat is very uncomfortable" she added, indicating that I should sit beside her on the bench seat. I slid across the seat and sat beside her, with my shoulder and hers touching as I buckled up my seatbelt. She then pulled out from the kerb again to continue our journey.

"Hmmmm ... what a sight we must be ... a young stud sitting beside an old woman" she commented as she continued to tease me with her witty remarks.

"You're not old ... you're a total fox..." I retorted before my brain realised what my mouth had said.

"Oh shit ... sorry" I muttered as I looked down to the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with Callie.

"Fox ... huh?" she commented before continuing with "I've never been called that before ... and especially not by a young stud like yourself".

"Stud ... huh?" I repeated her question back at her.

"You must have a whole heap of eager young ladies on a string" she teased me back.

"Hmmmm ... not at the moment ... I broke up with my girlfriend about 2 months ago and its been a dry spell since then..." I responded.

"Oh shit..." I gasped realising what I had just said.

"Hmmm ... having a bad day huh?" she queried before we both burst into laughter.

The conversation for the next 30 minutes on the way to the coast continued in the same vane, light and teasing with an undercurrent of sexual innuendo. The time went so quick and I was surprised when we pulled into the driveway of a beachfront home that was secluded from the rest of the housing along the coast.

"C'mon in for a cold drink ... and then I'll drop you off wherever you want to go" Callie added as she got out of the car.

With a few gentle yet steady movements I rolled over, bringing Callie with me until she was laying on top of me with my long fat cock still embedded in her very wet pussy.

"Ride me ... I want to play with your beautiful tits as we fuck".

Callie moved around a little and she was soon able to sit on my thighs.

"Oh fuck that's deep ... I feel so full" she commented.

I cheekily added "You're not a bad fuck ... for an old lady"as I flexed my hips to move my cock about in the depths of her pussy.

"Oh god ... you cheeky young stud" she retorted as she slapped my shoulder.

I kept up the flexing movements with my hips, and soon she had closed her eyes as her body again climbed towards another cum peak. My hands slid up under her tits to lift them and caress them before my fingers sought out her nipples to tweak them.

"Oh fuck ... you're spoiling me for anyone else..." she gasped.

"No ... you are spoiling me ... in my very limited experiences I've not had anyone so responsive" I replied and then added " ... and a total fox too".

We'd entered the house and clumsy me hadn't noticed that Callie had stopped walking. I bowled straight into her and we both fell to the carpet in the lounge room with limbs entangled and her on top of me.

"Damn woman ... are you so keen to sweep me off my feet" I gasped in a cheeky comment.

She was lying on top of me with her bikini clad tits pressing into my chest and her face close to mine. She responded not in words but by tickling me. I squirmed at her touch as I tried to avoid her tickles. Not having a lot of luck, I slipped a hand behind her neck and drew her lips to mine. I was going to distract her and get her to stop tickling me.

The result was immediate ... she stopped tickling me but the kiss deepened with her lips mashing against mine and her tongue slipping between my lips to seek out mine. My free hand went to her ass pulling her closer to me until she could surely feel my engorged cock that was trapped in the confines of my shorts.

I pulled up the back of her short skirt until my hand was now resting on a silky smooth ass. Exploring her ass with my fingers, I found that she was wearing a brief g-string. I grabbed at her ass as our kiss continued until we finally broke it to catch our breaths.

"Oh god ... what have I done?" Callie whispered as I continued to hold her against me. I didn't want her getting off me any time soon.

I thought for a moment before I answered her question with "You've indulged in a fantasy ... with a young stud". I grinned at her, hoping that that was the right thing to say and do.

"Oh shit ... I feel so bad ... but so good at the same time" she added. Sensing that she was waivering and that our sexual foreplay may be coming to an end, I rolled her over gently until I was crouched over her.

"What ... what ... what are you doing?" she asked as I repositioned myself between her thighs. I flipped up the front of her skirt to reveal her lacy pink g-string which did little to hide her hairless pussy. Pulling her g-string to one side, I revealed her fleshy pussy lips for a second or two before I slid my tongue between them.

"Oh fuck..." she groaned as I licked the furrow between her rapidly moistening lips. She tasted amazing. With the g-string pulled to one side, my tongue foraged as deep inside her as I could reach. My tongue tip breached her pussy canal entrance and released her heady sexual aromas stoked by the heat of her inner cauldron.

"Oh ... oh ... oh my god..." she moaned as I slid a finger into her tight pussy canal as my lips and tongue shifted their attention to her clit. Her pussy held my finger in a tight grip as I stroked it in and out in unison with my licks to her clit.

"Ahhh ... ahhhhh ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... I'm going to cum ... oh shit" she gasped as her first cum rocked her body with her hips thrashing about and pushing her pussy into my face. Her juices streamed out all over my face and fingers. Her taste was different after that cum ... she was tangier but still very delicious.

I let the effects of that cum recede over the next few minutes before I stood up, helping her to her feet and leading her over to sit on the lounge chair. I put my arm around her and held her close to me as we enjoyed some silent time.

It was Callie who finally spoke first.

"I should feel guilty ... but I don't. I enjoyed sex for the first time in ages. You licked and finger-fucked me to perfection". She stopped and I stayed silent waiting for her to continue. I sensed that she had much more to say.

After a few minutes she continued "My marriage is over ... I kicked them both out a couple of months ago".

I had noticed that both Ron and Eve hadn't been around, but I didn't know the reason why.

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