Rewarded for Resisting Temptation

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was a limo driver who had to pickup 19 year old Julie from a party and take her home. She was drunk and spewed all over herself. He stripped her naked and cleaned her up without being tempted to fuck her. Her mum Tara thanked him for resisting the temptation by taking him to bed and ending his dry spell by being a willing sex partner.

It was pretty much the only job that the employment agent had on their books at the time - limo driver for the idle rich. I was between contracts and I wanted some cash for play money during the next month.

I was a 21 year old college dropout who had struck it big by developing smartphone apps. I had just finished a contract to develop one app, and I would be starting a new bigger and longer contract in a month's time. I was well on my way to being a multi-millionaire.

I had this job on a Friday evening to take this snarly guy from his home to the airport, then a few hours later I was to collect his teenage daughter from her party and take her home.

I dropped him off to catch his flight, and then went and had some dinner as I waited for 11:30 PM to roll around. I was being paid for the full night so sitting around wasn't a problem for me. I'd had a dry spell lately with sex, with my former girlfriend taking up with someone who she thought was richer. As she explained to me when she dropped me "Long fat cocks do not put designer clothes on my back and shoes on my feet."

Lisa was an absolute slut when it came to being fucked, but she was also very financially focused to, hence our breakup and my current dry spell.

At 11:30 PM I was at the party address waiting to collect a Miss Julie Tyson. The party was just breaking up and some very drunk teenagers were pouring out of the house and into waiting cars. I got out and stood by the car as I waited for her to come out.

"Hey ... are you my ride?" I heard from behind me. Turning around I was greeted by a petite slim blonde who was swaying on her feet as she struggled to stay upright on her high heels. She had on the shortest and tightest of dresses that I'd seen for a while. Her tits were so tightly packed into the plunging neckline dress that her nipples were easily visible beneath the thin fabric.

"Are you Julie Tyson?" I enquired.

"That's me" she slurred as she stumbled and fell into my arms with her ample tits pressing against my chest. I could smell the alcohol on her breath as she looked up at me with wild eyes. Reaching up with her hand she pulled my face down to hers as she planted a tongue-filled kiss on me. It took me a while to want to untangle from her given that I'd had no female company lately.

Eventually I helped her into the back seat of the stretched limo and we were ready to leave. As we drove way she yelled to me "I'm hungry ... let's go to Burger King and get me a burger and a drink ... I'm going to be so grounded if I go home like this".

"Ok ... I'll help you out ... just don't spew in the back there" I said to her.

We drove for about 10 minutes in silence before I looked back in my rear vision mirror to check on her. She was sitting in the centre of the back seat with her eyes closed ... and her legs wide open. She had no panties on ... and she was flashing me a wonderful view of her very pink and engorged hairless pussy lips.

"Oh fuck..." I muttered as I took in the view.

When I arrived at Burger King I had to park the limo because I couldn't make the tight turns into the drive-through service lane. I headed inside to get her order, and with it being busy I took about 10 minutes to be served.

Arriving back at the limo and opening the rear door, I found that Julie had spewed up all over her dress. The smell of alcohol was overpowering in the back as I surveyed the situation.

"Shit ... shit..." I muttered as I climbed inside to try to cleanup her and the car. My initial look found that she had mainly spewed over herself and that very little had spilled onto the car seat or floor.

"Oh crap..." I thought as I realised that to clean this situation up I would have to carefully remove her dress to contain her mess. She was out to it at the moment, so with careful movements I raised the hem of her dress over her hips and up to her tummy level. Her hairless pussy was on complete display now. In another situation I would have been salivating at the sight but this was not a good one.

It took a while but I eventually removed her dress and wrapped it up into a little ball and put it in a plastic bag. She was now laying naked across the back seat of the limo with her ample tits sitting high on her chest. She had brown coloured nipples and areolas which contrasted with her slightly tannes skin.

She had spew on her chest and tummy from my removal of her dress so I retrieved the wet wipes from the car console and proceeded to carefully clean her tits and tummy. Her tits felt so good as I used the wipes to remove all vestiges of her alcoholic spew.

After I had disposed of the mess, I took my coat and wrapped her in it for the journey to her home. I'm afraid that she was just going to have to face the music when I got her home.

I had her wrapped in my coat as I carried her to the front door. It was about 12:30 in the morning when I pressed on the doorbell. I waited about 30 seconds before pressing it again. Then I waited again until a light came on behind the door and a voice asked "Who is it?"

I responded with "It's Grant from the limo service ... I have Julie with me ... she has passed out".

I heard the door lock being opened and then the door opened to reveal an older version of Julie. She was wearing a wrap around light robe that did nothing to hide the fact that she had a very large set of tits. When my eyes finally moved upwards I noted that she had a very beautiful face too.

"C'mon in" she said in a slightly slurred voice as she stepped back to admit me carrying her daughter. It sounded like that her mum had had a few drinks too tonight.

"Where can I put her?" I asked as I continued to carry her.

"Follow me" her mum said. "I'm Tara" she added as I followed her into the back of the house, observing that she had a slim figure with a wonderful looking ass hidden under her short robe.

She led me into a back bedroom where I gently deposited her onto the bed. As I did my coat parted to reveal that she was naked under the coat. I quickly walked back out of the bedroom and back to the lounge to wait for her mum to attend to her.

About 3 minutes later her mum came back to the lounge carrying my coat which she set down on the chair near me.

"Oh god ... I'm so sorry that you had to bring her home like that" her mum commented before continuing "Can I assume that you were the one that stripped her and cleaned her up?"

I bit my lip as I contemplated my answer which finally came out as a "Yes".

"She's very attractive ... isn't she?" her mum asked.

"Oh shit" I thought I'd better be very careful here.

"Hmmm ... yes" I responded.

"Yet you didn't take advantage of her I noticed..." her mum added.

I looked at her with a quizical look, unable to fathom how she knew that.

Her mum looked at me for a moment before she explained "I checked and she is still a virgin ... that's how I know".

With that explanation I emitted a nervous laugh.

Her mum then smiled at me and added "I'm going to offer you a reward for being a nice guy".

"There's no need for that" I countered.

Then she responded with "I suggest you wait to see what the reward is before making that decision". And as she finished that response she untied her robe and let it drop to the floor.

"Oh my god..." I gasped as I surveyed her beautiful naked body. It was perfectly proportioned with a very large set of high set tits with large pointy dark red nipples. Her pussy mound was hairless with a pronounced set of fleshy pussy lips.

She walked forward closing the gap between us with her hand coming out to gasp my rapidly hardening cock in my pants. I pulled her close and locked my lips to hers in a deepening passionate kiss. Her hand was caught between us and as she pulled it free she grabbed my trouser belt to start removing my pants.

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