The Military of "Rule Number One Is to Survive"
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Post Apocalypse, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Public Sex, Violent, Workplace, Nudism, Military,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the third part of the "Rule Number One is to Survive" story. This segment will be 12 chapters just like the original "Survivor's" story and the "Looters" story. It is the story of the Military elements point of view to include all government forces. If some of the mission objectives seem at odds it is merely a reflection of the disorganization following overwhelming chaos.

Major Majors looked down at his orders with a frown on his face that betrayed his disagreement with the official document. Then, he shrugged his shoulders in resignation and turned to his First Sergeant and gave him instructions to get the men ready to move out.

The 200 personnel of special unit LACT 9 (Los Angeles Cleansing Team 9) started to convoy down to the collection point only ten miles from downtown Los Angeles with a sigh of relief after waiting almost 72 hours for orders in writing from someone still in authority.

Mike Majors did not like the fact that his chain of command had been switched from Sacramento Regional Headquarters to San Diego but his understanding was that the Sacramento base was a complete shambles. He knew the General-in Charge down at the Marine base was a straight-shooter but he still felt uncomfortable about his mission and the procedures he was about to institute in an attempt to transition from the chaos of Day Zero to some sort of stability.

His command was almost all male but that was only because most of the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) slots were male dominated. In fact, he had pro-actively tried to boost the female numbers but was constantly undermined by higher command who felt the mission needed to be enforced by ruthless types who followed orders without either empathy or questions. His executive officer was Captain Sally Hogg who was definitely not a hog in appearance or in personality. She was the sexiest XO he had ever had the pleasure of serving with. The fact that she took his orders in the field and in bed as well was the sweetest sharing of command he had ever experienced.

They swung off the route into a holding compound encircled by double strands of barbed wire. It was devoid of any indication as to the purpose of the wire. It was a mystery if the purpose was to keep intruders out or to keep detainees inside. That question was answered when three large "Cattle Cars" drove up discharging over 200 civilians into the center of the compound. They were tired from the trip and being forced to stand the entire 90 minute journey with not enough room to sit down anywhere. He was not pleased to see a number of females and even some youngsters in the group. It would certainly be a test of the resolve of the unit.

They quickly separated the men from the women and the injured and lame from the healthy. The healthy males were moved into an adjoining compound with a row of large CP (Command Post) tents with all flaps down and windows zippered tight. He knew they needed to process these "infected" detainees first to make the rest of the detail go easier. After he saw the guards on the exterior fully suited up in their hazmat suits, he gave the word for the canisters to be discharged and watched anxiously as the wisps of vapor dissipated into the cold early morning air.

All of the injured and lame were taken to a large tent with a big red cross on the side and placed into a metal cot before being administered a final shot to ease them on their way.

The 200 souls were now reduced to a nervous group of about 40 females and 10 youngsters. He had them line up and went down the line checking them for signs of infection or some indication of aberrant behavior. He had only five of the females removed for treatment in the tent with the red cross and the remaining females were turned over to the reclamation section for decontamination and removal of all hair. They would make good breeders for the newly re-constituted government in the San Diego sector.

The youngsters were placed on a special truck for transport to the re-education center and training to populate the seeding program of government-controlled areas. Mike wasn't certain how that program worked but he was told it would be the key element in bringing the country back into its position of power in the world.

The plastic encased forms of all of the remaining day's detainees were loaded onto open-bed trucks stacked like cords of wood for transport to the deep-pit quarry at the end of an industrial zone. His group LACT-9 was now on-line with the previously established eight teams already working to "cleanse" the Los Angeles urban center.

The First Sergeant approached him with a request.

"Begging your pardon, sir."

Mike didn't like First Sergeant Grimes but he respected his skills and his advice on both tactics and morale.

"Yes, Sergeant, what is it now?"

A trace of irritation was in his reply but it was really directed at himself for the nasty work he had just authorized to be done to comply with his recently received official orders.

"Sir, I was wondering if it might be possible for the men to avail themselves of the female's favors before they are taken off to the breeding camp?"

Major Mike was disgusted at the thought of turning the harassed females over to his men for momentary pleasure but he could see how it might improve the men's morale after the nasty business they had just participated in. Nobody would be the wiser except for the females and they were headed to a fertility production line that had little advantage to their current situation. In fact, some of them might even enjoy the stolen night of pleasure before being forced into a life of constant pregnancy and little pleasure of their own.

"That would be permissible, First Sergeant, but I do not want to hear any reports of physical abuse. If they are uncooperative, be sure they are secured to the cot and not injured or bruised in any way that would generate a report from the breeding farm."

The usually grim-faced man smiled and saluted as he spun on his heel and left to set the females up in cots inside the GP (General Purpose) tent city at the rear of the compound. He spread them out about 4 or 5 to each tent figuring each female could easily attend to 3 or 4 males in one evening. Surprisingly, the half-dozen female members of the unit watched the entire process and even joined in with a high degree of unit pride and morale.

The XO came into his tent and told Mike that it was a "good move" to help boost the men's morale and the detainee females were in no position to refuse to cooperate. He noticed she was wearing her high black boots. That gave him the signal that she was itching for a hard paddling on her firm and nicely toned bottom.

"What's it to be tonight, Sally? Do you want the belt or the paddle?"

She started to pant like a runner coming to the finish line.

"Paddle, Mike, I need the paddle tonight. I need it nice and hard, Mike. Make me feel it Mike. Make me feel it all the way up in my skull each time I take it."

He opened his foot locker and took out the 30 inch long flat wooden slat decorated with erotic drawing of females being paddled in every position imaginable. Sally fell to her knees and kissed the object in a ritualistic performance that made his shaft harden before she even had a chance to bend over for his full swinging blows.

She was a tough cookie and didn't even whimper once during the first ten swipes of the paddle. Then, with the very next blow, she cracked and her tears started to flow against her will. Her legs started to shake and he knew she was feeling it right down into her tingling toes. Looking at her reddened heart-shaped behind, Mike couldn't take it any longer and dropped the paddle and mounted her so quickly that he was deep inside before she could even protest at his actions. Usually, he waited until the session was fully over and then they had a long period of verbal sparring before he even attempted to convince her spread her luscious legs. This evening was different. They both knew it.

She shuddered under his weight but steadied and cursed at him for his impetuous actions. Still, her slit was gushing like a girl on her honeymoon and she started to whimper in orgasmic delight.

The First Sergeant knocked on the tent flap but hearing the grunts and groans inside, he just smiled and went back to the festivities in the tent city to watch the men's morale soar after getting copious injections of pussy pounding fun and games. A couple of the females had even been flipped over and were giving up their pucker holes to the soldier's inspections with a boisterous outbreak of giggles and nasty talk. It looked like most of the females were well suited to life in a breeding farm. Only one or two of them seemed ill-suited to the sport but the wise First Sergeant figured it was because they were either too stuck-up for common soldiers or they preferred the company of females instead of males.

The next morning the trucks with the women left early and Mike signed for new orders from the San Diego Command center. He informed his XO Captain Sally that they would be processing not just one but two loads of detainees each day with the exception of Sundays to allow the men to rest up from the rigorous routine. He knew that his Team was one of ten teams on the southern fringe of the Los Angeles "contaminated" area and that there were two other deployments of ten teams each on the eastern fringe and on the northern fringe. The 30 teams would be "processing" over 12,000 detainees a day for at least the next 90 days. That meant that they would be removing over a million possible "infected" persons from the contaminated area. He wondered how many other population centers were handling their problem of undesirable survivors. He had heard that Sacramento, Oakland, Seattle, and Las Vegas were already in operation and that a number of other locales were in process of being set-up.

The special search teams designed for quick removal of Looters from the affected areas were already moving across the Western States from the Canadian border to the border crossing at Mexico. The looters were another story because they had been adjudicated to be subject to immediate execution on sight. It was the project with the survivor detainees that posed an ethical problem because it was too far over the "war criminal" line and he knew a whole bunch of low-level people would be left "holding the bag" when they started looking for answers. It seemed likely he would be one of those "fall-guys" whose only defense would be "I was only following orders".

He also had instructions to have someone begin to screen the healthy females for personnel to act as re-education supervisors with the rank of sector chief equivalent to a Captain. They recommended the search focus on former educators or social-service professional with advanced degrees. He assigned Captain Sally to that job and told her that he would expect at least one new recruit with each load delivered for processing.

The very first one she brought to him was a distinguished looking female in her late 30s who was so sarcastic in her responses that he had two soldiers hold her down on the desk while he drove some sense deep between her proudly quivering legs with his shaft of enlightenment. She resisted at first but then responded nicely as her own lust took charge of her brain. After that she was depressingly docile and attentive to his every word. Captain Sally watched the entire sequence of events with an amused look on her face and never said a single word either in favor of his actions or against his cavalier treatment of the upper-class female. Her name was Dr. Angela Carter and he told her that she would be assigned to the Las Vegas sector for immediate command of a re-education institute and given the authority she needed to get the job done properly. For some reason, the silly woman had become attached to him and seemed reluctant to leave him for her duties.

The following days saw a smoothly running operation and he was thankful the handy quarry was so deep and so wide that there was no danger of ever running out of space.

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